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Fat girls Don't think I'm funny.

Fat Girls Hate Me
Hefty women everywhere were stunned this week by the callus remarks about a very serious incident involving fat women posted on
A recent scientific study found that a mere 4% of respondents found me "Funny" with only an additional 3% finding me "kind of funny".
"How dare he!", Exclaimed user BigNSexy this week.
"What a pig, what a lonely rodent!" stated user Curvy-N-Yummy.
FattyLovin even posted a comment entitled, "Die Pig!"
"I don't think this is funny," said username 2Much4U. "First he's making fun of people that have a serious disease of willingly shoveling way too much food into their mouths... What's next, making fun of murder?"
After several calls this afternoon, I was finally reached for comment.
When asked about the impact this negative reaction may have on me I was quoted as stating, "You know, this may really affect my dating pool. Most girls that will give me the time of day or either incredibly obese, or have a serious facial deformity. What happens when I make fun of people with serious facial deformities? My dating life will be over!"
"Fat girls don't think I'm funny. With all the fat woman surveyed responding to my remarks about fat women being shot, a whopping 93% thought I was "Not funny". This can only hurt me personally and socially."
With the obesity epidemic at all-time highs, obesity-coddling websites such as have garnered some pretty harsh criticism directed towards
"I feel bad for hurting anyone's feelings, but a website like that serves up delicious dishes like 'House:The Episode Guide', 'Recipe Ideas', and 'Which color M&M's make you horny', I can't help but feel like they should write an article titled, 'I should get off of my lazy fat ass and do something except watch TV, eat food, and worry about which color M&M's make my stale vagina moist.' It's just a thought.


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AnaBanana on :

Well...I happen to like black humor. But it does have to be funny. And some of your blog is actually funny in a black humor sense. Really, though, for the most part fat humor is just so passe, and overdone. That's where you're falling flat. It's way too easy to pull out tired and stupid stereotypes that aren't even true, and poke fun at the fat straw-woman than it is to come up with decent and biting black humor. But I think you have potential. If you stick with your strengths and develop them.

Fat humor isn't your strength, though.

Alex From Philly on :

My feelings they're hurt! Hey fat ass why don't you color your stretch marks with a black magic marker and call them tiger stripes. Meowwrrr!!!

Crossbuster on :

I'm surprised activists give the time of day to what's essentially the blog equivalent of a shock jock.

You have your place, they have their's. Why do the two even give a shit about each other?

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