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Boy Scouts of America Postumusly awards Rare and coveted "Tornado merit badge" to dead scouts.

Aaron Eilerts, 14, from Eagle Grove, Iowa; Josh Fennen, 13, Sam Thomsen, 13, of Omaha; and Ben Petrzilka,13 were postumusly awarded the uber-rare and coveted "Tornado merit badge," it was reported Saturday.
"These rare and sought-after badges are reserved only for our special Scouts that are crushed by tornado debris," stated current National President John Gottschalk in a telephone interview.
"You can build a fire from sticks, use a bow to shoot an apple off of your friend's head, and even leather work a rawhide baby seal into a wallet and this badge will still elude you."
"We feel our remarkable young men who are caught off guard by tornadoes are especially heroic. Their heroic actions make us all pause and think about the horrible, horrible, series of events that happened that fateful night in Iowa. What brave young men it took to so heroically be crushed by tornado debris. They are an inspiration to us all. "


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Hefty Hoe on :

HAHAHA. Dead boy scouts.

Darrell Kirk on :

An in-depth radio interview with "Life Scout" Hal Emas can be found at:

Troop 448 on :

Please see this website for information on actually making a difference for the Boy Scouts of the Little Sioux Scout Ranch.

troop 85 on :

you fail. you just put a new picture over the swimming merit badge in photo shop

Anonymous on :

"...heroically be crushed by tornado debris." LAWL. I'm sorry, were they trying to *stop* the tornado from happening or something? What was heroic about dying in a tornado? Did they save a pregnant woman? Am I missing something or do Americans really not know the definition of the word heroic?

And in any case, shouldn't the Tornado merit badge be awarded to those who *avoided* getting killed by tornadoes?

Anonymous on :

Another idiot.

Stig O'Malley on :

And in any case, shouldn't the Tornado merit badge be awarded to those who avoided getting killed by tornadoes?

No! They get the coveted Flying Funnel Badger badge, but only if they survived after having achieved 50' in altitude.

Ass hole on :

You are an ass hole. You must have been made fun of as a child. Making fun of children who die in a tragic accident just makes you a douche. Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous on :

What a fucking turd you are. Too bad your mother wasn't crushed to death before she gave birth to a piece of shit like you.

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