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Hilton hotel's garbage cans actually smaller than Pairs Hilton's Vagina.

Hilton garbage cans look like Vaginas
The garbage cans at the Hilton are smaller than an average dwarf's vagina. WTF am I supposed to put in there? I can fit three bottles, I can of pop, and an empty packet of beef jerky. What kind of garbage is that. If Hilton were smart, they would put a 50 gallon trash bag and can in the middle of the room... Because you know we're going to make a mess.
Chairman William Barron Hilton stated in a late Tuesday phone interview, "Our vagina garbage cans our one of our most popular attractions at our Hilton Hotels", "We are committed to garbage cans; while vagina-looking, can also accommodate one liter of garbage."
When pressed about the incredibly small - incredibly vagina-like-looking garbage cans, Hilton stated, "A good vagina shaped Hilton garbage can should be able to handle anything you could throw in it.... $100 bills, coins, and chunks of pure gold."
We here at freakishly had a different idea about what to throw in the "vagina" dumpsters"
"I'm going to put trash in it", stated frequent traveler and vagina-shaped garbage enthusiast. It's really about the impossibly small vagina-like shape and size of the garbage can - it's about trying to throw things into it from more than 10 feet away."
"Our Vagina-shaped waste-baskets are not for throwing things away - they are for practicing real-life garbage-throwing into an actual sized human vagina."