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Darrel Trulson is a complete scumbag!

Running for Chisago County commissioner? Well let's see what his daughter has to say about him and his "family strong" values.

To whom this may concern-

With much thought and contemplation, I have decided to step forward as the eldest daughter to Darrel Trulson, and speak out about how I feel you should NOT vote for Trulson.

My father claims he has family values, and close relationships to his children-
How is it okay for him to claim such family values, when most of my childhood was spent watching him beat his children and claim it was discipline. My sister and I are scarred and traumatized by his emotional incest and inappropriate sexualized contact. You should make one question a priority in this election…why was the Chisago County Sheriff called to Darrel’s home during my minor sisters’ visit this summer?

I do not approach this subject lightly; I have given this decision to come forward much thought and deliberation. This has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with decency and morals. I have a daughter to whom I am committed to protecting and therefore I will never allow him to have contact with her. I will never let anyone take her innocence away from her, like mine was taken from me.

Is this the type of person you want in office?

Sincerely, Lauren Trulson Ciambriello

Follow up - here is a transcript of the police report mentioned above.

Sheriff’s Report Darrel Trulson, Bob Barrett’s Campaign Manager


On July 13, 2012 at 1534 Hours I was requested to make phone contact with the Complainant, Deborah Sabara, at her place of employment in Interlachen NY.

I contacted Deborah who advised that her daughter (Minor Child) is visiting her Father, Darrel Trulson at 30619 Wallmark Lake Dr. Chisago City. She stated that she had spoken with (Minor Child) who told her that she is scared and wants to come home to New York. The reason is that her Father “creeps her out” by lying on top of her on the couch. Deborah requested a welfare check.

I responded to the address and was greeted at the door by Darrel Trulson. I asked if (Minor Child) was home, he stated that she was, and invited me into the residence; I noted the house was neat and clean. He called for (Minor Child) and she came to the entry way. I asked Darrel if it was OK to step outside with (Minor Child) so that we could speak in private, he stated that was fine.

(Minor Child) and I stepped outside. Once outside, I explained the reason for my visit. I asked her to tell me why she was scared. She stated she wasn’t so much scared as she was creeped out. I asked her to tell me why she was creeped out, she stated that when she lays down on the couch, her dad comes over and lays down on top of her. I asked what she thought when he does this. She stated that she thinks he is just playing around but that it creeps her out. I asked if she was afraid of getting hurt or if she thought he would hurt her. She stated that she was not afraid of that. I asked if she was homesick and she stated she was. I explained that I that I would not be able to help her get home to her Mother, that her Mother would have to work on that in New York, she understood this. I further explained that if she felt in danger to call 9-1-1.

I then had Darrel step out and (Minor Child) step back into house. I asked Darrel if he lies down on top of (Minor Child) when she is on the couch, he stated that he does do this and does it because that’s how he plays with the kids. I explained to him how (Minor Child) feels about this, that she is a 16 year old girl going from childhood to adulthood and that this act really bothers her and suggested that he not do that anymore. He stated that he understands and would not do this anymore.

I cleared the residence and called the complainant back and advised her of my findings.

Mark A Stovern


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chisago on :

This guy sounds like a complete scumbag dirtball... I will tell everyone I know. This guy is Bob Barrett's campaign manager too! Even if you are a Republican, dont vote for this scumbag or his cronies.

pat on :

the smear is typical of slimeball dfl operatives. don't know from what hole jonanthan glassel emerged from, he should crawl back into it before perjury morphs into libel.

TK (Admin) on :

Yeah Pat, a police report is so libelous! I don't know Jonathan but I do know his daughter wrote this - there is no mention or conjecture anywhere in this except for the title. Let's pretend his daughter has some secret vendetta against her dad (except for the fact that she and her siblings were beat by him). What about the police report? I am within my rights to call him a scumbag just like I am well within my rights to call you a child-beater sympathizing douchebag. Thanks!

pat on :

tk do you have a hole of your own or are you mixing company with jg in his hole. trulson's ex has already recanted the ruse put upon him exercising the jg mouthpeice, and sitting cc lw sitting back hoping it won't blow back in her mug by voters on tuesday putting her back into the confines of her lenten hole. dfl slimballs need to roll back into their greasy holes.

TK (Admin) on :

I guess I have a hole of my own. I have never met or spoken to the person you mention. Much of your last comment was unintelligible, but apparently you have great disdain for people that provide tangible proof that a "holier than thou" hypocrite is not who he says he is. What makes you think I have anything to do with the DFL party? I would have put together this same information if it were a DFL "scumbag". In any case, last time I checked Commissioner was not a partisan position...? The fact the he has aligned himself with Bob Barrett is probably unfortunate for Barrett but certainly not Barrett's fault. Please send me the information about the recantation information - I will be happy to post that too! At the absolute least Darrell's questionable and apparently hypocritical views on family values should be presented to the public without conjecture but with facts. Everything I posted here are FACTS. FACT:There are police reports that show this guy to be very sketchy and admitting to situations that as a father I could never imagine being involved in with my own daughter. FACT: His daughter wrote a letter describing emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her Dad. Facts aren't always what you want to hear, but they are FACTS.

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

Dear Mr. Glassel,

The intent of this letter is to clarify any statements made to you verbaly, written, or otherwise.

First and formost nobody is recanting any statements made to you as they are all true and factual in there original context.

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

The mis-statement posed about recant brings up an interesting point. I have independently verified that Trulson's ex is due a substantial amount of past due child support, confirming that Darrel is in fact a "deadbeat dad."

I suspect and I cannot yet confirm that she was offered full payment to recant her story. Not sure where that money would come from, perhaps a Republican slush fund of some sort, who knows.

Problem is the police report. I cannot imagine the degree of planning it would take to "set up" that situation and the risk of filing a false police report. And Peter (pat) the pervert's mouthpiece, does not mention the elder daughter's letter.

I cannot imagine any mother setting up a situation like that, asking her daughter to lie, just to collect money that she has been without for a long, long time. circa 2008.

Her new husband is an awesome guy. A lot of guys would consider 6 kids "baggage," but not Mr. Sabara. And he even lets her work and have her own checking account and credit cards!

For most us that is not a big deal, but when you have not been allowed a "life" for 23 years of marriage to Darrel, a far right wing pervert who believes in the subjugation of women (someone please explain that term to Peter). My opinion, of coarse. Thanks, Jon

TK (Admin) on :

Checkmate... Please defend these statements against Darrel Trulson, Bob Barrett's campaign manager, Pat.
Pat, you're right; we should just ignore factual police reports and deadbeat dads and letters from his kids claiming some of the most horrible crimes that a person can commit. Let's put that aside, and vote for someone who shares your sadistic and perverted opinion on family and father-hood.
Who's squirming around in a slimy hole now Pat? The people giving voice to the abused, or the abusers? It must be the people giving a voice to the small voices.
I hope you treat your family better than Darryl Trulson apparently does.

TK (Admin) on :

I'm about to write an article called "Peter Schaps embraces child abusing child molesting deadbeat Dad assholes". That would be a great article...
So I'll come visit you at 5690 360th Street in North Branch; to get something notarized? I've got a police report and a witness statement. Or maybe I could call. Your number still 612-875-2777? Perhaps I'll fax you over the stuff to 651-674-8820. Thanks, I'd appreciate the notary.

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

Silence is Consent-This was sent to Darrel Trulson yesterday!

Darrel, based upon subsequent Emails from yourself and other parties I can verify that you have received a copy of my Epitaph through email.

You have made no attempt to clarify or disavow the Sheriff's report and the letter from your daughter or disagree with, or point out any fallacies in my editorial comments or content, though you have had ample time to do so.

I have an email from your ex-wife requesting some minor changes in copy and description of events leading to the Sheriff's Report. She further states that she is not going to recant her statements, though it is apparent that she has been under pressure to do so.

Thanks, Jon

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

More Threats from the North Branch Tea Party, via Peter Schaps

I respond

Sorry, it was late last night but you wrote the following. Would you elaborate further?

"Bear this in mind this day that the words you write today may be the worst words you live to regret tomorrow."

I have sent my next edition to all parties involved that they may point out any statement to which they may believe slanderous so that I may edit my content appropriately.

However, I am opining about a police report, a letter from Darrel Trulson's daughter and my own experiences with child molestation.

Even the Local Republicans and The Tea Party must admit that free press still exists in the United States and people have the right to their opinions.

So what punishment does the Tea Party or Bob Barrett or Sean Nienow have in store for me?

A boycott of my lawnmower shop? from pro business Republicans?

Personal harm administered by a Tea Party goon squad, like those who deface Lora Walker campaign signs?

Peter, you sound a whole lot more like a Fascist Nazi than the liberty loving American you profess to be.

Please advise what sort of torture you have in mind for me. A Tea Party Concentration Camp? Bamboo shoots under the finger nails or a simple yet effective water boarding that will make me sig heil Peter Shaps, child molesters, Darrel Trulson, and the local Republicans Tea partyists who support him.

Oh jeez, maybe you are trying to coerce me into not reporting about Darrel because of my "criminal record" and the ten days I served in jail for recycling without a license.

Janet Reiter got a big conviction against a local guy for coercion. I can see if she would give equal consideration to you. The other guy got fined 100 bucks. Will the Republicans cover your fine?

I guess you could tie me to the chair that sits on the Tea Party tower until after the election, but rather I would like to sit by a Romney sign which you don't have!

But since I have the largest Romney Ryan sign in the county would you tie me there? next to a real Republican?


Robert Walz on :

The timing leaves something to be desired, however, the allegations given the documentation, put into serious question how Darrel could run, and if elected, serve. It also puts into question the judgment of Rep. Bob Barrett. I trust the newspaper and radio station will inform the public.

Jonathan Glassel on :

I had been given an anonymous tip about the Sheriff's report last summer. At that time, the Sheriff's Office would not give me a copy because a minor child was involved.

The second time I asked, they said it was an ongoing investigation. I asked them to delete the name of the minor child. After a time, the deputy returned with the report.

That was on October 23, two days after I was contacted by the ex-family.

I got the news out as fast as I could, while giving Darrel ample time to respond before I went to prerss. Thanks, Jon

Nancy Uschold on :

I have been a resident of North Branch for more than 20 years. I have suffered through countless election cycles. I have to say this is the worst in my experience.
I am a republican, and as a result, this probably won't be published. But I think this "Newsletter" I got from J Glasser yesterday is repugnant. I do not know any of the parties involved, but the vileness of this "NEWS" is so offensive, it is beyond the pale. The disgusting name calling and belittling of the "Tea Party" and "Republicans" is lower than low. It is a sad day when a small number of of hateful people, presume to speak for the majority. It is sad that people like the author of this "Newsletter" actually get listened to.
I'm sure I will get vile blowback for my opinion, which again makes it another sad day. Where freedom of speech is condemned unless you agree with the hate mangers.
Nancy U

TK (Admin) on :

Nancy, how ironic you would complain about your "freedom of speech" being condemned. You would rather remain ignorant about a person you are voting for abusing his children? You would rather the abuse remain in the family and remain a personal matter? You would rather vote for someone on principal than on facts about who they are? This guy is not a sibling or child, God does not require unconditional love.
This is not Romney making a gaffe about the "47%", this is not Obama's preacher making himself look like an ass; this is someone YOU are going to vote for that is cut from very questionable moral fiber. You would rather remain ignorant? Well that makes for a perfect Tea Party voter.
By the way, Jonathan, "the author of the newsletter" is a staunch Republican. Surprising? It shouldn't be. This is not a Democratic attack ad. It is a concerned citizen and REPUBLICAN calling foul within his own party. Don't believe me? Check out the size of the Romney sign in his lawn.

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

I am not sure how or where I defiled the hardworking rank and file members of the the local GOP or the Tea Party with my article about the Trulson Affair.

Perhaps you are inferring a guilt by their association with Trulson.

Certainly I question the leadership of both. Peter Schaps seems to condone Trulson's behavior with his own daughter as does Bob Barrett and Sean Nienow in their continued silence on the matter.

Perhaps, if it had been a male child involved? Would they have been more inclined to speak out because of the homosexuality aspect?

I don't think the rank and file would approve of its leadership having sexual affairs and sending the bill for such to the Party.

Most Republicans donate to the local RepublicanParty because they feel Republicans hold the "high moral ground."

But here in Chisago County, it would seem the Republican leadership is trying to turn "God's Own Party," (GOP) into a "Group of Perverts."


Nancy Uschold on :

I don't recall stating I was voting for Mr Trulson. Typical of left wing thinkers, they put words in other people's mouths. My point for small minded people such as yourself, was to the vile track this election season has taken. Nationally as we'll as locally. It is my belief that all the negative garbage only hurts us as a people and nation.
I could care less about JG 's political affilliation, yet I find your statement doubtful because he has not only ranted against Trulson, but other Republicans as well. Also what cave did you crawl out of? Since when did the actual size of an inanimate object correlate to the strength of someone's beliefs. Besides anyone can put any sign in their yard. Your statement of fact has little strength or importance.
As to child molesters, I abhor them, having personal experience. But the "facts" in the epitaph are not facts. They are misleading statements. There is no record of arrest, no criminal charges filed. There is family discourse which happens in divorce. Also how can a 50 something person, have been married some 50 years ago? Not possible, can't be a "fact".

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

Are you saying the Sheriff's report is not factual? Or the letter from the daughter is not real?

Send me your email, I will be glad to share corraborating evidence with you as I have done with Darrel Trulson and the leadership of the Republican Party.

Nobody to date has denied the validity of these documents which were sent to them a week or more ago.

My sister is now 70 years old, I am 60.
I was ten, she was 20 when she married the pedophile!

I do question the lack of response from local Republican leaders about this issue, many of whom appear to have the morals of an alley cat.

A true conservative practices what they preach. If they preach family values but don't practice the same, I will call them out on their hypocrisy.

And rest assured, I am the most conservative person in Chisago County, however I will not lie, nor will I look the other way to cover up the misdeeds of our local Republican leadership.

Seriously, would Mitt Romney hump his daughter's leg? And then tell her she would be placed in foster care for a year if she told the real story to the police?

All this child wanted to do was to go home and never see her perverted father again, yet Darrel Trulson, candidate for Chisago County District One Commissioner would not let her go.

Perhaps you should vote for the pervert if you can!

Thanks, Jon

Nancy Uschold on :

Mr. Glassel,

Again, failure to absorb the message. It is very clear that you have let your personal feelings and family problems get the better of you. And you have used your Epitaph as a megaphone to "air" your dirty laundry, along with a deep rooted hatred of D. Trulson.

A sheriff report, with no arrest is not guilt. An unhappy child shared between parents, does not equal pervert. If what you say is true, why no arrest, why no convition. Why did the mother allow her child to travel all that way and let her stay for an extended period of time?

Why wait 10 days before the election to publish this trash. If infact there was anything serious behind what you claim, it should have and would have come out when it happened. Your intent is very transparent. And you are angry that
someone has seen through your veil of deception.

I also am missing the connection, as far as I know the man you are speaking of is in his early 50's, his bio states he graduated high school in 1978. How could he have married your sister when he was only 2 or 3 years old?

To emphatically state that YOU are the most conservative person in Chisago County surly demonstrates you are maybe the most delusional man in Chisago County. Also in the next paragraph you degrade Mr Romney with that statement about his daughter. ( I believe he fathered 5 sons and no daughters)
Again check the box marked delusional.I object to the disrespect you demonstrate here.

I am very skeptical of your claim of being a Republican, your words and vitreole say the opposite. The serpant lied to Adam and Eve, they believed his lies and look where it got them.

Finally, I hope your last comment is not a threat... If it is I may be publishing a police report myself.

No thank you,


Jonathan P. Glassel on :

Are you off your meds, again?

Maybe you should reread my story. Darrel Trulson was not married to my sister, and I am not sure how you could construe that from what I wrote?

If, in good conscience you can vote for the pervert, you should do so. I am not sure how you can construe that as a threat.

I recieved a copy of the sheriff's report on October 23.

If I had had the information earlier, I would have printed earlier. Darrel was given ample time to respond. He did not.


Nancy Uschold on :

Mr Glassel,

I did retrieve your "newsletter" from the recycle bin and infact re-read it. Having done so a second time only makes it worse.

I did not begin this ordeal to endorse, agree with or sponsor anyone. My concern was to the overwhelming indulgance of negativity and smear being
dished out in this election cycle. Your Epitaph only bolsters my opinion.

The article on the last page is a boring length of dribble. It is convuleted, offers no fact or hard evidence and rambles from personal story, (not relevent) to your idiotic lies about Trulson and Duncan. Speeding tickets and softballs? Really?

I would consider your choice of verbage as well, Pervert, emotional incest. Powerful, emotional words they are..Slanderous as well I would think.

I did some searching on the internet this morning, discovered that you like to waste taxpayers money by filing baseless complaints, sitting in on County meetings injecting your selfimportance when ever possible. That you have two failed attempts at running for a seat yourself.

That you have an "F" rating with the BBB for your lawnmower repair business.

That you have a small flyer business, as you are a remarkable publisher, this business that sells itself on the extrodinary postage rates it recieves, (no wonder the USPS is bankrupt) Yet your ad is full of spelling errors, I wonder how busy you are with that.

That you call yourself a reporter, with what credentials I wonder? Who other than yourself do you represent?

I see a persecuted man, taking all his failures out on those he deems responsible. Failure is a self induced event. When someone gets in trouble it is because of something they have done. Not what someone has done to them.

Yes, there is also the "sign" that can be seen from I35, something to be proud of as TK reminded me the other day... Espousing yourself as having the biggest of something really says something about yourself is rather small.

You invited yourself into my home by mailing this un-newsworthy "Newsletter" to me. You invited feedback, hoping for reenforcement to your cause. I'm sorry, but you have yet to prove your case against any of the people you lament about. I can only hope that these are the victors tomorrow, and that they will keep you out of public office in the future.

I also hope not to receive your newsletter again, to tell the truth it isn't even toilet paper worthy.


Jonathan P. Glassel on :

Thanks for your comments,

But at the end of the day, would you let Trulson babysit your teenage daughter?

Jonathan P. Glassel on :

Who tipped off Trulson? That the cops were coming?

This is perhaps, the most disturbing aspect of the whole Trulson Affair, assuming the Sheriff's Department gave advance warning to Darrel.

The minor child was told by Darrel that if the cops came, minor child would be placed in foster care for months, possibly a year would pass before she could return to New York if she relayed what really happened on Wallmark Drive last July to the authorities.

Darrel told the child he had contacted a lawyer who would make sure that this would happen while indicating the child would never see her friends again.

Obviously, this threat was made prior to the Deputy's arrival as the minor child did as she was instructed.

So, who tipped off Darrel? Was it someone in the Sheriff's Department? Perhaps, his ex let it slip out, perhaps left a message on Darrel's answering machine when she was demanding to speak to her child.

Darrel's Ex-Wife writes:

"Thanks Jon I appreciate all you have done and your story really touched my heart. My daughter only weighs 80 pounds right now and both girls are in therapy so I live with the pain every day. Lauren is working on her will get that soon. I will stay in touch. Thank you again!"

This minor child went through something traumatic that made her stop eating!

We will probably never know, we can only pray her swift recovery.

Thanks, Jon

Concerned Resident of Washington County on :

This case has bothered me for quite some time. I am not sure what to believe. What I do know is that Darrel sits on the prayer team at Eaglebrook church in Lino Lakes and changes lives with God's help. If the church trust him to be around children since they do background checks, shouldn't we trust him too and give him the benefit of the doubt? Would a man who is a molester take the time to pray for others in need if he needs help himself? Is his daughter or ex wife simply trying to be vindictive. I hope your website is not dedicated to defaming people's character without proof. This is a tough one to swallow.

TK (Admin) on :

It's either nature or nurture - Either he did something really bad to his family to the point that the allegations are true, or he did something so bad to his family that they would make up horrible things about him... That is the nurture side of things. The nature theory (and the only other one available) is that he passed on some horrible genetic mental-illness gene to his kids that would make them lying psychopaths.

And no, it does not surprise me that he is an active church member and that he prays. A lot of really bad people even make their living praying and helping others. There is nothing magical a church can do keep someone with nefarious intentions from putting on a suit, passing around an offering tray, and otherwise going out of their way so the whole World will see them as something they are not. I am not saying this is necessarily true in this case, but being a church-goer adds zero to your credibility this day in age.

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