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North Branch Veterinary Clinic , A fair and balanced review.

Update 4-17-2012 - Due to a threatening letter (see below), I have been forced to redo the artwork for this post. I think most will find them more tasteful. By the way, these are photos are fully protected by international copyright, so don't try to use them on your site, North Branch Veterinary Clinic!
North Branch Veterinary Hospital
My Dog wasn't feeling well, so I waited over the weekend to schedule an appointment with the local vet... I scheduled early and made a definitive time to bring her in.
She was feeling much better when we arrived but the doctor asked me if it was ok to do an X-ray, blood test, etc...
Of course, I could spend one or two hundred dollars on my old dog...
I checked out of North Branch Veterinary clinic one hour later with a dog who was pretty much the same and a bill for $420!!!!! What the fuck? Nobody ever told me that bringing my dog in for a routine examination would cost half a grand! She is 15 years old and I made it very clear to him that I didn't want to do anything heroic.. How the hell could I drop half a grand on a dog I cared (at the most) $100 about?
They ripped me off... they ran a bunch of tests that were neither asked or approved for. I am sure when they buy their new boats for their cabins they feel really good but $500 is a LOT of money for a 30 minute diagnosis.
To add insult to injury, he gave me an estimate for another $1000 worth of "exploratory surgery".
What a crock and what a bunch of money grubbing-thief assholes.... Don't EVER take your dog here. They will rack up a HUGE bill and will not let you leave until you pay it.
Fuck you North Branch Veterinary. Lick my hairy ass. If I had dealt with you before I wouldn't have been ripped off by your overcharging asshole antics.
Here is an illustration of what it felt like to give these crooks my hard-earned money.
North Branch Veterinary Hospital

Follow up by

"I would like to have the review that was posted on Aug 24th about North Branch Veterinary Hosp. removed from this sight (sic). The post has a very sexually inappropriate picture and is extremely graphic."

Update 4-17-12
Tsk, tsk... Someone doesn't like a bad review...
Copyright? Really Guys?

Since they claim copyright and exclusivity to the picture of the dog with the stethoscope, I did a little searching - and wouldn't you know it, there are a lot of places that are using their copyrighted image!
Here's some :
and more than 550 more sites... As far as the indecent image... There is a lot worse things than that on the internet. So not only did the North Branch Veterinary Hospital offer me horrible service, now their litigious for negative reviews? Click above to read the complaint... Which is a little hard to take seriously since it seems so unprofessional including various misspellings.


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JT from NB on :

They did the same thing to me i will NEVER go back 2 that place.

m on :

I immediately noticed all of the sites you linked are managed by the same company, This is especially obvious, when viewing them on a mobile device -- the mobile version of the sites are identical, except for the business name. Puts a damper on your argument against how many sites use that image, because they're all essentially the same web site, with CSS cospetics applied.

TK (Admin) on :

OK, so if I buy a pack of Coca-Cola, and someone takes a picture of the pack of Coca-Cola, and posts it to their website can I sue the person that took a picture of my Coke? Or should Coke try to claim damages? That is an idiotic argument stated by an idiotic human being. Maybe you work for the North Branch Veterinary Clinic or have some vested interest in it (gasp). The horror. Idiot.

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