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Obama Bucks Food Stamp Program Official statement

******Update 10-20-08*******
Obama Bucks - Social commentary - Not racial hate

In May I drew this cartoon and posted a satirical article regarding a fake Obama food stamp plan. This article was complete satire and I wanted to let anyone reading this know that this was not a slight on Obama at all. It was a satirical look at some of the Fox News watching right-wingers out there that are afraid of a government that sponsors welfare type programs.
It was intended to poke fun at the unrealistic fears and agenda of racism that a fringe element of Republicans strongly embrace.
Evidently, people that did not take the satirical nature of the article in to account and not exploring other posts on this site forwarded my "Obama Bucks" food stamp image to their racist right wing counterparts.
So now this is a major news story.
Some dumb ass from the right wing group Chaffey Community Republican Women led by a housewife named Diane Fedele, thought it would be a good image to include in their Republican newsletter.
What a complete moron.
Ms. Fedele has stated that she didn't notice the watermelon, ribs, and KFC chicken images in the picture and just thought it looked like food.
This image was created to take to task a minority of Republicans that are racist and paranoid about someone with a different skin color. I was making fun of Republicans, not at all trying to be racist towards Barack Obama.
I appreciate all of the attention, but the people targeted in this news piece are the people I am fighting for! The minorities. The welfare recipients, and the pissed off black chick with hazel colored eyes. This "cartoon" (as described in the media), was meant to empower African Americans to stand up for and defend themselves against racial intolerance. This "cartoon" was prescribed to showcase the racial hatred and intolerance towards the "left" and it's liberal "welfare" economic plan.
Guess what? The radical right picked up this fumble and ran with it right into the opponents goal line.
The fact that a website like this exists is not evidence of racial hatred or divide, but the fact that an image taken from this website was used in a legitimate publication to promote the Conservative agenda must be proof of either existing racism or utter stupidity.

So if you missed any of the International published and televised news stories about this, I am including some links.
Fox News!
Los Angeles Times
Associated Press
Jerusalem Post, Israel
Chicago Sun-Times
Washington Times
Boston Globe
Forbes, NY
San Francisco Chronicle
Press-Enterprise, CA
Click here for a complete news search
So In case you missed it, here is the original satirical story written in May. Click here.


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Elizabeth on :

This is so racist. Shows no class to American white folks. God forgive you!

Bill on :

Whatever its satire and is supposed to be offensive I am sure.
Have you looked at anything else on this page.
Consider the source is all I will say about that.
Now to use this image in a republican news letter... not a very good idea.
If the person that did so did not know this would be seen as racist then i would say america has come along way in dispelling these stereotypes.
By the way I dont see white america as the most racist group in america today.
Way to go TK reactions are what your looking for and I think we can agree this has gotten reactions I never would have predicted.
Oh yeah and GOD FORGIVE YOU ~giggle~ ;-)

Jester James on :

OK for one thing you can not buy KFC with food stamps...I have tried and failed. It is a prepared food so no go there...but the rest you can...ribs,Kool-aid, and watermelon are good as far as food stamps go. But as far as racist goes I am white as a sheet and I like all the foods on the Obama buck...go figure maybe it is "just food" after all but for real it is sad that people would rather focus on this rather than real issues such as world hunger and drug addiction. So hooray for dumb ass republicans drawing attention to themselves for being retarded. Honestly if you can not see the humor (or attempt at) here then obviously your at the wrong place. Go someplace safe like Web-kins or something. Personally I find it funny as hell! Keep up the good work TK...and watch out for the feds...

Around, not in on :

I'm just glad that you didn't post anything with a rAtard on it. I have to defend this Diane Fedele though because when I see fried chicken, watermelons, ribs and some Kool-Aid I get so hungry I just have to quickly slap it on my newletter and head out the door to the local KFC to get me some!

Lilly on :

Wow - THANK YOU for writing this explanation. That woman who lifted your image (WITHOUT permission from you, I might add) absolutely IS a complete moron. I love political satire and when I saw the image, that is how I interpreted it - making fun of the uber conservative idiots who know everything, live in terror of anyone in power who is not just like them, and who is (god forbid!!) socially liberal.

For the record - I'm a White pro-choice, pro gay rights, Republican... and I'm voting for Obama. I'm sick and tired of my own party. They have been terrifying me for the past decade or so. Come to think of it, I voted for Gore last time. Maybe it's time to change my registration...

I'm going to tell everyone I know about your article here. And frankly, I think you should talk with an attorney about misuse of this image you created. Diane Fedele is a f***** idiot.

I can't thank you enough for this intelligent and well-written article. Fantastic.

Bill on :


You sir, have a problem.

All the great bigots: Stern, Imus, Mendoza use the term "satire" as a shield for their tasteless jokes. Mark Twain used satire, and you are no Mark Twain.

kilgore on :

Congratulations. You've given the right wingers just the excuse they needed to claim that it's actually LIBERALS who are racist. FOX news will just eat this up.

As Kurt Vonnegut said in "Mother Night", be careful what you pretend to be, because you ARE what you pretend to be.

TheTruth on :

Stop using satire to justify racism...Yes, YOU! You are racist...Get it together. Enough of the stupidity and ignorance people. Another thing, I would rather you and all the other racists out there just admit that you are and freely express your racist mentality instead of masking hatred with a veil of innocence. Be who you are. Trust me, you'll be a lot happier. One thing I'm sick of:

White racists: "I'm not a racist." Just because you don't ride around on a horse with a white hood on your head at night does NOT MEAN YOU ARE NOT A RACIST!

What were you thinking? Really? Be honest!! You thought, hey those are random foods that I'm just going to put together with the image of a black man, and not just any black man, but one WHO HAPPENS TO BE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT...No, let me tell you what you thought...You thought..."Hey look at that monkey running for president. All niggers do is eat chicken and watermelon and sit around on their porches...Let me disrespect this man by making up a horrible image of him, because I can't stand the fact that a black man is running for president and is more appropriate for the job than his white counterpart."

That hurts your feelings doesn't it? You feel threatened? This black man could be president, and you feel left out?
Let me tell you what hurts my feelings...
I see an image of my ancestors hanging from trees by thick, bloody ropes. I see images like these in my HISTORY textbooks describing the kind of racist atmosphere in the lynching era. This reminds me of the images Nazis would post of Jews. AND THIS IS 2008!!!!! You are like a child to me, because this is how you feel powerful...You are like a elementary bully. I feel so sorry for you...


TK (Admin) on :

I've think I've clarified in my posts that I am voting for Obama and have been an Obama supporter for a long time. I think I have also made it clear that I have a strong level of black heritage in my family. What makes you think I am even the slightest bit white?
And no, you don't hurt my feelings. I understand your ignorance and arrogance perfectly well.
You are missing the entire point, my friend.
May God forgive you... (oh and I will too) :-)

Dena Leichnitz on :

Listen whoever you are-we don't pathetic liberals demeaning us and then telling us it was all in good fun and to make a point. Here's a point-you are a racist....period. I am a Black woman and wouldn't vote for Obama if I was on fire and he had the only fire extinguisher! But you were clearly trying to demean Black folks with your so called satire. You see this is why I can't stand a liberal. They are the racist ones! They are the ones trying to keep Black people down! They are the enemy of minorities everywhere and then they have the audacity to sit there and blast Republicans for being racist. I have been Republican for four years now (before that I was a brainwashed Democrat!) and I have never experienced racism from people in my party. And one more thing don't think just because you might be Black (you said you have a strong level of Black heritage...whatever that means! You are either Black or not! You can't have a "strong level" of Blackness! That is just retarded!) that you can't be racist against Blacks. No one is more racist against us than our own people! It is called self-hatred-get some help and stop trying to pawn it off as some kind of enlightened humor. It is not. It is degrading and I can care less if you disrespect Obama all day long but you will not disrespect my people!

Janus Daniels on :

Not classic as the New Yorker's priceless Obama cover, but in the same vein, and even more misapprehended. So, congratulations, and thanks.
Satire knows few greater triumphs than adoption by its target. Fascists, Natzis, and Communists have done the same to their opponents. The Catholic Church republished at least one of Daniel Defoes' satires of itself, to his delight.
Today's Republicans perform absurdity without noticing, and adopt it without thinking. Many times since the absurd appointment of Bush, we have seen the death of irony, satire, humor, wit, sarcasm... Jon Stewart described his work as recognizing the absurd, and making it funny. SNL takes whole paragraphs directly from the desperately meandering babble of Sarah Palin, who speaks for a secessionist party, presents her followers as patriotic, believes in witchcraft, but not evolution... which is not funny to Republicans.
Fixed a couple of sentences for you:
"... unrealistic fears and agenda of racism that a CORE element of Republicans strongly embrace."
"... that an image taken from this website was used in a legitimate publication to promote the Conservative agenda must be proof of existing racism AND utter stupidity."
You can expect a few liberal critics, and more fakes; you can usually tell the difference. If "Dena Leichnitz" is another Republican white guy in drag, that's disturbing, and he's absurd; if Dena Leichnitz" were a black woman? That's just sad.

Dena Leichnitz on :

Trust me I am not the sad one (and yes I am a honest to goodness Black conservative woman!) it is the Left who think they can say and do whatever they want to Blacks because we are just going to bend over and take it! Well not this Black woman! And if you are just dying to see a picture of me go here:

Dan on :

TRUTH; I take care of my father 24/7 by order of his doc and the state of Florida. His ss check is $1290 a month and his meds are $600. Yet,. we cannot get foodstamps. I was told by a worker at DCF (Foodstamp department) that we are not elidgable because we are of European desent (white). This is a fact.

Natii on :

This liberal tpemer tantrum only proves that liberals don't want bi-partisanship, they want a dictatorship. They want to be able to enact whatever cockamamie tax theft scheme they dream up each week and shove it down the publics throat without interference.This is why they are so shocked that Obama has to compromise with his political opponents. They imagined that once they elected The Messiah, they'd be free to do anything they pleased.I can't wait to watch their heads explode when the GOP takes the WH and the Senate in 2012.

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