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Planned Parenthood Announces "Abortion Rewards" punch card.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Punch Card
In a surprising move, Planned Parenthood announced it's Christmas "buy five, get one free" abortion campaign this week.
"We hope these cards will encourage young women to get the sexual education and abortions necessary to sustain our mission." Cecile Richards, current president of Planned Parenthood of America stated Tuesday.
"If they get five abortions, they get one free! What a wonderful and rewarding health care system we have in this country!"
"If we were to give a free (fifth) abortion to every black teen in our office looking for sexual counseling, it has been theorized that car stereo, home invasion, and production of more kids would be drastically cut."
With a shrinking federal budget dedicated towards sexual education and with a total complete ignorance of the issues, teen pregnancy and sexual proclivity in the youth population has skyrocketed in recent years.
"We do not feel this incentive 'card' will encourage abortions", continued Richards, "But we feel this card will reward the diligent efforts of abortion-minded (black) teens looking to better our culture and family values."


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Harmony on :

OMG, who will be even interested in Abortion, only for the sick and reckless and nonchalant.

kelly on :

Yours is one of the most informative personal blogs I've ever come across! 'Abortion rewards' definitely make teens be more aware of their personal choices when it comes to sex and kids, even if ppl don't want them.

Harmony on :

hmm... True, i support your cause.. but i do know its written in a sarcastic manner :

Robert on :

I don't even know where to begin. I guess all I can say is that I hope this is a bad joke. The Silent Majority

Raped on :

WOW, i cant believe that they would make cards like this. Look! they use a vacuum, hangar, and throw the baby in the trash! i bet there is gonna be alot of sluts that get their free abortion.

BoomLover on :

I know that this is a joke, in somebody's mind, but it is a sick one, just like all the other ones you have listed.....some people just have to get their 15 minutes of they must be happy that they are now famously STUPID! Thanks for allowing us to glimpse the bottom of the shallow end of the DNA pool. Now go grim at yourself in your bathroom mirror...

Britt on :

This is a joke right? They make it sound like a sale at the mall. Kids are going to grow up thinking abortion is like candy. buy so much get some free. they don't tell you the consequences of either of them.

JSouthwe on :

this ad is easily the most disturbing thing i have ever seen. all this does is tell people, "hey, there more you have sex, the cheaper it is to pay for your mistakes." this doesnt EDUCATE ANYONE!!!!! all it does is make it more appealing to have sex, get pregnant, murder your baby cuz well... its free after the fifth time! wtf has this world come to?

christine on :

SICK! Glad to know that we can all go out and spread ours legs because after the 4th our 5th is free. The baby can feel everything, just plan sick to think that people would do that to their own children.

Asnina on :

I tend not to comment, but I browsed a few of the remarks on %BLOG_TITLE%. I do have 2 questions for you if it's okay. Is it just me or does it look as if like some of the remarks look like they are coming from brain dead people? :-P And, if you are writing at other social sites, I would like to keep up with you.Here Would you make a list of all of all your social networking pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

Camery on :

This is so messsed up. Why would you kill something that is YOUR fault. If you wouldnt have had unprotected sex in the first place you wouldnt get pregnant. Its not that hard to put and condom on and use it. Its not the babys fault, its your ingnorance. Dont punish the baby for this. Your goin to hell for this, is all i can say.

Anonymous on :


monique on :

Using African American children must be a sure winner for anti-abortionist. The point is taken, but at the expense of the appearance that we as African American women lack responsible care over our wombs and the pearls we carry....

Anaia on :

I read the article since I'm doing a report on Abortion for my Ethics class and I must say this article is truly offensive and focuses solely on what black teens. Implying that they are the only demographic having abortions. Your point is taken but could have been made using another strategy. The issue is about abortion and lack of education and responsibility its not a black or white issue its an everyone issue!

The card is tacky and distasteful and even though intended as a joke to make fun of the lack of one's personal responsibility is abhorrent!!!!! Planned Parenthood should do what their name suggests, assist people who have issues with their pregnancy to know all options available and should assist them in picking a solution best suited for their needs, rather than force their own opinions down peoples throats. This is why so many are uneducated about this topic, pregnancy, sex, disease, the reproductive system, etc.

Not impressed at all with this information, its offensive, rude and should not be taken lightly or mixed in with racist, ignorant comments that assist to cloud judgement

Grant26Maria on :

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Kellye on :

I understand greatly the frustration and anger that you feel regarding the issue of abortion... Although i also know that there are more honorable ways in which to make this point. This is obviously a satire based on what is becoming a common place occurrence.. It is sad that abortion is such a cavalier resort, let alone an option!... As for the accusations of targeting black women.. This unfortunately is not an ignorant assumption.. In fact to be quite exact when Planned Parenthood was being formed it's founder presented the concept of abortion as a secretly self proclaimed ingenious method that would cause minorities (Black, Hispanic, & Jewish Immigrants) to slowly terminate their own people. Planned Parenthood started going to minority schools to spread the abortion message.. Though they never felt the need to speak at the predominantly white schools. In an early Planned Parenthood document the founder refers to the minority races as, "weeds" & states that they are "contaminating & poisoning our society". Many people don't know that the founder was a self proclaimed white supremacist who was involved with the Ku Klux Klan. Planned Parenthood has obviously denied this stating that these are vicious lies spread by radical extremist Pro Life groups.. This horribly racist agenda of course is vicious, but frighteningly true. The information has always been there in words of black & white, but most people don't believe it... Or they just won't do the research for themselves. In the question of taste.. Most Pro-Abortionists resort to sneering and ridiculing the Pro-Life supporters.. But that doesn't mean that we should take the same approach.. Why lower ourselves & jeer or condemn our fellow man .. All we need do is state facts and our point can be made, understood & by the grace of God this monstrosity will no longer be legal in our country =)

Research Paper on Health on :

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HandsOffMyUterus on :

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Oh MY!! If ONLY this was true!!! HAHAHAAHAHA!! You guys are hilarious. Hate to break it to yo, but A. Roe v. Wade will never be repealed; B. even if it was, we'd still get abortions. You won't stop us--there are LOTS of ways to get rid of unwanted parasitic cells, and we'll keep coming up with more. LOVE whoever made up the punch card, tho. Thanks for the laugh! XD

Sylvia on :

Yeah there ya go now people can go out and fuck everything and anyone and not deal with the consequence of taking responsibility for your own actions it's so much easier to murder a baby just as long as your an abortionist you get away with murder scott free

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