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Fat girls hit on me

Fat girls are easy.
On an average day I get at least 1 fat girl message floating into my "Male seeking Female" advertisement on the internet.
Listen. I am not small. I don't advertise myself as someone who is as healthy as he can be. I don't advertise myself as being into fitness and eating well... BUT ALL THESE FAT CHICKS???
There's plenty of me, I don't need any more. I am plenty big enough for the both of us, so please stop hitting on me, fat chicks.
Click on the picture attached to blow up a screenshot of a Yahoo Personal message I got not too long ago. Another fat chick. What makes this picture extraordinarily funny was that the contextual advertisement underneath her picture was weight loss related. Funny.
I've been on 20 blind dates in the past 3 years. 18 of these have been fat. 17 fatter than I was led to believe, and the other two completely out of my league.
Fat chicks get weird quickly too. No I don't want to raise your two year old as my own. Thanks anyway, fatty, Fat fucking hoe.
It's like this,.. I m gonna be as big as I need. I'll put myself out on the line. I am looking for a girlfriend. And all i ask for is someone who is extremely attractive that is not a nasty fat hoe.