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Vagisil Unveils new "Home Vaginal Stink Meter Kit"

Vagisil unveils new "Home Vaginal Stink Meter Kit"

Vagisil introduced it's new "Home Vaginal Stink Meter Kit", it was reported Wednesday.
"This is really an innovation in home vaginal stink detection," Vagisil Rep. Rebecca Gosch said during a phone interview.
"Vagina odor detection has rocketed into the 21st century with our new product. We here at Vagisil are thrilled!"
The new Home Vaginal Stink Meter Kit works by swabbing the inside of your vagina with a specially coated "stink stick". After 3 minutes your level of vaginal odor can be matched to a color chart that corresponds to your stink level.
"I swore I could smell a dirty sock," claimed one user, "but boy was I surprised when the stink meter told me I was closer to anhydrous ammonia."
Ms. Gosch ended the phone interview by stating, "Man dreamed of flight once... And watched it come true. Man dreamed of a device that; when powered up, could provide light to light up our houses and cities, and yes; man dreamed of one day, being able to stick a sharp plastic applicator - up your vagina - pull it out and wait a few minutes - and then compare the color on the applicator to a pre-printed color chart - to tell how bad your vagina odor was."


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Megan on :

Thanks to this blog, I am now a happier girl. Due to olfactory deficiencies I have had problems with vaginal odor for years. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in, people made fun of me all the time. I was very unhappy and misunderstood. I am so glad that the Vagisil company has come to understand girls like me and has fulfilled a need that many of us are too embarrassed to admit. I can now monitor my vaginal odor daily in the comfort and privacy of my own apartment. I even got a new hairdo and makeover! People don't make fun of me anymore! I highly recommend this wonderful product.

Anonymous on :

Like we'd believe you have ever gotten close enough to a vagina to know it has any type of odor at all.

Your mother on :

Not proud of you, son. Not proud at all.

David Bell on :

indeed, women need to understand that their soggy fish caves make us gag. ho's, clean that thing out, often. as far as i am concerened, the damn thing should detonate if their junk stanks.

Rimma66 on :

Spoken like a true pimp ! So yo hoes clean theirs that's good to know you be running a clean operation deek ! I think a product like dat is a waste of time - who the fuck needs a meter - the best meter is yo nose - if you can smell it from the other room then it means it bad motherfucker you need to clean dat out nobody needs no motherfuckin' meter to tell you that you stank!

Your Father on :

Good work son! Bring one of those sons a bitches home for your mother will ya? I think she's got a god damn rendering plant in her panties.

Your Creepy Uncle on :

Hey get me sum o dat I gaht sum vigienuhs I need toe cheque!!!!!

Tim Reijneveld on :

I like fishsticks

TK Admin on :

I Like Fish Sticks too... I like the fish sticks in my mouth... I love a hot fish stick.

buck stallion on :

Nothing like a vagina that has the essence of butt cheese, vinegar, and dead fish rolled in one. learn to take care of yourselves ladies! Especially you Snooki!

a guy on :

I can think of a few ex-girlfriends that should be getting these.

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