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Youssif meets Spidey and SpongeBob, Still Looks Unhappy.

Not Happy with Spidey
Not Happy with SpongeBob
Youssif did not even crack a smile while meeting his childhood heroes, it was reported Saturday.
"I know it's not the real Spider-Man," stated Youssif. "This is the single worst day of my life."
Youssif continued, "This is the most horrific single event I have ever been put through. Meeting this fake Spiderman and SpongeBob will be the singular memory that haunts me when I close my eyes at night. Every time I look in the mirror, I will be reminded about this horrifying event that forever shaped my existence."

I wish Princess Diana would die already

Get over it assholes. She's dead, and here's the pictures.
I am so sick of benefit concerts, memorials, and auto-erotic asphyxiation jerk off sessions about Princess Diana.
Sure people liked her; but for Christ's sake, I'm more upset about my civil liberties dying.
People liken Princess Diana to some kind of Mother-Mary-baked-into-a-grilled-cheese-sandwich type of bullshit.
She was a mother, a princess, and a wife.
And now she's dead.
She died in 20 minutes. We have been throwing circle jerk memorials for 5,259,487 minutes now.
Hurry up and die.