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Applebees drinks suck

Just wanted to give a big shoutout to my local Applebees. Their drinks suck. I sent a salt filled "margarita" back the other day and they told me that I shouldn't have asked for salt. WTF? Everyone enjoys a little salt on the rim of their margarita but I didn't ask for Lot's wife to fall into my glass.
Disgustingly weak and overpriced drinks, and semi-edible food.
"One and a half ounces of Tequila is all we can legally put in a drink... Bullshit...
When they are not busy serving infants Tequila by mistake they are harassing legal drinking-age folks from getting a good drink.
Everything that comes out of your fryer tastes the same.
Every drink that comes out of your bar tastes like piss.
Fuck you Applebees.


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Agreeable Alchoholic on :

I agree... Applesbees drinks are totally weak.. They must be scared of a lawsuit or something.

This Guy on :

I tried their Long Island for $2. I was like, "a Long Island, for $2, hell yeah". And then I took a sip. I think it was straight lemonade. I don't think there's even lemonade in a real Long Island. How about a bunch of booze and Coke. Damn you Applebees!! Next time I want a $2 lemonade I'll order one.

Nishi on :

You're complaining about Applebees? You're like those fucking retards who go to McDonalds and spend ten minutes ordering special requests on Big Macs.

Cliff on :

I just left Applebee's and the food was alright, when I say alright I mean just alright. Trust me Nishi I wish I would of spent my time and patients on a McDonalds menu then to go through what happened there this evening. I ordered a corona and the waitress (clearly just out of high school) asked for my liscence. Understandable... So she looks at my ID and notices it says Class B on the back, well not knowing what a CDL is she tells me she cannot serve me. ???WHAT???
I just wanted one stinking beer with my dinner. She sked me if I would like to speak to the manager, I eagerly said "well yea". The manager took her time to come over and says well we are sorry we cannot serve any beer to you cause you have a class b liscence. I went on stating that I only have like 60 hours on my CDL from driving a freezer box around when I was like 17 years old. I've never been in an accident and I don't even have a flipping speeding ticket. The manager then says well I will look into this and be right back. Mind you Nishi this is now about 35 min into what was suppose to be a nice birthday dinner, yes it is my 34th birthday and I just wanted one little beer with my tequila/fiesta lime chicken. As it turned out she was mistaken and so was the manager cause as soon as I mention driving with a freezer truck and class b at the same time that she figured out that it was in fact a CDL and not some type of fellony er something like that. NOTE: full price for everything , no comp/ discount, nothing not even an apology. The little girl who initially told me she can't serve me never came back and sent someone else. The fries I ordered came back with enough seasoning to season ten baskets of fries. So yes if you want to call me a retard for complaining then do so, but remember, anyone who takes time to order what they want will be happy with what they get. In this matter I waited 45 min to be dissatisfied. Thank you Applebee's for a relaxing yet tasteful birthday dinner.

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