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Planned Parenthood Announces "Abortion Rewards" punch card.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Punch Card
In a surprising move, Planned Parenthood announced it's Christmas "buy five, get one free" abortion campaign this week.
"We hope these cards will encourage young women to get the sexual education and abortions necessary to sustain our mission." Cecile Richards, current president of Planned Parenthood of America stated Tuesday.
"If they get five abortions, they get one free! What a wonderful and rewarding health care system we have in this country!"
"If we were to give a free (fifth) abortion to every black teen in our office looking for sexual counseling, it has been theorized that car stereo, home invasion, and production of more kids would be drastically cut."
With a shrinking federal budget dedicated towards sexual education and with a total complete ignorance of the issues, teen pregnancy and sexual proclivity in the youth population has skyrocketed in recent years.
"We do not feel this incentive 'card' will encourage abortions", continued Richards, "But we feel this card will reward the diligent efforts of abortion-minded (black) teens looking to better our culture and family values."