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Terry Steindel; "Why I am are the best agent"

"...I am are the best agent"
National Public radio did a story about someone I featured on on Wednesday's "Day to Day Show" (Click here) and I have received dozens of personal emails questioning why I would pick on someone like Terry Steindel.
Our legal counsel has instructed us to state that "Terry Steindel is probably not retarded".
However; I would like to submit Exhibit 'A'... TerrySteindel.pdf This is a flyer of his he handed out a few months ago that has a few of the most painfully obvious problems that even Terry Schiavo would find laughable.
I have a high school education and am in no way an expert in the art of grammer and punctuation, and I am sure the trained eye could find dozens, if not hundreds, of additional mistakes. This link is just an example of the inexcusably horrible, and awful English skills used in a promotional flyer of a man who is about to handle hundreds of thousands of your dollars.
In regards to the NPR story, we feel Terry was completely ripped off by someone 'hired' to improve his web-image.
Great editorial judgment was displayed in the beginning part of the interview when Terry said, "They called me the most retarded real-estate agent......... In the World."
I have listened to this repeatedly on my Ipod and have almost wet my pants every time.
Terry, please hand me the burger and fries at the local burger shop, but please, for the love of God, don't try to sell me a house.

Fat girls Don't think I'm funny.

Fat Girls Hate Me
Hefty women everywhere were stunned this week by the callus remarks about a very serious incident involving fat women posted on
A recent scientific study found that a mere 4% of respondents found me "Funny" with only an additional 3% finding me "kind of funny".
"How dare he!", Exclaimed user BigNSexy this week.
"What a pig, what a lonely rodent!" stated user Curvy-N-Yummy.
FattyLovin even posted a comment entitled, "Die Pig!"
"I don't think this is funny," said username 2Much4U. "First he's making fun of people that have a serious disease of willingly shoveling way too much food into their mouths... What's next, making fun of murder?"
After several calls this afternoon, I was finally reached for comment.
When asked about the impact this negative reaction may have on me I was quoted as stating, "You know, this may really affect my dating pool. Most girls that will give me the time of day or either incredibly obese, or have a serious facial deformity. What happens when I make fun of people with serious facial deformities? My dating life will be over!"
"Fat girls don't think I'm funny. With all the fat woman surveyed responding to my remarks about fat women being shot, a whopping 93% thought I was "Not funny". This can only hurt me personally and socially."
With the obesity epidemic at all-time highs, obesity-coddling websites such as have garnered some pretty harsh criticism directed towards
"I feel bad for hurting anyone's feelings, but a website like that serves up delicious dishes like 'House:The Episode Guide', 'Recipe Ideas', and 'Which color M&M's make you horny', I can't help but feel like they should write an article titled, 'I should get off of my lazy fat ass and do something except watch TV, eat food, and worry about which color M&M's make my stale vagina moist.' It's just a thought.

Lane Bryant Unveils new plus size body bag collection just in time for store shooting.

Lane Bryant's new plus-sized body bag collection

Lane Bryant (NasdaqGS:CHRS) announced it's new plus sized body bag collection just in time to help clean up one plus sized mess in their Chicago area retail store, it was reported Saturday afternoon.
During an afternoon interview with Dorrit Bern, CEO of Lane Bryant's parent company Charming Shoppes, Inc., Bern expressed sympathy for the victims of this afternoon's shooting.
"We were shocked to hear about the terrible gunning down of plus-sized women in our store. With that being said, our stockholders will be pleased to announce that we might still be able to make one final plus-sized sale to these plus-sized corpses."
"We have been excited about our new 'plus-sized body bag' campaign and this shooting has really put our new product off to a running start."
"For years, plus-sized dead women had to put up with the indignity of being zipped into a body bag that didn't fit right, or that felt constraining. With our new line of plus-sized body bags, our hope was to gain a market niche that we had not yet explored. Our new body bags are different because they are like regular body bags... but bigger!"
"With our innovative line of new products for the morbidly obese, we aim to make people as comfortable as possible no matter how fat they become. We actually manufacture novelty sized 12x shirts and slacks, as a joke, only to see sales skyrocket. It almost seems as though we can't manufacture an outfit big enough, that someone won't actually fit into. 'Free to be me', that is the Lane Bryant promise."