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Cho Seung-Hui single handedly screws up my TV watching schedule

I'm so glad that absolutely nothing else has happened in the world for the last two days, it has given us plenty of time to interview Cho Seung-Hui's babysitter, 2nd grade teacher, middle school girlfriend, and gardener.
I thought the 24 hour news channels were for 24 hour news, and the rest of the stations were pretty much off limits unless there was a tornado headed my way or a National Emergency. When you start cutting into prime time TV to tell me that you landed an interview with a camp counselor or something, it's just silly.
I mean, this sucks, right? Who can argue with that?
That having been said; how many more Cho Seung-Hui's is the media nurturing with all of it's attention? I predict bad things.

Don Imus breathes a huge sigh of relief.

Well another South Korean with a handgun has wrecked the whole week for everyone... again...
Please don't take this as a racist comment. I've worked with Koreans, and they have hardly ever shot at me.
It's funny the time we waste time on when there is no other important news. If Don Imus could have kept his remark to himself for another week, he could have kept his job.
If anyone in government wants to admit to a scandal do it now. You've got like a solid 72 hour stretch of time to admit to something that NOBODY will cover. It's like a scandal amnesty period.
Guess what else? 64 American soldiers have died so far this month (it is the middle of the month). I don't see any of the news stations doing a three day marathon stretch for them.