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Corn King Bacon - Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Corn King bacon is shitty.
Corn King Bacon has to be one of the most horrible meat products ever shrink-wrapped, boxed, and stuck in the butcher's cooler.
Corn King bacon is impossibly thin to work with. The meat has chunks of lop-sided fat that's congealed together and not cut properly.
There are a lot of things I don't know much about, but bacon is NOT one of them.
In the above picture please notice the Corn King wallowing in shit. Then notice the Corn King package full of shit. This seems like a better use of the packaging and my hard-earned dollar than buying your bacon.
I hope you die Corn King. You can't even slice open a pig's belly and carve out a decent chunk of fat from it's gut. It's not rocket science.

I've come up with a mouth-watering recipe using a pound of Corn King Bacon you may have accidentally ended up with.

What you'll need:
1 pound Corn King Bacon - (any variety will do)
1/2 cup mayo or salad dressing
1 tsp celery seed
2 tbsp white vinegar
4 - 4 oz pork chops

Directions : Preheat oven to 400 degrees
In a bowl, combine celery seed, vinegar, and salad dressing. Add a dash of pepper if desired.
Mix ingredients thoroughly until there are no lumps.
Pull apart the god-forsaken excuse for bacon (if you can) and pull it's gold leaf-like strips of hog fat onto a paper towel.
In a 14" glass bottom pan - take the chops and wrap them with the impossibly thin strips of "bacon". Use toothpicks to secure the gellatenous substance to the pork chops. Set in pan.
Pour previously mixed mayo mix over prepared chops.
Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes or until the bacon completely melts into fat and falls off of the pork chops.
Let cool for 5 - 10 minutes.
Carefully remove from oven, and empty contents of glassware into the garbage.
Now eat the glass bottom pan. - It will be more satisfying.


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sandy on :

I think corn king bacon is the best bacon I have ever ate.I would be glad to buy it anytime.

gail on :

i found your blog direct & to the point i loved it it made my day--i recently bought some corn king bacon it was thick & looked good in the package---however when i got it home anothe story---thick alright with nothing but FAT,FAT, AND MORE FAT i fried it just to see----pan full of FAT, FAT, AND MORE FAT i took your suggestion & threw it out & licked the pan hahahaha thank you for making my day

claire nice on :

We disagree fully with you. We LOVE the Corn King bacon and we look for it in the stores. Where can we order some?

korn king on :

I agree. Corn king bacon is bad. It's sliced unreasonably thin. Even with the lower price, it's not worth it. You're better off buying the good stuff. This, is not the good stuff.

Jimmie Berry on :

I'll never buy this this bacon again. It is made by Tyson and they don't care about the quality of their products. I encourage everyone to quit buying this crappy bacon.

Gloria Edwards on :

To whom it concerns:
I have gotten Corn King Bacon for a long time and the last few packages that I have gotten were terrible, it was nothing but fat or fat and a little meat and when I cook it, it cooks up to nothing as it shrinks so much into such little pieces. It has always had a good flavor but when it is so small and you don't have enough to feed maybe one person that is how much it shrink. I was very unhappy with this last I brought so I do feel you need to return my money to me, as I usually by 4 or 5 packages at a time, I shop at Wrights Grocery in Glenwood, Ar. My mailing address is Gloria Edwards 65 Edwards Road. Glenwood AR 71943 until I hear something from your or your company I will not buy this brand again. Thank you

Elizabeth on :

I agree, I looked over the package for a phone number, there isn't one. These days most products have a phone number and/or email address.

dave walz on :

this is not a joke ,there,s good reason for this product not having a company web site . they must be tired of getting all of the complaints.this has to be the absolute worst bacon product on the market .i,ll give them this much ,they have perfected the art of cutting this fat in as thin a slice as i,ve ever seen . never will i consider any more of corn kings products

Sherry on :

OMG! I just purchased your bacon for Sunday brunch...That will ever happen again. This is the worst product ever . Not only is it paper thin it has no taste. On the package it states easy to seperate. That's crap it comes apart in 2" pieces crumbled. Sorry you just lost another consumer!

emily on :

ok so i just bought some of your bacon and i almost puked! it looked good from the package but when i opened it up and put it in a pan i almost died. it was speckled with black shit! it looked like someone had put black dill weed all over the bacon it sickened me! i can honestly say this is the worst bacon i have ever seen in the world its fatty moldy and gross i will never ever ever buy it again and i would not recommend anyone to buy this product unless you want to get mad cow disease or some shit CORN KING BACON YOU ARE SICK ASS PEOPLE FOR TRYING TO SELL THAT NASTY SO CALLED BACON TO PEOPLE!!!! thank you corn king i am now scarred for life

peggy on :

I had recently bought a pakage of corn king bacon to make appitizers for my Christmas gathering for my family. It was NOTHING but fat and was UNUSEABLE!!!!,No bacon wrapped weinies for us,what a waste of money to purchase this product,and a HUGE dissappointment

Rock on :

Shut the fuck up. Corn King bacon is sweet as a country morn. Everyone over 40 knows that.

mary christiansen on :

what a wreck i bought 4 pkgs of cornking bacon NO GOOD was all different sizes in the same pkg. some wouldnt pull away from other pieces it all ripped apart. what a pain in the butt. v4kze

duncan on :

picked 2 pkgs. because it was on sale.....Never again, I see why they put it in a cardboard box, I would be embrassed too!!!! Nothing but fat, fell to pieces trying to get it pulled apart, ( shaved bacon!?!?) I will pay the extra or do without!!

Mork Morgan kb9rqz on :

We in the UP of michI tihnk corn king bacon is great we use the fat and grease on Gavs streach marks and to lube up dad. The bacon may be thin but it makes it easeir to eat sicne we have not teeth. Being a kosher ham i can only eat it atp assover.


marilyn on :

Purchased 2# of cornking bacon for BLT sandwiches. When we opened one pound it was 90% fat. The other pound was 80% fat and at the bottom all little pieces of so called bacon. This is robbing the costumer and should be stopped by the company. I will NEVER buy this product name again.

Danny on :

Corn king is one of the best tasting bacons i have ever ate. It fries up crisp and the shrinking isn't that bad. Sure you get a lot of grease after cooking it. I just save more money by cooking my eggs in it. Love Corn King Bacon buy 10 packs at a time.

Pat on :

Recently purchased a pound of your bacon - it is HORRIBLE - NOTHING BUT FAT. Not worth the money - I'd rather give up bacon than purchase yours again.

Cindy B on :

I agree with the statements above...horrible horrible bacon! If you can even call it that......Packaged Fat would be more like it. Where is the quality control of this company that puts out a product like that? Where is the USDA that allows this to happen? Come on folks....make these people do their jobs or boycott buying this crap. Maybe we should contact the USDA for an inspection? Thats a thought!

Martha Cross on :

I have always liked Cornking bacon, I bought 2 packages yesterday and it was horrible. The slices are all congealed together. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

blink on :

F.Y.I. Corn King is the best bacon I've ever had! You should try it again and see how you like it. P.S. Don't put shit on the internet, its just wrong. Next time try using crap.

Homer Simpson on :

"F.Y.I. Corn King is the best bacon I've ever had! You should try it again and see how you like it. P.S. Don't put shit on the internet, its just wrong. Next time try using crap."

@blink, You must have eaten really really crappy bacon your entire life, or you work for corn king.

Either way corn king is terrible bacon. However, after reading the label, I found out the problem. The Bacon is made from corn instead of pork, no wonder there is no meat, it's made with corn oil, husks, few handfuls of dirt, and pig vomit.

I am so sorry, we should have known better than to assume bacon would be made from an actual animal.

Blink, you big dummy.

Ilene on :

I bought some corn king bacon for supper lastnight and it was the worst and fattiest bacon ever. I tried to cut off abour an inch of each end and tried to seperate to fry and all it did was crumble. There was barely any meat and the further I tried to peel off the slices the fattier it got. You really need to do something about your quality or lose your business. Horrible, Horrible and Horrible Almost makes me want to stop buying bacon. You aren't the only company who serves fat with your bacon there are others and it is a shame the price you people ask for a chunk of FAT!

Always Right on :

Ok, Bacon is great, and "Corn King" Bacon, being bacon as it is, is _great_. For those of you that aren't intelligent enough to realize it, Corn King Does indeed have a website, but you see "Corn King" is not the name of the company that makes the bacon, it is the name of the product! The company is Tyson Foods! idiots.... Anyhow, for those that aren't intelligent enough to realize it also, Tyson Foods puts openings on the back of its boxes so that you can see the bacon and its fat quality and content and buy to your preference. I simply open the little opening and choose ones with less fat. Oh, and I do not work for Tyson by the way, I just have little patience for babbling morons and bandwagon jumpers that can't think for themselves....

Anonymous on :

I've bought Corn King for years and have never gotten a bad package. It's my favorite bacon. I enjoy the good quality meat and the nice smokiness. I just bought my first Corn King BRT smoked ham, today. Wonderful quality and flavor.

Mike on :

Horrible bacon!!! all FAT FAT FAT and is thin and shrinks up small

thin bacon lover on :

Heres a trick for whatever bacon brand you like to use. Before opening, roll up the package corner to its perpendicular (I think I used that correctly) corner. I do this in all directions before I remove from the package. This means no more digging and breaken pieces.

Stupid Detector on :

We LOVE Corn King Bacon.Are you people too STUPID to pull the slices apart??? It is a very simple process if you are NOT STUPID!!!!!! All bacon has fat in STUPID MORONS!!!! I am detecting lots of STUPID people that can't think fpr themselves, shop for themselves,or pull apart bacon strips.......GOSH, SOME OF YOU ARE JUST STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob on :

I have used cornking in the past and found it to be average, but lately...especially the last package that I bought, it was mostly fat and the slices were so thin that they were inseperable and one end of it was not even sliced ! Wake up Tyson...or whoever is responsible for this product. You've lost my business....and a lot of others too, from the looks of this page!

Anonymous on :

Ive been buying Corn King Bacon from HEB for the longest time and I love it. All of a sudden Im finding out that they are no longer selling my favorite bacon. Who ever thought of not buying it had a bad idea. Now I must go look for it everywhere else. I will probably stop going to HEB once I find out where they sell my Corn King Bacon.

Bacon Lover on :

And I love Corn King too! Very good flavor. Pick the packages carefully and get what you like best. My first pick over the other "name" brands. If you don''t like it, don't buy it! I won't buy Armor.

Maria on :

Love the product, will not buy another product.

Woger Unwiseman on :

Here in West Virginny, we loves usin some Korn Kings bacoon. It taste so yummy like it fresh off Lloyd big old behind. You haters out theres not know wit you missing afteryuo cooks it, it taste like A Big 8 Messy Queen.

anonymous on :

I've bought 2 packages of corn king bacon, mainly, to save money. I'm tired of paying $8 for a 1lb of bacon. I used about 4 slices tonight in a pot of black beans which i'm going to vaporize in brown rice.

bacon is fatty. but it's also $2.80 per lb which is $.50 cheaper than walmart's brand. all of ya'll should stop complaining and start buying the more expensive stuff. why complain over a cheap ass brand of bacon?

Anonymous on :

All you have to do read the label for contents. Don't be surprise when you research and find it is made with unthinkable things like earth worms.

Gav Honjackinmork on :

After dieting for two years, I was amazed that I could eat Corn King bacon, and still attain my goal weight. All my friends at the local ham radio club was amazed as well. I started out weighing 200 pounds, but with the help of Korn King bacon, I have really got my figure the way it pleases my husband, Mork. At 535 pounds my Morkie has found all kinds of new folds and rolls to try out on my body. Thank you Korn King.

Anonymous on :

I have always like corn king, like the inexpensive cheap fatty stuff. But as of late it is totally gross! I am not even sure that this is pork. It appeared fatty but the fat never cooked down. I got flappy gross yellow looking blobs in the fry pan. Never ever again!

Lloyd Davies TimeLARD on :

Is this corn or pig? I never eat pig because (a) need to loose waight (2) God forbids canniballism.

Lloyd Lardhuass on :

I recently switched over to eating Korn King bacon. I am a 36 year old pizza delivery boy and virgin. Where I work we use Korn King bacon for our fantabulous nim-busted pizza. It's very good and I love eating it while I pretend I am a Time Lord and do dirty dancing with Daleks. My live in boyfriend Woger says he loves Korn King bacon too.

KKKoral on :

When I wrap Corn King Bacon around my toobe with hondals it fills my hamshack with that ~hickory-smoked aroma.

Todd Dawgerty on :

My mom recently began buying corn king bacon from our local Wal-Mart. You know the one that FIRED ME FROM MY JOB AS CART PUSHER &@;/!, SLAPNUTS!

Anyway the bacon taste ok on a BLT that I eat in the basement while I play with my dolls and mine craft, and get excited watching lollicon.

Ester Girouard on :

I bought this bacon. It is too thin and stretches to about 14 inches while trying to pry it out of the container. It took forever to cook, but, I cooked it according to directions. It did not have a bad flavor. It should be thicker. I will not buy again as it takes twice as much for two people to cook.

Mork Morgoon on :

Dad died in Febrary 2014. I guess he ate too much bacoon during p assover, shaloam.

Lloyd Lardhaus on :

Mork KB9RQZ, me and Woger were very sad to read about your Dad. I know it was tough for him with you as a son. Me and Woger are still enjoying our Korn King bacon topped Nim-busted pizza. It is so good. Woger has stretched me out pretty good, I can now fry Korn King bacon in my rectum using the small pan. Just yummy, we loves us some Korn King Bacoon. You and the she-man Gavi should try some too.

adele on :

worst bacon i ever had wont buy it again

Larry Simmons on :

We bought some of this bacon because it looked good in the package. I was in the living room when my wife started frying some. I smelled this "stinky" smell and ask her what are you cooking? It smelled like it was from a boar hog that was not dressed correctly. She seasoned a nice pot of green beans with the bacon and we had to throw the entire pot out. Stunk and tasted so bad we couldn't eat it. I'll never buy this crap again.

Jared on :

I just attempted to eat this sorry excuse for bacon this morning. I wish I'd found your blog earlier and avoided stinking up my home for no good reason. Thanks for the laugh, it eased my buyers remorse. However my dog thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe they should package it as dog food?

Anonymous on :

Trick to cooking Corn King. Cut the platic open long ways across the top. Slide a finger under the slice you are trying to remove as you gently pull up. Lay each slice next to each other on a roasting pan with rack and place in a preheated 350 degree oven. When you smell bacon, pull the rack out and using fork, tongs or spatula make sure the bacon seperates from the rack easily and flip the pieces over one by one and cook for another 5 minutes or so. Voila. Corn King cannot be fried or it WILL disintegrate.

peggy Granzow on :

what a disgrace your corn king bacon is!!! I purchased the bacon for the first time last week. I am extremely particular in the bacon that I purchase because of the price that all companies charge. Our favorite bacon is Oscar Mayer. I have never had issues with that brand in 38 years, yet, because I am trying to cut my grocery bill down, I thought that I would give Corn King a try. Wow!!! What a mistake that was!!! My husband went to cook breakfast for our son and himself and ended up wasting over half a pound of your bacon because the packaging was deceptive, big time!!! How dare any company that would 'hide' the fat content and charge meat prices for something that either will be cut off or eaten with no nutritional value? The audacity of american big business is horrendous!!! What kind of fool do you take the american public for?

Betty Watson on :

CORN KING BACON!! Love this bacon! You say it's too thin,but here is what you can do.I open the package and taka Sharp knife and cut half into.Take one half and put it in the Pan!! Works great!! I love the flavor,I like the crispy smoked flavor and the Price!! ..I usually buy mine at Walmart in Lacey, Washington but they DO NOT CARRY it Now 11-14-15, it keeps saying out of Stock! ! EverytimeI would go and get some, everyone was buying 4 to 5 pkgs at one time !! Can You please tell me where you can buy it now!!! I'm lost with out it!! Tks Boop!!


I found these comment wile looking to get Corn King bacon at a store closer to my house. I have always found it to be extremely flavorful and suited my needs in every way. I love it and it packaging.

I will stock my freezer with it, feed my family and the grand baby with it as well. To each is own in taste.

joy washum on :

I agree, this is the poorest excuse specimen to be called bacon that I have ever seen. Sliced so thin and the fat part is so slimy that you can't separate it. The lean part about 2 inches long and pulls apart in strings. There is no such thing as a slice of bacon. Just clumps of fat. Biggest waste of money ever. They should be closed permanently for such shaby thing to be called bacon.

Daryl Flanigan on :

Corn King ROCKS !

CK Bacon Lover on :

I have always like this bacon for yrs. It is not as bad as described. AT ALL!!It's a matter of ones preference,taste, budget, availability ect. I did learn something that has unfortunately made me think twice to ever purchase it again, regardless of how much I like it. It's a product of Tyson's. Enuff said!!

Rob on :

Corn king bacon is great cheap gets crispy for bacon gravy and tossed salad bacon good for loaded baked taters too

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