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1 cup Kashi GoLEAN Crunch + 1/2 cup milk = Endless stomach churning gas.

Ounce for ounce, there is no other substance on the face of the Earth that will more consistently produce as many hours of unabated flatulence than Kashi GoLEAN Crunch.
If you have never had a bowl of Kashi GoLEAN cereal, trust me, go get a box. Eat a big bowl right before work or church or parent-teacher conferences.
It starts for me about 2 - 3 hours after ingestion. I can almost set my watch by it.
The first sign that Kashi is working is a knot-like feeling in the stomach. Kind of like a slip knot. A sharp knot that all the sudden lets go. This is followed 25-30 seconds later by a surprising fart with an unusual amount of mass.
For the next 5 hours, the gas gets so unusually intense and frequent you will barely be able to keep a straight face while doing regular daily activities.
I have been kicked out of supermarkets, gas stations, bars, restaurants, and outdoor soccer games because of my relationship with Kashi.
The only way I could love Kashi GoLEAN crunch more than I already do, is if it tasted edible like most foods do.
But alas; I would toss Al Sharpton's salad if I was guaranteed a 5 hour endless stream of explosive gas.

-----Update 8-14-08-----
I am obviously not alone.
Let's start posting actual recordings of your actual farts here on this thread! Please record your greatest Kashi farts via any means necessary! (Recorder, cell phone, computer mic, etc). I will post them here! It will be a GAS! Please convert your fart sounds into any readable computer format (.wav, .mp3, etc) and email them here.
I will "pass" the credit onto the "end" user. Don't be lazy! Record your Kashi farts!!!

-----Update 2-25-11-----
From user Pegha


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1 cup Kashi GoLEAN Crunch + 1/2 cup milk = Endless stomach churning gas. | Please God No


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Cari on :

Oh my God!! I feel so releived! I thought there must be something wrong with me! I've eaten Kahi for years, but lately this has been happening to me! The gas is so incredible, I thought I must have IBS! Been taking beano, with no results, by the way. NO MORE KASHI for me!!

Bowl of Farts on :

Just like all the rest, I finally googled Kashi + Gas today and found this site. Thank god! I thought I was going crazy. Everyday, starting around 2pm I looked and felt pregnant. I literally had a watermelon size abdomen full of gas. Painful gas. I've had explosive farts that you could time, much like contractions. I am relieved...though not quite know that it's this stupid Kashi. For a while I thought I was lactose intolerant. Sheesh. Who would've known. Three boxes going in the trash now.

A Mac on :

My wife brought home a restaurant size box of Kashi from Costco thinking that it would resolve a “challenge” that I have had with Quakers Granola Cereal. It actually was more tolerable. Just so you know, the Granola Cereal “blast” rings around the Kashi. If you were wearing roller skates, you wouldn’t need to move your legs. When I first tried it I thought it must be from something else since this is so wholesome. After a few more subsequent bowls, on different days, its effects were so intense, I threw the box away. Unfortunately, I had purchased two boxes. Several months later, running low on cereal, I opened the second box to give it a try. Big mistake, come mid-morning, it is all I could do to get out of the office to spare my co-workers. Once it starts, you are blasting for hours. By the end of the day, you are worn out. “Just so you Know”.

Lori J on :

SOOOOO glad I found this!!! My nine year old is so embarrassed because all her friends can hear my Kashi Go Lean farts on her Xbox Live speaker...from another room! I'm talking sonic boom farts that my daughter calls "cheek flappers'! They need to put a disclosure on the box. "This cereal may cause social isolation, embarrassment and mistaken pregnant appearance".

Sir Fartsalot on :

Oh my. I'm glad I found this site. I was ready to go to a doctor after this weeks incidents. By Tuesday of my work week, I told my boss I think I'm really coming down with something. This week I became really close with the Lysol spray. I couldnt believe the gas I had. I was farting away in my office when I figuered I could keep blaming my "squeaky" chair. Unfortunatly our restroom is close to eveyone in the office. The long (sometimes 1 min long) farts were hard to hide. There should be a surgeons general warning label on the box. Good luck to those who dare.

Mrs.Riptootifarts (BOOM!!!) on :

I need help, i was working out at the gym, and i had to hold it in for so long that just as I finished my workout (BLAMMO WHFfffffTTTTTTT PLAH) The whole gym was silent and everyone was staring at me, but thats not the worst. During church at the prayer, I had held it in the whole car ride, service, and had not farted once that day. as soon as the pastor was about to say "Amen" (WWHHHFFFT PBPBPBPFHTR BLAM!) my kids couldnt stop laughing until the end of the service

WTF on :

So I've been hurt before by seemingly healthy food. Yes I tragically had a run in with the fiber one bar. That said, this morning I decided to eat a Kashi granola bar for breakfast. My 13 year old daughter had a sleepover the night before and her friends were still asleep in her room across the hall from the bathroom. I WAS TORTURED but there was no way I could fart! I knew from my previous experience with afore mentioned bars, that If I played the bum trumpet after eating this bar, I would positively ruin my daughter's social life. Then a drank a cup of coffee like a fool. The weird part is that it was apparently so traumatic I feel the need to share. This is like a freakin Kashi support group. Well I'm in recovery now. Thank you all for sharing your difficult stories. P.S. I think it's the Chicory. They put it in Fiber One Bars too.

Anonfartymous on :

Finally!! Answers!!! I can't believe this thread started FOURTEEN years ago and Kashi Go Lean is still the same, folks! I even blamed my almond milk during WEEKS of torture and finally changed to coconut yogurt when the culprit was sitting in my cupboard all along... Never again... where is all the massive amount of air coming from??? I cried and laughed so much reading this thread though!!!

Pfbftbbft on :

Oh my god. Had my first Kashi ever today and spent the entire afternoon farting away and pooping too. Thank GOD for Covid and my new remote work lifestyle. I simply cannot imagine the poor soul who ventured into kashiland while working in an actual establishment with people who are not your long suffering spouse. Even the dog was shocked. So I googled Kashi Farts and lo and behold! Maybe someone in the building in Miami that collapsed today had eaten Kashi?

bubbles on :

That cereal was delicious but the intestinal riot was not worth it. Stomach churning is putting it lightly. I now have stronger sphincter muscles, though, from trying not to fart so much, as the onslaught of gas was sudden then constant.

farts on :

Yeah - this stuff is POTENT.

I cut ass for a solid 10 hours after eating this cereal.

I'm talking mass quantities of air. Almost unbelievable. I still wonder where the sheer volume of air comes from.

Amy on :

I can't belive I pulled up this website I love kashi go lean crunch it tastes so good but everytime i eat it I fart constantly for hours and hours into the next day I finally put two and two together and realized it ws the cereal Which I will NEVER eat again after this bout of the worst gas I have ever experienced I'm not kidding if you want your stomach to go into fart over load then go get this lol

Anonymous on :

FML I'm in the same boat... Its so good, I'm still debating if all this harm is worth it and dreaming of my next bowl.... And bowel.... Are we sure they haven't added crack? Kashi Crack.
My poor husband, dog, colleagues and whole.

Anonymous on :

I'm gassing out my partner as we speak on this potent fuel. Perhaps it could be useful as biodiesel generation feedstock? It's soooo good I just can't resist.

Oops.. I farted again!

ed on :

I was in tears reading this.

Anonymous on :

me too! (fart)

Anonymous on :

I'm laughing so hard I can barely see the computer screen.

Anonymous on :

Me too! Hilarious but mostly because we've experienced it! I just figured out what the cause was...omg! I love this cereal but not the out of this world gas explosions it causes.

SS on :

These comments are so funny and I also was laughing so hard my dog started barking at me. I currently have 5 boxes left to eat and I love the cereal so much, I'm going to rough it out and be full of gas for the next few weeks.
Thanks for all the laughs!

Petto (Italian Fart) on :

I made the mistake of eating Kashi GoFart crunch an hour or two before a hearty mexican meal with lots of peppers. Needless to say, my ass was like Mount St. Helens.

anonymous on :

My friend Preston said that Kashi's name should be changed to Happy Golden Farty Crunches. He also says that after eating a bowl for two a day, you could apply for a conceal and carry license,as your ass is a deadly weapon. I laughed laughed so hard I sobbed when reading this site, as it is so true, and made me feel so much better to know I'm not the only one.

ashley on :

ahhahahah thank god, I thought there was something wrong with me!! There is NOTHING like kashi farts in the entire world! my mom literally contained me in one room for an entire day so i wouldn't subject the family to my is pretty humorous how loud it is this stuff still being sold? It tastes good though

Julie on :

no joke - worst gas and stomach pains ever. i couldn't figure out what i was eating that was making me like this! thank goodness i googled 'kashi causing gas' - now I have verification and have tossed that box right in the garbage!

dbranger on :

As a joke I thought I would google Kashi/Gas because my wife and I have been blowing them big time. We had a ton of laughs reading your threads. My wife wants me to make sure I put out there that hers was noisy but no odor. Yea, right.

Jessica on :

She's not lying! This is my third day of ten hour gas sessions and thank goodness I found this site so I know it's the cereal, but mine didn't have an odor either. It was just mass amounts of air. Very odd. But thank goodness I didn't have to smell what some of you are describing because then I would have to give the cereal up and I don't want to.

Natural Gasser on :

That's so funny because I found my way here by searching for "Kashi Crunch Fart" because I have finally isolated that is the source of my horrendous gas that I've been having for the last 3 weeks since I started eating this delicious cereal.

I will take this post as confirmation of my suspicions!

John on :

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I had two bowls just this morning and I haven't *BOOM*

Paul on :

I must say, I'm a little disappointed. My colleague pointed me to this site, and I immediately purchased a box of Kashi GoLean Crunch in hopes of finally quashing their attempts at flatulent supremacy with their feeble emissions. To this point, I have waited beyond the requisite 3 hours without even a hint of a rumble in my intestines. I'll have another bowl for lunch I guess...

Paul on :

Well, I guess I just needed to prime the pump. Things were rolling pretty well last night. Two and 1/2 more bowls for breakfast this morning, and I'm already starting to feel the effects again. Rock on!

TLM on :

Thank God I found this site and all of you have posted! The volume and smell of this gas is incomprehensible. What causes this though? The fiber, some mystery ingredient? Yikes!

Stephanie on :

I have a friend coming into town this week so I thought I better forewarn her of the terrible condition I contracted. I explained that I have excessive flatulence, and I mean really excessive to put it nicely! So bad your not going to believe it! I've been on a real health kick lately, but I told her I havn't been able to do much because it's so embarressing to find new places to fart where it won't impose on other people! I was completely serious, yet she started laughing and then asked. "Are you eating Kashi cereal" I was surprised by her question to my farting dilemna but then she sent me this! Thank GOD for good friends!

Anonymous on :

You're so right! For the past two days I have felt uncomfortable, bloated, and fartalicious. I thought it was the 1% milk I bought by accident instead of skim... but this makes a lot more sense lol

Mermaid michele on :

Well! If you'll ALL pardon the pun. I'm feeling GREATLY RELIEVED after searching for Kashi and Gas and finding this page! And adding MY fair share of methane to the atmosphere!
I'm writing through copious tears of gut busting laughter and sympathy! OMFG it's hilarious and tragic all at once!
Because it IS a delicious [and allegedly very healthy] product!
FYI: It isn't just the Go Lean CRUNCH!
IT'S ALSO THE HI FIBER GO LEAN OATMEAL TOO! I know from direct and personal experimentation! LOLOL
Does KASHI know about this? Has anyone here tried contacting them about this??? I'm wondering because the first place I went was to their website to see if there was anyway to talk about this very weird "by-product" that apparently is VERY widespread!
I did find ONE article from a Kashi site that says "flatulence can be a result of eating too much fiber in one sitting or suddenly increasing fiber content rather than gradually increasing fiber content to the recommended 25-32 gms daily."
Hmmmm! Well all I can say is if that's the case then you would think that after months of eating this cereal and not increasing fiber in any other way - shouldnt it go AWAY? SOMEDAY?
Again- from personal experience- it doesnt EVER go away!
I suspect a secret weaponized fiber substance was slipped into our Kashi folks!
OMG I am happy and sad too that my favorite HEALTHY food has such a universally "explosive" impact ! At least I am not blowing in the wind alone!

Amy on :

I hate that I just had to throw a box of this away, because it is DELICIOUS. But it's deliciousness just made me eat more and more and god help anyone in a 1 mile radius of me. It was so embarrassing. I had to cancel a job interview because I knew I couldn't trust myself for 1 hour to keep it in. STINKERS! Jesus. I had suspected it was the cereal for a while and just didn't want to believe it. But now I have my proof. In the form of other fellow Kashi lovers and farters.

AB on :

2 words - RAPID FIRE!
I tried this cereal for the first time this A.M. "Kashi Gas" was what I googled this afternoon, as I hit hour 3 of the most violent, oddly odorless, bout of intestinal gas I have ever experienced. Thankfully my office chair is cushiony & absorbs the noise. I hope there isn't a hole in it when I get up! haha

Rumbles on :

I googled Kashi gas as well and found this site. Holy freaking moly, this is the most gasseous food I have ever eaten. But the orderless comment is correct,and thank God.

AB on :

Great News! I switched over to Kashi Heart to Heart & the gas has been significantly reduced. It's a few grams less of fiber in the bowl, but a lot less gas in "the hole" haha

Texas size Farts on :

I googled Kashi explosive farts gas shits, glad to see I am not alone here, I was sitting on the pot having my second d"dumb and dumber" moment of the day trying to think what I could have done to deserve gas like this, when suddenly it hit me KASHI!

isabella on :

OH MY GOD! I am so happy to read these comments. Had Kashi for the 1st time yesterday and my family thought that the philharmonic symphony had arrived in my living room. It was painful!

Anonymous on :

I have to agree!! I was getting ready to buy a trumpet! This happens every time I eat Kashi. Add Silk soymilk and you've got a party on your hands.

Chang on :

I kissed the lady in red, it started to get intimate, and I dimmed the lights, next thing you know....WHAMMOOO BRRRFFFT...I couldn't control it and then she walked away. Thanks alot Kashi now I'll never find a wife. I've been eating this delicious shit for years.

Ohio - The Fart of it All on :

After wiping off my computer screen from spraying my tea all over it in a violent outburst of hilarity over these comments, I just have to say THANK GOD I am not alone. I bought Kashi Go Lean about a month ago and ever since the hills have been alive with the sound of my music. Going to the gym has been a real treat, especially because I've had to fear blowing a hole through the guy behind me on the treadmill. Unfortunately, I got my mom hooked on the cereal too and since we run a family business, things have been real interesting around here. Seeing us chowing down on this cereal every day, my da just had to give it a try and in no time flat, the three of us were hard at work trying to blow the roof off. We even grossed the dog out. He was the first one to quit, saying he thought it was the Kashi. Not one to want to give up my big morning bowl of deliciousness, I decided to prove him wrong. Well after googling "Kashi Go Lean" and "gas" I must concede defeat. At least now I know it's not some horrific stomach virus or alien implantation (with the pain and loud gurgling, I was leaning toward the latter). I must go now, this morning's bowl (the last of its kind) is beginning to say HELLO!

Debbie on :

oh my goodness!! I have been dealing with this for months, but just recently had a "brain fart" (no pun intended) and thought "OMGoodness"!!! It's gotta be the KASHI! And then "google" and LOL! This site is hilarious!! AND TRUE!! Out goes that delicious cereal!! :-(

kashi_lover on :

hi everyone--- wow, i'm not alone. i was just telling my sister about how horrible my gas has been and how when i'm running on the treadmill at the gym i feel so bad because i CANNOT hold it in. kashi makes you gashi. that's it. i'm almost done my double box from costco and i guess sadly i won't be able to eat it anymore!!!

John on :

YES! Thanks to this site, I finally figured out what was causing this incredible stomach pain and gas.

It's a shame, too. I have an irregular digestive system, so eating fiber is supposed to help, and I thought Kashi Go Lean Crunch would help me in that regard. But, nothing is worth the amount of pain this cereal causes me.

Into the trash you shall go, Kashi.

Sarah on :

My sister told me she had Kashi for breakfast today and I said I used to love that but I couldn't stop farting! She said I'M SO GLAD YOU TOLD ME THAT, I THOUGHT IT WAS WHAT I ATE FOR LUNCH! So we decided to do research on the web and found your helpful website! Luckily, by the time it kicks in I am driving home from work and no one else has to be offended! It is so most hilarious! They are record breaking farts!

PDR on :

I just emailed the link to this site to my brother and sister who had to endure a full week of my intense flatulence while on a family vacation. I feel vindicated!

Steve on :

OH thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was about ready to book a dr appointment because I thought I had IBS. For the last 3 weeks I've been pushing molten hot farts into my desk chair every 5 minutes. It got to the point where I was sweating when people would come talk to me because I knew they knew what I had done. And I don't know what you people are saying about 'odorless'. Mine where the worst most rank smell ever conceived. The kind that makes you either very ashamed or very proud. Holy crap, I'm pitching the Kashi. No food is worth this.

Joe on :

Today, I was threatened by several coworkers on account of my Go Lean Crunch gas. I decided to do some research on what I thought was a unique experience. It's great to see that I'm not alone.

I'd love to see what Go Lean Crunch treats (ala Rice Crispie) could do to a family reunion.

Michael on :

ahhhhhh - the Kashi farts. I love it!!

I have been laughing reading these posts. Gas must be good for you, right?

Carla on :

My husband and I are still rolling on the floor. I took a long walk today and almost had to break into someone's house because along w/ the insanely potent and frequent (beyond annoying) farts, I ahem...had to to the closest public restroom where I quickly evacuated the contents of my bowels....

My DH and I were afraid we were both going to need to see the doctor. The explosive nature and unbelievable stomach distress is, well...unfreaking believable.

I think there should be a warning label. WE bought ours at Costco...the big commitment box...but oh my GOD it tastes so good...

SS on :

I am not the only one!!! I bought Kashi two days ago and have had "problems" ever since. I used all of my hand sanitizer up today trying to mask the smell at work, but I'm sure it didn't help. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, so I made my boyfriend try Kashi this afternoon to test it out. I'm typing this about six hours later and he is still making bathroom runs. Needless to say, the smell is HORRIFIC! I think this site should be sent to Kashi as a petition!

Craig on :

I had my first bowl this morning and couldn't believe the horrible churning and rumbling, followed by rushes to the bathroom (I work in a law firm - not the place for explosive flatulence). Does anybody remember the Saturday Night Live skit that was a commercial for a super-high-fiber cereal called Colon Blow? I think I just found the real thing.

Gumdrop on :

It's so funny to read about everyone else's experiences with GoLean Crunch. I can't believe it when people say they actually eat it on a regular basis! The first time I tried it I thought all my intestines were going to come out. Strangely enough, regular Kashi GoLean has more fiber per serving and doesn't give me any digestive problems at all. Go figure!

rubycat on :

Major flatulence!!!! The worst part is that kashi farts are not the productive kind! It would rumble around and around and all that would come out was a sad little "peep". All that trapped gas--I couldn't stand up straight for a week! I was also sorely tempted to wear sweat pants the whole time! I thought that i had swallowed a tapeworm/alien and that it was about to come out.2

exaltron on :

Yesssss! "Kashi + Gas" google search for the win!! I think in my case the addition of soy milk created a singularly powerful flatulence that was both frequent and noxiously malodorous. The slightest whisper of an SBD became a massive WMD for anyone within a ten-foot radius. Combine this with an especially long and crowded subway commute and you have some cranky (even by New York standards) commuters, not to mention probably another large hole in the ozone layer. My carbon footprint would have been smaller had I driven a coal-powered Hummer to work. Thanks Kashi!

Toni-Toots on :

OMG! I have been laughing so hard my mascara is running. I literally could not stop for probably an entire minute (kind of like the farts) I, too, do not eat this stuff when I have to go to work or out anywhere anymore. In fact, since I live alone most of the time, sometimes I'll have it for dinner...and fart all night. Once, and this is the honest truth, I had those humongous farts that were so LOUD that my two cats, who were curled up and sleepingat the foot of the bed, were frightened. The fart not only was so loud it woke me up, it scared them awake, they jumped off the bed and would not come back...and I was laying in bed, laughing hysterically, nearly peeing in the bed on top of the noxious smell... The other Kashi's give you gas too, but nothing like this one...the Kashi Goodfriends is a good can actually live a normal life after eating it!

personal trainer on :

for 2 weeks my ass has been angry and i finally realized it was because of this garbage

gwr on :

To beef up the protein in Kashi GoLean, there is a fair amount of soy. It would be interesting to know if anyone has the same gaseous effects with soy. And, has anyone found a good high protein alternative to Kashi GoLean?

HA! on :

Here's the colon blow video someone mentioned... It sums up Kashi Go Lean Crunch!

Chas on :

I think the chicory root (inulin?) in the cereal may be the culprit, so check your label if this happens with other products.

Farty McFarterson on :

OMG thank you thank you thank you for this thread. I just Googled "kashi gives me gas" and found this. I'm so glad it's not just me. I just laughed to tears reading some of the above, and now my abdomen hurts from laughing PLUS the effects of Kashi.

They should just call it Gashi. But "Happy Golden Farty Crunches" damn near broke me in half laughing.

Dorm Farts on :

hahahahah thank god I stumbled across this page. I'm a college student, and last year i was living in a tiny box of a dorm room with my roommate. I tried Kashi GoLean Crunch, thinking it would be a healthy choice instead of the nasty cafeteria pastries. well well well. it was seriously a full-on workout for my ass muscles trying to hold these suckers in. my poor roommate. go ahead, try farting quietly in a girls community bathroom after a bowl of this stuff. see what happens.

Carrie Hunt on :

So I am a female and i've had this terrible gas for weeks now. I had no idea what was causing it and have never had gas this bad in my life. I am a hairstylist and would have to hold it in all day until I could get alone and let it all out. And it would literally last for like a minute! And like the others said, it's very very painful to hold in and makes your stomach swell like you're pregnant. My husband has joked about divorcing me! At first I thought it was the Monster energy drinks but I stopped those and the gas stayed. Today I seriously started thinking that me c-section I had a few months ago had somehow damaged my intestines or maybe I have cancer! Then I remembered that the only food that is new in my life and consistent everyday is Kashi Go Lean Crunch! So I googled Kashi and Gas and here I am! Thank you to whoever started this blog because you have saved my marriage. And yes I will be throwing out the kashi. Maybe Special K from now on?

Tooty Pooty on :

Unlike some of you, my gas problems don't start right away. No, after a big ol' bowl of Happy Golden Farty Crunches, mine start in the afternoon. As a school teacher, I can tell you that farting in front of a bunch of 8th grade boys is pretty bad. On the plus side, some times I can slip one out and the boys all start to blame each other.

Little do they know....

Steve on :

This is too much! I have been having gas issues the past couple of days, and I was blaming the onion and peppers that I had on my pork chops (once two nights ago, and leftovers again last night). It didn't dawn on me until this morning that I also started the Kashi GoLean Crunch yesterday. And like so many others, a Google search verified the results!

I worried about breaking my teeth on the stuff, but it was good enough to keep eating (albeit carefully). Now I also have to worry about "the other end." LOL!

Thanks for the post...I feel MUCH better now!

the fumigator on :

Oh gosh this post has some hysterical comments. This stuff should be called Kashi Go Lean In The Other Direction, because what you read here is true. The noxious, pervasive, gag-inducing flatulence produced from this cereal is mind and nose boggling. If you want to be guaranteed some ammo to dutch oven your significant other with, have this as a late night snack and just wait for it to work it's magic. Wholly satisfying.

Pee youuuu!!! on :

Oh, HAHAHAHAHA!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I typed in "will Kashi Go Lean give me gas" and came upon this site. I had an idea that all the fiber in the cereal was the culprit, but I wanted to check out whether others were experiencing the same effects as me. To top it off, I eat the stuff with ground flax. Wow. I was shopping in a department store last night and had to run the other way after one escaped. The poor woman who walked into it had the worst look on her face. Too funny...

Methane Marty on :

This is hysterical. I am so glad I found this thread. I thought at first it was the Italian I would sometimes eat at lunch. I figured out quickly that it didn't matter what I ate for lunch, the copious amounts of air would still come, only Italian makes it worse. I can eat kashi at 6am and will be fine all day. The moment something else hit my stomach some sort of nuclear reaction happens and all afternoon it's non stop Evinrude. One good thing I can say is, if you've evacuated your colon early, the gas seems to not be odiferous. Kashi Go Lean is the best ever!

Gassy Kathy on :

OMG...this is the funniest 'shit' I have ever read...I am crying of laughter, and only because it is soooooooo true!!! ha ha ha ha ha Like some others, the Kashi gas doesn't affect me until the afternoon. I feel sorry for the poor bastards on the subway....especially if they are sitting, and i am standing....

PhartinPharmer on :

Recent studies are very promising. Methane production and subsequent BTU levels have indicated that if half the American population eats GoLean, we can reduce our dependance on natural gas 56%. We just need to coordinate the most effective time of day, plug in, and let em rip.

No more on :

I've never had the cereal but tried the frozen Kashi meal last night. OMG like 30min later my stomach ached then I had to do two bathrrom trips as the night went on. I woke today with a sour stomach and excessive belching. Kashi markets itself healthy food but I disagree. I've talked to others that have the same results eating Kashi brand. It's not a shock to my system cause I eat very well regularly. Never eating anything Kashi again!

Gabriel on :

I googled Go lean and gas to find a link between the two a while ago and only found a couple of people that did indeed have experienced what I was going through and my sister and her husband got me a box yesterday and i warned them,they laughed,then they were disgusted,so I looked it up again and found that more of us are coming together to fight this!How does it keep coming and coming,and the smell and sounds and everything in the house stinks,there is nowhere to go to fart sometimes and it hurts to bad to hold it in.

charletonhestonlargeintestine on :

It's not just the Go Lean husband and I ate 2 of the Kashi chocolate chip cookies each, and about 2 hours later, we were both crippled with the worst gas we've ever had in our lives. His was so bad, he had to leave a play we were watching to go stand at the back because he could not control them and ha to keep running to the bathroom. I sat there and suffered in silence, constantly squeezing to make sure nothing escaped. At one point, I nearly had a panic attack because I had to bust ass so bad, but I was stuck in the middle of the row. Sweet, sweet relief was finally mine during intermission, but I had to flush the toilet 3 times so no one would hear! We'll never eat these again!

hurricane winds on :

this has got to be the funniest thing i have read in a long time, i burst into tears on multiple occasions reading these hilarious stories. wow. i am not the only one, thank goodness. i don't eat the kashi crunch anymore either because of the terrrrrrrrible gas, i finally figured it out too several months ago. the pain was seriously intense. i (warily) just started trying the high-fiber, high-protein kind, and it's better--no gas really, just a lot of stomach churning.

but man, the WORST always happened while i was working out. i used to play softball, and we'd have to do some running, and i could just FEEL that pressure, you know, the not-so-good pressure of an oncoming ass-rip, and i'd be like "oh god no..." and we'd run and i'd get the "brft-brft-brft"...even though i was trying so hard to keep it in the gas would still escape in little bursts... luckily i played the outfield though, so i could drop big bombs without other people hearing or smelling them... who knows, maybe the grass wilted over there for a reason...

Mike on :

Wow! Here I thought it was just me. I ate a big bowl of Kash Go Lean Crunch last Saturday morning and spent half the day in the bathroom! Serious gas pains. I can't believe there is no warning on the box. I was in a lot of pain.

Abraham Stinkin on :

I had been trying to peg what to call this stuff . . . I'd been weighing Kashi Go-Lots Crunch and had also thought about adopting the SNL skit moniker of "Colon Blow," but I think that "Happy Golden Farty Crunches" is the best. There - vote cast. Maybe we should send a renaming petition to Kashi (?)

It's true that Kashi is a gas generator on its own. But I think it is acutally most prodigious when combined with other foods - - kind of like a catalyst. I'll have my morning bowl of deliciousness and the rumbling will usually start by late morning. By lunch, it's on full-steam (pun intended). But when I throw some lunch on top of it all - LOOK OUT. All hell breaks loose. (Or, more accurately, all ass breaks loose.) By one or two o'clock it's, frankly, just amazing. The shear volume (the space not the noise) is unbelieveable. (Come to think of it, the noise is pretty bad too.) And it lasts for hours. I've come to realize that smell is dependent on what food you combine it with. Sometimes it's virtually orderless air. Other times it's grinch-like foulness. - Which again points to Kashi as the ultimate ass-catalyst.

God help anyone who ever combines Kashi and broccoli.

Gassy Gaserton on :

Ate this cereal for the third time today, and good lord. Yesterday I went to the gym and had to end my run on the treadmill very early because I couldn't take the pain anymore. Then today I found this site and I've been laughing to tears reading all the comments, one after another.

You know, the company has a website and you can actually comment on it. There are no gas commenst that I could find. Don't know if it's because no one has had the guts on or because they filter them out, but there's one way to find out. I'm going to post a warning comment and see if they let it stay up. Everybody should go there and deluge them with fart comments. But use "tasteful" language so they have no excuse to delete it.

Good luck, and may the gas be with you.

Kashi-AirCrappius-Stinkius-Lying-MarketeeringPigus on :

I laughed to hard reading this that I fainted.... Several times, am heading to the hospital now because I can't laughing and fainting. Exploding farts means that Kashi Stinks and the made (pardon the pun), SHIT products that marketed using shallow imagery. PS could be the inulin and other indigestible starches the put in the crap they market as food (the methane & hydrogen producing bacteria in your intestines [anaerobes] love the indigestible starch and produce huge amounts of these explosive landfill gases; bring a literal meaning to the term explosive fart ;-) ) P.S. don't light any matches near your ass after eating Kashi, afterall methane and hydrogen are explosive. Oh.. looks like the ambulance is here, see yah later!

Liz on :

Wow. I have been thinking for a YEAR now that I am milk-intolerant. I tried yogurt and dairy free stuff to no avail.
Every single day, about 4 hours after eating my kashi (my FAVORITE) the pain in my abdomen intolerable. Then the gas.
I really thought there perhaps I had some sort of intestinal blockage and was about to make a doc appointment.
Then I thought, doubtful....but maybe it's the Kashi, googled "gas after eating kashi" and found this. Wow.
Never again will I touch Kashi cereal.
Thanks to everyone on here! I feel like you've saved my life! (okay, helped me out a lot)

Maddis on :

I have just finished mah bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Oh, this is hillariously relieving. I've eaten it for the past five days as an afternoon snack and GOOD GOD have my evenings been painful...I swear I bloat four inches. The gas and farts ARE explosive indeed. I seriously was panicing....It honnestly feels like being pregnant. I thought I was going to have to make an appointment at the abortion clinic again.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Lulu on :

Been there, done that! I love the taste of Kashi GoLean Crunch and how much protein it's got to keep ya full. I accidentally left my cereal sitting for too long and ate semi-soggy GoLean Crunch. But, the pregnant belly, gas pains, and explosive farts were gone! Just let the rock hard cereal sit for 10 mins (yes, it takes that long to soften up) and say goodbye to the gassy days.

so happy!! on :

well this started when my poor child had a bowl of this cereal a few days ago and was gassing my husband and I out of every room in the house...poor thing *lol*
She said that whole day at school she was blaming the smell on other people hahahhaa .....and I thought it must have been something she ate but I couldn't narrow it down because she hadn't eaten anything out of the norm or anything "I thought" would cause this....THEN last night for my late night snack I thought I'd try a bowl of this cereal since it was supposed to be so good for you and all......I woke up this morning feeling my daughter's pain, literally!!!
It only took me a minute to figure out what the culprit probably was....thank you very much for verifying my suspicions!! The cereal is now in the garbage where it belongs....

Rooty-toot-toot on :

I too, have had the embarrassing experience of what is known around this home as the "Kashi" farts. NOTHING compares to the farts you get when you eat this cereal. If I eat something like brocolli, I have gas, but I can usually hide the fact. When I eat this cereal, it's like a WHOLE different experience. It doesn't do to much until I eat something else a few hours later. Almost immediately after cosuming a later meal, it starts up! If I retire to bed early and my husband comes to bed later, he can't even hardly open the door without it all hitting him in the face full force! My daughter can smell it oozing from underneath the door and down the hallway. It's very embarrassing for her when she has her boyfriend over to watch a movie. I really like this cereal and try to enjoy it when I know I will be home alone. It never fails though that someone will pop over when that "Kashi" farts are in effect!

buddy on :

Holly F*&T!!! This stuff is deadly!!! I can't believe Kashi can seriously be selling this stuff after such detailed analysis and 1st hand confirmation of such horrific and explosive flatulence! I mean 'Cmon Kashi, where is the warning on the box?? Methane gas is poisonous in large quantities...kind of like carbon monoxide...what if I had a small child?!!

On the other hand, I'm thinking of canceling my subscription to the local gas company and sticking a tube from my ass to my furnace...tough economic times call for creative and desperate measures...Kashi, seriously, what the hell are your people in quality control doing??? Perhaps there is some untapped potential for this product beyond self degradation and getting an unwanted roommate to voluntarily move out..."fart"

stef on :

Well well well: lookie here! Who would've/could've thought that poor little Kashi Go Lean Crunch would cause such a riot? For the last 2 days I've been thinking, "Dammit. Now that I'm 57, suddenly I'm starting to just fart uncontrollably ... like an old farting lady. Ick. Yuck. So disgusting and embarrassing!" Since the only other thing I ate today was a ground meat burrito (lean, tasty, homemade), I thought I'd TRY looking up gas and kashi. I'm so surprised and very relieved.

This is the ironic part though: While reading my email before deciding to google kashi, I finished up a nice big bowl of... Kashi Go Lean Crunch. OH NO!!!

david on :

I have the same issue. Terrible gas. I stopped eating the cereal and it went away. The day i bought another box its back. My issue is my gas doesnt feel like much gas but it stinks terribly. Ive emailed kashi and put the cereal on hold til I can go into public without stinking up a building.

Dobernala on :

Kashi censors any comments about its cereal indicating that it gives you gas. I registered about 5-6 times and they keep banning me for it.

Rabbi Rshxd on :

This gas is very anti-Semetic towards us Jews.

ByeByeKashi on :

I cannot believe this site exists!!! My husband just said to me this morning that he actually threw up from the pain in his stomach he had yesterday morning after eating Kashi cereal!! I told him that I had been getting the same pain every time I eat it but that I thought it was just from the high fiber content. He is sitting next to me right now belching and holding his belly. As of today there are 78 posts confirming stomach issues with Kashi. This was not always a problem, just started happening 3-4 months ago and I stopped eating it but just bought it for my husband. No more Kashi for us, I hope they stumble on this website. Maybe they started substituting cheaper ingredients. Bye Bye Kashi

OMG in Ark on :

Sweet baby Jesus! I thought I was dying after eating this stuff. It is good, but the gastrointestinal pain brought about by KGL! is NOT worth it. As a service member, I work in customer service. I have worn my welcome thin in the office. I've tried squeeking them out, coughing while farting (the farts lasted so long my coworker thought I had TB); I even tried Crop-Dusting. You know, you can crop dust ONLY so far before you start going in circles!

The suddeness of the $hit Attacks, you have NO idea! One minute, you're fine.

Next, //announcer// And...They'rrrre Offffffffff //announcer//

I felt as though I was kicked in the stomach by a mule! It was all I could do to get to the restroom. Normally, I prefer to do my business in an empty bathroom; No Dice. Yes, this rocket was blasting off with a co-pilot. I heard him mutter "Damn, dude" when I farted the "Unplugged" version of "Taps." I am so embarrased. I have to work with these people.

The massive amount of gas was bad, but add a projectile (think shotgun shell) and now we're talking. I feel like I sat on a poop-landmine; I got scared. It felt like something came loose in there, like I had blown a gasket or an o-ring. The only thing I was thinking was "Jesus, If you're listening, I really could use a baby wipe or something." I had to use govmt toilet (sand) paper.

I cannot put myself, or others through this again. I'm out! Feel free to eat this vile cereal; I know when enough is enough!

Don't be "that" guy.

Heady Odors on :

You folks are babes in the woods! After five or six years of the nastiest and most persistant farts in the land, and of trying every cure known to science, plus some home remedies, I finally have identified the source. Trouble I am a hermit who lives alone and has no interaction with society. If I go out, total strangers glare at me and shake their heads in wonder. I will have to undergo some kind of re-entry training before I dare re-join society.

My problem is...I have loved this stuff so much I bought it in bulk and on sale so I have about 25 boxes stored in the pantry. I think I will donate it to the troops in Guantanamo as a new secret weapon. They could use it instead of waterboarding, as a truth serum / gas. No terrorist could withstand the fumes without breaking down. My neighbors will not ride in the elevator with me.

Thanks to you all for freeing my ass! Freeing my ass! Freeing my ass!

not dying of cancer! on :

I thought I had 1) giardia or 2) pancreatic cancer. i was already penciling down my eulogy. So big relief to find it's that cereal I forced myself to eat...phew! Thanks for posting this site...

FartyMcFartsAlot on :

god bless this site! ditto to all of the above.

Bloated on :

My roommate, a long time friend, suddenly became very gassy about two years ago. He could clear a room... He went to the doctor a couple times...and still could not figure out what his problem was. The other day we were at the grocery store and he convinced me to buy some Kashi cereal, he swore by it.

As it was healthy and he said very tasty, I bought a box. I had my first bowl this morning...On the way to work I drove with my windows down...the farts were horrorendous... I took 3 bathroom breaks just to unleash the meanest farts I have ever experienced. I skipped lunch because my stomach was so torn apart. 4 hours after eating the stuff I googled... Kashi + Gas... like all of you I found this among many other website dedicated to Gashi... I have just informed my roommate and he is the happiest person in the world. I have uncovered the cause of his 2 year ailment in a couple hours, which two doctors failed to do...

From the sounds of it I will have to ride this bowl out for a couple more hours...

Fart you later...

Thank God there is an answer for this PAIN on :

So absolutely glad that I found this site that completely convinced me of my suspicion!! So before the full extent of this hunch took place, tonight I decided to have a small, energizing mean a couple of hours before I went to my Hot yoga class. I needed something small in size that would provide me with enough energy. What did I turn to? Kashi Go Lean Cruch of course. Trying to gear away from natural sugers, it's been my go to fast carb and protien source with natural sweeteners...well tonights event brought an end to that and...quickly. Ha! If you want to play a really mean trick on someone you're not very thrilled with...Simply feed them a small bowl of Kashi cereal and then invite them to your community hot yoga class...what will take place you ask??? Extremely painful stomach convulsions and pressure as you try your darndess to holfd the only this that will relieve your pain and letting out an illegal, and i meam wrongful explosion.

Haha yupI that'll do it, first hand witness right here folks!

Kashi Go Lean Cruch = resting child's poses from hell!!!!

Mrs.Farty McFartsalot on :

My dad googled this after we both had HORRIBLE GAS!!!!!
I was in my class trying my very best to hold it all in when finally
I let one out so bad that our teacher said and I quote,
"Go to Mrs. M's room and get some air freshner."
As soon as I got up everyone went "EWWWW!!!!"
I was laughing sooo loud until I got to 6th period with the unbearable stomach pain.
Thank goodness I was in a hurry this morning and only ate half a bowl!

NEVER EAT Kashi Go and Lean the Other Way!

Nancy on :

Thanks Heavens!!! I have been eating Kashi cereal for just a couple of weeks, and the last few days the Crunch. It's unreal what has happened and I have a professional position at a school. I try to restrain but must almost run from rooms to avoid the gas escaping like a machine gun and more and more often like a giant air gun bomb. My husband has started eating the Kashi Go Lean this past week and he asked today about the uncontrollable gas. Hallelujah for the answer!!!

Amy on :

I wish we could figure out what the heck is causing this! I too can eat regular Kashi Go Lean, but the Crunch! Oh, the Crunch. SO tasty, but it's not worth it. I even tried to eat just a handful at a time but it was still horrendous. My girlfriend was bragging about how she never farts, so I gave her the rest of my box as a gift. Now she is suffering too.

UpperStage on :

Yes, yes, yes!

smells on :

omg! i never laughed so hard!! OMG!!!! the comments made me laugh so hard i was crying! thank god it's the cereal and not something else. I had two bowls and all day i've been blowing up a storm. My cats are sickened and smell the areas that i blow them big bombs off in. I wish to god that it will stop and my pains will go away!
I think i'll feed the rest of the box to the birds outside!

yeeks on :

Oh my thanks for the comments. I do wonder what the heck is in this stuff to cause this amount of abdominal fire works. I meet or exceed the recomended amount of fiber so the amount of fiber is not the problem (I think) But geez loouise tastes good but something is wrong with this stuff. No more for me. Its back to "Uncle Sam" cereal for me.

GasPasserPassesDeadlly on :

This site is wonderful, better than any support group ever. I too blew my ass out farting all day thanks to our friends at Kashi. At home it was easy to blame the dog but I then noticed my wife was sleeping on the couch because she couldn't take the smell.

No more Kashi Go Fart for me!!

McFarty on :

It must be the 7 whole grains of fartness...mine are so bad the dogs look at me in disgust and run away- ha ha ha! I love farting so I'm going to continue to enjoy Kashi morning, noon, and night. ffffffffffffffftttttttttttt

TheGirlYouDon'tWantToWorkWith on :

I took SICK DAYS. I offended my coworkers. I went to the GASTROENTEROLOGIST. I had blood drawn. I had to do stool samples. I actually froze a turd and handed it in for testing.

I went through HELL for 8 months. I almost gave up cheese?CHEESE: the light of my life?because I thought it was lactose intolerance. I thought I was dying.

Maybe Kashi think farting at a 1000% of normal will make you "go lean." Well, I didn't. Kashi, you granola freaks. Go Lean Crunch should be banned by the FDA.

Gashi Kashi on :

The cereal is DAMN good, but not worth the pain!
I thought I had gained 10 pounds in air!
Bye Bye Kashi, smell ya later!

My Stomach on :

I was seriously considering calling my doctor. Thank goodness I finally turned to google. I had a suspicion, but it took awhile to narrow down the culprits. I thought I was getting old, I thought it was the onions I had eaten last week, or the other veggies...
Yesterday I had a most embarasing 2 hour meeting from 3-5. My stomach started grumbling..and kept getting louder and louder. Everyone had to hear it. I'm thankful the gas waited until after the meeting, but at the end of the meeting the woman sitting next to me said, "you really need to eat lunch." I will never eat Kashi again when I need to be seen in public. No matter how healthy it may be. I can't afford to be the background music in another meeting.

silent but deadly on :

Ok try reading this and not wake up the baby sleeping in the next room.....
I just had to give my costco box away. It's just too much, I mean I love the taste and it's not just the go lean cereal, it's the granola bars too.
Just this morning (and this is in verbatum) this is what my husband said just before he had to leave the room: Snif, snif,...what the....did u just....O dear Lord....And you send ME downstairs when I have to go to the bathroom.
I don't get any bloating, but the smell of the silent but deadly farts is just too much!

Brett Stevens on :

I was supposed to review this cereal for an article on green living. I didn't make the correlation the first day. I wolfed down a bowl or two, went for a long walk, and as I was relaxing on the sofa afterwards I felt a strong pain.

I thought my appendix was bursting, but after sweating it out for a few minutes, I shifted, and the gas began to blast. I was mud bubbling like a swamp, burping out the air biscuits like a champion. Of course, I was a little worried about my health. I am not turbofarter normally but the power of fart was with me!

The second day, I put two and two together and started to really enjoy abusing this cereal. Have it with yogurt and some extra brown sugar. I even put beans and cabbage on one bowl just to see if I'd blast off with afterburner (I did).

This is the most fun cereal EVER.

Mary on :

I started Weight Watchers in January and thought the farts were the change in my eating habits. I finally realized it was the Kashi go fart. I had it yesterday for breakfast and went to the gym. By pure luck the symphony didn't begin until after I was finished and in the car. My son just shakes his head and walks away when the farting begins. I don't have the pain just the gas. I will keep eating it because it's so good.

PAIN on :

This cereal is painfully delicious . i have strict diet. and recently decided to change cereals i went from raisen brand crunch to kashi s go lean crunch and wow. the gas bloating was all day i knew it was this cereal. i told my friend whom also eats this and does not experiance any gas or bloating. i guess its just certain cuz its a good cereal one of the few... i will no longer be purchasing.

Relieved on :

What a relief to find this site. Like many of you I thought I had ibs or cancer. I'm in very good shape, eat lots of fiber and never even thought it would be the cereal that was causing such discomfort. GF was getting very annoyed, you can only blame the dog for so long. I have always put 6 or 7 strawberries on my cereal for years with no problem but was horrified to find what I thought was blood in the bowl, in my shorts, etc. Cut out the cereal and I'm back to normal. The thing I can't figure out is why the body doesn't eventually adjust to this cereal. I've been eating it for a few months now, you figure your system would adapt.
Anyways, off to search for a new cereal. Too bad, Kashi is so tasty.

Kashits Happen on :

Is it a problem I have 4 boxes of Go Lean in the cabinet? Am I addicted to the cereal or rumble in the jungle from which it produces. Either way try and touch my Go Lean and I will open fire. Don't make me grab a match.

BigTootin on :

I'm lactose intolerant and this cereal gives me more gas, that is more painful than if i were to eat an extra cheese pizza! D:

Health_Food_My_ASS on :

Occasionally, over the last two weeks my stomach would start really rumbling in the afternoon, about 1-2 hours after lunch. When I say rumbling, I mean like the sound of a bunch of trombones and tympani drums from the downstairs room. And painful gas, too. Oh Gawd! I would hold it in while in a meeting, then excuse myself, go to the office bathroom to fart (and I mean FAAARRRT), then back to the meeting for another 30 minutes. After work I would stagger home, lie down on the bed and wait for the pain and gas to go away. Ugh! It would always follow lunch, so when it happened I noted what I had for lunch at the company cafeteria (pizza, soup, salad, chicken, french fries, etc.), eliminate it as a option, until I was down to two things I knew I could have: sandwiches and an ice tea. Well, after my eleventh lunch of sandwich with ice tea, it happened again today big time, and I thought "Damn! I can't eat anything anymore, what the hell?". I was beginning to think something was really wrong with me.

Then I remembered that I started eating "Kashi Go-Lean Crunch" recently. So, on a whim, I googled "Kashi and Gas" and found this site. I had *no idea* food could be this dangerous.

Mandy on :

OMG!!! I just bought my first box of Kashi GoLEAN last week, and I swear to the little baby jesus that I have had the most intense poots in my life each day I've had it! I also eat mine with slices of banana, and I think the two of them together do double work. I really do love the stuff, but I'm afraid I can no longer eat it due to the intense gas. I work in an office cube, and today I had to go into the bathroom/hallway/foyer several times to let out the gas. OH MY!!!

Angels we have heard on high! on :

I'm so thrilled at finding this site that I could fart the tune of "Amazing Grace!" Alas, all that comes out is something that sounds like a tuba in the bathtub. Seriously, what did people do before we could google "Kashi GoLean Crunch causes gas"? I guess they just suffered in silence. Or not...

Please make it stop! on :

I had a bowl at 11, and went back for seconds. I have been symphonic since 2 p.m. - and it's 10 now. No smell, but every 30 seconds, like clockwork BRRRRRRTTTTTT.

Sorry if global warming ticks up today. That's so my fault.






Anonymous on :

I thought I had become lactose intolerant. I was popping double-dose Lactaid Fast Act with no effects whatsoever. No I know it was the Kashi GO SMELLY Crunch!

Clearly this stuff is not meant for the human digestive system.

Dennis on :

So many people on this site are talking about gas as a bad thing.I eat 3-4 bowls of this stuff at work every morning just so I can make my co-workers day less pleasant.Get creative,Go for a "head shot" or light one off just as everyone starts taking out their lunch.This is the most gasey food in the whole world.One last thought.....If you really want some bad gas {Way more smelly but not quite the quantity}try a wopper withh cheese,onion rings and a coke from Burger King.4 hours after eating you will have the most smelly gas ever.

J on :

Wow ... I can't even begin to express my thanks for this site. I can't possibly say anything that hasn't already been said with more eloquence below, but I do want to reiterate something that I've read interspersed throughout these posts: I have definitely experienced a "delay" in symptoms. My symptoms didn't start until HOURS after eating Kashi -- a fact which led me to examine EVERY OTHER type of food I was eating (for lunch and dinner, for example) but which rendered me completely oblivious to the role of my breakfast food in generating my agonizing pain and flatulence. I feel like an idiot because I have gone for over a month with this, all the while assuming that some intrinsic characteristic of my own body had suddenly changed over the past couple of months. I give my sincerest thanks to this site, and I give over my sincerest rancor to Kashi!!!

Turboman on :

Hey, I'm kind of enjoying touring the office on my new turbojet powered chair!

cheese. on :

Does the regular GoLean high fiber and protein cereal cause a lot of gas, too? The red box?

StillBlamingTheDog on :

OMG, I nearly gave myself a heart attack I was laughing so hard. My husband likes to make treats with this stuff and he would always get so mad at me for waking him up at night with the hellacious toots. I have a boxer dog, which are famous for deadly gas, and she would sleep in the kitchen after I ate this stuff. The cats would hide in the catpan, and no amount of Rolaids would help. Thank you for helping me figure this out. I am never buying this stuff again. But I still like the granola cereal, the chocolate one is really good. I'll have to see if they cause the gassiness too since I already have IBS and was eating Kashi to help regulate my system.
the only benefit I can see is that I can seriously gross out my teenage boys. MOM WINS!!!!!!

No more Kashi! on :

Yes, the regular Kashi Go Lean (red box) causes this too!!! Trust me!! I am so grateful that I found this site. I am throwing away my 2 boxes of Go Lean right away!!

cheese. on :

ughhh! that's the only cereal i eat!! D:

Separate Beds on :

For two weeks my husband and I have been sleeping in separate beds because I haven't been able to control my flatulence. All our conversations have started with him saying things like: "can't you just hold it in", "wow I never imagined I'd marry someone with gas like this", "GEEZ was that you?!?!?"; and me replying "better out than in", "I've never had gas like this", and "no, it was my butt and I'm asking it for a divorce!". This morning while eating my standard bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch(GLC) I had a sudden epiphany that the gas started around the same time that I bought this god forsaken sh*t!!!! I did a google search for Kashi GLC + gas and low and behold I've found all of you. I feel like I've finally come home after a long period of social exile to be with my fellow Kashi GLC farting friends. Thank you all for helping me to realize that I'm not alone in the world!

Oh dear lord.. on :

Like just about everybody else I googled "Kashi Go lean" and "gas" and found this. I've been eating this cereal for a few days and I'm a person who normally has very minimal gas and honest to God, it's doesn't usually smell that bad. Well after eating Kashi Go Lean (high protein, high fiber version) I have been farting non-stop and these farts are from HELL. They are the worst farts I've ever had in my life and it sometimes takes 10 seconds or more to expel farts caused by this cereal.

It's truly a shame because I can't possibly keep eating it. I have job interviews to go on and I would die if I farted one of these farts while being interviewed.

FYI - I got my Kashi cereal from the "organic" section at Walmart and tried some other organic cereal brand which I can't remember the name of, organic honey/oat flakes and that cereal causes it too. Truly disgusting! Don't buy that cereal unless you have a flatulence contest to win or if you're extremely socially isolated.

reese on :

Well i found this page because since i have been eating kashi go lean for about 1.5 weeks i have the worst gas you could imagine. They smell terrible and are huge. I was hoping they would end but after reading this site it seems they will not. i guess i will stop eating the cereal. oh well.

Ratstink on :

That's what happens when you eat Soy Protein. I consider soy the solyent green food of the health food industry. Everyone says it's so healthy for you..NOT! Real soy is fermented soy and mostly eaten in Asia. The soy we're eating in North America is NOT fermented soy and doesn't offer any of the health benefits derived from fermented soy. Stop eating soy!!!!!

awws on :

dammit kashi.........

SamuraiMarine on :

You know... this is something that I am going to have to try about one hour before bed some night that I am ticked off at the wife.

Indhu on :

Oh God! I have 2 packets freshly bought....Iam trying this brand for the first time and I dont think its delicious

Mama Bean on :

I made the mistake of eating this cereal while breastfeeding--talk about screaming baby! She would writhe in pain, and it took me a bit until I identified the source of the trouble. They really should put a warning on the box!

Alex on :

Don't let Al Gore find this website... he'll ban Kashi for sure due to global warming risks. Too many greenhouse gases! :-)

ed on :

Seriously folks, had anybody ever contacted Kellogs?

I heard people say that the side effect started when Kellogs took over as a way of discouraging people from eating this cereal over their own.

ed on :

Seriously, has anybody contacted Kellogs abut this side effect?

52packrat on :

Kashi gives me the Shits!! About 6 months ago I started eating this wonderful cereal but I noticed the major "Bubbles" exploding in my stomach! I couldn't take it anymore when I was constantly running back and forth to the bathroom so I quit eating the cereal. Well, I was in Costco last weekend and purchased cereal for my son and also purchased the Kashi Go Lean Crunch and recommended it to my son. On Tuesday I ate a BIG bowl of Kashi after my walk and then I showered and went to the Mall. I was at South Coast Plaza and wanted to go to the Nordstrom's Sale...5 minutes after I was in the store I headed to the bathroom because the "Gas" was so bad. I was able to walk up to the 2nd floor and then I had to rush to the bathroom again...I had "Bad Gas" and I had "Shat my Drawers" embarressing....I cleaned myself up and luckily it didn't leak through my jeans. I immediately headed to my car and went home. I told my husband what happened and while he was LHAO he told me to look this up on the internet...I typed in "Does Kashi give you the Shits?".....Yes it does!!! I am taking my box of Kashi back to Costco and asking for my money back. That stuff is disgusting and I don't see how they can stay in business if everyone discovers the "farting and the shitting problem"!! They should rename the product "Kashi Go Lean Shit O's" and the reason they think it will make you lean is because if you eat it you will then fart and shit it out immediately. This stuff should be sold in the Laxative Department Only....

casie on :

Omg what a relief I have had horrible stinky gas non stop for 6 days now and I am looking in my food logs (I keep a record) and I am eating the same things, but then I realized I bought some kashi go lean crunch and some kashi bars and that must be it. I dont want to give it up so I will try beano but that hasnt worked for me in the past so I may give it up. The cereal is fine, but I do love the bars! Thank you so much for this site!!!!

Stinky Shorts on :

ROFLMAO!!!!! This cereal is the greatest thing since deviled eggs. I eat a bowell, uhmm.. bowl every other day just for the afternoon fireworks out of my arse. I work from home so its just the dog and I, competing for longest/loudest/stinkiest expulsion of the day. Great fun. Thanks Kashi for changing my life!

Thunderhead Arsecrack on :

Guys - glad to have found this site. I am in absolute agony here. I feel like I am 8 months pregnant, and the expulsions from my cornhole are out of this world.

I would love to know what causes this. I don't think it is the fibre per se, as I typically eat Fiber One which has a ton more fiber than this, and never ever have GI problems like this. I suspect it might be the type of fiber.

Kashi Go Lean, the real WMDs...

Poopsdeville on :

I felt so alone until I read this site. Well, actually, I am alone since I started eating that cereal. Great gas 'weapon' as many have pointed out. Hmm when to use?

I mean, really, Kashi? Really? on :

Let me start by saying that I first bought Kasih Go Lean this past Sunday--that's right, two days ago--and love this delicious cereal. I love it so much that I've had two or three bowls a day, with one being a pre bedtime snack. Imagine my surprise when, Monday morning and then again today, I felt as though an angry badger had been unleashed in my stomach. I share an office with two others folks--poor, poor souls--and they have been unfairly subjected to the riotous bi-product of the newest addition to my diet.
Thank goodness I am (relatively) quick on the uptake, I guess, although you'd have to be asleep or heavily sedated to miss this no-brainer. And thank goodness for this site. I will be foregoing my planned to trip to Sam's Club to stock up, and will be tossing my remaining deliciousness in the trashbin. Sigh. "If it seems too good to be true, it probably will explode in your stomach like a WMD..." Thanks guys and gals for confirming what had become an unavoidable conclusion...

silent but deadly on :

Just curious if we can sue Kashi for all the pain and discomfort we've all suffered. And for proof of our case, all we would have to do is eat this cereal and be adjourned for a litle while....of couse we could all get thrown in the slammer for assaulting a judge with the smell! Just an idea to think about....

JayTeeSupreme on :

I googled Kashi and farts and found this site hahaha.

I ate a big ass bowl of Kashi go lean crunch with soy milk this morning.

Today has been the most ive ever farted in my life

I went skateboarding and literally everytime I went to push,another massive voluminous fart would escape

I feel like im pregnant im so bloated, and im a dude.

Its kind of fun though now I can anticipate it

They should call this cereal Kashi GoFart

I farted 3 times while typing this and I ate the cereal at 7.00 in the morning

Its now 5.30 in the afternoon

PleaseMakeItStop on :

I have taken four craps today so big that I had to take out the 12-gauge and shoot them. I eat healthy. Well, healthy enough. But this Kashi Go Lean Crunch is freaking scary with the gas it produces. There is no use trying to hold in the farts because it will make your belly swell up like that scene in "Alien" before the monster pops out of the guy's stomach.

Bless you dear Lord for providing this web site to let me know I am not alone in this agony. I am thinking of starting a viral campaign, getting a rubber stamp and running through the supermarket stocks of KGLC, stamping them to say, "Warning; Will cause intestinal gas so severe that your wife will leave you, your dog will look at you funny, and you'll get fired from your job."

Really, the folks who make Kashi ought to apologize for this. It's just not right.

First&LastBoxofGoLeanTooters on :

Wow! I bought a box last week thinking I would try something new. Yes, they're good, and I like them. But, yesterday afternoon and evening I had horrible, horrible gas. I suspected it might be the Kashi, but dummy me went ahead and finished the box this morning. Now, I am paying for it. I am. I love the internet. No more Kashi for me.

110 octane cornholio on :

Ah this sucks... Yep that's definitely what is causing this explosive cataclysmic whatever this is. Damn it tastes so good though! And healthy. But there's just no way. So I had go lean for breakfast this morning and THEN... went to sushi for lunch. Forget it. I thought I was going to break the glass lights in the bathroom. Sat in the bathroom 2x for quite a while, still at my desk with this horrible churning in the guts... this is insane. No more go lean for me... :-(

PatPoopsaLot on :

5 hours post-Kashi feels like an out-of-control lumber truck heading towards you at over 100 mph! Purely devastating!

cheese on :

:[[[ it's the soy protein. i googled it, apparently it causes lots of gas. :/ i'm cutting out all the soy from my diet. good luck, vegetarians.

Poopsie on :

so...the greenhouse effect is NOT caused by driving a gas guzzling car? I'm so very relieved! :-)
I'll stick with Rice Crispies, thank you very much. They make their noise before they go in.

mookiesmom on :

So, Are any of you folks familiar with the diet aid called Alli? The active ingredient in Alli is a substance that works by blocking the absorption of excess fats by the body. In essence, most of the fat you consume (and it had better not be very much) will fly straight through your digestive tract and out your posterior. Eat a salad with a heavy cream dressing and a couple of slices of pizza and you get a greasy oil slick along with your usual bowel movement. Eat a Big Mac and large fries however, and look out! An uncontrollable high velocity spray of smelly red-orange grease will come shooting out of your butt with absolutely no warning. This horrifying occurence is euphamistically referred to in the Alli literature as a "treatment effect".

In case you can't figure out where I'm going with this, I recently combined Alli, Kashi GoLean Crunch and a Culver's Deluxe fried cod & chips basket. The result was a treatment effect to the power of 10. I'm afraid I have to move to a new town.

I think I would have been better off combining Zanax, Ambien, Zoloft & Prozac.

StellaFluffetta on :

I'm wondering if Poopsie is right? Maybe the greenhouse effect is actually caused by too many people eating Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and using that Alli stuff. My god, I can't believe anyone would actually combine the two. I totally believe "mookiesmom" has to move to another town. I had only one bowl, ONE BOWL of the KGLC on Saturday, and I'm still feeling the effects. I guess when you don't ingest a lot of fiber as a rule and then suddenly throw a bunch in the works, it doesn't come out too pretty. Sigh, oh and pun intended.

Kashilicious Chris on :

You guys are such wusses! I polish off a bowl with half of it straight, rolled oats and then polish off a delicious Kaschi Dark Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. Now when the first onset comes, grab the toothbrush and head to the bathroom; you can often seed the hallway enroute with a few silent but deadly ones. About an hour after the first enslought, just plan another potty trip, grab a pre-moistened and soaped towel from the bathroom authorities, and you can usually finish your business with one quick session.

This stuff saves enormous amounts of time by accelerating all that stuff and if it ain't given you a little gas, it just ain't worth it.

Man up, America!

Twist on :

I am getting the same problem. Its just too much fiber, either natural or unnatural. My body just isn't acclimated to it yet and it just not fun!

Speak To Me Oh Toothless One on :

I googled "Kashi Gives Me Gas" and found this sight! Thank God! My wife started eating this stuff a few months go and has been farting non-stop ever since. Not knowing the connection I I ate a bowl last night and have had more gas than Hugo Chavez at a Barack Obama FREE health care rally! It seems like every couple minutes I am breaking a new world record for length, volumn and malciforous odor.

The best thing though is these are pungent, CLEAN, Gas only farts! No Hershey Squirts!

lllinda on :

This site is amazing and so are the stories. Trying to eat healthy, I started eating more soy products a few weeks ago. Kashi cereals, Kashi Pilaf, soy milk, soy burgers, Ezekial bread (sprouted grains), and tofu. Oh, my goodness!!!!! Lots and lots of pain and gas! I realized that something was really wrong with what I had been eating, so I started eliminating each offending food and I started feeling better. However, tonight I thought I would eat the Kashi Pilaf and even though it wasn't as bad as the Kashi Go Lean Crunch, I am definitely experiencing more gas than I normally do.
Goodbye, Kashi! It will be hard to find something that tastes as good. :-(

My fart cannon for a girlfriend on :

I love Kashi food but this stuff makes me blast farts that scare the pets away. In fact my GF and I like to eat this stuff just so we can have competitions to see who's farts are the worst. Girl farts are always at least 27 times worse than anything a guy can come up with. I can give her the Dutch Oven but she can blast one under the covers that will seep out and make me beg for mercy!

Whats worse is that Al Gore has come after us for contributing so much to Global Warming. I might have to sue Kashi for making me create so much air pollution.

Too much a lady to fart out loud... on :

I've always been a prim and proper lady. I absolutely would die if my husband heard me rip one. The only time he ever heard me fart in our 7 years of marriage was in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. I told him that didn't count. He was so shocked in hearing me fart for the first time, that he actually documented it on his computer at work. After eating this delicious Kashi, I do really fear I won't be able to hold the gas in. If it can't find it's way out, then it makes loud bubbling stomach noises and pounds against my stomach. I really like Kashi, but I don't know how long I can contain the farts.

Hahah on :

I was DYING today after eating my first bowl of this stuff this morning. I ran to Walgreens last night because I needed something to eat for breakfast this morning and Go Lean Crunch looked good enough so I purchased it. It tasted good this morning when I ate it... but then I went off to class. JESUS was I dying. I literally thought I was going to die. My lower intestines felt like they were rupturing as I was trying to keep it in (my colleagues are sitting all around me.) I somehow managed to escape the 1 hour and 15 minute class and have been farting until now, posting this message. My abdomen still feels tight, like there's 30 pounds of air pressure in my uterus area (if I was a girl).

I thought it might've been the Go Lean Crunch, so I googled it + gas and came up with this. Screw this cereal!

Sebastian Gomez on :

Not only does it make your stomach look like you have Kwashiorkor, some of these farts leave a spray can of ass-graffiti on your undergarments. It is the most fun I have had with myself in a long time. Reminds me of the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility". With this Kashi stuff you basically fart loudly on command, the possibilities for awkward moments and hearty laughs are endless.

Mike on :

Read the warning on the inside of the box.
WARNING: The surgeon general has found the consumption of this food can cause severe terminal flatulence. Persons consuming this product should remain in well-ventilated areas and away from open flame. Leave windows open while riding in cars. Avoid public transportation and confined spaces. Do not travel more than 200 feet from a bathroom. Do not mix the consumption of this food with other gas producing foods. It is suggested you carry an air freshener at all times after consuming this product.

Karin on :

Thank goodness my fear has been confirmed! My first thought of who/what to blame with regards to the amount of gas brewing inside was our neighbor who invited us over for dinner, coincidentally that same day i "enjoyed" my first bowl of KGLC. She made chicken fried steak and served it with the nastiest, greasiest ooze she called gravy. Only out of shear kindness did i consume the oily congeal. Anyway, the volume of gas that expanded my gut and continued to torment me for the next 4 days (i was still eating the Kashi) was unbelievable. I pointed my bony finger of blame at that scoop of fat-jello on the chicken fried steak, by Friday i figured she had clogged my bile duct and my gall bladder would need to come out. Saturday morning i ate NO Kashi and had NO issues. Could it be the cereal?! Well we all know the answer is yeDid the kids get the books we sent? Walter and Junie books? We are sending a bear for 'Kenzy.s, who knew food could be so dangerous!

bill on :

Just enjoy the gas! Go for a group bike ride and execute a chemical attack on your fellow riders. I love the cereal, and the after-effects. Here's an idea if you're a sick sob like me, add raisins for an even more explosive experience! Enjoy!

Stink Booty on :

Wow! It's not just me! I started eating KGLC about 3 weeks ago & knew it had to be the cereal making me fart like never before. It gives me such LOUD stomach growls..freaks my dog out. The worst is in the mornings. Sometimes I'll crave something sweet at night & have a bowl of Kashi. The next morning I will walk all over the house just blowing gas with every step!!! Like it's been sitting in my guts all night just waiting for an escape. My poor kids. They're little & my butt is just about at their eye level. I've noticed them gagging a little in the mornings when I have my terrible gas. One of them even told me I always smell like a toot all day long. Isn't it crazy how powerful Kashi farts are? Maybe I should give this stuff's just so good & healthy.

Anonymous on :

I farted LOUDLY five times reading this. I just got home from getting a mani/pedi and it got so painful I had to tell the guy it was hot, and he turned the air wayyyy down. It was so hot because I have been holding the Kashi farts in! Can you imagine farting in the peducurist's face??? I got home and after a minute long fart I had to google 'Kashi Go-Lean Gas' and voila!
Also, for some reason it makes my constipated rabbit poopies come out like they are little rockets lauched! I swear..I just went in for a tinkle, and I accidentally launch an attack on the septic system at work! I was even afraid that they would hear through the thick wall on the other side!
Target had a 5 boxes get a $5.00 gift card. So, guess who bought 15 boxes..yep. And, I'm not the quitting type. Letterrrr Rippppp!!!
I have this same reaction to Fiber One..and I quit that. But, I'm deeply invested into Kasih!

tootin' on :

This website was hilarious! I love the taste of Kashi...had it for breakfast for the first time this week and I had that the same much gas it was uncontrollable and couldn't stop going to the bathroom! After that first bowl of cereal I went to work...ran into the bathroom 10 x in a row...tried to hold it in, was tortuous. Hard when your boss is standing right over you!!! I didn't realize it was the Kashi so I had another bowl the other day....same thing happened and at night I went to visit my parents and it didn't stop there. my mom actually looked at me and said "what the heck is wrong with you????" after I was tootin' away lol.... I'm glad I googled Kashi and gas because this finally solves the problem for me - couldn't figure out what it was until now!

FartyPants on :

OMG!!!! All I can say is I understand why it's called Go Lean. Not only have I had dynamite-like, long-winded farts all day after eating a Jethro-sized bowl of the granola this morning, but have also been to the outhouse 'bout 15 times today! Yes, and poop shrapnel around the bowl. Painful reminder of the colonoscopy prep last year. Oh, and don't think you can slip one out in this condition, as you may need to launder your underpants. Unbelievable. Did someone say odorless? Not!!! Burnt-my-tail-coming-out kinda fart, and we all know what THOSE smell like!

I guess it's my fault since I ate so much, and haven't eaten much fiber in quite some time. I think the cereal is delicious, but have decided to only eat it on my days off from work!

Dan Z on :

OMG!!!!!!!! I just shit my pants!!!!!!

FartyPants on :

LOLOL!!!!! Yeah, that's what I did!!!! Well, just skid marks...

SirFartsalot on :

Jesus, my mom said i ahould eat some and gas out the whole state of minnesota. I can see it now. Laying in the bed and you hear the fart of a freaking whale and the covers fly up. " Hey jonathon. try someof this Kashi Go FART." ------ 5HOURS LATER---- "Today the "browns" are in the "super bowl" and the weather conditions are quite hectic today" Wow...i cant wait to try this stuff :-D

Backdoor Trumpet on :

OK, I'm a 40-year-old woman normally not that interested in farts, but I was so blown away (haha) by what came out of my butt after I ate Kashi granola bars, then, yesterday, Kashi crackers that I Googled Kashi and gas. What the heck is in that stuff???

CollegeBoy on :

I ate two bowls of Kashi for breakfast this morning and another bowl in the afternoon. I've been working 9-5 today and I'm still farting like crazy.

These comments are hilarious though. I died laughing at work.

TBusta on :

Googled "Kashi Go-Lean makes my ass explode"

There should be a warning on the box. Reading the comments, you can see this stuff has caused considerable pain, and also wasted a lot of time as each person worries and experiments until they find that Kashi is the problem. BOOM.

BoomBox on :

Better an empty apartment, then an unwanted tenant...............I haven't laughed this hard in years. I am tempted to try it once but i'm scared!

Angie on :

OMG I googled "Fiber One Bars + gas" and ran across the post about Fiber One and then followed the side link to this one...I have been eating one cup of Kashi GoLean Crunch for breakfast and a Fiber One bar for a snack. Not a good combination but HEY they're really low in Weight Watchers points! I was crying because I was laughing so hard at these posts. Thanks for the afternoon picker-upper!

Georgia on :

Wow, I was looking for a way to stop the gas I seemed to be getting from cereal in general and I am so glad I found this page! I thought I was becoming a serious old fart. I ate a large bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch at the office and by lunchtime I was hoping no one was going to get on the elevator with me. It was incredibly embarrassing. I read this, and what I did was just limit my morning bowl of Kashi to what I would usually consider a half bowl. Then the gas is minimal. And the cereal is really good.

Stinky on :

GEEEEEEEEEEEEZ. I took a laxative to expedite the perpetrator's departure.

Monique on :

OMG!!! These posts are so funny! I thought I was having an issue with gas unitl I found this page. I'm glad I am not alone. I've been running to the bathroom every 30 mins just to fart. Not a little fart, but a long and noisy one. Hahahaha. I guess I won't be eating this unless I am home and my kids won't mind playing a little farting game.

Jennifer McAdam on :

Monique, please make a video and commented words of it.

Boom Boom Pow on :

Kashi Go Lean doesn't bother me. It's the Kashi Go Lean Crunch that creates unbelieveable gas. I have been bloated and passing horribly loud gas for the past two hours. It's like clockwork. Every two minutes, boom, boom, pow.

Jennifer McAdam on :

I never ate Kashi but my farts sounded like yours last night. And I farted at Six Flags Over GA.

So glad to be away form the fam! on :

I flew to denver to meet my girlfriends family for two days. Each day I had the great tasting GoLEAN Crunch. Followed by a day of the longest session of gas ever. My stomach was in a knot the whole time. I thought it was nervous. I had to hold it in the whole time I was at each family function (she's greek). To make matters worse when I thought I would get a brake in the car I was quickly disappointed by a family member jumping in our car forcing me to hold it for another opportunity. Good thing is we both ate the cereal so when we did get a chance we both were farting like crazy and laughing!!!

giggles on :

OMG I can't believe it I have church tomorrow.They might kick me out. And the next day is my first day of school, if I don't stop eating it now I'll probably get put out of my class .But I love it (Oopps I did it again)

Balloon Belly Girl on :

I am cracking up! That cereal KILLS me...not for a day or 2, try 3-4 days!!!!!!!! I work as a model--a fit model who tries on clothes and has to have the same body measurements every day!! Can you imagine my PAIN holding that bubble in praying I don't let one rip???? You cannot even get away with a silent one, because it will be beyond deadly!!!!! It will kill EVERYONE with a 20 foot radius!!!!!! This is not the only cereal that kills me, but it's certainly the worst...
is there something you can take when you eat these types of foods that will help??? I try to drink lots of!!

Nicole on :

When I first tried Kashi, it gave me horrible bloating and gas & I ended up throwing the box away. Now, a couple years later, I've decided to give it another try since I'm trying to stay fit and it has a high amount of fiber in it. I'm on my second box and I've noticed that after your body gets use to the amount of fiber intake, the gas starts to lessen. It also helps if you eat something else first and then just snack on Kashi... gas goes away but trips to the bathroom increase.. hope that helps.

Lynn32 on :

I just sent Kashi an email about all this madness! They must know they have this effect on people, right?? I honestly thought there was something wrong with ME! Now I know its the cereal, its horrible, but I have to throw it away. I can't function at work or school while eating this stuff! Not to mention the complete embaressment while I'm with my boyfriend... :-/

Blernd on :

I just dared myself to eat half a box. If no one hears from me by this time tomorrow, go ahead and assume I'm dead.

Anon on :

Call me crazy, but I used to eat this stuff all the time without this problem before the company was bought out by Kellogg Company in 2000. Ever since then, I have the worst gas! Painful, embarrassing, and just . . plain . . not worth it!
I'm a San Diego native and this was our home-town hippie-culture-crunchy-granola cereal - made from the 7 grains, blah, blah, blah. After the sell, I think they started adding more processing, fiber from non-whole grain sources (like the fiber you can add to water, ever tried that? Talk about GAS!) and soy protein to advance their market to the "south beach diet" bunch. I've tried it a couple of times over the last few years since the sell-out (the kashi company had been around since the mid-80s), and since then, I can't tolerate it.
Someone earlier said you can work your body up to it, but I'm a vegan who eats almost nothing but high-fiber low-fat foods, and this stuff makes me physically ill. I have tried eating it for MONTHS and it does NOT get better. Maybe some people have a higher tolerance. But not me - painful intestinal gas, powerful, frequent and malodorous flatulence. I used to really love this cereal, but forget it. I'll go back to making my own granola.
At the risk of being to political - because the rest of the posts are just FUNNY and a relief to hear others are in the same boat - I really think you can get better nutrition without the gas by buying less process, simpler foods. From now on, I swear if there is an ingredient I can't recognize, I'm not eating it . . . "soy protein" included!

Chris on :

LOL you guys are messed up! I don't get gas when I eat it....

Rachel on :

Wow, this is hilarious! I thought I was having major problems but I didn't think it was affecting everyone this way. I have to warn my boyfriend before we have sex that there might be an "escapee" during the act. I'm glad I'm not alone! But I can't stop eating it so I live knee deep in the "stenches"!

coralie on :

This happens to me, too. I will put money on it that it is a case of classic soy intolerance. Soy protein is in Kashi Go Lean--and of course in soy nuts which are the only thing in the world that give me anything near as serious as Kashi farts. Oh, and in defense of the wife who says her Kashi farts have no smell--neither do mine. Unfortunately they DO have an Explosive sound!!

Kelly on :

ok... I was farting up such a storm with this stuff... I actually googled Kashi and gas and came across this. I am not losing my mind!! Does anyone else strangely enjoy the effects?? lol

Amy H on :

The Kashi Oatmeal is just as bad. Had some this morning at work and sure enough...GAS! Odorless but uncomfortable. Kept getting up every 10 min to go to bathroom to relieve the pressure. Finally got tired of getting up and just let them loose at my desk. Quiet but not deadly, thank God!

boom@bing on :

let me just say- there is no quicker way to find every bathroom on campus than to eat a bowl of this every morning for a week. even this gas was way out of league for health services to diagnose. and definitely a safety hazard for the bunsen burners in the chem lab...

Bobbie on :

I was in my boss's office for a conference call this afternoon when it hit... after every run to the bathroom, he would mute the call and ask if I was alright. Thanks, Kashi- I will not be eating this again. Too bad... it tasted great, but now I know why it was on sale. I have a super cheap co-worker who I know will take advantage of the leftover cereal I bring in. At least I'll get some satisfaction knowing that I'll make him as uncomfortable as he regularly makes me.

The little engine that did on :

I'm happy I found this. I thought I had some kind of condition or something. I had to hide somewhere far away from the others when I took my kids to a water park so I could fart my brains out. Sometimes I would get really bad cramps and thought I was in labor. This cereal should be pulled from the shelves and used to produce a new mass destruction weapon.

Portable Toilet on :

Thanks everyone for posting because without people like you, some of us would think we developed some kind of really bad digestive issues like IBS. I started eating Kashi cereal bars thinking they would be good for me once a day, but the entire month, my stomach was upset, major stomach pains and gas/bloating as well. It was the worst I have experienced! I thought I have developed IBS and limited everything I was eating to just protein and non-gaseous vegetables. I was scared to go out and I was scared to go on vacation and even bought a portable toilet for a road trip because I was so unsure of my body. I started going to the GI specialist and now that I am reading this, I think my GI is right that it's the Kashi bars that are causing this. She said if I stop it for 7-14 days then it should totally get out of my system. I think the cereal and bars should come with warning that some people are really affected while others like my husband are not.

Anonymous on :

absolutely hilarious! these farts made me laugh so hard especially when i was alone driving i had an idea of what was causing it (i had my first bowl and it was tiny tiny and the next morning BOOM) Good cereal but not sure if it's worth having to plan eating it on whether or not you will be around people a few hours later! Take it down a notch Kashi!

Mark on :

I tried my first bowl of KGLC over my sister's house. She is often not attentive of the "Best if used by date" and this unopened box was about a month over. But I tried it anyway. I called her the next day and told her the box was bad and that she should throw it away. She was skeptical, so I told her I would buy a fresh box and try them out and if I got the same response she could have the box I bought. I will now be driving over to my sister's house to deliver her the box of cereal. It turns out the stomach rot was not caused by rotten Kashi, it was cuased by perfectly fresh Kashi.

Propelled on :

Let's look at the positive affects of Kashi:This could be the end of our dependence on foreign oil. Aircraft can now be propelled by the passengers- no longer a need for jet fuel. No need for helicopters- we are now human helicopters. And just think, this Halloween witches can fly without broom sticks. We need only to fuel up with Kashi to be prepared for any transportation needs. We may be able to soon take off to the moon with no rocket required. We no longer need the natural resources of the Middle East- We have Kashi. I had a bad department store experience last week. The associate tried to help me and I had to run from her due to the noxious odor. I plan to offer a bowl of the delicious cereal to my husband Monday as a practical joke. Then it goes in the trash.

Gener on :

Last night I tried a nice big bowl of Kashi GOLEAN Crisp! cereal. I woke up this morning with the most intense flatulence I have ever experienced. It has not even been 24 hours since I ate it, and I have already farted more than I have in the past year.

susie girl on :

As of fan of several Kashi products i've gotten away with minimal bloating and gas...until I met the crunchy TLC bars. Great for hikes and skiing or any activitiy OUTSIDE where passing gas is no big deal. I started to bring them to work and OH MY. Being less active and around others is not a good idea ~ these bars are potent fiber! I tried cutting back to just one bar and adding that to yogurt. Please believe me when I tell you ~ eater beware! TLC is a tough lil' crunch that fills every inch of space in your body with air and gas. I thought I was going to explode. Great product and company, but do not mix with indoor activity!

Krista on :

What a relief to find this page! I love Kashi GoLEAN Crunch and went through milk and every dairy substitute on the planet before I figured out it was actually the cereal itself that was giving me the most painful, voluminous gas I've ever experienced. It's absolutely incredible. Is there no enzyme we can take to break down whatever it is that is causing the trouble?

Eric on :

I wish I could fart. I am so fricken bloated and with intense pressure...a fart or two would do me good. Just started eating this cereal and I think I'm done with it. The pain is not worth it!

DeathByKashi on :

Hysterical site, and a "relief" that I'm not alone. My daily discomfort is over cause I'm done with Kashi Go Lean. I think it's whatever they use for the protein but not sure as their other cereals don't cause my stomach to inflate with noxiousness.

"F"ing-duh on :

I cant believe it took some of you that long to figure out what was cuasing your gas, did you not read the side label it has like 9g of fiber in it of course your going to have gas and not to far down the road probably a hearty BM. Thats why the nutrtion facts are there

BigRoFarts on :

O thank goodness... Ive been eating this cereal on and off for years and I attributed my endless branks to some other element of my lifestyle or diet. I mean these farts were epic. longs and slow and loud rumblings accompanied my explosive bathroom experiences multiple times a day. Kind of embarrassed that it took me this long to figure out what was going on here. No more kashi for me. I think ill just try some regular granola and fruit for fiber...

fartaliscious on :

OMG!! Ive had Go Lean Crunch for 2 days and I finally decided to google Kashi and Gas cuz me and my boss have been BLOWING!!!! I was telling her this morning (before we found this out) that last night I had gas soooo bad in the bed that when I woke up this morning to go pee and I QUEEFED uncontrollably!! This is the gasiest stuff EVER!!!!!!! I cant wait to tell my friends and family about Go Lean Crunch and then direct them to this website a couple of days later. My boss who NEVER farts cause shes always clogged is totally blowing guts!!! Bitter Sweet for her!

Rippp-IT on :

I can't believe this. I'm in the same boat as the person above me. I have been eating Kashi Go Lean Crunch for 2 days and have been experiencing TONS of TOOTS. Good lord! I thought it was possibly because I had taken an antibiotic on an empty stomach, but after today I have pinpointed the stomach cramps and endless tooting to Kashi.

I don't think I will have another TOOT-ERIFIC bowl, no matter how delish it is! I'm glad I googled Kashi cereal + farts, led me to a direct page, my roommate & I have been tearing up jokes all night ;-) no pun intended!

poofypants on :

I love kashi. I've never had so much fun eating any other cereal. The gas is unbelievable. Seriously you could run the streetlamps in all of India on a case of thus stuff for an entire year. The farts are LOUD, voluminous, and relieving. Nothing compares. Taco Bell? please the border has nothing on thus stuff. The taste is awesome and the gas is tremendous. I love ripping huge farts in public, especially in front of kids because they laugh while most adults act or actually are offended. I've never had so much bang fir the buck.

DE on :

I also was faced with same problems. It ususally starts with me about 3 hours of eating Kashi cereal. I felt, that when I purchased, I was eating healthy! You know, doing something great for my body/weight. Then it started....OMG... How embarassing. I thought there was something wrong with me. For a few months now, I have been trying to figure out what it was and then I found this website. I guess I will have to get my OMEGA from another source as well as the fiber. I have such bad flatulence that my intestines actually gurgle... I am going to stop eating this starting now!!! I work closely with people.. omg how embarassing.

BowlofSmellySunshine on :

Good Lord! Finally I have the answer as to why I feel like my ass will never stop exploding with the most horrific smell I've ever experienced in my entire life!! Plus my stomach has been puffy almost every day for the past two one point I was convinced that I might be pregnant! Jesus! NO MORE KASHI PRODUCTS FOR ME!! Not even their oatmeal. I love it but it's not worth all the stomach cramping, bloating, and HORRIFIC smelly gas!! Bye Bye Kashi!! =(

anonymous on :

Trust me, it's not just Kashi GoLEAN Crunch. It's the Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal as well. I thought I was dying of some disease, had some kind of cancer or something.
I suspected the cereal and when I read about Chicory Root, I checked the ingredients and sure enough it had Chicory Root listed.
Good by Kashi Honey Almond Flax.

Judy- Arizona on :

I tried to save money, and purchased 11 boxes of the Go Lean Kashi cereals when they were on sale. I was intrigued by the variety of choices they offered. What a horrible mistake ! My entire life I have never let out gas. Well,you can guess what started to happen after eating the cereal for 2 days ( 1 cup of dry cereal per day-for fiber and protein purposes ). My stomach felt bloated, cramped all over, and of course the unexpected gas all the time. I also thought about seeing a M.D. after this continued for 2 weeks . I eliminated the carbonated beverages from my diet, and then later left out the Kashi ( which gradually worked). Last night I tried Kashi again and got a horrible stomach ache during the night. Thank you for this website. Now this certainly proves what we all have been experiencing .

Teacher in TN on :

Holy Moly! I've been eating this cereal for about a month--thought something was seriously wrong with me--did I have polyps? cancer? And then it hit me--is it the cereal? This morning I experimented with my body and intestines. I ate a bagel and yogurt for this evening, I googled "kashi gives me gas" and found this site. It is classic! This site is better than any comedy show. Thanks everyone for letting me know I am not alone, and also giving me lots of laughs. I probably added several years to my life due to all the laughter!

ct on :

Well DO NOT GO ON A DATE after you have ingested Kashi. Not to mention having sex in this condition ! You could remove eyebrows without any effort!

julie on :

love this site ... just found it ..and am doing my best to keep my incredible farting to myself here at work. Not easy. Like so many of you, I look forward to my Kashi go lean cereal every morning. But, after a VERY close call at the grocery store this weekend, and ridiculous odors in my office this morning, I had to google "kashi golean cereal and gas." Is there NO solution, or does the best cereal around have to be fed to my chickens, so I can be safe in public again?!

Kelly on :

I finally got my answer! I have had the worst smelling gas ever. I thought that the new Go Lean I bought (Crunch Honey Almond Flax) cereal had to have maltitol in it, but it does not. I cannot figure out what it can be that causes so much smelly gas. I normally eat Go Lean (non-crunch of any kind) and get no gas that explodes like this. I did try the plain Go Lean Crunch and found that it just bloated my stomach so terribly that it was hard to take deep breaths. But this Almond Crunch goes way beyond bloating. These toots just linger in the air forever. They seem to stay in the fabric of the car seat. I am just glad that I got to the bottom of all of this...hehe!

donald on :

I bought a jumbo box of Kashi GoLean Crunch at Walmart which was bigger than the usual size and ate half of it before bed. Holy flame thrower Batman I was incapacitated at work the next morning and literally had to throw my underwear away that night as I had a major plotcher. It lasted for 20 hours


na on :

I signed up to Kashi's website simply to comment on how bad their products are. I called them out on their own website!!! I suggest you do the same. Here's the funny thing... when I registered under the user name "bloated", someone else had already taken the user names "terrible" and "gas" !!!!! LOL

Captfart on :

Yeah, I too suffered GLC toxic gastritis. It took me 2 days to isolate this. Day one Go Lean Crunch for breakfast (1.5 bowls), normal lunch and Dinner and a small bowl half way to bed time. I had terrible cramping all day and the trademarked Kashi MEGA FART Machine all day. Beyond belief volume of gas. I was seriously worried and never would have expected a reaction to a store bought food perceived to be benign like a breakfast cereal. I gotta belive this is Al Quaeda's next attack on our country as it is shocking if you have had a Kashi GAS attack. This will go down in my memory as superhuman gas effect. I seriously want to give this as a christmas gift to a number of people I know to share the love. Not sure if it is the crummy grade of soy protein as I used to eat this years ago and recall no discomfort - Now WHAMMO - Look out T Boone Pickens as the Kashi Plan may be to compress this gas and run the country's transport systems on this methane producer rather than his subteranian natural gas. This site is hilarious and I showed my family which suffered through those 2 rough days.

Relief! on :

I am so glad to see that I was not alone...I went to the doc, thought I had major IBS and was going to need further testing like an upper or lower GI or something like that. I would have never thought it was my Kashi Go Lean Crisp that I so enjoyed every single morning. I really thought this stuff was so good - so yummy - but nothing was worth the HORRIBLE pain I wnet through at work every single day. There were times I doubled over, the pain was so intense and the bathroom noises were so embarassing.. I am so glad that this ordeal is now behind me as I quit Kashi cold turkey and switched to Paul Newman's cereal. Phew....huge!

luv on :

HAHAHAH. i'm almost tearing from laughing so hard at these responses. i thought it was my daily Yoplait gasing me up. walking around campus in and out of classes on the verge of farting my brains out is not a nice feeling! there were even times i couldn't hold it in (not in a silent class of course).... haha onto special K now.

Fat Bastard on :

Everyone likes their own brand.

ChefMomB on :

It's the CHICORY ROOT FIBER in it.

J on :

Kashi Go Lean crisp made me so sick. I ate it for dinner and woke up this morning throwing it all up. I know it was the cereal because it was the only out of the ordinary thing that I ate yesterday. Worst stomach ache I have had in years. Threw up cereal all day today. I will never touch a bowl of cereal again.

Gasolicious on :

I'm sitting in my daughter's pediatrician office and am trying shard not to rip any more of these horrendous blowouts!!!!!! I decided to google kashi and gas. I'm getting the best ab workout laughing at all the posts!!! My 6 yr old ate it this morning and she's sitting next to me right now tooting up a storm! Ha!!! No more Kashi Crunch for me!!!! I was afraid to do yoga this morning. Imagine the silence that my ass would break!

Sweet Tater on :

Oh, good grief, you are RIGHT - it is the chicory root fiber. I didn't know it had that. I've had "issues" with that substance before.

What a shame because it's a yummy cereal. I guess I could just eat it when I'm not going to be in social situations. I telecommute so co-workers aren't an issue. However, my cat might have something to say about it. In the winter, she likes to snuggle way down under the covers behind my knees. The first evening after I ate this colon-blow, a massive gas attack snuck up on me. You should have seen the look on my cat's face when she came up out from under the covers. If looks could kill.

Scott on :

Praise God for your website. I was on hold waiting to get an appointment with a gastroenterologist when I thought - I wonder if it was something I ate? Crossed off Burger King. Never had issues other than I shouldn't eat there. Banana......noooo. Apple.......probably not. Wait I did eat that stuff with a bowl of Kashi this morning......first time I ever ate it.

And sure enough......just like some of your readers comments......about 3 hours later......just like clockwork.....

I guess the only way I can describe it is if you've watched the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan" when they hit the beach.......kind of like that.....but LOUDER.......if felt like every breath I took resulted in an immediate's awesome. I've never gotten so much work done today! All my coworkers that's come any where near my cube to "shoot the ----" so to speak have high tailed it out of here before they got within 10 feet of me.

This stuff would be great anytime you go to meet with your Parole Officer, or pay a speeding ticket or prolonged negotiations with the IRS. Chow down on this stuff before you go to DMV and you'll never wait in line again!

Anonymous on :

Great to know I'm not alone!! Googling "Kashi GoLEAN Crunch gas" brought up this site. The stuff has been giving me incredible amounts of gas. I think it was the reason I thought I was becoming lactose intolerant a few months ago. This stuff should be *pulled from shelves*, it is kinda ridiculous.

Anonymous on :

Seriously, who would have known! I was wondering I have been having such bad gas. Thanks for sharing all of your stories. They are hilarious! I do like Kashi Go Lean and just bought the big box from Costco. Good thing I work at home!

Mikey on :

I thought that I was alone in this! It's not even gas for me, it's downright going to the bathroom back to back 15 minutes after's a pain, and the looks I get during class are enough to make me grimace.
I like the cereal, but I guess the "GoLEAN" is making me not want to indulge in it, ever again.

John on :

This has not been my experience with the cereal at all! Are people really experiencing extra gas or is this one big trolling spree?

Keran on :

Glad to know what is causing my gas. Darn! I really love the cereal. But I have to give it up. I can't be farting at work.

TexFARTS! on :

OMG thank god! I've been having farts lately that are almost worth recording! I thought I was lactose intolerant, but it's the damn Kashi. I got here the same way as everyone else...googling "Kashi Go Lean Gas." That stuff is powerful...all I can say is that my colon must be sparkling. I'm going to start eating it strategically before parties I don't want to go to and boring events. Good God... the farts are horrendous, too. Loud, violent, and lengthy!

ChicoryRootIsEvil on :

The pain and gas and bloating and misery will all be over tomorrow, yeah! Because I'm never, ever, ever touching Kashi again! Today has been horrible. I thought I had become lactose intolerant so had stopped eating cereal for over 6 months. Last night I went to the grocery store and they had Organic Lactose Free Milk. I thought, yeah, I can eat cereal again! I grabbed some and then went cruising down the cereal aisle with my son who grabbed the box of Kashi, and said "Here, mommy - isn't this the cereal you used to love, you can eat it again!". OMG. I had 2 bowls for dinner and one bowl for breakfast. I spent so much time in the bathroom today my co-workers were starting to get concerned. 11 hours after breakfast and I'm still doubled over in pain. The Kashi cookies had done the same thing to me when I tried them a couple of weeks ago, so I was able to make the Kashi = horrible gas connection pretty quickly, and this site really confirmed it! I'm never touching anything with chicory root fiber in it again, ever.

Kathy on :

It's so good to know I'm not alone. I've actually been keeping my box of Go Lean Crunch for a few months now, thinking there will be a "good" time to eat a bowl. Definitely not during the week while at work. Or on weekends where I have to go out in public. Or be with friends and family. I really should just throw it away but it tastes so good...what a waste!

Dave on :

Thank goodness they are relatively odor free. I was farting up a storm at work. I did a three day correlation test that convinced me it was the Kashi.

Wow! on :

Why did it take me so long to figure this out??!!! I've been eating this damn cereal for 6 months! I'm on the verge of losing friends! Aack! Seriously, what DID we do before google?

Joel on :

Holy Mother! I thought it was the fiber intake but I never got use to it. Drinking gallons of water daily is the only way to help prevent the gassing. I have a double serving in the morning about 7AM, by 11 AM the bombardments begin until late evening. My office coworkers have now gotten use to the noise coming from my cube. No matter how carefully I try, I'm unable to squeeze one by. Goodbye Kashi. I have about 10 double boxes I bought on special at Costco. I will pass them on to my parents and laugh about their misfortune.

Kaycee on :

WOW!! i thought i was the only one! and ive had like 3 or 4 bowls of it yesterday and today was terrible i couldnt go in a room with people!! The cereal is soo good i dont know what to do!

retired nurse on :

The hurricane force winds from the south have abated. Though not too noxious smelling, they have tooted their last horn. For I have googled Kashi and FART, after a talk with a friend about cereals. I can't believe how long I'd eaten that poisonous cereal! I am a big fiber eater, I eat sprouted grain bread, fruit, nuts, oatmeal. And now I

John on :

I seriously can not believe I found this page. I told my wife that I am gonna google kashi golean and see if anyone else had the same flatulence problem as me. I have been eating 3 bowls of this stuff every day for a couple of weeks. Breakfast, mid afternoon snack and right before bed. It replaced my desert that i look for in the afternoon and right before bed. After a couple of days I couldn't stand myself. The smell is something awful! My wife literally can't walk into my office any more. Sometimes i have to leave for fresh air! This is crazy!

Alison on :

Now wonder it was on sale at Costco. I can't bring myself to throw it away--it's just too good. Yes, I'm hooked. I figure I'll have a bowl at night to spare the public of the consequences of this bold choice. Let's hope I don't toot myself awake all night.

Sir Fartsalot on :

I'm currently choking in my room at 3 a.m. I woke myself up from how bad my rumblings in the night reek. My roommates just came home from a night out, and although they were not drunk, when they came up to my floor of the apartment they all agreed they wanted to throw up because "it smells like shit up here!" It was a consensus I can only blame on the Kashi GoLean Cereal, as I have been in my room with the door shut and my gas is so bad it has leaked out to the public lair through the bottom of my door. Thank you Kashi, for eliminating my circle of "Good Friends".

KaFartShi on :

I'm working on a Sunday in the office alone (thank goodness)....and thought I'd take a break to see if anyone else had been experiencing the gas from Kashi. I knew it was the Kashi, after all, it's high fiber. I'll have to google Chicory Root as well. Here's my experience:

a. my four year old won't stay in the same room as me
b. i've woken myself up farting....while on a sleepover at the husband-to-be's house
c. I'm no longer sure whose farts stink worse, mine or the dog's
d. I make my son walk beside me at the store so people think it's him who is stinky, not me
e. my own mother grimaces at me
f. i tooted in my car, went to the grocery store, and when I got back in the car it still smelled like the 'farshi'

Wow...that's more for me1

Judy on :

I love Kashi Crunch, but I have been banned by my husband from eating it. It's killer!!! :-)

REY on :


jason on :

Why did it take me so long to figure this out and search for this page? I didn't want to believe it was Kashi because it tastes so good but I can't take the gas anymore!

Maximum stink on :

Wow, I searched "Kashi gas" and landed here!!

Very funny post and I'm relieved to find out it's the cereals - for some reason I was kind of suspicious about those cereals. They are only sold in shopper drug mart in Canada - I have not found those elsewhere. They are *always* on sale for 2.99 a box. I thought I would give them a try... boy am I sorry. I was so cramped I had to massage and roll on the floor to pass gas! No odor though. lol

If you need good fiber though try the metamucil orange-flavored drinks it tastes really good and works really nice to bulk up stools - being on diet for a long time has made my poops tiny and runny. Now I shythe like a beast!

beanbag chair on :

Why do they make food that causes so much gas? I couldn't cope with that, especially if you work in an office and the smell is constantly wafting around you, people might think it's about more than what you're eating.

Katie on :

Seriously, this cereal put my social schedule on hold for two days until I could get it out of my system. Like other comments before, I thought I had an illness or parasite or something because it was THAT BAD. Came across this website and was so relieved (literally) to know it wasn't just me. Sorry Kashi, it's not me, it's actually you and we're broken up. Bummer!

Carly on :

Oh my God! I always knew that Kashi made me gassy, but today was absolutely the straw that broke the camels back. I have been farting ALL DAY! I an farting as I write this, and I'm grossing myself out! They are the most rancid, vile, nauseous farts EVER! I'm afraid I may have burned a hole through my pants! But not only are they stinky, but they are also acidic. I had a test today in Psychology class, and I was TERRIFIED that I would have a blowout while in the test. I did get the urge several times, but luckily I held it in long enough to finish the test and high-tail it outta there. I'm so upset though, because KASHI GOLEAN CRUNCH IS SOOOOO DELICIOUS! Bummer.

OMG on :

I bought two boxes of Kashi a couple day ago, and I ate a lot of it. I started to fart so often and couldn't stop. When I tried to cook dinner, my goodness, %~~~~ (my mom ran away hahha It was so embarrassing). When I sat down and eat at a fast food restaurant, boooom :(, I couldn't believe that I %~~~~ do that in public. Fiber is good for the body but it's bad for environment. Kashi violates the Clean Air Act b/c people who consume it will create air pollution.

Eruptus Maximus Ginormous on :

OMG! Tears of laughter from reading these posts.
After my usual hog-bowl of Kashi this morning I anxiously awaited the onset of the expected afternoon gas. Like clockwork I was rewarded with an ass lifting eruption that raised me off my office chair and seemed to go on for eternity. This goes on for hours while I emit hundreds of cheek vibrating emissions that are all candidates for Ripley's Believe it or Not! Ahhh...Kashi at work!
I notice that many of you complain about the smell. I find mine, while vacuous in size, are rather tame when it comes to odiferous emanations. Perhaps overall diet is to blame. Who knows.
I must admit that I am well aware of the gaseous consequences of consuming this tasty cereal. However, I must say it gives me a decisive advantage when competing with my young son over whose flatulence dominates. With Kashi as my ally I rule!

Alas I am unable to stop eating this cereal as I love the taste and assume the fiber is helping me get much needed grain in my system. Hopefully the gas isn't destroying my insides or blowing out my sphincter.
....I wonder...can we hook our asses up to a generator and run our computers with it? A solution to global warming!!!

Thought It Was Just Me on :

I thought it was just me with all this gas. Glad to see that it's a problem. Same thing happens to me when I eat the other fiber cereals out there.

Ziad on :

LOL 30 minutes after eating this cereal...BBBbbbbbzzzzzzzzzfffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbb!

Gas E. Us on :

Now that I have put two and two together, my husband and I are going to eat a bowl together and get in the bathtub for some fun. Glad to find out why my nursing baby and I can't stop farting.

Splendidsphincter on :

I had a bowl of this stuff about 2 hours ago. Well let me tell you, my desk fan is working overtime and my co-workers are becoming annoyed. We have white noise pumped into our office to keep a hush type sound environment. Seems las though the "brown" noise is winning out!!!! Besides the noise...the odor can take your breath away!!!!

relief at last on :

I'm telling this sad, sad story not because it's funny (it's not), rather in the hopes that it will save others. After months (yes, it took me months to figure it out) of pain, horrific bloating, diarrhea and two mishaps where I had minor accidents while rushing home from work, trying to make it to the bathroom before the explosion. And yes, by mishaps I mean I crapped my pants a tiny bit. I went through the following awful process before googling "Kashi GoLean gas" today and finally figuring out what is going on:

- went to GI doctor TWICE, diagnosed with IBS
-tried at least three different prescription drugs, one of which is an antidepressant that is prescribed for IBS (hello, I'm not depressed, just crapping my pants)
-tried eliminated all diary from my diet
-started working on following a diet for people with IBS

This went on for months; horrible bloating with no relief, the receptionist in the office where I work finally made a remark about being able to hear me in the bathroom; started sneaking to a bathroom on a different floor; started seriously considering giving up dating and any activities which require not being in the bathroom; endlessly pondered why I am dealing with stress so badly that it's destroying my stomach...on and on and on...

I had eliminated every other possible culprit from my diet (remember I was already diagnosed with IBS so didn't think at this point it was diet related). As a last attempt I started eliminating everything I hadn't tried before. After three days with no Kashi GoLean I'm completely convinced it was the cause of the problem. I was sick every day, consistently. Fine in the morning, starting around 2:30 pm my stomach would start feeling bloated, by 3:30 pm it would be so bloated it was extremely painful, 4 pm trip to bathroom on another floor in my office building, 5 pm home and rushing up the stairs in hopes of making it to the bathroom in time to release the gas, etc. Now totally fine. No gas.

Maybe it doesn't bother some people, but there's enough here for me to say this stuff shouldn't be on the shelves; at least not without a stern warning on the label, "this stuff will destroy your life".

Farty McFartster on :

Why does something so tasty have to be so EVIL???? Like most of the others, it took me quite some time to figure out that the culprit to my ass explosions was due to Go Lean Crunch. I have had to promise those who live with me that I will not eat it (although I keep a box hidden for days when I am alone or want to piss them all off). Called up the Kashi folks and their explanation for the fartasia is due to the body breaking down the fiber. Holy crap. You might be better off eating the damn box.

sneakypie9 on :

My daughter would laugh at me because I would call it GoFart Crunch! I was so happy to find this website. I could not stop laughing.

NewMom on :

I just started eating this cereal after giving birth a few weeks ago. I seriously thought the doctor messed up my internal organs during the c-section because of the gas and poops I have been having. I am relieved to find this sight. I will switch back to Special K.

BDitty on :

I am so throwing my cereal away! I decided to change my diet and start eating healthy; I hired a trainer; and have really been dedicated. But, imagine, my embarassment while doing squats or crunches. My trainer must be thinking, wth is wrong with this girl!? I am so relieved that I googled this; I guess it's back to oatmeal for me!

fun with wife on :

This sounds like the stuff I'm looking for. On occasion I've been known to fart in bed. My wife hates it, but I get a good laugh out of it. With this new weapon under my belt I could fart all night long and giggle for hours as she is forced to sniff my demonic Kashi farts. I'm not sure that laughing and farting at the same time is a good idea but I'm willing to try it in the name of a good marriage, I just hope that I don't pee myself laughing. That would be tragic to be farting, peeing, and crying all at the same time. I'm sure all that leaking at the same time could send a person into some sort of laughter induced coma. Oh I can hardly wait. Praise Kashi for it's farty goodness!:)-

celeste on :

worse cereal in the world i called kashi to see if there was something wrong with this cereal after my husband and myself ateit we were both very sick from it they acted like they hadnt a clue as to what i was talking about now i know that they have had many calls about this cereal i wouldnt eat it again if they paid me!

Fart In A Windstorm on :

OK, I'm no stranger to gas. I've been married for 30 years to an Olympic gold-medalist when it comes to gas. I have owned windy dogs. I once drove a carload of 10-year-old boys for 2 hours to a birthday party, and the sole conversation topic was farts, with demonstrations. I have a friend who farted so bad, he ran from his garden tractor and left it running in the yard. But nothing prepared me for Kashi Go Lean. I made the mistake of eating it in the morning, with lentil soup for lunch, and baked beans for dinner. Holy cow. Don't ever do that. My husband says it should be called Kashi Go To Hell.

Ms. Farty McToots on :

I bought a 4 pack of this cereal off of Amazon several months ago. As I'm a young woman who is generally a little gassy anyway, I didn't make the correlation between the cereal and my horrendous gas. I only ate the cereal a few times a week, and since my farts didn't arrive like clockwork...I just could not figure out why I was so terribly windy lately. I just thought it was part of 26?
Luckily, my boyfriend and I had been farting around each other since before we started dating (we were best friends first), so he wasn't alarmed by my tooting immediately. However, as the months wore on he began commenting on the volume, decibel-level, and toxicity of my farts. The high volume, very loud farts are generally not stinky, just side splitting hilarious. But, there were a few occasions where I must have just eaten the right combination of Go Lean Crunch and other foods to create SBDFs that were out of this world. These were the kinds where you feel like you're just going to have a wee little fart, so you go to let it out...only to feel a hot, silent rush of air ffffffssssttttt!! out of you, before being immediately hit with A Stench Like No Other (yes, in capital letters).
Most notably,on the morning of the day that my aforementioned boyfriend PROPOSED, I ate a huge bowl of this so that I wouldn't be hungry during our little day trip. Then, after he proposed that afternoon, I also had a chocolate truffle pudding thing for dessert. We spent the night in a quiet oceanside motel. OH MY GOD! So much for a romantic evening! We were trying to *enjoy* the king-sized bed, but I kept having to jump up, run to the outside door, peek to see if anyone was walking by on the deck, and then stick my butt outside to let 'er rip! Ungodly! I still feel bad about the guy who walked by right after I darted back inside one of those times. The smell was so bad I wasn't even amused anymore at that point. I don't think my new fiance was either. But, even after all that he still wants to marry me. If we can make it through an evening of Kashi farts, we can make it through anything!

Ben Farteen on :

I don't think I've ever come across a food that so consistently has these results! Ever get gas and sit there and wonder 'what did I eat?'. I started eating Kashi as part of a 'healthy' diet and wondered no more. Like clockwork this stuff is! I also think 'Kashi' is Japanese for 'hurricane of the butt' or something like that.

Cutie patootie on :

Avoid Trader Joe's bran muffinsy pu Kasi GoLean Crunch! To shame.

Blown o-ring on :

Thanks to all the funny comments, it has distracted from the pain I'm in. last week was my first experience with the stuff. I had been traveling all day, I bought a box before getting to my destination as it was getting late and I didn't want to cook. I had a little buzz and I was starving so I began to eat. The cereal is delicious and before I knew it I had eaten almost the entire box. Discomfort would be an understatement. I spent the entire weekend on a couch I quite bad pain with lots of high psi farts and frequent toilet trips. Ridiculous but I bought more because it's enjoyable going in and figured my body needed time to adjust. Had a bowl and blammo a couple hours later I was screwed. But it tastes so good! The box is looking at me right now!

Jillian on :

oh my god!! I thought there has been something wrong with me this whole's been like 2 months with non stop shitting and farting im so happy I found this thread on here i am throwing this shit away now!

Fartholamew on :

So true! I eat mine with almond milk, and yesterday my farts smelled exactly like McDonnalds fries all day! I haven't eaten fast food in over a year!

Dave on :

I love the taste of this cereal and I also loved being able to buy it in bulk at Costco. But once I put 2+2 together and realized it was causing the enormous volume of gas I had, I decided it wasn't worth it. Shame on Kashi for continuing to sell this crap (literally) without investigate and rectifying (pun intended) the situation.

Morgan on :

THANK GOD WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! I had the vanilla Kashi oatmeal this morning and I have to say I am scared that the kids I nanny will need gas masks if I keep it up. We went to a MUSEUM today!! Absolute anti-fart zone and my butt was packing more punch than all the old guns put together in the joint ever had in them! If I ate it tomorrow it would literally be cruel and unusual punishment to the kids since we'll be in a movie theater!

But my biggest question is... How does the Kashi office smell?

erica on :

if you think Kashi is bad...try Good Friends cereal..horrid gas and then i craped out my weight in poop

denise on :

Omg these posts are cracking me up. Kashi makes me goto the bathroom like 10 times a day...

Chris on :

this goes to "relief" and other victims!

I had the same problem ! horrible diarreah! all caused by Kashi go Lean!

almost caused undoable harm, and cost me many weeks of my live.

I also agree, this product should be banned!

recovering slowly now, but my stomach still not doing good!

I want to sue them..

futura on :

I'm almost disappointed I didn't get any gas after eating Kashi Go Lean. I've been eating it everyday for a week with no unpleasant effects. No gas no cramping nothing. I guess it effects different people differently.

I've read that a body's reaction to non soluable fibre depends on the natural flora of bacteria you have in your gut. Also if you are not used to fibre in your diet it takes time to get used to it.

motherofthree on :

I'm a mother of 3 boys and I wanted to start eating healthy as a family and bought a box of kashi go lean and just feed a bowl to my boys. It seems after reading these threads they are going to have a BLAST today. Thanks guys needed the laugh!

motherofthree on :

You guys sound like the symphony orchestra between the laughter and the bombs that are being let out in between. LOL:)

Erin on :

LMAO! Omg... love this.

I have been eating it for months. I just can't not eat the cereal. It's soooo addicting and good. Right now I am typing this as I am gassy and look 6 months pregnant. Thank you, Kashi for making an addicting cereal that makes you fart a lot.

Go Figure! on :

After several months, I finally figured it out! At work, I eat a bowl of cereal with fruit every day. Never on the weekends. A few months ago, I switched to Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond flax to try something different. It was different all right! Tastes very good, but so not worth the pain, agony, and embarrassment. I was totally puzzled by this new life change. I googled blueberries, apples, bananas, and even soy milk -- stuff I don't eat a lot of on the weekends. Then it dawned on me. What about the new cereal? I'm so glad I found this blog and am very grateful nothing serious is wrong with me. Kashi is in the trash!

PooGas on :

I tell you what, I used to eat this stuff all the time then quit because of the gas. Had a box of it sitting in the pantry this morning and decided what the hell I'm gonna try something different this morning. Thought it would be cool to take a serving of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Mix it with my protein powder in my shake to get some carbs in. Bad idea, with the protein added, it was like adding Nitrous to a race car. Kashi in the garbage.

hellpthere on :

omg i thought something was seriously wrong with me. i gave up dairy for weeks thinking it must be that. now i know!!! shame, because go lean crunch honey almond flax tastes great.....but i just can't with the painful horrible gas!!!!

Rynndalyn on :

Holy cow I am soooo glad I found this. I thought I was sick or something.

Denise on :

OMG! It's the chicory root fiber! I've had IBS my entire life and now a slight version of diverticulitus. But one day I bought a box of FIBER ONE bars on sale and holy moly! I had farts as long as the Mississippi River. I couldn't believe it! I had gas up to my chin. I kept running back and forth to the ladies room for my M16 fart sessions. I normally throw unwanted food "over the fence" at home for the wild critters but not with this stuff. I threw them in the trash. I did not want to blow up some poor unsuspecting animal. And then, the other day, I bought a box of the Kashi chewy granola bars. No where, no where did they indicate they were fiber bars. Well, after a second day of misery, I checked the label. Shazam! It contained chicory root fiber! I called the Kashi people and complained. They acted so ignorant. I told them they need to indicate on the label that they are "fiber" bars. I have no problems going to the bathroom and would rather avoid farting at all costs. Who are these people that need this crap to take a crap???? It aint me!

jt on :

had a bowl last night. woke up in the middle of the night after a dream that I was in labor with twins. ( I am 54). I was a wake, but my gut was still killing me. kashi, nightmare, pain, gas. thanks.

Gassy Mama on :

I'm so glad a friend linked this page for me! About 20 minutes after I ate my first bowl of Kashi ever, I started bloating with the worst gas pains ever! I've already thrown the cereal away after reading these comments, and I just drank a whole bottle of Peopto Bismol!

The pain, boss, the PAIN!!

Holy Gas Cramps on :

This webpage just made me laugh so hard I starting crying trying to keep it together. And trying to keep in the amazingly bad gas pains I'm having from eating Kashi this morning. I went to a dietician just yesterday complaining of unbelievably bad pains/bloating that happens every day at 11:30 (about 4 hours after I eat breakfast). She gave me all this advice about logging what I eat and eliminating certain foods to try and figure out what it is. Well, I found out what it is. KASHI!!! On days I eat it, worst stomach/intestinal pains ever - literally, I can't even walk right. Days I don't eat it, I'm perfectly fine. Kashi cereal will no longer frequent my pantry. I'm just dissappointed I didn't realize this earlier...I've been eating this cereal for months!!

Joe Parka on :

Thank you thank you thank you for the post!!! Now I know what's been going on!! I couldn't figure out what in the world was giving me SO MUCH GAS!! I mean, 1 bowl of Kashi GoLean is equal to like 10-15 bowls of pinto beans. SERIOUSLY. It's insane. It's like I turned into a bagpipe. For hours, literally ALL DAY. You eat them in the morning, the gas doesn't stop til at lest 7 or 8 pm. HUGE gas. It just keeps coming and coming like the Hindenburg. And it only started when I started eating that for breakfast. And when I'd go out and eat something else—no gas.

It's too bad. I like the cereal. But the gas is just too too much. Goodbye Kashi GoLean cereal.

Rosey Weber on :

I thought that I had salmonella because of the recall on ground turkey....but its the DAM Kashi Go Lean !! I started calling my doctor and wanted him to check my for food poisioning. My husband and I were doing the Insanity workout that recommends this cereal but both of us have the worst gas. I am definitly going to switch over to another cereal. The other day I was in trainng and had to interupt a poor guy and run to the bathroom with the " oh shit" look on my face. It was very very bad.

Matt on :

There is literally no other food that produces more gas than Kashi GoLean. I'm not eating the crunch, I'm eating the hardcore crunchy fiber twigs with 10g fiber per serving. Today I admitted to myself that I have absolutely no control over the Kashi gas. I work in a laboratory and, at least 5 times every day I have to stop what I'm doing IMMEDIATELY and find a place to cropdust. I've even fucked up experiments because I felt like I was going to pop and had to run from the bench to the stairwell. My stomach hurts, my butthole hurts and I can't get any work done. This is a problem.

Breshia on :

I have no idea what you're talking about. I ate an entire box in the last 12 hours and have noticed no more gas than usual. I've been trying everything to fix constipation lately, it's the stress from my job causing it. But it wasn't anything unusual. ALL YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST YOUR MINDS.

john on :

Okay I've been laughing hysterically for like 5 minutes now. Mainly because ITS THE TRUTH! I bought a costco box of Kashi Golean crunch and I've been eating it for like 2 weeks and I CANT STOP FARTING! I don't know what Breshia is talking about I have become a non-stop fart factory. And I'm glad this article is here to confirm that it's not something wrong with me =)

Mark Wall on :

I can't remember the last time I laughed so much! Used to eat this a year or so ago and don't remember any problems. Started eating again this week and, well, bad week to move in with my poor new office mate! Unbelievable amount of gas!. Thank god for this website, was getting concerned. No more Kashi for me.

Alli on :

Wow, been eating that cereal for awhile, just eat some for breakfast and googled, eating the Kashi before working out.
now I know wow I've been having so much gas and I don't look forward to having it at the gym today. This sux. But glad I found this out. Not that funny to me.

Randall on :

I'd publicly like to thank Kashi for ruining my brother's welcome home party a couple of weeks back. I ate a huge bowl of Go Lean that morning and by 3:00 (party time) it felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly with a running chainsaw in the gut. Never in my LIFE have I had to excuse myself from a party to go lay down on my stomach in order to relieve such severe pressure and pain in my stomach. The resulting farts were earth shattering to say the least (insert images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki here). The word "fart" doesn't adequately describe what happened to my ass that day, and I'm not being facetious. I think we need a new word other than fart to describe it. It was such a bad experience it prompted me to Google "Kashi farts" and here I am. Glad to see I'm not alone. They seriously need a warning label on the box.

Gobi on :

My family, including my brother, can not eat this cereal. It is painful. My brother (he's 50) bought a box of the Aldi version and he knew it was the same as Kashi as it bothered his stomach as well. What I want to know is who can eat this cereal without gas pains?

Dear Gasman on :

The past couple of weeks I've been having the worst gas at work, like having to get up and sit on the toilet and just RIP fahts for like five minutes and come back and then I would get really bloated and have to do it again, these would sometimes be followed by bouts of diarrhea. It was getting to the point where I thought I had to see a doctor because I thought I had something seriously wrong or I might be pregnant (I'm a guy). I started keeping track of the days that this was happening to me and it was happening most days after lunch in like a two week period. I had bought a couple boxes of this kashi go lean crunch cereal because its got a ton of protein and its supposed to fill you up so I can make it further into the day without having to eat lunch. Finally i put it together and googled it and found this link. Don't eat this cereal unless you're wearing windpants all day.

Shirley Twizzletits on :

I recently ate a bowl, went to work, and OMG THE HUMANITY. I was singing "and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in my pants out in the hall, into the toilet, and as soon as I get off the toilet to sit down at my desk BOOM!"

I had to go home it was that bad.

Thunder Britches on :

It's true. All of it. I'm finally taking my health seriously where I'm going to the gym regularly and eating much better. It's a dangerous combo when it all starts with a bowl of Kashi. The thing that prompted me to think something just wasn't right was when I was using the leg press machine (fart press). As I'm pushing up the weight stack, I involuntarily unleashed a thunderclap upon the rest of the gym. Yeah, good looking girls next to me at the drinking fountain, stretching out on the mat, using ellipticals across the room- everyone heard it over the pumping music and buds in their ears. Embarrassing? You better believe it. It came out with such force that it stung. I don't believe the people saying they hold it all day- you can't! Things would rupture. I feel so dirty trying to find a quiet, unoccupied corner during the workday to leave a filthy cloud only to have other people show up and just walk through it. I'm glad the light bulb finally went off as to what was causing this gas. No more Kashi for me, unless I'm hanging out with my male friends or my grandpa. It is really tasty stuff though.

Beaner on :

I think this would be a whole lot funnier if chicks didnt describe their incredibly gassy experiences

Anonymous on :

Oh my goodness! I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard!! These posts are all true! And, hilarious! Must go dry my face off. LOL!!

drinkowater on :

I found that drinking a lot of water (14oz+) at least 30 mins before and keeping hydrated through the day helps reduce the gasiness and bloating.

Uhhh on :

Someone mentioned that they were gonna give the rest to birds...but dude what if they like, explode or something o_o

Linda on :

I thought it was ME. I don't even drink dairy, so I was blaming it on soy milk so I switched to almond milk. Naw, I complained to my friend at work and said I must lactose intolerant and she said, "but you didn't have any dairy" and I said, it's that damned cereal. Fuklkl dat sheet! I don't buy it anymore. I am female and can't ever forget I have class. Me walking in a $500 suit, smelling like I ate both my cats is too much for me. Does the cereal company know this? What is the benefit of this cereal. Induced farting is not considered a benefit for health improvement. Why the cereal then?

Kate on :

Hey all--

I just want to mention that some of you might want to look into the possibility that you are soy-intolerant. The source of protein in Kashi "Go Lean" products is mainly high amounts of soy protein isolate. Many people have difficulty digesting this substance.

I am severely soy-intolerant, and did not realize this until I originally went vegetarian about 5 years ago. Like many veg newbies, I foolishly loaded up on processed soy products. I wouldn't be surprised if I even triggered the severity of the intolerance myself (I think it has been around in some form my entire life, just not this bad) by the amount of soy I began eating, and with the abrupt rate at which I changed my diet. Once I figured out it was soy causing my severe abdominal cramps (I do experience some gas--but the cramping is the most pronounced symptom), I've cut it out of my diet and never looked back.

If you want to do your own research--try buying a single serving size of some soy protein isolate powder (you can usually find this along with all the other protein and muscle-building powders at your regular grocery). Set your watches and see what you feel like in 2-3 hours.

In health!

Todd on :

Just had a bowl of this a few hours ago and now I have two assholes from blowing my first one out with so much farting.

Jerry on :

I bought this cereal because I heard it was healthy for you. Well after 2 day's of eating a bowl a day I am going to stop. The burping and farting and stomach cramps are terrible. I sat on the toilet and thought I was going to blow the bowl off. No more Kashi Go lean crunch for me.

Jonathan on :

You know some people say Kashi has the best taste in the world...It also has the worst smelling farts in the world! lol

Mark on :

Whenever I am tired after a long day of school and work, I come to this page and reread these asinine comments and I burst out laughing until tears fill the corners of my eyes.

Thank God for Kashi Farts.

Courtney on :

Lmfao I had a go lean crunch bar for a snack on my break @ work around 2:15 pm. It is 10pm and my bowels are raging. My boyfriend is disgusted at this and I can't stop it! We have febreeze on hand though! Hahaha. I've never experience such a horrid stench from eating any other fiber bars/cereal/snacks.

Lucifart's Homewrecker Cr on :

Happy Golden Farty Crunches, indeed! This is one of the funniest things I've ever read, I cried a little bit. I'm not done yet, I had to take a break half-way through. I'm so thankful for this, I feel so validated! My experience has been exactly the same as so many others. I don't remember it starting right away, it took it's time with me. Being a woman, it is horrifying when it all begins and you have no idea why it's so unbelievably bad. It's done a number on my "marital relations" and my daughter thinks that what her mom is best at, is farting, hands down. She actually told me so. How sad.
I have loved it for years and find myself craving it sometimes because I'm sure they put something in it that is highly addictive. It's not just a bowl of crunchy, sweet deliciousness. It is a diabolical cereal that sneaks up on you and slowly, painfully, ruins your life, without you even knowing. I was considering buying multiple boxes on Amazon and found someone's review about how much gas it caused and thankfully investigated further to find this wonderful page full of fellow sufferer's stories of shared torment at the hands of KGLC. I also want to mention that this cereal also nearly broke my teeth, on two separate occasions. This company really does need to give a public apology and take it off the shelf, or at least give a warning on the package, no?

Megz on :

I haven't read through all the comments yet, so i'm not sure if someone addressed this, but it is the chicory root in the cereal that causes the gas. Also, the granola bars cause the same effect. Not as bad, mind you but still cause the gas.

I don't care how much gas it causes I am still going to eat it because it is delicious!

Dun Tootin' on :

"Gas" does not describe what this stuff does to a person. It's not just the Happy Golden Farty Crunches or the GoFart Crunch either. It's the Honey Puffs (Honey Poots) as well. Since I found this site I have done 2 things-I laughed hysterically until I literally wept and I threw the box of Honey Poots in the trash. My life is now a lot let "explosive". I mean, seriously-I sing in the church choir and I was holding on to my hymnal for dear life every Sunday because it I dropped that thing there was NO way I could bend over to pick it up without taking out the entire soprano section. Maybe we should form a support group of some kind. Of course we'd have to hold our meetings outdoors and we could never ever ever have a bonfire!

Ramses on :

Eat this and you shall become King Tutenkashi. All around you shall bow down to your powers.

find webhosting on :

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wow, that's a lot of air on :

I tried the Go Fart a year ago & knew right away I had to stop before the hubby, kids & animals all locked me outside. The gas & smell of it was horrific. I tried the berry go lean a week ago, just got brave enough to try it again. I did fine, so I tried the one with blueberries on it & BAM! Back to the way it was a year ago. I have had the horrific smelling gas for 18 hours straight. I fed the rest of the box to the goats. My daughter said I should give it to the chickens but remembered the stories of alka seltzer with sea gulls and worried the hens might explode. No more Kashi allowed in my house.

Holycrapola on :

It's not just the cereal, folks. Try the damn FROZEN DINNERS. I often have to eat on the run and read in some health magazine that Kashi frozen dinners were tasty. I have stomach issues as it is, but I eat alot of veggies and brown rice and am no stranger to farts and bloat.
But this was insane. A few bites and my stomach sounded like fighting aligators in the sewer. I finished the dinner and went upstairs to work and started swelling like I was harboring an alien in my gut. Then the farts started...long, loud, hot, and eye crossingly smelly. My husband, who is a world class farter, came home and screeched from downstairs, Jesus WHAT is that stench? Did the cat shit on the floor again?
Clearly Kashi theory is you will lose weight because you will not be able to eat again..ever..because you have either passed out from the lack of oxygen, or died from the disemboweling gas pains.
I gave my other dinners to someone who deserves them. Pay it forward!

Alex on :

Not only does it give me gas but I get these itchy bumps all over my skin after eating a bowl. I only bought one box and it took me a few days of selective eating to figure out that it was the Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. All I can think is that it must be the elevated amounts of soy protein causing it as I have no food allergies that I know of.

cassandra on :

oh my! i'm so glad i found this site. the posts made me die with laughter.

i'm already prone to gas as it, but eating kashi cereal makes me feel and sound like i've just swallowed firecrackers. it's so bad i'd be dangerous around a lit flame. this is the best cereal to eat if you want to drive someone out of your home without resorting to drastic measures.

Allison on :

A couple years ago, I made the mistake of buying a box of FiberOne bars to keep at my desk at work. They are known in my family as "Fart Bars" now. Fast forward to just a couple days ago when I was shopping with my husband at Sam's Club. I saw a new, interesting, healthy-looking cereal and decided to go ahead and get an industrial-sized box of it! After my first bowl, I was experiencing industrial FiberOne-like side effects and knew immediately that it was the Kashi. Thank God I'm a stay-at-home mom now. Unlike my coworkers, my 5-year old son thinks it's hilarious!

(?) MysteryGirl (?) on :

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I'm not even using milk though, I'm using almond milk. No flatulence whatsoever. It is perfectly fine cereal. Seriously??? .....


Mrs.BreakWind on :

Oh my God 110 Octane Comholio, (Comment No. 141), I did the same Kashi/Sushi breakfast/lunch combo and thought I was going to die! But I am so stupid, I've been eating this stuff for months (and lost ten pounds!) in an effort to get healthy, but ended up thinking that I must have colon cancer. Then my husband and kids started up too, so we concluded that it was some terrible and strangely permanently ongoing stomach virus.

You know it's bad when you actually wake yourself up in the middle of the night due to your own explosive farting!

God I hate to give it up, the weight loss has been great, but I guess I'll have to find some other low calorie sweet to take it's place.

Allison on :

I love how there are 300+ comments all saying the same thing, and the one or two people who think we're all crazy or joking!

jon on :

seriously,I came to this blog because I thought to mayelf there has to be other people farting too,and lookey lookey.

I like the cereal,but I am not eating it anymore because of the farting.Seriously.

Anonymous on :

I was going to see a doctor and I just googled Cereal+Fart and I found the crime source. I am surprised that my nutritionist recommended me this food and she forgot to mention this problem!

Colleen on :

I had a very unpleasant encounter with Sashi cereal a couple of months ago, while visiting relatives in Pennsylvania. When you are a guest in someones home, you eat what they have available. Sure enough there on the table sat a big box of Sashi cereal with blueberries. The cereal smelled and tasted delicious, but what a heavy price I had to pay. About an hour after I consumed this cereal, I got the most horrible stomach and intestinal cramping. Then came the explosive gas. I almost did not make it to the toilet in time. The cramping and gas were so intense, that I thought surely I might die. I told my husband that he might have to take me to the ER. I sat on the toilet most of the day. I could not leave the house due to the suffering. The cramping and diarrhea lasted all through the night as well. The next morning I felt some better, but I still had very bad gas. I lost almost three pounds from eating one bowl of cereal. I did not need to lose the weight, since I am a small woman. I will never eat this brand of cereal ever again. I concur that a "warning label" should be placed on the box.

The San Jose Shart on :

I started eating this cereal about 3 weeks ago and did not see the correlation between my over the top gas-attacks and the cereal. Just last week I was sitting on the throne, I farted so hard, the force *literally* made me throw up in my mouth a little. The booming sound echoed down the hallway frightening children and and their grandparents alike.

However I do find this cereal delicious and the high protein levels will keep me coming back for more.

Laughed till I Cried on :

I was having a bad day...then I found this website and laughed and laughed till I cried. You people are hilarious. I just ate my first bowl of Kashi GoLean Crunch with milk before I read it...I'll have to let you know how it turns out....

Kashi still blowing it up on :

I googled for information about this cereal after two days in a row of eating this cereal and having the worst pains. Glad to know it's not just me. Today I finished off the box and will not be buying this again. But on another note, I have never felt so light! Kasha should advertise this stuff as a potent colon cleanser.

This explains it all on :

GI Distresstress on :

Oh dear. I just ate a bowl before googling this. Or should I say, "a bowel." In two hours, my neighbors are going to feel the walls quake from an 8.0 on the Sphincter Scale. My GI is about to get rocked. Pray for my lower intestine. This ain't gonna be pretty.

Colleen on :

I swear I have been laughing my ass off reading these.

Me too:) on :

HILARIOUS! I was at work today and was so embarrrassed b/c my stomach wouldn't stop rumbling! I work in the healthcare profession and my GI system let out a line of multiple roars while talking with a patient-I had to excuse myself from the room:)

Mika Rose on :

Thank you for posting this! My diet and gas were both smell free (at least to this volume) until I tried kashi two days ago. Thank goodness my gf is out of town, but maan, this gas could kill ANY romance. I am going to stop eating this immediately!!

sour stomach on :

To think I swore off my favorite restaurant because I thought it was their food that was giving me the gas! I love Chipotle and was very sad thinking I would never be able to eat there again. I should have known because I've eaten there frequently and get a little gassy but never like I did the last time. I've just come to realize I had eaten Kashi Go Lean for breakfast that day too. I had terrible gas for three days straight! I just finished a very large box of Kashi today and have had candles burning in every room and have carried around a box of matches all day. I almost bought a 6-pack box from Amazon but read one reviewer said something about GI problems. It just clicked this morning and I'm so thankful to have made the connection before I wasted all that money and the respect of my family. My husband said the matches didn't even cover the smell of my gas and that is bad! I finally told him when he got home from work today, "I have bad news and good news. The bad news is I have really bad gas again today but the good news is I've found the culprit." Bad Kashi!!

Sweet relief on :

Thank you, thank you, thank you! So glad I googled this today. I started eating Kashi Go lean a month or two ago as part of my 'I'm forty and I need to pay attention to my health' phase. The cereal is sooo gooood - especially with berries. But man...I have been flatulant beyond my wildest dreams since then. And never once did I suspect it because,after all, it is the healthy choice, right? There is bunch of it on the shelf at the supermarket - with no sign warning the general public of it's explosive results. I blamed every other food and recently began to worry that I had some awful medical condition. With a heavy heart I must toss this delicious monstrosity in the bin, before it ends my marraige.

Mr. Unsociable on :

I am so glad I decided to google this. At some point this search is likely to cause the firm's IT folks a bunch of laughs, but I have been staying behind a locked office door for two weeks because of the 24/7 farting. Over Christmas my sister and brother in law suggested that I try this cereal over another I had been eating and actually gave me an almost full box to try. They probably laughed their asses off as they rid themselves of the culprit product. Don't get me wrong, it's by far the best cereal I've ever had and I got hooked and bought 3 more boxes. I will see them this weekend and see if they've recovered from their hernia yet for laughing so much. I used to be a outgoing and gregarious guy here in the office.. I need to stop eating this so I can start working again and billing some clients!

Blast off on :

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard I cried reading this...and my husband is crying tears of joy that I finally discovered the culprit of my vile gas. All week he's been saying, "Something really must be wrong with your plumbing..."

I have had such bad flatulence this week that I've even refused to let him hug me...because it just squeezes out more gas!

Too bad I bought 2 more boxes this morning before reading this post! Never again!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Notgoingtochurchtoday on :

OM goodness! 2 weeks ago I tried Kashi GoFart and had the worst abdominal pain ever! My stomach, about 2 days after the cereal, was totally distended, the pain was so bad I went in to my doctor and was checked for gallbladder just to be sure. The gas was AWFUL, the odor noxious and continuosly farting for 2 days finally releived me, but my stomach hurt so bad for another couple days. I suspected the Kashi, so Friday, had another bowl. It is 4am and I have woken up from the pain in my gut. I have been laughing and crying from these hysterical posts (and now completely sure) that I am OK I had mine with Soy Milk, if I am brave, I will try again with Almond milk and see if it's better. I eat a lot of fiber on a regular basis, so I'm not so sure it's the fiber alone causing this. AWESOME comments, thank GOD I am not alone!

LindaLove on :

Notgoingtochurchtoday: ALMOND MILK IS NOT A CURE...that's all I drink and I discontinued the assaulting cereal about 11 years ago, good luck to ya on that one!

eleusis211 on :

Finally! I started a new diet about two weeks ago and I couldn't figure out which of my dietary changes was causing my gas! I literally Googled "[new food] gas" for every major thing I was eating until I found this. Now it explains why my gas is worst in the morning.

It's actually pretty sweet, I love doing walk-by's on my co-workers' cubicles. They haven't worked out who it is yet, but the whole office is talking about the "drive-by gasser." I think I will have a second bowl tomorrow morning.

twoforone-somuchgas on :

I've had other Kashi cereals, in fact I had one in my cart, the delicious cinnamon pillows. Then I saw Go-Lean Almond Honey Crunch in a two for one box. I guess I can use my savings to buy some Beano. Seriously, I ate a bowl at 5:30, it's 1:30 now and I'm in trouble. Thanks for the blog.

Alisa on :

I eat the Kashi Go Lean Berry Crunch flavor and I don't have a problem at all!

Ron on :

Wow, I have been having the worst case of gas ass for the last 2 days. Finally I googled everything I ate the last two days and found this site. That stuff is mean!!

Silent n smelly on :

OMGG i got the Kashi Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and my stomach is rumbling and producing all sorts of noxious fumes!! And I have an iron digestive system, I can eat tons of beans and lentils with no problem. Oh gosh i am so miserable i am never getting anything with inulin/chicory root fiber agaiN!!

Will on :

Thank God I found this site. I eat a big bowl of Kashi & Silk every morning and have for over a year. But recently I've been rapid firing withering rounds of Kashi bombs into the seat of my shared office chair at work (for months now) and I know the guy that works the afternoon HAS to smell it. I could not figure out what in the hell was wrong with me and like others here thought I was developing IBS, Crohn's, whatever. One day I had oatmeal and didn't develop ass WMDs for the first time in a looong time. Finally put 2 and 2 together and googled Kashi, gas. Looks like toast for me from here on out.

JoeGas on :

I have never...EVER...farted for this long! My wife was first Impressed... then the smelll...Not so impressed. She wouldn't even let me in the living room after letting one go. I couldn't answer for laughing so much.
But reading your coments on this blog made me cry of laughters, like never before! Good idea to the victim of Kashi that started this blog!

CropDuster on :

OH MY boyfriend and I have been reading these posts for the past hour in tears.
I've been buying Kashi cereal for the past year and KNEW something was wrong with us. I eat a bowl every morning and like clockwork, by 1pm I'm crop dusting the $%^ out of my office. I'm 99% sure that my cover hasn't been blown...yet. Unfortunately, my boyfriend sometimes eats this cereal around 9pm before bed. When he does, I wake up to fog horns and the most ungodly smell. I guess this is pay back for what I do at my office :-)

MySoundIsTheChampionSound on :

Up here in Canada, Kashi has been named the new sponsor for the Re/Max hot air balloon team. I don't think there are hot air balloon competitions, but if there are, Vegas you know who my money is on.

I can eat 250 g of Kashi Berry Crunch and produce liters and liters of flatulence. Could Einstein have been wrong? It really seems like the conservation of mass laws are being broken, without resorting to the messy fission reactions.

Amanda on :

Glad to find this page. I put it together a few weeks ago, that when I ate the GoLean Crunch, I had incredible gas by the afternoon. I hated to throw the box away, so I limited my consumption to my days off only, so I didn`t have to deal with the flatulence at work. So basically, I just got back from a trip of crop dusting at the grocery store. Sorry to my fellow shoppers who wandered into my cloud of farticles.

ThereIsASolution on :

Compare Kashi GoLean Crunch with Grape Nuts. Not a huge difference on the nutrition label, but Grape Nuts doesn't have chicory root!!

Anonymous on :

Kashi+protien shake...didnt see it coming. Found this site a little to late.

Anonymous on :

add broken tooth on kashi crunch and you cant ask for more !

EmbarassedTeacher!! on :

OMGGGG! I am dying right now! After eating this cereal for the last 4-5 months at the recommendation of my nutritionist, I have had many embarassing moments in the classroom! After accidentally letting one rip when taking some kids to a basketball tournament and becoming the a joke amongst the 8th grade girls, I had to search "Kashi Go Lean Farts" and found this site. Soooo relieved I'm not the only one with this problem. I thought it was my diabetes medication or something! Parent-teacher conferences are this saved me JUST IN TIME@! Thanks Kashi-Fart posters!

Beanie on :

Well just purchased my first box yesterday (big box from Costco) and had my first bowl this morning. I thought, delish, I could eat this everyday. About noon it hit me. Omg....the gas has been non stop. It's now 9:30 pm and I'm still going strong. Finally my husband said "it's probably you new cereal". Broke out the iPad and googled Kashi and gas. Found this site. We have been laughing to tears at all these posts. Will be returning the cereal tomorrow.
However, I think I will check back from time to time for a good laugh. After all, I don't think there are too many funnier things in life than a good strong loud bout of gas!

vic on :

worst cereal i've ever had. i actually came to this site after searching "kashi cereal hurts my stomach". I also searched "cereal gone bad". The reaction to Kashi doesnt start 2 hrs later, it starts immediately, like 20 seconds after swallowing a couple of scoops. seriously, wtf is wrong with this brand. i actually ate a third of a box on the first day (a bowl in the morning, then in the evening cause i got hungry). i also had beef, which i rarely do so i thought it might be the beef. but now its been 4 days, and i've returned to the cereal (no more beef since). its def the cereal.

TakethemOut on :

about to try the cereal wish me luck

Laurie on :

I found this thread when googling "kashi go lean crunch gas". As soon as I typed "Kashi Go Lean Crunch" the word GAS automatically appeared without my having to type it. I knew then that this wasn't a good sign. But I had to google this to confirm that it's not "just me" and apparently it is not!!! Let me just say, a bag of prunes has NOTHING on this cereal!!!!!! If we could somehow harness this cereal and make some sort of biofuel, wouldn't it be great??!! Honestly, though, there should be a warning on this box. It's just mean that they don't warn you! You need to eat this in solitude....and have no important plans or appointments for the following 6-8 hours. Thanks everyone for the laughs here!! Crunch on!!

Farting Couple on :

Glad to see we aren't the only ones with a (g)ass problem. My husband and I have enjoyed Kashi cereal for about a week now, however we began to discover increased amounts of flatulence that smelled like pure sulfur (tmi I know). We couldn't figure out what it was until we googled "Kashi Gas" and couldn't believe how common this was. It's saddening to think our new favorite cereal will end up in the trash.

Pineapple-Mickey-Sophie (PMS) on :

So I decided I needed to get healthy. Ate Kaski one time and thought I would die of gas pains.
Yesterday my girlfriends came to town to hang out. Today we were a bit bored and I talked them into trying this cereal just for "shits and grins". I talked them into eating it before I let them read this page.
We are now awaiting the results. We shall update you later. Btw- We are fiftyish year old women.

loco on :

WOW!!! The first time I ate the Kashi cereal, it was horrible!! So I ate some for supper and I absoutely could not sleep that night because my stomach was so messed up. Never will I eat it again.

riad on :

It is not just the cereal that does this...i knew about the cereal a couple of years ago when it caused gas but for fun i tried the new crackers and pita crisps...and sure enough my husband almost puked when he came to bed last night aftr i lt one rip....nasty how do they stay in business?

NoMoreKashi on :

I had been eating this stuff all week. Yesterday was the worst. In meetings all day with horrible churning pain and cramping so bad I thought at moments I may faint. And being in that enclosed space, having to hold it all in. I seriously thought my IBS has escalated to a new level - or that I had something way more serious going on. The worst part was I had concert tickets last night, and I thought I could power my car for the entire hour ride on the amount of gas I was struggling to keep in. I actually ran out of the building, into my car where I could finally let some of this out. There should be a warning label on the box!

smash on :

#82 Had me laughing my ass off! I came here because I Googled "Kashi Go Lean" and it auto-completed .."gives me gas". I am relieved to know that I'm not alone!

shannon on :

OMG I'm laughing so hard, I just had my first bowl tonight and will throw it away, thank God I don't have to work hasn't started yet, but my tummy is rumbling right now!!!!

Julie on :

I have had Kashi before, and it has been pretty bad as far as the bloating and gas goes. But this last delicious box, which I have eaten exactly one bowl from is going straight into the trash, unfortunately, as it made me look PREGNANT - yes, very PREGNANT - before unleashing it's unholy fury on my porcelain perch. What the F*ck is this stuff? BRUTAL. Though it is delicious, OUT it goes! I HATE wasting money, and looking terribly pregnant, so I will never buy this stuff again. Really, they stay in business - but how? This is appalling! BTW it is the Kashi Go Lean Crunch. And yes this page had me in tears it was so freaking hilarious. Maybe the laughs are worth it for some!

Jules on :

OMG!! I tried Kashi Go Lean for the first time and was disappointed because it is too much like Rice Krispies. I thought it would be more like a Granola type cereal, however my son saw an article that refers to cancer from ingredients in this cereal and so as I am goggling for research on this cereal, I've found nothing as it relates to cancer thus far but I can't believe what I'm reading here. I have had so much gas these past few days that I thought maybe my son picked up whole milk instead of skim. I had no idea that Kashi was the reason for this recent explosion of gas, needless to say my son and I are laughing at the comments on here, very funny. I am thinking to give it to my friend for her parrot, the poor bird, lol.

Although on a serious note, Doctors say that fibrous foods cause gas but it is good because it is getting rid of the free radicals in our bodies, like an antioxidant, and after a while the gas ceases. In this case the farts are the cleansing process. Worse yet, I was eating mine with yogurt which has the same effect on the stomach.

MM on :

Here is my story:

Monday, my girlfriend and I were preparing to start our run. I
squatted down to tie my shoe...(be sure to put a picture in your head,
ok) when I felt a little "pressure" in my lower abdomen I stood up,
and the LOUDEST fart came bellowing out my ass, wait hold on, it was
NON-STOP!! I promise it was about a good .50 plus seconds looooong!!
Ok, I thought WOW! where in the hell did that come from?! Finally the
freight train came to an abrupt halt.

We looked at each other, both quite embaressed for me but didn't say a
word. Alrighty, blew it off (no pun intended), started stretching,
and without ANY warning, que, or look outs, it was like smurfs were
jumping parachutes out my ass cause it was NON-STOP farting!!! My
friend just couldn't hold it back any longer she was laughing soooo
hard she literally fell on the fricken ground! After a while, we
"thought" everything was out in the open, finished, no more....we
started to run. about 3 mins into it, the back firing from the ole'
engine started up....AGAIN!! This went on the entire length of our
run. (5 miles) She asked me what did I eat? I told her, half a banana,
cup of yogurt, and a bowl of Kashi cereal, and a glass of water.
She said the min. I said, "Kashi" she KNEW exactly why I was farting
so! I could not believe it. So when we got back home, we googled it
and sure enough, that was the culprit!!

miss rumbles on :

OMG I've come home!! I found you all by the grace of God...this is the KGL farters anonymous support group....just started eating Kashi Go Lean, which I love, but never put two and two together....I thought it was all the salad I was eating.....needless to say I could basically drive my car home from work on pure fart power and without the windows open would have asphyxiated myself. On top of the explosive gas is the occasional colon cleanse which on occasion happened at work...quite to my dismay. I was crying laughing at all the stories....just glad I'm not alone. :-)

The Gas Man on :

This blog stinks as much as I do after a crunchy bowl of Kashi Go Lean. I think my body now runs on gas. If I want to keep eating this stuy, I need to buy a dog to blame the smell on. Glad I am not alone here!

Echo on :

So. I ate HALF A BOX in an afternoon while reading for a couple of night classes. During the entire FIVE HOURS of class time I sat blowing up like a student-shaped Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon for all of my I will not fart in grad school discipline. It hurt. During the break of the last class I speed walked to be first in the bathroom, then hustled to the other side of the building a minute later, then another minute and I had to jog to the STAIRWELL to avoid some classmates and set such an echo off in there that I started laughing uncontrollably. I actually texted my husband about that one! On the way back to class I had to duck into an empty classroom. Not my favorite way to spend a ten minute break.

thisguy on :

yall are not doing it right, gotta drink a 12 pack and eat some hot wings . . . like 25 min before ya eat the kashi. bout 2 hours later i can burp hot fire. i can smoke a cig and burp up smoke ten min after i finished smoking. if ya hit yourself in the top of the chest right before ya burp and get serious volume. kashi is awesome. just add furit and booze to the equation

GassyGoLean on :

I just posted the link to this page on the KashiGoLean page. Hahaha!

JarJar Stinks on :

Glad to know I'm not alone re: the "Kashi Konsequences." First noticed it when I brought some to work, in an attempt to have a healthful, high-protein breakfast of KGL on some greek-style yogurt. Not long after eating I was beset by some big-time stomach rumbling, and then came the thunderclaps. Fortunately for my cubicle neighbors, I made it to the restroom first, but once there the sheer volume (both in sound and size) stunned the other occupants. I heard a person who was talking on a cell phone (note: who does that in a bathroom??) ask the other party, "Did you HEAR that??" This kind of severe gas reminded me of past experiences with eating soy, and when I later read the ingredients on the Kashi box, my suspicions were confirmed. But the same thing happened after eating Bear Naked granola, whose ingredient list excludes soy.

Oblique Horse on :

I haven't laughed this hard in a while, may have woken up the land lord. My extreme gas started hand in hand with Kashi. I'm enjoying the tremendous gas it gives me. I love to abuse my gas on others! My coworkers get the brunt of it all day long, brightens my work experience!

Buck on :

I'm telling you I have never squirted out cheese bombs like I have eating this stuff.
Do they make air conditioning for gas holes. I'm on squirt alert 24-7
I can remember the last time I had a nice dry fart.
Back to Corn Flakes

SonnyJim on :

This stuff is great.. why are you throwing it out??? Feel great after eating this stuff. I eat it precisely FOR THE FARTS. All aboard the Kashi express.. choo choo!

Anonymous on :

I recently started eating this stuff, and whenever I go running a few hours after eating a bowl of this, it sounds like a naval battle. And when it comes to the smell... the horror... the horror...

Guss on :

Any day I wake up and down a bowl of kashi go lean crunch cereal then eat Chipotle for lunch, I have the most ridiculous gas EVER!!!! My butthole literally turns into a leaf blower...I am constantly checking/rechecking my pants to see if they are soiled.....but it just tastes so good I just can't help myself

Tootie Patootie on :

Oh my god, this might be the most hilarious thread on the internetz. I love that it's still going strong 5 YEARS later... that's a lot of gas! I'm laughing so hard the cat is glaring at me. Oh no wait, she's probably glaring at me because I can't stop farting! Like you all, I ingested this monstrosity for breakfast, and have been treated to some serious fireworks all day. When will it end???? I never even knew it was possible to pass this much gas! I'm lucky I've got the house to myself today. I will have to clear out some space in my schedule so that I can finish this box uninhibited!

TummyTroubles on :

This is the most hilarious AND longest thread I ever seen, Is there some sort of world book record for that? I can't tell you how thrilled I am to learn that my recent stomach disturbances are not some horrible affliction. I have been buying Kasha crunch cereals ,2 boxes at a time for a few months now. This stuff is like crack, I can't get enough. But the violent bouts of gas are starting to control my life. I finally was starting to suspect that the cereal may be the case so I googled, "does Kasha cause unusual amounts of gas?" and I found you fine, flatcuent folks. can i just tell you I have never been so gassy in my entire life, not just gentle fluffs but full on manly air raid horns. I am a 120 pound petite female. This just isn't right. I am afraid to make plans for my intestines seem to be calling the shots. Never mind at night when I change position and it's like fog horn went off. I am not sure I can give this stuff up cold turkey it's just way to good. Maybe just save it for when there is a blizzard and I won't have to go out into public!

Pete on :

Of course I didn't realize what Kashi does to me until AFTER I bought the 5lb box at Costco.

Holy crap.

Lulu on :

Me, too! I just stumbled upon this website when looking for nutritional information for Go Lean cereal; I LOVE the Go Lean Crunch. And when I eat it I fart A LOT and uncontrollably. Sometimes it sounds like machine gun fire. Argh.

Bubba was a country boy on :

Oh man! Look out y'all! Bubba done ate some of that Kashi Go Lean, and i'm fartin up a storms like the finale of a Rambo movie! Long machine gun farts, short intense grenade farts, hell my dogs is hiding outside cause of the stink! What i need to do is eat this beforei go huntin with the boys. Bubba will get his own tent by opening up the Kashi rage from my cornhole. I'm telling ya, Kashi must roll this stuff in gunpowder before sealing the box, its damn near explosive. Bubba eats this before the inlaws come over, visits keep getting shorter and shorter. Anyone planning on getting arrested, eat some Kashi 3 hours before being locked in the back of a paddy wagon, them coppers will let you go after two or three bursts of rotten ass! My Ass selector switch must be on full auto cause i'm firing off ass wind like seal team six. Warnin...

Dave on :

I blew a hole in my trousers, this cereal is destructive - it tastes good but makes me nearly shit myself.

Do GMOs Make You Fart on :

I just about died reading these posts. I laughed so hard I could not stop farting from the Kashi I ate for breakfast this morning.
By the way, I have learned that Kashi is a subsidiary of Kellogs and the cereal contains non-organic stuff and GMOs. So there you go, there is probably something that was modified in the grains that causes amazing amounts of gas. Rather than feed the stuff to humans, perhaps a vehicle could be developed that can run on Kashi Go Fart cereal.

Lulu on :

Maybe there could be some sort of technology created for lovers of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.....methane gas powered energy saving cars? Fart 'n go!

bigstinker on :

Wow this thread is 5 years old...............avter eating this cereal for the past week YIKES, I thought it was something else I ate. My gas usually does not wake me up in the middle of the night but it did last night. I was lauughing so hard at the earlier posts I thought I sharted - but alas only gas.
If you are a vegetarian do not mix this with garden burgers, TVP or any other soy protien meat substitute, beans of any type. Oh and drinking copious amounts of water will not help either. Next week - Honey and Greek yogurt for me.

Dave Young on :

I havent had kashi for years now but finding this column brought up horrid memories of the days that I was eating this flatulence inducing blend daily.....The worst was one day at a local grocery store that I was at by myself grabbing a few items for home. I had held in a lot of gas at work, so the sudden motion and movement at the store brought a flurry of massive blasts...I mean so massive and loud it hurt my tender opening....old ladies, houswives and store employees were staring wide eyed with mouth agape as I let it run its course (I didnt go into this store oftn and assumed I would never again) but the relief was so tremendous I just didnt care...I soon found myself laughing uncontollably at every explosion....soon, I had at least 2 aisles in either way cleared.

Todd Fletcher on :

My coworker Steve and I were reading some of these comments, and I realized that we had a bowl of this at home, that my wife eats, although it doesn't seem to affect her in the ways described on this site.

Anyway I made a bet with him that I could eat a big bowl of this the following morning and not be affected at work the next day. My wife sent me to work with a signed note, "Todd has eaten the Kashi, a big bowl."

By 11am, I felt that I had satisfied the terms of the bet, and I took the elevator down four floors to collect my winnings ($5). Steve called a few of my cube mates upstairs to confirm, and they all agreed that there'd been no strange noises or odors in my area of the office that morning.

While Steve was fishing around in his pants for the loot, I began to feel an incredible pressure in my abdomen, and having read many of the comments here, I knew what would soon follow, but I did my best to play it off. After I'd collected the loot, I made a beeline for the elevator.

Of course, it was several floors down and not moving, so I stood there clenching and hoping I could hold on. The pressure was now immense! I couldn't believe that after several hours of nothing, Kashi cereal have such a sudden and violent effect.

Finally the elevator started to climb, and I took a quick look back around the office. Steve had gotten up and was heading for the copy machine on the other end of the floor. No one else could see me - they were all in their cubes.

Hearing the elevator door open behind me, I took a quick look to make sure it was empty. Then I yelled out "STEVE!" As soon as he turned around, I let go a of a FTHHHHHPPPPPTTTTT that rattled change out of the vending machine.

What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. I heard a woman's voice from behind a cube, "ohhhh deaaaar...". Steve, realizing he'd been conned, started dashing toward the elevator. I jumped in backwards, leering at him while the doors closed.

I only had a few seconds to congratulate myself on a perfect crime. Most of the massive sulfuric cloud I'd let loose was still seeping slowly from my Haggar slacks.

My boss got in with a client on the next floor. I had to ride up three floors with her.

Yes, she noticed. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed. No more Kashi for me!!!

GH on :

Thought it was the milk but after 2-3 days I changed milk to Lactose Free, but still continued to have obnoxiously loud, and hilariously absurb gas. I felt like someone had left my internal air compressor on that just never cut off. For about 75% of the farts they are benign and mostly odorless, the remaining 25% contain very rank and very potent odors, which makes them more funny and enjoyable when people are around. This is a palm bomb: When one of those farts comes with an elevated temperature (you know which ones i'm talking about), cup your hand over your hole, fart into it and quickly close your hand into a ball, and put your fist in someones face and open your hand and they will be greeted by the stank smell of your poot. hahahaha

The Flatulator on :

This site really cheered me up. I was literally crying at work reading these entries and holding in my thunderous farts. I do find that if I take a digestive aid with my first bite of Kashi, it helps lesson the gas dramatically. If there were something we can do to lesson the gas while eating this protein enriched cereal, I would be all on it.

Crazy on :

I'm in the process of reading all these's hilarious. Anyways, with my newfound knowledge, I've decided to have a little fun with this. I have the house to myself this weekend and plan to stuff my face with Kashi Go Lean Crunch (i'm thinking 5+ cups a day??). I'll keep you guys updated on my adventure. Wish me luck ;-)

bo on :

This is HANDS DOWN the most hilarious discussion thread ever. :-D Please don't ever delete it, okay? Cuz it's linked on my blog.

FTR, my home is now a Kashi GoLean Crunch free zone. You think it does a number on humans? One of my cats managed to ingest about two teaspoonfuls last year and was deathly ill for ten days!

Jon on :

This stuff shouldn't even be legal. Make criminals eat this stuff in Jail. P.S. If you're constipated, this cereal will be your dream. Doctors should recommend it for chronic constipation, but it should come with a toxic gas warning ;-) lmao

Geo on :

Thanks for the post. Now I know what's going on with my G.I.'s "fermentation party".

Tim on :

This cleared up a lot of worries for me! I had bought a bulk box of Kashi GoLEAN and thought it would be great! HOLY SHIT!!! I thought something was seriously wrong with my stomach! I had to excuse myself from meetings at work because my stomach was making so much noise. It's the kind of gas that you can literally see building up inside of your abdomen! It's loud enough before it even leaves your body. I'm a vegetarian so I had unreal volumes of gas but thankfully it didn't stink. But the amount of pain and discomfort I went through after two bowls for breakfast was unbearable! I will be eating this on my days off and only when I know I won't be leaving the house!

John Wayne Gassy on :

I heard that the Germans used this technique to fill the gas chambers. My wife has threatened me with divorce over this. I don't know who to leave wife or go lean..

Tim S on :

Best cereal EVER!!! Even if it didn't taste so freaking good, I would be tempted to eat it daily, just for the entertainment.

With "GoLEAN Crunch!", I have finally achieved my life's goal of a continuous fart lasting 20 seconds. That's gotta be a record somewhere.

I theorize that by eating as few as four bowls of the cereal, and learning to articulate my sphincter, I could play revile with only my ass as an instrument.

Thanks Kashi!!!! You have given my life meaning!!!

Lotusman on :

Oh thank God I found this site, I was ready for the emergency room! Spent 5-6 hours last night doubled up in bed thinking I was going to die... This was after my first ever bowl of GoLean Crunch yesterday morning (yummy with soy milk). Meatloaf for lunch... strangely windy yesterday afternoon, had to take a stroll around the building many times; some major pant inflation going on...

Like all men I was secretly congratulating myself on duration and 'tone'...

...and blaming the meatloaf!

1:30am I'm lifting the sheets while trying not to wake the missus.... Even the dog sat up and stared at me....

Never, ever again.... I've donated the rest of the box to the office kitchen: revenge is a dish best served for breakfast!

Chef Glenn on :

I had been eating Kashi Crunch cereal with soy milk for more than a year thinking it was healthy. As many others have said, the massive gas production was delayed and increased when I ate more food later in the day. Because of the delay, it never dawned on me that my morning chow was causing me to fear public places and intimate settings with others.

I went to a Gastroenterologist and he didn't have much interest in my diet, but was all too happy to probe my colon to the tune of several thousand dollars which turned up nothing. At least that was good news.

So I suffered on. I took a date to see Romeo and Juliet for Valentines Day. There were four rows in the round and only one intermission. I can't remember any of the play because I had to concentrate so hard on holding in the gas. My ass was in lock down mode. When you hold them in, you produce very loud rumblings as the gas blows and bubbles from one section of your colon to another, which everyone around you can hear. The worst part is that you can't possibly rid yourself of all the gas during a brief intermission. The gas is often trapped. I hate to admit it, but on this occasion and many others, I got down on my knees with my head to the floor and ass to the ceiling to pass as much gas as possible. God only knows what the people were thinking who were standing outside the one-stall bathroom waiting for me to finish. When I returned to my seat I had to endure the rest of the play focusing all my attention on holding in the farts.

This scene repeated many times... rumbling noises coming from me at board meetings and small group meetings, emergency runs to the bathroom at Home Depot, etc. Perhaps the worst was jury duty where I was trapped in the jury box at the mercy of the judge to grant a short break. I suspect others in the jury box had eaten Kashi Crunch also, as there was rumbling coming from several jurists, like our insides were talking to each other. I held my sphincter respectfully shut, but others were not so successful, which gave me a sense of dread and at the same time a case of the giggles... not something the judge appreciated.

One day I had a brain flash and googled Soy + Gas and discovered that Soy as used in cereals and many other products causes gas because it gets passed into the colon before being digested in the gut. The bacteria in the colon go to work on it and produce massive gas. This supports the other reports and my own experience of the gas getting robust after eating a second meal. The second meal causes the Kashii/soy meal to move into the colon undigested. I immediately gave up soy milk and Kashi Crunch which has soy protein in it. My gas and bloating cleared up right away.

If you are experiencing severe bloating and gas, I strongly recommend that you eliminate Kashi and most soy products from your diet. It worked for me.

Susan on :

I recently met my family on a much needed trip to the beach and bought a box of Kashi Go Lean Crisp Toasted Berry Crumble as a special "vacation" treat. Yes, this stuff tastes fabulous, but I spent the entire trip passing incredible amounts of gas and trying desperately to figure out what the hell was going on in my stomach. What a relief to find this site and discover that 1) I am not alone in the distress caused by Kashi Go Lean, and 2) I do not have some chronic disease.

I think a couple of other people posting here are on to something regarding the soy protein being the culprit. In my search for more information I came across an alarming article that discusses the soy protein found in Kashi Go Lean is 100% genetically modified and the “hexane bath” that the soybeans are immersed in consists of more than 50% n-hexane, which is a known neurotoxin, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention!

Read for yourself here:


Morgan on :

I have never laughed so hard in my life! Thank goodness I am alone in my house right now because I am literally sobbing over these comments. Not only that but I recently finished a hearty bowl of "Gashi" so I'm laying on my couch laughing/farting which only adds to the ironic hilarity of the situation.

Anyways I'm so glad that I am not the only one having this noxious dilemma. I used to be so loyal to Kashi Go Lean because of its health benefits. I ate it every morning during my first semester of nursing school. Until one clinical (I ate a rushed bowl at 3 in the morning) I was going around to patient rooms taking vitals and passing breakfast trays when all of a sudden it hit. It felt like an alien was about to burst out of my nether regions. I was trying so hard to hold it in I was near tears. However there was no time for a bathroom break, so I went into one patient's room to check on her and take vitals. As I was getting the automatic blood pressure cuff, my anal sphincter surrendered and I released the largest amount of gas I think any human has ever been able to release at one moment and survive. (Imagine Buddy the Elf's belch except down under). I turned around and continued taking vitals acting like nothing had just happened. Thank goodness my patient was still so drugged up with narcotics she had no idea what atrocity had just escaped my behind. (lucky her) After I was finished I ran to the bathroom and unleashed hell. I still to this day thank the Lord for the distance between the staff bathroom and any patient rooms. Because I tell you if anyone was nearby that bathroom when I had my episode, they would have needed therapy.

So what have I learned from this experience? One, NEVER eat Kashi Go Lean Crunch if you are planning on socializing within the next 3-12 hours, and two don't combine other fart inducing foods with the Kashi: ex. Soy Milk, Broccoli, Beans, Prunes.

So glad I found this site. Fellow Gashi lovers, Fart on.

Gary on :

To add a little twist to things, every single time I eat any kind of Kashi foods in about 12 hours I end up feeling like I threw my back out. It usually starts in my back on the left side, just under my ribs and as it moves though my bowels it ends up in my lower right side in my back. All feeling like I have back problems. And then, once I finally void my bowels totally, the pain is gone. I'd rather have farting issues than back pain anytime.

John on :

Had me some GoLEAN CRUNCH for breakfast AND lunch... Attach a wind turbine to my butt and I can generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary to send Marty McFly's ass back to 1985. This cereal keeps a vegan diet very entertaining.

Sue on :

Wow, this thread has been going for a long time! And amazingly, they are still making Kashi Go-Lean, even with new flavors! I love it, even though I know what it is going to do to me. I was telling a doctor I work with about my experience with it, and she said her kids hid the Kashi box from her husband. LoL!

Fermenting Ferret on :

I am just crying laughing at all the posts. LOLed for 10 mins straight when I found this at lunchtime and came back tonight to read and laugh more. Like others, I thought there was something wrong with me, but only suffered for a few weeks before I figured it out. I am already lactose intolerant and agree this cereal
is even worse than that - this goes on all day!

My son said it smells worse than a port-a-potty and I couldn't really deny it. Found an article that says chickory root causes fermentation - yeah, that about describes it!!!

TummyTroubles on :

I came back to confess that I fell off the Kashi Go Lean wagon. Thought I had this licked because I have been gas free for a few months now. Saw a new flavor on sale at the Basket and thought I would give it a go. It's been 3 days and the first 2 were gleefully flatulent free. But today is a totally different story. The familiar bloating and room awakening rumblings are back full force. I am now a prisoner of my house until these servings make their way thru my digestive track. I feel as if I have another life force inside me.. I hope this passes soon (no pun intended) as I have a full day tomorrow away from my throne. Sigh, I will have to push this new box of deliciousness to the back of the pantry for another day.

Being bullied by my Kashi butt on :

At least this post gives some kind of relieve in the middle of this gasplosion party over here! So f'n funny!!!! Of course now I am keeling over in laughter now, too!!!!

Kashi got me 2 on :

So I've been eating Kashi for about 3 days now and it wasn't until today that I was OVERLY aware of the issues that eating Kashi can cause. Today was also the only day this week that instead of serving in a loud bar, I was in an office with three other ladies. You can imagine, after eating a bowl of Kashi this morning, how uncomfortable my entire work day was. Do you know how hard it is to casually go to the bathroom multiple times in 1 hour without people noticing? (especially when you work in a very small office) It was TERRIBLE. I tried doing the lady like thing and held it in whenever I was not in the bathroom, but a few snuck by and I'm pretty sure my co-workers heard (very quite office). Which is just swell. I'm just glad they didn't seem me doubling over in pain during the last hour when I felt my bathroom quota for the day had been well exceeded. I wanted to eat healthy but I feel like I'm safer with Captn Crunch.

Kashi-no-more on :

On Tuesday afternoon, having eaten nothing all day and in a hurry to get ready for my son's school concert, I woofed down 3 packages of Kashi Vanilla Hot Cereal. I'd never eaten it before, but assumed it was like Quaker Oatmeal or Malt-O-Meal. It was delicious and I was full.

Fast forward 2 hours, and I am sitting at my son's concert feeling like there is a knot in my belly. I'm starting to feel light headed, and I'm sweating despite everyone around me bundled up in sweaters and hoodies. Halfway through the show, I feel like I'm going to pass out or throw up, or crap my pants, or all of the above. I tell my husband I'm sick and will wait for him in the car. I missed the finale, and feel even worse.

About 20 minutes later my husband and son get to the car and we drive home, all the while, I'm trying to decide where we can stop along the way so I can puke. A gas station? The woods? A stretch of highway? Out the passenger side window going 65 mph?

Somehow, we made it home without me vomiting and I went straight to bed. My husband brought me a bucket, and I could feel the burn in my throat, but for some reason I just couldn't throw up. That was Tuesday night at 8 pm.

Today is Friday, 9 am, and I almost feel human again. I lost 2 1/2 days of my life lying in bed crying from the immense pain, crying until I exhausted myself and literally passed out. I would wake long enought to sit in the bathroom, have some explosive bowel movements, and go straight back to bed. I couldn't stop sweating, and every bone in my body ached. Even sips of water hit my stomach and the pain was so intense I thought I was going to die.

Today when I woke up, I had a few sips of coffee and some crackers, and the pain is only minor. I thought I had a bleeding ulcer, or the stomach flu, or God-knows-what but I was too sick to even care about getting to a doctor. Then this morning, I remembered eating that new cereal and googled it and found this site. The stories are hilarious, and had I eaten only 1 serving, I might have had a funny story too. I ate 3 packets like a hungry bear, and I paid for it dearly. I am a 40 year old woman who had suffered with gallstones and gone through natural childbirth, so i am not a sissy when it comes to pain. Be careful. This stuff is dangerous.

heliumbutt on :

so glad it was the cereal and not the beer

OmNom on :

Aw, great...I just ate some of this stuff just before I read this article.

It's gonna be a wonderful day...

Glad I know now.

Trumpet Trousers on :

Kashi flatulence is like no other. It comes on fast and strong with little to no warning. Feels like a hot desert wind, with burning unrelenting warmth.

I have a very high fiber vegetarian diet and have even "won" Metamucil dares with my brother with absolutely no side effects. Olestra potato chips, bring them on, no stomach problems at all.

However, just one bowl of this delicious cereal and I am playing a trumpet in my pants.You think you are done then 5 minutes later your stomach is in knots again. I am surprised no one has died yet.

Lady McFluffy-Bottom on :

I find all kashi cereals have this effect on me, yet I continue to eat them. They are addictive, it's like having crack in the cupboard calling my name. Unfortunately my husband is very "prissy". In 5 years he has never farted in front of me and he acts disgusted by people who do fart. Now, I come from a long line of prolific and noteworthy farters who excel in their sport without the help of kashi products. A glass of water can make my mother fart. With this impressive pedigree I already have won awards for my impressive air biscuits. Add some kashi and we have a copious supply of nuclear air biscuits. Fortunately for the sake of my wonderful marriage, my husband works away for two weeks at a time. During that time I console my feelings of loneliness with big bowls of kashi. I think I will challenge his high and mighty "civilized people don't fart" attitude to a kashi face off. See if he really can refrain from cutting the proverbial cheese after eating a few bowls of gashi.

Danny on :

This is hysterical!!!!! I was farting around the house tonight and couldn't figure out what from! It occurred to me that I put a mere sprinkle of kashi on my yogurt for the crunch. It sure was tasty going in!! Guess I can't even handle it in small doses,

bo on :

Just resubscribing under a new email address. Keep up the great Kashi farts! :-)

BJ on :

I've been home from work for a few weeks following a surgical shoulder repair. All of the pain pills and antiinflamatories were staring to cause me an upset stomach. Plus, I often take a pill on an empty stomach before going to bed. Well last night I woke up with a sour stomach in the middle of the night. I know how to handle this, a simple glass of milk. So down to the kitchen I go.... What goes better with milk than cereal. I had a nice big bowel of my husbands Kashi cereal and watched a few hours of late night TV before returning to bed. When I finally did return to bed my husband spooned up along the side of me, knowing I must be uncomfortable. Then the Kashi kicked in!!! I ripped a big old fart right on his thigh.... I don't think he will ever love me again, and I'm done with the cereal!

gashi on :

I had a bowl this am...and just had the lemongrass chicken...OMG...the replies on this site are making me laugh so hard I can't hold anything IN! Glad its not just me...lmao

KRC on :

Yes, yes, yes . . . It's Kashi, no doubt but you can ave some fun with this. I recommend consuming a couple of eggs and 8 ounces or so of dried apricots in the same sitting. This will add "flavor" to your flatulence! Have fun!

Bathroom king on :

uh yea have to agree that kashi is potent for sure. I swear after eating kashi I have these bursts of air every 5 minutes an they smell exactly like kashi. Just be aware that the kashi cornflakes with a hint of molasses will give you the power to clear a room. It's crazy . I thought the same thing that maybe I had ibs but found out that it was the kashi.

Oh boy get a lighter an have sum fun wen you get home just make sure your girlfriend or wife doesn't find out your lighting farts!

If you eat dried peaches it will make your gas smell like peaches, trust me I ate kashi & then a peach later in the day oh boy my office smelled like peaches!

D. Michael on :

It's pretty funny that this thread has been going on since 2007, so I feel a little late to the game. After gassing out my officemate (I took the crying and leaving as a sign) for the past week, and depositing potent stink bombs in the gym (sorry guys!) I googled "kashi GoLean bad gas" and was relieved - and entertained to find this site. The sad thing is that I love that cereal, but since I'm not a recluse there's no way I can keep this up. I always thought we were supposed to get as much fiber as possible! I was eating that stuff for breakfast and dinner.

It's hilarious to think that most of these posts were written while farting.

Anonymous on :

I have a customer service job where I have to function at a high level for hours on end dealing with people. Today was definitely not my day thx to kashi go lean. I spent most of the day with a worried/pained look on my face. When I could get back to my office to get some relief it did no good. Even after doing my best impression of Gabriel's Trumpet for a good 4-5 seconds absolutely no respite from the discomfort.

I just can't eat this stuff. It's not worth it. Glad I found this really funny thread though! :-)

Lenor on :

I totally sympathize!

Anonymous on :

my buns are sore from the endless insanity. I have a date tonight. This is how I will die.

August on :

I also must say I am so glad I have found this site and all the blogs. I wound up in the hospital because of this Gas pain and the sulfur burps and methane Gas. This has been a horrible experience for me. They had put me on pain medicine until the doctors set up an appointment for a Lower and upper GI. Now I was eating the Kashi Go Lean Almond and flax and the cluster one to. There has to be something done about this. When I googled this I was truly in shock. And this is supposed to be Healthy for you? Really. I am sorry I can not laugh right now as I have en cured medical expenses do to this... I truly don't know what to do... Please advise if anyone has any advise... Thank you all for re-leaving my mind about all this horrible Gas. Ugh and I had a bowl last night and Here I suffer typing this... Blessings to you all August...

Pam Stephens on :

I told my family if I have to go to the hospitol Tell them I ate 2 bowls of Kashi Go Lean cereal, I always heard you had a lot of gas before a heart attact ....So I had a good talk with the Lord and was ready to meet him ... I'm so releaved to know you all have Gas ,( not completly releaved} This is the worst case ever. I can't leave the house , All my companys left and my dog walks backward when I come towards him. But Thank God It's not a heart attact

Cereal on :

The stuff is ruining my marriage

aiia on :

thank God for this site! i did email Kashi and I just wat to share their reply:(goodbye Kashi!)

Thank you for contacting the Kashi Company. We're so sorry to hear about your experience and it is difficult to determine the cause or source of your discomforts.

Good digestion is important to maintaining overall health. When your digestive tract is breaking down and processing food efficiently, your cells get the nutrients they need. Fiber is important to promoting digestive health. Yet, most Americans eat less than half the recommended amount of fiber.

There are two different types of fiber and they have different benefits in the body. Soluble fiber, as the name suggests, dissolves in water and turns into a gel. Foods rich in soluble fiber have been shown to help reduce cholesterol and help maintain blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber, you guessed it, does not dissolve in water and passes through the body almost entirely intact. This type of fiber keeps things moving through the intestinal tract. Insoluble fiber can help you stay regular and help remove harmful substances from your body.

If you’re just beginning to get more fiber in your diet, take it easy. Try to increase fiber to the recommended levels over several weeks, as overdoing it too quickly can lead to painful cramping and bloating. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep the fiber moving through your body.

Thanks again for reaching out to us. We wish you the best with your health and wellness goals.

Best of health,

Mark S.
Consumer Specialist
Consumer Affairs


TJ on :

So, I've been battling a bunch of gas and a LOT of diarrhea-like symptoms for the past few months. I FINALLY realized that Kashi was causing the problem and this website confirms things so thanks a bunch you guys! This cereal tastes so good but I will NEVER buy it again. It gave me constant, unrelenting, repugnant gas and ENDLESS empty, diarrhea-like bowel movements all the time. I JUST realized this today--I feel like I'll be a new man tomorrow. I'm still having gas from Kashi I ate at 3:00 this afternoon.

james77075 on :



Jennifer on :

I'm so glad I kept searching for a cause of this dang gas!! I thought I was dying or something. I was so happy when I tried Kashi Go Lean; IT TASTED SO FREAKING GOOD! But I noticed that I started to get gassy, yet I didn't know what was causing it. Well my mom just bought 3 more boxes of this, and I feel really bad. BUT I will not eat that because the smell is just so deadly and gross!

Cramping 24 Hours Later on :

Yes to everything already mentioned. I had two little KGL oatmeal choc. chip cookies yesterday at 3 pm. First I started burping a couple hours later. Then I started itching all over. Then came the bloating and gas. This morning I have the painful intestinal cramping and nausea.

DO NOT FEED THIS CRAP TO PETS. Or allow your child to feed it to your pets. Not even one tiny bite. Bloat will kill a dog. I shudder to think how many pets this toxic waste has killed already.

Nothing like this should be on the market. Despicable the way Kashi pretends they have NO idea what's going on.

Tonebowski on :

Jesus Christ I love this stuff. My business partner sits right next to me & always rules the day in the gas department. This kashi stuff has breathed new life into me. I sit at my desk with a green cloud floating over my head. I've punked so many of our interns with the "hey come check this out" line. I feel like the John Holmes of farts.

Federal Farter on :

I work for the National Park Service. Two days ago I warned my co-workers not to enter my office without an all clear from me. The smell and duration of the farts were indescribable! I finally took 3 hours of sick leave and went home early. Last night I thought...hmmm, Kashi. Today googled Kashi GoLean and farts. Thank God! No more for me.

LALA on :

The Kashi Cookies do it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous on :

I too thought it was delicious stuff. However, the gas was terrible. I was actually worried about ovarian cancer or something in my reproductive organs because my abdomen became so distended it was kind of frightening. No more! Not ever!

Kelly on :

How does this amazingly good cereal produce such HORROR! It literally produces THE worse smelling farts on earth. I knew things had gotten out of hand when I accidentally let a silent one escape me in the kitchen at work and my coworker began rooting through the fridge trying to find the "rotten eggs"! Whoops! :-D

Kim on :

I had 2 bowls of Kashi go lean crisp cinnamon, by 9am, by11-11:30am my stomach begin to tighten. Let the symphony begin (horn section only). It's after 6pm, the horns are still blowing.
No zumba for me tonight.

Thanks Kashi!


Ash on :

Its getting to the point where I'm actually afraid I'm literally going to shit my pants. Its sooo bad.

Cam on :

I bought a box of Kashi GoLean last week and really enjoyed it.A few days later and I was really worried something had made its way inside me, died and was exiting in the form of poison gas cuz I was ripping ass every 2 minutes. BAD ONES. So I ran out of GoLean yesterday and didnt have time to pick more up for breakfast today. Suddenly I realized... NO FARTS??? A quick google search and here I am. There must be a Kashi conspiracy to blow up our rectums. They gotta quit using Chicory Root for their fiber source. Good lord.

Farty Couple on :

The Wife picked this out the shelf on a Thursday. Oh My! What a turn off for the weekend. I should buy this for the refrigerator at work..."with Almond Milk".

Mike on :

I started eating Kashi Go Lean Crisp with the berries before work about a month ago after getting bored with plain oatmeal with fresh berries. After a few weeks it really hit me that I'd been having some extreme gas while in the office but not on the weekends. I quickly narrowed it down to this cereal. I immediately cut it out of my diet and have cured my problem.

My wife came home last night with Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies and some Kashi Pita Crisp Zesty Salsa. I had 1 cookie and a hand full of the crisps. Today...fart city.

No more Kashi for me!

TootyPooter on :

So I found this site while searching Goolge for Kashi farts. Yep I knew it had to be the damn cereal. It was my first time trying the Go Lean Crunch. I enjoyed one bowl of this stuff and then went shopping. Oh my gosh... I must have farted from one end of the mall to the other. So glad they played music throughout the mall otherwise I would have been making my own music, as much as I was hootin and pootin every 5 minutes or so. I felt so bloated I thought something was wrong. I've never farted so many times in one day in my life. I'm so glad I wasn't on a date or at a movie. Those were the type of farts that hurt too bad to hold in. My stomach was killing me all day. Should have seen the look on my child's face as I farted all the way up each step at home trying to run to the bathroom. My first & last box ever! Its going in the trash!

mel dog on :

Ever hear of Walter the Farting Dog, the children's book? Kashi-induced gas is slowly turning my children against me.

Farts R Us on :

I just looked this up and found this! I am not alone!!! Thank God!! I have been eating this in the morning and by out!! Gas central!! it's unreal how bad it is. I just put 2 and 2 together and realized it's the cereal DUH

Jeff B. on :

Thanks for the site. Day two of Kashi-Go-Fart and I put it together. Dropping Bombs on all inhabitants at work and in household! Farted so long and so loud that I damned near peed my pants!!lol Also about asphyxiated myself in the shower. Thanks for the laughs!!! I have found my new cereal!

Problems in the marital bed... on :

THANK GOD I'm not alone in this. I think this stuff had me on the brink of divorce. Letting out a little bitty SBD as my husband made his move was, let's just say, not a good idea. But it's not just the cereal! Their snack bars and frozen meals get to me was the frozen meals I was eating for lunch at work that nearly ended my marriage. (And my co-workers are thankful for my candle warmer in my office.) I'm swearing off all things Kashi for the sake of my marriage.

Intense stomach pain on :

I bought a huge box of Fiber One bars from Sams Club a few years back. I ate three bars the first might, because they were so delicious. I went to bed and slept for about 2 hours. From 3am onward, I was on the toilet or rolling around the floor, writhing in pain. I probably went #2 a dozen times over the next 36 hours. I don't even know how there could have been that much food in my body.

So I'm at Costco the other day, and find a sale on Kashi cereal. Apprehensive, I bought it and proceeded with caution. The problem is, being a Friday night, I'll have a few beers over the evening. When I drink, I get unnaturally hungry and will consume everything in sight.

Sure enough, after eating the leftovers and some chips and a few toner things, I encounter the box of Kashi. My plan, when I bought it, was to have a small bowl and give it a say or two, to see what happens.

Of course, having had a few beers, my judgment was bad and I ate 3 giant bowls. I went to bed at 1am, pretty sober and fully expecting to be gassy today. I was way wrong.

I woke up at 7am, tired as hell, farting like crazy. My wife hadn't yet woken up so I quietly opened every window in the house. Since 7am, I have had diarrhea 4 times at home and 2 more times at the gym.

I feel like I might have passed the last of it by now...but only time will tell. I'm throwing the box away so I don't make another stupid drunken decision.

Andrew on :

Wow. I had been having terrible gas for the past couple days and was already diagnosing myself with multiple diseases. But then I remembered saying to my friend,"Is it weird that this is my 3rd bowl of Kashi today?"

Big Stinker on :

Hilarious. My own experiments with Aldi's version of Kashi GoLean have found that it takes 8 tablets of Beano prior to eating to counteract the noxious cloud that surrounds me a few hours after breakfast. The recommended dose is 2-3 tablets. Maybe Kashi and Beano should enter into some kind of mutual advertising contract?

Bubble Gut on :

Day 4 of horrible gas...So I looked at what I was eating. Kashi Go Lean every morning so I searched it and BAM! Glad to see I'm not the only one.

Rumbling tummy on :

OMG! These stories are too much and we all can relate. I haven' laughed this hard in years. Seriously, why is this still for sale, can't kashi do something?

Fartley the Ferrett on :

I just read through this entire thread and laughed until I cried. After three days of extremely painful, thankfully odor free gas, it dawned on me that the likely culprit was the Kashi Go Lean Crunch that I'd bought on sale last week. Later, while Gchatting with my mom, I asked her if Kashi made her gassy, and she said "Yes! And I spent the entire day in the bathroom after I ate it!" I was curious if this was a widespread problem and stumbled upon this gem. I'm almost sad to leave the Gashi Kashi club, but it hurts too much, both to laugh and to poot. My box is going in the trash.

Too Late on :

Tried Kashi once, a month ago, and I think it changed my intestinal flora! Have had gas ever since, and never had a problem before. Wish I had seen this post before I tried it. I'm hoping that this will eventually pass (bad pun.)

Already pregnant, Kashi makes it look like twins on :

I am amazed to know this. I have eaten Kashi Go Lean in past before my pregnancy from time to time with no problems. Bought a box yesterday and ate some before bed and woke up in the middle of the night with the worst gas pains of my life. Excruciating. It was like a migraine in my abdomen. I actually checked to see if I had symptoms of appendicitis, but it just didn't match up. Finally felt better in the morning... Until I ate some more Kashi after work. My pregnancy hasn't started to show yet, but after eating Kashi, it ejanded to make me look like I'm 7 months along. This was when I began to suspect Kashi was the culprit, and this site seems to affirm that suspicion.

The thing is, I eat fiber all the time in my daily life with no problems, so the fault isn't due to fiber alone, but something specific to Kashi. Also, in the past, I have never had this reaction to it, but I havnt bought a box in probably 2 years or so. I wonder if they have changed something in their recipe at all?


Not a Good Class Teaching Explosives on :

I ate a bowl of KGLC before I had to teach an 8 hour guessed it about an hour into the class I started to feel like my sides were going to explode so I let the class take a short break....and then about every 30 min from that moment on another break....needless to say the students were a bit confused to say the least...I guess confused is better than gassed to death....I must say....This is not quite the explosive class I was planning on teaching!!

twigs on :

I started eating Kashi Go Lean Farts. I thought I was making a great choice in helping me maintain weight. Oh, it helps maintain weight. It also clears the room so bad that even my shepherd won't come near me after eating that stuff.

I get so bloated and then wind up farting the loudest and SMELLIEST farts in existence! Then the diarrhea comes here and there. That's always a blast. You can never be sure if a hot fart is going to be just a fart or something more, so I stay near the toilet.

So you might be able to pull off eating a pan of cupcakes and Kashi Go Lean Crunch all in one sitting because it's all going to come out FAST anyways. I doubt any calories can even be absorbed!

BTW- I'm lactose intolerant and drink soy milk on a regular basis with no reaction. Add kashi cereal and BOOM, farting alllllll day and NIGHT long.

PC on :

Wow! I just Googled Kashi Go Lean cereal gas, and this post came up. I started eating it yesterday, because the supermarket was out of my usual cereal, and what a BLAST yesterday and today have been. I eat breakfast at 8am, and by 11am I am seriously bloated, and doing HUGE farts. Last night I couldn't get to sleep because of the wind I was still having into the evening. This stuff is evil (my husband can attest). I am a really healthy eater, and always have a lot of fiber, so is that problem? It cannot be lactose, because I have my cereal with almond milk. I'm in SO MUCH PAIN right now, it's not funny!! The rest of the box is going in the bin; what a shame

Fred Fenster on :

"What the heck is wrong with me today?" "What did I eat?"

Rumination pointed to the sole possibility: Kashi GoLEAN Crisp! Toasted Berry Crumble.

I googled Kashi Go Lean and before I could hit return my browser helped out by auto-filling my choices: "gas" "flatulence" "farts" or "makes me fart."

I knew I was on the right track, so here I am at this site with other Kashi-tters. I further discovered that Kashi owns up to being the cause of fartus-maximus, blaming (crediting?) it on the chicory root fiber.

Good news is I didn't know I had any musical ability until I started playing the butt-trumpet today; my soloing was melodious. There was once a famous entertainer named "Le Pétomane" who made lots of money farting, so it seems I've got that new possibility in my future.

Anonymous on :

I was working at a convention and could not step away to pass gas. * My poor outfit started looking two sizes too small. * When I was finally able to get away, my booty didn't make it to the restroom. With every step I took, it was like the Army "your left, your left, your left right left" When I finally made it to the restroom I tried jumping up and down while I was in the stall in hopes that gravity would help me get the rest out before I got back. I got rid of some but it was the same thing over again. My stomach gurgling and my belt tightening. I love Kashi and refuse to give it up so I've timed it and it takes approximately 7 hours for me to start. So now I eat it on Friday and Saturday nights :-)

Anonymous on :

How is it possible that this thread has been around since 2007 and we've all been incredibly bloated and stuck in the bathroom for 7 years???? Is the chicory root the real reason that Kashi Go Lean both tastes so good and makes us evacuate our bowels? I had to train someone at work today and I kept saying that it was my stomach growling because I was hungry (it obviously doesn't sound like hunger pains - embarrassing!). And it's not like I didn't know this was going to happen because I did it to myself last year. And frankly, Im gonna eat it tonight too.

Esteban on :

I love this page.
thank you for the poetry, everyone.

Bananaz on :

I recently started having explosively LOUD farts. No smell though, just massive quantities of ass air. They will start and keep going for hours. I was sitting in the tub with the shower on relaxing, when all of the sudden, BURRRPPTTT. This fart was so powerful that it actually shot a little bit of water out from under me. I was laughing uncontrollably..... by the shower. I thought that I was becoming lactose intolerant. I started to wonder what might have caused this, what was new in my diet. Sure enough, I
Googled kashi go lean and google suggested the word gas afterwards. Bingo! I found this site, and now I no longer feel alone. Seriously though, if you want to prank someone....give them kashi. What the hell. Even beans don't make my ass rip this uncontrollably. Cereal tastes amazing, but it comes with a price. One which is hilarious.

Michael on :

One of my former bosses would just eat loads of Muesli and let it ferment in his stomach. The farts he let rip were so foul they would stink out his entire factory. So bad all of his workers would have to go outside to get fresh air.

Jacque on :

OMG. Uncontrollable, non-stop gas. I really thought there was something wrong with me! The first thing I did is search WebMD for 'continuous gas'. I've had to go the restroom 4 x's in the last 2 hours at work just to fart. The only thing I've eaten today was the cereal so I did a Google search for 'Kashi Go Lean and gas' and all of these stories popped up. I'm throwing that box away as soon as I get home. On my way to the restroom again as I submit this comment...

Adam Young on :

Ever have guests staying at your house that you prefer didn't? Try some Kashi Go Lean Crunch! Guaranteed to give you enough gas to make a point-blank spray from a skunk unnoticeable. Better yet, let your guests enjoy this tasty concoction from hell for breakfast and they may check out early in embarrassment. At the very least you won't have to worry about any dirty acts happening in the guest bedroom!:-)

Craig on :

Oh my god thank god for this thread. I have felt like I've been dying the last few weeks when I've had Kashi go lean crunch for breakfast. problem solved, never eating this shit again.

Miserable at Work on :

I SWEAR to you that this is true. I had penis surgery a week ago today, and the antibiotics stopped me up for a few days. My wife bought me a box of Kashi Crunch, of which i ate a bowl this morning. As i write this, i am in the bathroom (for the 5th time in 2 hrs) at work, and hands down, the churning in my stomach hurts WORSE than my surgery. This is worse than the time i had a chimichanga fried in lard & covered with sour cream at a 24hr mexican joint, washed down with a beer and a milkshake (i was unknowingly violently lactose intolerant at the time).

ONE fart to rule them all on :

The farts that are being expelled from my body are the likes of which have not been witnessed for thousands of years. I find myself retreating into a world of prideful neglect and fascination, much like a character from an Edgar Allan Poe story. A deep sadism has raised from the sheer torture I can now inflict on my family members and co-workers simply by ingesting a menial amount of Kashi GoLean Crunch. Will this ever end? Will I find myself again? I want my soul back.

Me on :

The kind of gas I've been experiencing thanks to this product is too fierce to comprehend. I can't believe they would manufacture a product like this, after this thread that I read. Where was the testing and sample survey for this? Surely someone said something about this. And this doesn't look like anything new… It appears that this thread dates back Pre-Obama. It's February 2016. Unreal. I'm a schoolteacher and I can't tell you how much more of a living hell my life is been thanks to the cereal. Talk about holding in- and sweating bullets trying not to let out explosive farts in the middle of a classroom full of kids. I brought a pillow just to put in my chair so that I can suppress my farts like a bullet exiting silenced rifle. Meanwhile my kids are wondering what in the hell is wrong with me, and why I have started teaching from my desk chair. Little do they know that my rear is, at a moments notice, ready to Pompeii their little worlds. And every fart feels like I'm trying to push a watermelon through a garden hose… Excruciating. Oh, and if you really want to make things thermonuclear, just add one or 2 cups of coffee, black, no sugar or dairy necessary. Enjoy the flatulence hallocaust that will undoubetedly ensue. PS what ingredient is it?? I'd like to steer clear of it.

Chicory sucks on :

Chicory, inulin...anything ending in " tol" like sorbitol or malitol. They will give you horrible gas, explosive diarrhea or both.

KashiPoopsForDays on :

I have officially moved into my bathroom. This stuff could be used as a high grade military weapon as it deliciously disables those who ingest it. Watch out toilets and underpants everywhere, sharts are coming.

Charlene Rice on :

Just a general thanx for so much gut-busting laughter that i cried AND peed myself. I have been farting for 56 yrs. and these farts do not compare...they are alien or primal - they are not human. Funny thing is i narrowed the problem down to the Kashi GoLean (which i also liked in my yogurt) however, i still buy it from time to time because its so tasty hoping for a different result such as merely enjoying a very tasty cereal thats good(?) for you...but no, alas, same result. They get you hooked on the flavor, i also had to watch that it didn't break my teeth and had to let it sit a 1/2 hour before eating it. Doesn't matter anyway, my digestive system hates me now for having ignored the constant reminders. Oh well, back to shredded wheat and oatmeal (the old stand-bys).

KH on :

This cereal made me so sick that I was scared to eat any cereal again for a year. Not only gas, but vomiting for 24 hours. Kashi go lean crunch is delicious, but even the thought of it makes me sick.

beanbagbed on :

Man its damn! it means one should hide in washroom after trying kashi :-D but thats natural and healthy as per my thoughts, wanna try that is that any side effects ?

Barbara Abraham on :

This is Barbara and I am a Kashi eater. It happen 4 days ago, and I haven't been the same since. Thought I'd have a nice healthy bowl of cereal in the morning, couple of hours later I doubled over in excruciating pain, uncontrollable farting and crapping! I thought I had food poisoning, but didn't pin point why until I looked it up this Kashi support group. What's really bad is that I had spicy mexican food later in the day. My rear end is bloody raw!!! WTF!

Kashtasstic on :

SO RELIEVED! I play poker for a living and was eating two Kashi nut butter bars, almonds and a salad each day at the World Series of Poker. I had a little gas, but that's not unusual when you're sitting for 10 hours a day. Two weeks ago I decided it would be more convenient to ear four Kashi bars and almonds, to save time making the salad.

BIG MISTAKE. Ever since I've been in agony half the day holding it in, and in awe when I got home and let it out. Who knew the human body could fart for 60-90 seconds uninterrupted? I can't hold my breath that long. I can't hold a note that long. He'll, I've busted out of poker tournaments in less time.

The good news is they're odorless. The bad news is I bought four more boxes before I finally started Googling to figure this out. At least I don't have some horrific digestive illness!

Katie B on :

This is both true and hilarious!!! Reminds me of the SNL sketch from the 90's about Colon Blow cereal!

Oof on :

My roommates and I used a box of kashi as a laxative. No joke.

Hazel S on :

I ate Kashi early this morning and have been blowing up ever since

FireInTheHole on :

I think Kashi in Japanese translates to Stay off the subway.

Anonymous on :

I work in a very quiet, small room in a library. (Sadly there is no ventilation whatsoever)
I chose the wrong morning to eat three bowels of Kashi because the internal auditor needed to come in and review some things. Let's just say she was ASTOUNDED by the smell and had "never thought anyone could build up gas so efficiently". SMH!!

Kashiblaster69 on :

After eating kashi religiously, i have not stopped farting for close 2 five days. I fart close to 100 times a day.

I looked up the average farts in a day this morning. It was 20. I started counting and hit 20 in around 40 minutes.

Smells like absolute shit too. Its thick and inescapable.

Ive been eating it for 3 years and somehow someway just started noticing this problem. It used to happen if it was more than 2 bowls a day. Now im blasting off with just a half a serving with soymilk.

The other i farted so much that when I left my house my parents noticed b.o.

It is so intense and gross that i get instant swamp ass and feel the need to shower only to fart directly after turning the shower off. I lather my hole once more and bam i blasted another fatty stinker.

It sucks that i might have to leave kashi in the past may as well enjoy shitting my pants for the rest of the week.

Jess on :

I’ve had stomach pains and terrible farts for days. I was beginning to get concerned and I thought to myself, I’ve been eating a lot of protein from this new cereal... let me just Google. Needless to say, this thread has helped the fear. I’m gonna cut out eating it for the next few days to see if it cures the toots. Maybe I’ll come back to do a follow up ????

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