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This is why the Lexsynergy : Brand protection services & the North Branch Veterinary Hospital both Rip people off.

For the PDF version that is even better with side notes, NorthBranchVetSucks.pdf I'm so glad that the North Branch Veterinary Hospital found a company like Lexsynergy. Lexsynergy and more specific "Lexsynergy : Brand protection services" really have no idea what they are doing.
Let me take you back... a year or so ago, a user of ours posted this online review of their experience at the North Branch Veterinary Hospital.
Well, North Branch Veterinary Hospital was not too fond of this review because they thought that exposing their business practices on the internet might be bad for their business.
After some futile attempts to have the First Amendment right of free speech and subsequently the user's post removed from the site they pressed on.
With great effort and (I can only assume) great expense they hired an online reputation business. The company is located in London and is called "Lexsynergy". They claim that by whatever means legal (or not), they will repair legitimate negative reviews on the internet in exchange for cash.
Lexsynergy and more specifically Lexsynergy : brand protection services, shoots out form letters to the people that host websites for people like me who maintain small no-profit blog websites..
What Lexsynergy and more importantly the North Branch Veterinary Hospital should have both known, is that when you scam people and rip them off, your reputation on the internet will be sullied.
I am glad that the money that our poster posted to our website went directly to Lexsynergy, which; with this post, will probably further damage their reputation... Maybe they could have settled on a fair payment with the customer in the first place or try to make it right if there was a disagreement. What an idea!
So where to start? Well let's first say that a copyrighted image was "stolen" from their website... Copyright! That will get them! Click here for a story on over 500 websites use the EXACT SAME IMAGE AS THEM, and is free for download off of common license sites like photobucket, etc.
They also stated that a photo of a man having sex with another man on a review of their services might hurt CHILDREN! WHAA! NOT THE CHILDREN!!! Give me a break. Who the fuck is looking up "North Branch Veterinary Hospital" except people that live in the area? NO ONE! I can only imagine a high school student doing a report on the North Branch Veterinary Hospital and vomiting all over the computer screen seeing a man pleasuring another man. Your demographic is not 8 year olds. 8 year olds would be looking at Barney and Dora the explorer, not the rates for castration of their pets, nitwits!
After the letter (to be nice), I replaced their "copyrighted" image with a nice drawing of a dog with a huge boner -----> and also replaced the picture of two men in a consensual relationship with a drawing of a dog with a huge boner raping a man... ------> But that was not enough.
The next day I received notice that someone (namely Lexsynergy or North Branch Veterinary Hospital), wrote me to claim that I was offending people by posting their name next to photos of dead dogs being sold for meat in different countries with the reference that I might trust these people more than the North Branch Veterinary Hospital.
This is where it stops.
It has come to light that even the President of the United States was fed dog in his diet growing up.
The pictures I posted were open-source common license photos of dog meat markets all around the world. Guess what bitches? You do not own these pictures, Wikipedia common license owns most! It's from a Wikipedia article dipshits. How dare you attack me for inappropriate pictures for information your kid can get from a Encyclopedia? Fuck the North Branch Veterinary Hospital and fuck you, Lexsynergy : Brand protection services. As a business, sometimes you have to accept the responsibility for ripping someone off. Once in a while you have to take your lumps and learn from it. I'm sorry our user thought your "hospital" and I would use HUGE quotes around that if I could, scalps dog fixes like a used car dealership, but it is not the end user's fault, it is yours!
If you provide bad service, say you're sorry and make it right! Don't hire an offshore agency that promises to fix your reputation... After all, it is a lot easier to maintain a bridge than to build a new one, and this bridge has gone from crumbling to collapsed.
As for Lexsynergy : Brand protection services, here is one of the single most unprofessional letters we have ever received. We hope you didn't pay too much for their services... at least hopefully less than $500, the amount you ripped the user off. Please find exhibit A, the letter with highlights and makups and stickynote posts (in PDF format) so you can see for yourself what you paid for, an unprofessional, ambiguous, and poorly-written demand to my ISP.

Places I would trust my dog with more than North Branch Veterinary Hospital

I would trust this South Korean street vendor more than the North Branch Veterinary Hospital.

I would rather leave my dog in this meat vendor's pan in China.

This guy selling on the street in the Philippines is a better alternative than North Branch Veterinary Hospital.

North Branch Veterinary Hospital is less likely to take proper care of my dog than this rabid mut.

This woman in Hanoi probably has more compassion and respect for animals than the North Branch Veterinary Hospital.

Hell, this guy can watch my dog before I would ever trust her care to the folks at the North Branch Veterinary Hospital.

Here is an actual review (not my own) directly from Yelp (the only review on the site).

"I was VERY disappointed with this clinic. I couldn't have been treated worse. I had a Doberman who had retired from the show ring. So he wasn't a young pup anymore. On a Saturday evening I took him for a walk. He was strong. By Sunday morning he was showing signs of hip problems. By the afternoon he was paralyzed from the hips down. I called this "clinic" and was called back by the vet on call. He said it was probably just constipation. He continued to get worse and he was in pain. I called back and the same vet returned my call, he said again it was probably just constipation. He said bring my dog in the next day. Nikko got worse throughout the night until he would scream in pain if you just touched him. He was completely paralyzed except for his left front leg and head. The next day, Monday morning, I called again, I was told to bring him in. I told them he was in excruciating pain. They told me to wrap him in a blanket and carry him in. I got him down there and into the clinic they immediately diagnosed warblers disease. No kidding I had told the "doctor" the night before that it was warblers, he said no it was constipation. They put Nikko down. I knew they would have to. One of the vet techs rolled her eyes and actually said, "it's only a dog." Other vets would have come out to put him down. This clinic is horrible."