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Local methamphetamine addict makes correct change at Taco Bell

It is always refreshing when the local meth head gives you correct change at the drive-thru.
I frequent fast food restaurants, Wal-Mart, and gas stations. I'll say one thing.... At least in the short term, people with a methamphetamine addiction make good employees.
Thus was the situation at my local Taco Bell tonight.
"Hello, can I take your order, are you HAVING a good day? I'm doing great, my name is Beth! Thanks for stopping at Taco Bell, can I suggest Chalupa menu value pack?"
"Yes" I think to myself. This chick has just said more in one breath in less than 1 second than any other fast food speaker-box underpaid restaurant worker ever has.... "I have a drug problem"
Having used meth for more than a year a decade ago I know the signs. Zealous over-excitement about being a fast-food worker.
I recently stopped at at Casey's general store only to find the meth-ridden cashier too much to handle.
"Why didn't I "pay at the pump"", I thought to myself.
"She is wayyyy too interested in how much gas I pumped and the slice of pizze I have".
I stop there 3 nights a week for a slice of pizza for supper and have not seen her since.
Nappy-headed Rutger's basketball crack hoes always look the same. Over aggressive change giving techniques and a tongue that runs all over their mouth like Tsunami in India. That is the definition of "Crack Hoe".
As with the presumed Taco Bell employee, she will burn bright but burn fast.
"Thanks for the change, go the hell."