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Heath Ledger's ass still unwieldy in body bag.

Click on the picture to blow it up, but evidently the corpse formerly known as "Heath Ledger" had a wardrobe malfunction last night as his body bag peeped open and quietly exposed his back side and rear end.
"I was in shock!" A school teacher gawking at the body removal incident said. "I brought my 5 year old here to watch a celebrity's corpse being paraded around in front of thousands of gawking spectators and the media. I did NOT bring my 5 year old here to watch the inexcusable act of a male rear-end being exposed!"
"It looks like he was in rehearsal for "Broke Back Mountain 2".... Never leave your brother's behind", another spectator exclaimed.


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Jen on :

He still looks really sad to me.

Anonymous on :


oooofff on :

that's not an ass. u idiots. thats his arm , in a weird position. his feet are upwards, and so therefore, it's impossible his ass is showing.


This is the worst fabricated picture I have ever seen. He must be incredibly flexible to let his ass hang out when his feet and face are facing upward. oh yeah, and he's dead. Whoever did this is a dumbass!!

TK (Admin) on :

No Shit, dumbass. Any one with two brain cells to rub together should be able to tell that this is SATIRE. It is not real news and the photos often look like they were doctored by a first grader with a computer. Jesus Christ... Either there are more stupid people in this world than I thought, or there are more stupid people that look at my site and leave comments... Either way ....

Turdie on :

What's SATIRE mean? What is that?

Elizabeth on :

Okay, this one is kinda funny.

Probably because it's less about a poor dead guy and more about stupid living people.

DiHollins on :

A friend told me about this horrific picture. This is not the least bit funny. To TRY to get a laugh at the misfortune of someone else is sad. This should be pulled. Someone wasted precious doing this, and a lousy job it was, too. Get a life and have some class.

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