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Step aside Kashi GoLEAN Crunch, and say hello to Fiber One Bars. Never, ever in my entire life, have a dropped as much ass as I do after eating these. I mean, check out the nutrition label, it speaks for itself!
I've done some research and evidently it's the chicory root that causes the gas. I don't know about all that, but I do know that the human body is not designed to do what it does after eating these bars.
Fiber One bars are yummy and chocolaty. Fiber One bars are also snacks that are forged in the depths of hell by Satan himself.
When I think back on the top ten loudest and longest farts of my life, I can honestly say 10 of them happened all at once about 2 hours after eating a Fiber One bar.
I conducted an unscientific test to see if others were affected like I was.
One person told me they farted so loud that they woke them self up in the middle of the night. Another told me that her drug free childbirth was much more comfortable than her brush with the Fiber One bar.
Terry Schiavo would have run out of the room with some of the gas that I've had.
I would be interested in other people's experiences with Fiber One bars. Post them here!

-----Update 2-11-09-----
After sending a note to General Mills pointing them to this post, I received an email back from them. At least it's cool they have a sense of humor.
Dear Mr. Farts Alot:

Thank you for contacting General Mills and sharing your humor with us. I shared the website and it gave us a great laugh for the day.

Thank you for using our Fiber One products and have a great day!!!


Imee B. Roberts
Consumer Services

-----Update 8-14-08-----
I am obviously not alone.
Let's start posting actual recordings of your actual farts here on this thread! Please record your greatest Fiber One farts via any means necessary! (Recorder, cell phone, computer mic, etc). I will post them here! It will be a GAS! Please convert your fart sounds into any readable computer format (.wav, .mp3, etc) and email them here.
I will "pass" the credit onto the "end" user. Don't be lazy! Record your Fiber One farts!!!

-----Update 1-16-11-----
Thanks to Andrew for a great Fiber one recording mix. As he states in his letter, "'ve got just about every possible type, the firecracker, the nuke, the deflating balloon, the machine gun...etc."
Truly a great mix of farts. Click here

Also thanks to T-bone Buttstank for their recording. Click here to listen

..And one more Verizon user who stated, "fiber 1 fart, sounds like a fart machine, but this is for real." Click here for this fart.


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Michael on :

My mom farts so loud, it is ridiculous, and I told her it was the bars.... and look, obviously its true- she is sitting here laughing at what you wrote.

Vaginsa on :

my sister Ally farts really loud and it smells and my dog gets scareed. i didnt write this as her sister. um shhhh!! i said it was cuz of the bars and she dosent beleive me and now im right! chica ya fake id fake id

Kim Taylor on :

I have to say that I will NEVER, EVER consume another one of these yummy bars from hell... severe gas and gas pains, diarrhea... honestly there should be a skull and crossbones on the box!! Or at best a warning...

Gassy01 on :

So it all began when my mom informed me that she bought some bars for me to take to school...HOLY SHART!! Ive never farted so much in my life. My boyfriend was just over and I had to keep leaving the room so that I could let one rip. The bad thing is that they linger...not so hott. Anyways, I plan on offering these bars to friends and see if they say anything. Id love to stay and chat but I have to go find a cork to stick up my ass.

daniel on :

Very Gasssssssssssss

Noname on :

I suspected something was wrong when my Canary died. At least I knew it was time to leave the room.

Gary Edmister on :

As a child of the 60's and who has searched for my spiritual self, I suggest that you need to embrace your inner self and rejoice with those who have discovered their organic side. However, I offer a suggestion that caution should be taken when used around open flame, plants, animals or others who might not want to share your discovery. As a teenager I remember releasing gas that wilted house plants. I was so proud when even the dog left the room.

Homer on :

I bought a box of Fiber One bars while my wife and kids were out of town and while I was polishing off three of them, the beagle puppy ate one off the paper plate while I was flipping through the channels. Since nobody was home, I planned to sleep downstairs with the puppy and our older dog. They're good dogs and are trained to poop outdoors. Anyway, about two hours into a Gilligan's Island marathon, I farted...loud. Then again within two minutes. Then I'd hold it for five minutes or so to let it build up so that I could see how long I could trumpet with my right butt cheek held open. It was funny for a while and then it got annoying. They started coming every minute and loud and long! Then the puppy farted right on the older dog's nose and she got up and moved to the corner of the room. I felt sorry for her and went over to pet her and while over there giving her a dose of my own farts, the puppy shit right on the dog bed and slid across the carpet wiping her butt. When I yelled at her, she just looked at me and farted. Long night to say the least.

Anonymous on :

It all started last week when I forgot my lunch and ending up buying a box of Fiber One Lemon Squares. These little babies are deceptively delicious and rather small-so before I knew if the entire box of 5 or 6 was gone. The fun started about 2 hours later and when it was time to head home I had to make some calculations: would I make the 30 minute trip home in time or would I "get caught short"? Being someone who enjoys a challenge I called my husband from about 10 minutes out and asked him to unlock and open the doors for when I arrived. He was like, "Why?-are you brining in a lot of bags?". He is forever thinking I am buying too much stuff. I told him "No, I will explain later". Also told him to clear a path to the bathroom-and to stay out of my way. In. My mind I kept hearing Lynryd Skynryd's song "Give Me Two Steps"-and you could hear me screaming a mile a way as I headed out toward the door. So, I arrived home and again I had to calculate-do I take large strides and get tot he bathroom quicker-up two flights of stairs and run the risk of crapping myself? Or do I take baby steps, with ass cheeks squeezed tightly together to keep from said sad outcome (pun very much intended)? Alas, I invited that the latter would be my best option. As I scooted up the steps and along the sidewalk I was sadly reminded of a Japanese game show that featured contestants charged with holding a banana between their butt cheeks and racing around a small track. Hysterical, by the way, if you have the opportunity to look up on You Tube. You ever try to navigate steps clinching a banana between your buttocks? I had to "crab" up sideways two flights of steps...the sweat was running down my back by the time I made it up the last step and into the bathroom. Flash forward...I spent the entire evening running into the bathroom. My poor husband, gentleman that his is, slept on the couch. My bottom was so sore and raw - subsequent applications of Preparation H were so painful that I almost fainted. And I could hear in my mind was Johnny Cash's song "Ring of Fire"- down, down, down through that burning ring of fire. Yowwwww :-(

Moose Moon on :

I think I am the only guy to make it to the moon on just fart bars. These things are powerful.

Fart-a-licious on :

I'm almost in tears as I read this. I've been eating these bars for a quick breakfast with fruit this past week. I've been so, umm, bloated and uncomfortable, I am unable to sleep, my husband is keeping his distance, as is the poor dog! Ahhhh, too much of a good thing... reminiscent of my bout with sugar-free chocolate bars, I don't know what's worse!!

Deadly Lashes on :

I too have been in complete tears and a stomach ache reading this page. I have two bulldogs who are notorious for passing some serious gas. But since my husband and I have started eating these Fiber One Bars, it sounds like the trombone section in a high school band! It has reached a level that is even louder and more stinky than our bulldogs! My husband is horribly bloated and complains that he can't stop passing gas. I can't even take two steps with out letting one go! They fall out at any given moment. Do you know how hard it is to squeeze your ass cheeks when you are working closely with people in order not to fart??!! We have sat across from each other my husband and I and actually had in depth conversations on how bad the gas is and how we wish the farting would just stop!These bars are so tasty-we even tried the caramel and oat ones. We are throwing them out-if they are here I will only continue to eat and continue to burn holes in my couch.

Nan on :

Bought a large box of these from Costco. They were so delicious I ate two. Then the rampage started. Unbelievable explosions every few minutes all night long. I was wreathing in pain and moaning so loud, it scared my daughter enough to actually call 911. Police and paramedics showed up at 4:00am. They ran an EKG to make sure I wasn't having a heart attack. So yes, these are meant as gag gifts!!!! Or maybe not....

((fitness trainer)) on :

Fiber will make you fart because your body is not used to that much of it, try eating whole grains for a few months, the gas will stop because you will become used to the fiber in your diet. its like drinking coke for the first time, you will feel very gassy. but once u drink it for awhile, the gas will ease.

Tk Admin on :

Listen dude, it is NOT the fiber.. The dietary fiber (while at 9g) is not nearly as much fiber as an average person has in a day. I could fast for 10 days straight; eat one Fiber One bar, and fart for hours. One could eat two gallons of Spaghetti, Two cups of Lentils, a gallon of Peas, a sack of Blueberries, a cart full of Bran flakes, a truck load of Oatmeal, two loaves of Rye bread, a bushel of Artichokes, and a barrel of oil full of corn and Turnip greens and not have as much gas as I do after one of these. There is something evil about them. They really defy all logic and all knowledge of nutritional information when it comes to fiber and farts. I don't care if you are a trainer, you are coming to some knee-jerk irrational assumptions about this hell-forged snack bar.

Anonymous on :

Oh my son had some and I ate one. I have been blowing a gasket for hours and cramping. These post are so funny and true I have been laughing foo hard crying tear.

Blow me out of the room on :

As I sit here with tears of laughter rolling down my face, at the storys you guys have wrote. I am glad to see it is not just me. Ever since I have stared eating the Fiber One Bars I have never farted so much or so loud, not to forget the smell, in my life..And yes it is hard to hold the farts in when your in public or at work ... I just pray so hard that One does not slip out at work when I have customers in my office. Damm them bars they have to taste so good.

Michelle on :

OMG I am crying, I am laughing so hard. I bought these last week and I loved them, I ate 3 the first day and had the worst gas of my life. then the next day the same, finally on the 3rd day my husband counted the farts, 105 in one day! he said I need to go to the doctor, they are the loudest and longest thing I have ever heard, gross I know. I figured maybe it was the bars? So here I come and see I am not alone, I cant stop laughing!!!

James on :

Ahhh, Google. What did I do without you? Before Google, I would have figured there was just something wrong with me. But after typing in "fiber one farts", I realize that I am not alone in this.

I type this as I sit in my own cloud of stench. It's not just the frequency of the flatulence that gets me, it's the odor. Man. The smell is like a combination of rotten eggs and despair.

But they're so tasty! I had one at work today and had to keep getting up and walking to the bathroom. Or, if I had just been in there and was embarrassed to re-enter so soon, I'd strafe the hallway and make a quick getaway. I can see the look of the guy who walked into that five minutes later (by the way, did I mention that these things linger for what seems like days. I'm sure my car will be befouled when I get in tomorrow morning).

Anyway, yeah, glad to know I'm not alone.

Jade on :

I bought the box of caramel bars. The first one I tried was soooo good and I had nothing else to eat... so I made the mistake of eating the entire box in a day. I just thought it was like an oatmeal bar, you know? Nothing wrong with downing the whole box.


roman on :

ha bought these becuase i was having problems with bowel movements... and stimulents never have worked for me... so i figured fiber...g ood...

ate 4 the first day and finished the last one in the morning... couldn't understand why i had so much gas... other than maybe cuz i hadn't passed gas for almost five days.

ended up getting stomach cramps, such as before i ate the bars.. thought maybe my battle wasn't over... ate another whole box in basically one sitting... (they are addictivly good...) and now i realise that the pains i was having this time around were probably associated with the bars themselves and the huge amounts of gas that they create...

wow... these things really do come from the pits of hell don't they... damn you fiber one... damn you...

Roberto on :

Well, kids, I'm a 50 year old man and I can identify with all of the testamonies. My 52 year old brother is THE expert on foods and drinks that cause the most gas. He's been aggressively researching food fun for over 40 years. HE (THE EXPERT) turned me onto these and DARED me to eat 2 and go on a long car trip. WOW! Ka-POW! Woooah!
THE EXPERT was right and so are all of you kids. Now I am turning more and more of my 50-something friends onto the sheer entertainment that Fiber One Bars provide. General Mills, please don't change anything in the formula.

Allie on :

Sweet Jesus I was starting to think I was crazy! I'm sensitive to some ingredients, like dairy and sugar alcohols so I usually stay away from things that aren't "all natural" and overall I'm a very healthy eater. I regularly eat over 24g [the recommended amount] of fiber each day - and have been eating Gnu Foods fiber bars, which have 12g of fiber in each bar. So PLEASE, everyone who keeps saying the gas is caused by the increased fiber intake, shut up.

Never have I EVER had this much air inside of my body at once. It literally felt like someone attached an air hose to my bellybutton and pumped me with as much air as possible. And just when you let out a good 4 minute fart and think you're going to feel some relief, NOPE! Another little explosion in your stomach and there are 50 more farts lining up inside of you just waiting to burst out at the most inconvenient moment. I work in a very quiet office all day and let me tell you - if there is a hell - it's probably just the devil forcefeeding you one of these bars a day. Seriously, one bar and your insides will be exploding.

I swear, I can't even look at a box without farting now. I hate you fiber one.

in trouble on :

I'm not in trouble. My husband can't take my constant laughter over how much I'm farting. He farts probably at least 50 times a day if not more, every day. I have two days of around 400 farts from Fiber One, no joke and suddenly I'm trouble for laughing. I couldn't even make an exchange at the store today, it took five minutes. I've farted four times since I wrote this. It smells like something crawled up inside me and died.

The Gas-masked Husband on :

My wife bought these for the first time a few months ago. I took one to school that first week and within a few hours, apparently the Dozers from Fraggle Rock set up shop in my colon and went to work with the jack hammers. Have I ever been in more pain...I think not. That was the last one I will ever consume. My wife on the other hand, tsk, tsk, tsk. She loves the flavor, and for her it's worth the pain she puts herself, the dog, the cat and I through to keep on buying and eating them. I think I even saw our Beta Fish choking following one of her gigantic vomit inducing fog horn-like butt trumpet solos. Please someone give me words that I may say to her to get her to stop. I threatened to throw them away yesterday and you would have thought I was trying to steel one of her kindeys. The thought of pulling a dutch oven while in bed isn't so funny when you know you'd be on the recieving end!

THEE on :

That's what you get for eating crap. There is nothing healthy about this product ! All of the ingredients listed in excess will make anyone gassy, bloated and on top of that you will not be able to sleep at night. I am not gonna get into the details on the things they put in there, but let me make this clear.... IT IS NOT THE FIBER, I repeat "IT IS NOT THE FIBER". The problem is staring you right in the face.... Can anyone guess? W.... G...... Good luck!

Smoked out husband on :

This article is Soooo true. I've been researching about my wife's raunchy ass and discovered this article. As a matter of fact, while typing this she dropped another god awful bomb. The day she started eating these bars, was start of a daily inferno of gas that melts the wallpaper off my wall. Good luck guys who also have this problem God bless.

will it go away? on :

i LOVE these bars, except for what they make you do. but, i dont wanna stop eating them because theyre so good and they help keep me full and are healthy (my doc told me i need more fiber) but, will the farts ever end?? i work in a health care setting, so i just blame the patients for the bad smell. if i keep eating them, will my body get used to them?? please, say yes.

cook on :

i farted so hard and nasty my cat meow meow wouldnt sit on my lap. I promised her i wouldnt eat them anymore....but I lied

don't eat the whole box at once on :

My wife and I give these to the kids to keep them regular. They think it's a treat. But, the trick is to limit your intake to one or two a day. Unbeknownst to us our youngest ate three at once while Grandma was watching him. Later that night his butt exploded like I haven't seen since diaper days. There was dried crap all down his leg, his underwear pretty much had a hole in the butt, and I swear the smell took a coat of paint off the walls.

JOEY on :

This page is some of the funniest shit i've ever read, the way my day is going i definitely needed this! This morning when my co-oworker Stewart told me that he farted 6000 times yesterday i called B.S. then it happenned i walked directly into his trap. I ate a carmel fiber bar and damn it tasted goooood. I ate this thing agbout four hours ago and the last two hours i ve farted maybe 100 times already at first i thought it was cool b/c there was no smell but as the day has progressed between he and i it smells like a dead body in the office. I swear i just layed a rotten egg... ugh and i planned on going out tonight...

jbizz on :

I started to call Fiber One bars fart bars long before I came to this site. The first time I Google it, I find these hilarious stories; so I will share one of my own. I have been eating these bars on and off since they came out. My girlfriend really likes the taste so she always buys them. The only draw back, continuous and uncontrolled farting. I had the misfortune of eating two bars at work during a break. Two hours late, BOOM! A giant gas bubble formed in my stomach and the farts began. If I couldn't stealthly muffle the rumbling sounds with my chair, I had to run to the nearest stairwell to avoid total embarrassment. The smell was unbelievable, truly the devils work. If you have someone you really want to embarrass, pass them one of these.

Melissa on :

A very sad coincidence. I HAPPENED to buy Fiber One bars at the grocery store the very same week I HAPPENED to decide to try Yoga for the first time. Not good. Not good at all.

Dan on :

Love the stories....I was on a x-country flight and brought a couple Fiber One bars on board to tide me over. The farts started about an hour into the flight and kept coming with a vengeance. Mind you, I was in a middle seat and was afraid to move in the event that the noxious cloud would send someone into shock. I could tell that the poor lady in the window seat next to me was suffering, but I carefully avoided eye contact. I have never felt more helpless and shameful all at once.

Jesse Petersen on :

Is it wrong to buy a box of fiber one bars...and use it as a booby trap at parties? Because I one ate any yet but breakfast comes early...just wondering how well these bars will go over with a hang-over...should be interesting hearing about it later...yes I am evil...and yes it should make for a good story to tell.

Fartina on :

I don't understand what General Mills is doing to us. These things are so, so tasty. They really are. I could almost never bother with candy bars again. HOWEVER, the gas they produce is epic! I feel so bad for the girl who sits next to me at work. I've been polluting her workspace for almost a week now. She did take today off. Hmmm...It's like, I know that I'm gonna get gassy and smelly. But I can't resist because they taste so good and stave off my hunger. The only thing to do is a coffee enema chaser. Pop a FiberOne bar, get your gas started, and then have a cup of black coffee. Maybe it will speed up the elimination process for you like it does for me. Damn it, I smell so bad.

cara on :

I ran across this site some time ago and laughed my ass off at the expense of everyone who has experienced fiber one bars. Then my dad came home today with a huge box of fiber one bars from Sams! I immediately laughed and told him how much they were going to make him fart and made sure to stay far away from the, still somehow appealing, treats. Hes in the medical field and read the ingredients and said the reason why it is making everyone fart so much is because one of the main ingredients is "chicory root extract", something he says is also used prominently in laxatives. Just thought you guys might want some insight into the gas mystery. ;}

btw the last two letters of my capcha i have to solve for this comment are "P U"

holy gas! on :

I eat clean, about 90% of the time. I made the mistake of eating two of the 90 calorie fiber bars in one day. OMG the rumbling and uncontrolled gas releases at work were insane and embarrassing. I threw the remainder of the bars in the trash. The "clean out" the next morning was ridiculous. Watch out dulcolax, there's a new kid in town.

Erv Server on :

I do love these bars but they make me fart something a lot. I've decided to fart into fruit jars and seal them up and save them until I can figure out a way to use this gas to power my house or car

toofunny on :

That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. You gave me an asthma attack at work and I had to go home for my inhaler.

I started eating these a couple of weeks ago. The first night I woke myself (and my wife) up with an errant fart in the middle of the night. Last night I was up three times with the longest / loudest farts I have ever had. I ate two yesterday and one today before I read this...I am throwing the box away when I get home.

Too bad too...cause they tasted sooo good.

Gregory Rollnikov on :

This is alchemey 101 my friends. You have only scratched the surface. If you are ready to take it to the next level, if you are ready to meet your master, if you are Luke in need of Yoda, if you are the Karate Kid in need of a Pat Moriaty, if you are Rocky searching for your Adrian, than my friend come to me. I have been experimenting with Fiber One Bars and cereal for many years now. It's not just about volume and decibels, it's about the fragrance. It's about what we can do to other people's olfactory receptors. I have found, through diligent testing recording and analyazation of different fiberous combinations, that one is given the ability to actually infleunce others, to get them to do your biding. For instance, those that wish to titilate by sheer noise let me suggest starting the morning off with equal parts Fiber One cereal and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. Within 200 to 240 minutes you will produce what my Scottish apprectice called 'The Winds of the Moors'. For those of you seeking a night of amorous adventure and wish to be assured of success I suggest a half bowl (reduced intake gives user ability to regulate output) of FIber One with a quarter cup of blueberries, quarter cup of strawberries, and an almond Hershey Bar. Recommended consumption time 240 to 265 minutes before intended seduction of spouse or significant other. A Caveat if you will - this combination of aprhodisical ingredients must not be taken lightly. Intended Subject response is immediate and intense. It might be helpful if all Viagra users adjust doseage according to plan and if intending to use in public, be warned that you may be held responsible by the FBI (flatulent board of inquiry). A special recipe for those with an inclination towards arsony. Of course pure volume is essential so I recommend 2 cups of Fiber One, 2 cups of Go Lean Crunch, followed by 1 cup of baked beans mixed with quarter cup of jalpenos, and diced onions to suit. Bring to boil and consume 10 minutes after cereal intake. Here I must add my stongest caveat. 120 - 140 minutes after intake of ass fuel, it is essential that you use a petroleum product and coat the end of the firing muzzle. This will affect kick-back somewhat and have a silencer type effect on firearm discharge. For those of you that are not comfortable reducing firearm noise (you know the type of kid that used to run around the neighborhood making tommygun noises) you can take the chance and not use protection but I will not be held accountable to any damage done to muzzle end. Tearing or fraying of tissue is not uncommon!!! Please ignite ass-muzzle ten to fifteen feet from all combustionable material, do not I repeat, do not point ass-muzzle at others. Do not ignite in presence of younger children, kittens, puppies or fraternity brothers. Do not wear silk shirts, blouse, underware, or other flammable material. It would be wise to keep extinguisher at hand. For those that wish to take their farting to a new level, I offer you course on all levels of study. Get you Bachlors of Gastro Intestinal Disruption, or a Masters in Posterior Emissions, for those who wish for a Doctorate in Ass Alchemy, I will be accepting feces disertations. Yours, the Fandorf the Wizard.

Dr. Evil on :

I have known the after-effects of eating Fiber One bars (a true weapon of a** destruction) for some time. My wife introduced me to these and not long after we began to notice that there was a gas cloud rising from her underwear after each bar. Not to be outdone, I started eating them as well and soon I could compete with her on a toot-for-toot basis. My boss eats these and we have discussed their interesting effects many times. Earlier this week my Department had our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon Pot-Luck. I purchased two boxes of the Oat and Almond bars. I took each bar out of its package and broke them into quarters. I then rolled them into balls and sprinkled them with mini-butterscotch kisses and then set them out on decorative holiday plates. Our luncheon went very well and after we finished about half of us went into closed-door budget meetings. About two hours later people were starting to run in and out of the conference room every few minutes. After a while everyone gave up and just endured the smell, in order to complete the job. I found out later that two other people went to a CPR class conducted by Safety. A couple of people figured out what had happened and gave me hell about it but most didn't have a clue. Several people have asked me for the recipe. I guess I should feel guilty but I don't. My wife wonders how I could be 49 years old and still think this was funny. Personally, I will laugh about this until I die. If people figure out what happened that day may be soon.

Johnny on :

It was so cruel how this bar gave me the most agonizing stomach ache at work today. I couldn't leave my desk because I was in the middle of an online conference. It hurt so bad that I wanted to cry because I was too embarressed to relieve myself.

Dr. Evil on :

I just put a wrapped bar in each person's Christmas stocking... This should be fun.

Jill on :

these bars looked so tasty in my work vending machine.

i'm paying now.

i feel like dying.

Kat on :

It's so comforting to know that I am not alone.

These bars have made me fart so loud that my cats jumped up in fright, looked at each other a me in disbelief, and high-tailed it out of the room. One time on a business trip, I ate one in a hotel room and I swear to God I let one rip that created such tremendous reverberations that I'm sure it was heard and felt all up and down the hall and in rooms nearby. I have actually awakened my own self with blasts that have happened in my sleep. What the hell are they putting in these bars?

On the bright side, there is a medicinal purpose for these bars... my best friend brought me some while I was recovering in the hospital after having had surgery. In case you don't know, when you have major surgery your whole system slows down and they won't put you back onto food until you pass gas. Well, based on our past experience, we both knew that these bars could be depended on to get that job done fast. I would have been laughing so hard if it didn't hurt so much. The nurses on the surgical floor vowed to keep some around in case others needed help. I happily donated the rest of my box.

They are so delicious... but I have sworn off them for the good of the rest of mankind.

Tami on :

These stories are extremely humorous. Have not tried these and because of what I've read - I won't!! For those of you who wish to continue eating these, here's an idea - why not take some anti-fart pills, such as Beano (may have to ingest the whole bottle), at the same time you consume a Fiber One bar?? Maybe that will offer relief!!

Farty McFartFart on :

9 Am this morning my sister ate a delicious Carmel and Oats Fiber One bar, and 2 hours post ingestion we began to notice a very consistent stench within her vicinity. Once we acknowledged that she was the culprit of the horrific stench, she was not afraid to hold back. She was shameless in claiming the many loud farts. I heard the word "safety" over 100 times while we were sitting on our shared bed (which i am not sleeping in tonight). She felt the smell lingering around her all day and she showered twice in a four hour period. Upon arriving to work she texted me saying... "omg i just had the worst diarrhea. i am suing the Fiber One company. i shit you not (no pun intended)." We were all very curious off the updates over the course of today. We made sure to inform the entire family about her reoccurring flatulence. My mom diagnosed her with some far-fetched stomach disease, but after introducing her to the real truth (this website), she is well aware of their effects and will not be tempted to indulge in them before any social interaction....
We are still awaiting her return home, and we think this may prevent her from a very uncomfortable school experience tomorrow.

Thank you all for sharing all your encounters with these deliciously deadly treats.... ill admit i couldn't breathe i was laughing so hard.

Farty McFartFart on :

9 Am this morning my sister ate a delicious Carmel and Oats Fiber One bar, and 2 hours post ingestion we began to notice a very consistent stench within her vicinity. Once we acknowledged that she was the culprit of the horrific stench, she was not afraid to hold back. She was shameless in claiming the many loud farts. I heard the word "safety" over 100 times while we were sitting on our shared bed (which i am not sleeping in tonight). She felt the smell lingering around her all day and she showered twice in a four hour period. Upon arriving to work she texted me saying... "omg i just had the worst diarrhea. i am suing the Fiber One company. i shit you not (no pun intended)." We were all very curious off teh updates over teh course of today. We made sure to inform teh entire family about her reoccurring flatulence. My mom diagnosed her with some far-fetched stomach disease but after introducing her to the real truth (this website), she is well
aware of their effects and will not be tempted to indulge in them before any social interaction....
We are awaiting her return currently, but We foresee her not attending school tomorrow to prevent any very unfortunate and devastating situations.

Thank you all for your comments. I very much enjoyed laughing to teh point of tears.

The Fartinator on :

Holy shit (literally), I wish I would of come across this site before downing 2 of these bars for breakfast. On the bright (but mush smellier) side, with the help of a portable wind turbine to strapped to the seat of my chair I'm able produce some "green energy" for the entire office with pungent, warm "Santa-Ana" like winds flowing out of my hairy canyon...

debbie on :

I am crying right here at work! You guys are so funny. I was looking for some idea of how to relieve myself of the pain and embarassment when I came across your info. Unfortunately I just bought TWO boxes of 15 (on sale). I will not be eating another one. Anyone interested?

Society will no longer have me in their company on :

Yay Google. I typed "gas from fiber" and it populated the search bar with "gas from fiber one bars."

DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN, WHAT IS IN THESE THINGS???? It is positively inhuman!

All kidding aside, I wonder if there is something in these bars that is very unhealthy. I eat a lot of fiber, and I do not have gas like this. EVER. IN MY LIFE. No. Never. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Even in times during my life when I have been sick I have never passed gas like this!

I am not going to eat these things anymore. They can't be good for me!

Josh on :

I ate a bar last night, and a bar this morning with breakfast. Then I went to the gym. Much to the dismay of my fellow patrons, I ran 6 miles on the treadmill, and then left, bowing my head in shame. Tomorrow I shall return with individual handwritten apologies to all the regulars.

Shellsabell on :

I am experience agonizing Fiber One pains as we speak. I work in a very small office and have had to rip ass so many times just to keep my bellow from imploding. But there so tasty.....

Oops...I crapped my pants!!! on : case you don't believe it, these bars are truly EVIL!!! I saw them in the grocery store and decided to try them. They were so good that I ate 2 more that day. About 3 hours later, I started to fart...not poots, but honest-to-goodness FARTS. You, wet, and so smelly that you have to get up and leave, which just ensures that you end up crop dusting the entire area that you walk in. Seriously, this is no joke. If you try them you'll either love the results (if you are a psychopath) or you will agree with me...a class action suit is in order.

I got a phone call today - it was my ass telling me to please stop eating these things. I'm sure it will take weeks to get the smell out of my colon. It makes me sad, but at the same time impressed.

As has been said before, remember, "The first rule of FART club don't talk about FART club!"

You stay gassy, San Diego!

Jen on :

LOL~ Few years late with this reply but omg your post just had me crying at work! All of these posts are hilarious! I have not yet tried a fiber one bar but I've got one sitting in front of me. I won't eat it at work now that I know what happens, but I'm considering eating it afterwards and making my boyfriend suffer the wrath at home tonight!

aldo on :

Aha, I am glad i found this support group.

I, too, have been victimized by these deadly bars.
the thing is they are so good! Now, it's worse cause, i knowingly eat them despite the expected outcome. it just goes to show how evil these bars really are.

anyways, after being forced in my methane gas bubble for a couple of hours, as a good engineering student, I asked: why not reuse this energy?

there is a lot of methane in our farts and methane is useful for a ton of things so why not "sequester" the gas and use it to something else than giving us headaches and family drama?

if you look for "fart into energy" in youtube, you'll see it's possible to generate enough energy to turn a small engine and fan.

so as fart #1 generates energy to to turn the engine, sequential fart # 2 (that one you'd thought would take longer to arrive) will be blown away!

the problem is sequestering these farts would be such a hassle given their frequency. i guess a hose connected directly would solve the problem. not very comfortable, i would imagine.

anymore ideas?

Could be worse........ on :

I've tried Fiber One bars, and yes, they are yummy and will give you gas. But nothing, I stress, NOTHING has given me the chronic gas I've experienced tonight after consuming a whole jar of Smucker's sugar free fudge sauce. The stench and frequency of farts PALES BY COMPARISON!!!! The cause - sugar alcohols!!! The smell is absolutely deadly and I'm farting every 2 minutes, no kidding. I sound like a machine gun and smell like a hog confinement. Good thing I live alone or I'd be kicked out of my own house and forced to sleep in the garage. So my friends, this a warning - please avoid anything containing more than 6 grams of sugar alcohols or you (and those around you) will pay the price. I need a gas mask and I'm on the verge of puking from the smell of my own farts!!

I'm laughing out loud reading some of these stories - it's a good thing we have a sense of humor!!

Ed on :

OMG, my wife is threatening to divorce me if I don't stop farting. We started weight watchers and eating Fiber One bars. I love the taste of them, they're low in points but make me fart like crazy. My farts smell so bad she has to sleep with vics vapor rub on her nose and even that isn't cutting it anymore. I can't even stand to smell them myself, usually not a problem. Too funny.

Mike on :

I eat these bars and have no more farts than normal for me. My wife on the other hand, LOOK OUT! She literally woke herself up from farting. I really thought she was crazy until I came across this site. She thinks its the chicory root extract...with it being the first ingredient listed, it has this ingredient the most. Glad to see she isn't crazy.

evan on :

oh my god my mom bought a box of 30 at costco and i ate 6 the first day because i was hungry and was scared of dying in my sleep from my intestines splitting. I have grown smarter now and space them out to a bar a day.

charles on :

i just had a fiber one bar. i have three roommates and our windows will be closed. tonight will be epicccccc. letz go

Roommate Catastrophe on :

These fiber one bars haven quite possibly made me experience the most horrendous and frightening gas I have ever experienced. Not a novice to farting, I was very surprised with the effect of the bars. After eating one as a night time snack and cuddling into bed to read, I soon discovered a horrific stench seeping underneath the comforter. My first instinct was to tuck the blanket tighter around me, however this did nothing to contain the smell. My roommate, whose bunk is right beneath mine, was assaulted by a wave of this horrible smell about every 2 min. Although I apologized profusely, it did nothing to make up for the gas chamber that had now become our room. I'm surprised she didn't die of asphyxiation in her sleep. Never again will I indulge in another fiber one bar, they are far too dangerous!

lgal on :

i googled fiber one bar farts and was 'relieved' to find this page. im so glad it isnt just me thats plagued by fiber one farts. my boyfriend hasnt even let me sleep at his house because my gas had been wakin him up repeatedly. he told me its either the fiber one bars or he's leavin me... boy im goin to miss him

Sir Farts a lot on :

I ate 2 of them bars today and i was farting all day. I had class and i couldnt hold it in they just popped out

Think Green on :

My name is Spencer and I am a Fiber One addict. In fact, I'm eating one right now. Yes, I know my wife and I will be hot-boxing it under the covers tonight, but that's okay, cuz I think we on this blog are onto something: An epiphany came upon me the other night as I contemplated the endless stream of methane coming from my colon. There has to be a way to tap into this renewable resource. With FiberOne's being the catalyst in fuel creation, surely, our scientists could design a portable and easy-to-use device to capture this useable fuel that could in-turn power our cars and homes. If we increase the Chicory content, we could eventually combine our flatulence in powering factories and entire cities.

Come 'on people let's make lemonade from this bag of lemons. Call your congressman to get obama to relegate some of that stimulus money to this cause.

Jack The Ripper on :

I had one of these bars, just one, and then counted to 10. When I got to 8 my pants exploded.

Montezuma's Revenge on :

My first experience with these bars was on a recent trip to Mexico. I had never tried them before, but I brought a box along for hotel room snacks. While in a rush to catch the plane home, I skipped breakfast and had a few bars. I may have slept on the plane, but my bowels were wide awake! The farts were so loud that you could hear them over the noise of the engines, and the odor was so strong that my girlfriend moved to another seat. I awoke to the sound of "good Gawd" coming from the woman in the row behind me. I surely ruined the trip for a couple dozen people.

I had never experienced anything like this before, and I was certain I had picked up some dysentery in Mexico. I was all ready to go to the doctor, but then it stopped the next day -- until my girlfriend started snacking on the bars and it started all over again. It took a couple days for us to put two and two together.

Kurana on :

Oh my god! My mother and i we're at Sams Club and was looking for some healthy. Well we came across these Ubber looking good Bars. Come to find out after i was starving from not eating all day. I turned to one of these bars and noticed uncontrollable amount of gas coming from my butt. Thanks to Google i know what making my body do this! SOO giving these to my grandma. LMAO

Erica on :

Yes, these bars are Satan Snacks! I just started a diet and decided to buy these thinking they would help with wieght loss so yesterday afternoon I ate 2 bars. Evening rolled around and I was making dinner. I must have farted last night 500 times if not more! These farts were NOTHING like the gas I had after my colonoscopy. I am a tiny person and "toot", but last night these farts were loooong and sounded like thunder! I swear I let this one loose that was so forceful I thought I may have even levitated ! LMAO!!!!! I farted ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Woke up to horrible gas pains and my ass has been throwing up ever since 7am. These bars are DENOMIC, what other bars can make you fart so bad to self levitation?????? My husband laughed at me all night and he farted as he usually does and I was happy to respond by saying "honey, I fold and raise you two" as I farted twice with confidence!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Yeah, these bars will be given to my mother in law in her "goody bag" I always pack for her!!!!!!

Thanks for all the stories! I needed these laughs after feeling so miserable from these bars!!!!

Be-dub on :

Oh god no, is right. i thought this was just coincidence but thank god i found this page.

never again will i ever eat a fiber one bar.

ps. my farts were loud, and long, and hot, and smelled bad enough that im pretty sure, through the space-time continuum, they are why jesus rose from dead.

Laura on :

Argh... The fart bars have claimed yet another hapless victim. Like everyone else I googled fiber one bar farts. My pets won't even stay in the room with me now so I can't blame it on them anymore. :-(

C-Lines on :

So many much loud.

My lord!

Smell-E on :

OMG i am right along with all of you in laughing my ass off from reading all the stroies. I am having the same problems, and yet the bars have to tast so good! WOW do i smell after eating one of these bars. Not ladely like at all hahahaha. I assumed it was just the extra fiber but decided to do a search on google anyway and this is what i found! TOO FUNNY! I am so glad i work from home otherwise i may have been fired from the awful smell that these farts produce. I have tried the fiber one cereal and do not remember having these problems like i am having with the fiber one bars. I think i will just have to do like everyone else and either throw the last 2 out or use them for a prank. :)-

She-Who-Empties-the-Room-Quickly on :

Dear Brethren of the Booties:

I, too, have fallen prey to the malicious Fiber One bar. Make it stop! My co-worker is gagging on the floor...I can barely see her but for the miasma of stench surrounding our desks. Send for back up! I'm going in....

Mean nasty Trick Bars on :

They were all probably laughing, and farting, uncontrollably after they manufactured and got these Fiber One bars out. What a sneaky little trick ! ;-)

These bars definitely need a warning, like those Wow chips did/do, or maybe they should sell them at Spencers/Gag stores. These taste really good, but really aren't very "green" from all the gasses you omit after eating just a single one. ...Surprised they haven't added an extra gas emissions tax to these because of it. ;-)

But seriously folks, These should only be consumed if you are all alone for a couple of days. You actually need to plan ahead before eating these things. I accidentally came across this site and laughed to tears, because I just bought a box the other day. I ate one bar yesterday, for the first time ever, and one bar today, and I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me. ??? I now know, and now I too, will share my insight and all that I have learned from these 2 lone bars that I have ate ...

Do Not...Eat before you go to class or if you work in a quiet environment. Unless you are eating them just for the purpose of being dumb.

Do ... Feel free to eat these if you work at a shop. People will just think it's the machines instead.... Then again,,,,,, People might think the machines are breaking down, so that might not be a good idea either.

Do Not... eat before driving/riding with anyone !!! Unless you want to walk. Yes, you will end up walking even if you are driving the vehicle,... it's that bad.

Do Not... eat before you workout. It'll only bring out the worst in you. ( or outta you. ) Especially with aerobics or any cardiovascular.

Do... unwrap all the bars, put them on a pretty serving dish and cover the dish with saran wrap to give as a gift to your neighbors that you dislike. It'll look like you just baked them. You will be golden in their eyes and get your revenge all at the same time. They will be too embarrassed to tell you what they've experienced, and they won't want to belittle the kind gesture and amends you just made. They only need to eat one ! Just one ! ( Tip: heat them up just a few seconds in the microvewave to make it just that much more believable that they are homemade. ) ... and let the magic begin.

Do Not ...Give these to kids !!!! You think those little fart cups and whoopie cushions are bad and cause a ruckus ? ... These are waaaayyy worse ! ...They will be up all night farting and laughing, smelling up the whole house.

Do ... keep on hand for those certain unruly trick-or-treaters that show up on your door step every year. You know the one's I'm talking about.

Do ...carry these while you go on that next hiking trip as an emergency food source and location device all in one. Just in case you are to get lost, you'll have the food to nurish you for the time being and you'll uncontrollably create an abundance of rambunctious sounds for Search and Rescue to locate exactly where you are ! It'll also keep all the predatory animals in the area, at bay. Think Safety !

Do ... Stop by my house tonight and take the remaining bars that are left in the box, because I probably can't handle one more of these tomorrow and their peanut butter/chocolatey taste will be tempting...

Mean nasty Trick Bars on :

They were all probably laughing, and farting, uncontrollably after they manufactured and got these Fiber One bars out. What a sneaky little trick ! ;-)

These bars definitely need a warning, like those Wow chips did or do, or maybe they should sell them at Spencers/Gag stores. These actually taste really good, but really aren't very "green" from all the gasses you omit after eating just a single one. ...Surprised they haven't added an extra gas emissions tax to these because of it. ;-)

But seriously folks, These should only be consumed if you are all alone for a couple of days. You actually need to plan ahead before eating these things. I accidentally came across this site and laughed to tears, because I just bought a box the other day. I ate one bar yesterday, for the first time ever, and one bar today, and I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me. ??? I now know, and now I too, will share my insight and all that I have learned from these 2 lone bars that I have ate ...

Do Not...Eat before you go to class or if you work in a quiet environment. Unless you are eating them just for the purpose of being dumb.

Do ... Feel free to eat these if you work at a shop. People will just think it's the machines instead.... Then again,,,,,, People might think the machines are breaking down, so that might not be a good idea either.

Do Not... eat before driving/riding with anyone !!! Unless you want to walk. Yes, you will end up walking even if you are driving the vehicle,... it's that bad.

Do Not... eat before you workout. It'll only bring out the worst in you. ( or outta you. ) Especially with aerobics or any cardiovascular.

Do... unwrap all the bars, put them on a pretty serving dish and cover the dish with saran wrap to give as a gift to your neighbors that you dislike. It'll look like you just baked them. You will be golden in their eyes and get your revenge all at the same time. They will be too embarrassed to tell you what they've experienced, and they won't want to belittle the kind gesture and amends you just made. They only need to eat one ! Just one ! ( Tip: heat them up just a few seconds in the microvewave to make it just that much more believable that they are homemade. ) ... and let the magic begin.

Do Not ...Give these to kids !!!! You think those little fart cups and whoopie cushions are bad and cause a ruckus ? ... These are waaaayyy worse ! ...They will be up all night farting and laughing, smelling up the whole house.

Do ... keep on hand for those certain unruly trick-or-treaters that show up on your door step every year. You know the one's I'm talking about.

Do ...carry these while you go on that next hiking trip as an emergency food source and location device all in one. Just in case you are to get lost, you'll have the food to nurish you for the time being and you'll uncontrollably create an abundance of rambunctious sounds for Search and Rescue to locate exactly where you are ! It'll also keep all the predatory animals in the area, at bay. Think Safety !

Do ... Stop by my house tonight and take the remaining bars that are left in the box, because I probably can't handle one more of these tomorrow and their peanut butter/chocolatey taste will be tempting...

Foxy Lady on :

I googleed "fiber bars give you gas" and came to this page. I could've googled "blow-outs" because that's what they are. They're horrendous! I can't describe the force and pressure behind them, but I guess everyone here knows because they've experienced them.

What's worse is that I thought fiber was GOOD for me. Nine grams in one bar - woo hoo! But now I hear it's the chicory root extract that causes the gas? Crap, that's the FIRST INGREDIENT LISTED.

I kept thinking all week "What the heck have I been eating that I have such baaaad gas???" and then it turns out the only thing different is Fiber One. I love the oats & strawberries w/almonds. But the blowouts...........BOOM!

This is ridiculous!! on :

First and foremost, this is the funniest website ever! Seems like a "support group" for people with problematic farts, if you will.

I ate 2 of these bars today and the gas has been unprecedented. Didn't help that I had refried beans with my dinner. As I sit here typing, I have fart AGAIN. Been going into the bathroom to fart so I don't gas myself out, but the smell attaches itself to my clothes and follows me around the house. Have candles burning but it doesn't overpower the lethal stench....and it's too cold to open the windows. I feel trapped!

If it's the chickory root that causes these noxious emissions, why must they add this???? What a cruel thing to do! I'm calling the company tomorrow and complaining! Good thing I didn't have a date tonight :-P

still farting after all these years on :

Pure and simply the funniest website I have ever visited, ahh yes, the simple pleasures of life. I started eating these things before I went to workout, strenuous activity followed shortly by massive gas. It took me a week to put two and two together, and walked into a perfect storm of health conscious living.

In my naivety I ate one before the workout, followed two hours later by a bowl of Kashi Go Lean with added blueberries, Horrible discomfort, I literally farted 200 times that day, was doing my noxious version of "crop dusting' walking around constantly to try and avoid blame and not stew in my own funk. It was a life changing experience for me, now forever twinkies and frosted flakes for my fiber, just visit roto rooter for a bi annual flush. Colon cleanse, here I come. Damn, they did taste good, some yin with my yang, that's for sure....

Fartina's Update on :

I wrote to General Mills to let them know that although their FiberOne bars are most tasty and satisfying, the gas that they produce is enough to destroy one's will to live. The gas was so bad that I could actually see it, all brown and greasy and hanging over my cubicle, marking me with a shamecloud for all to see and smell. Anyway, long story short, General Mills wound up sending me $7 in coupons for my inconvenience. No, I won't be buying more FiberOne bars with my coupons. Maybe General Mills makes a butt balm.

Obfuscation on :

I'm so glad that I'm not alone. The sad thing is that these bars are so darn tasty. It's difficult for me to throw the rest of them away, as I'd purchased 2 boxes of them from CostCo, and they had worked well at staving off my hunger. In any case, these are not to be trifled with. They can't be used for meal replacements, as the human body will happily turbo-process the chicory extract and output something that smells NOTHING like chicory.

With any luck, I can distribute the remaining bars to my co-workers & share a little of the love instead of throwing them away. I can't buy these again, as my wife has threatened me with divorce, decapitation, and dismemberment if I ever eat these again. Good luck, everyone.

On a serious note, Beano actually helps to reduce the gas. Problem? You have to consume an inordinately large dose of beano before eating any of these bars.

FART on :

okay, i was in chours class and i kept farting throughout the song because of the bars. then people behind me on the risers were complaining that it smelt really badly, and i knew it was me.

Fiber One Farter on :

Hello, my name is *-----* and I am a Fiber One fartaholic.

My wife brought home a Costco size box of these things. OMG never again. They stopped me in my tracks while on my afternoon run. Had I a pin, I would have popped myself to relieve the pain. But all I could do was pretend I was tying my shoes, arse up in the air, trying to get some relief.

I'm thinking we should take the rest of the box up to our state legislature for their next session. Would that make me a terrorist?

Vibrating butt cheeks on :

They need to have, 'Purchase one box of Fiber One' and recieve a free air freshener. Seriously, That wouldn't even help. I walk around with a can of 'Hawaiian Breeze". The sad thing is, I can make my own breeze now! It's just not Hawaiian!

Ryan on :

My abs went from bakery rolls to a six pack after reading all these comments. I'm still wiping tears from my face!!

My mom loves to buy Fiber One bars to snack on and I would always eat them when I'm at my parents house because they taste so good, but I never thought of putting farts and these bars together. Now that I think about it, I DID have some pretty horrible gas after eating them but always thought it was the beer I drank or some kind of bad cheese.

Needless to say I'm definitely buying these when I want to prank someone!!

I can't escape myself! on :

My cousin had the Fiber One bars, and I decided to try one cuz I was hungry. Mmmm - tasty! I went to grab another one and she warned me that I would be sorry. I decided to ignore the warning - big mistake!
About 2 hours later, I was attending a worship service at a local church... I spent the entire time seated, thanking the good Lord above for the cushioned seat and the very loud christian rock band playing. Oh, and unbelievably, the frequent thunderous explosions blowing out of my ass had no smell. Again, thank you dear Jesus. Amen.

Khalid on :

Help me please
I do not know this thing Sour Fart long considered not find anything about what the materials used in this game and they knew how to use food and bacteria that I am an Arab from the damp and the names of Khalid
Thank you for Emily q8._a @

Hye on :

I really enjoyed it.
I am from Denmark and know bad English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Even if you paid half as much for your ticket as."

:-P Thanks in advance. Hye.

Fartizzle on :

OMG! I'm crying here at work. This is histerical! These "Granola Granades" don't effect my mom at all, but me...forget it. Anyway, my daughters like to repeat what my farts sound like. Sometimes it sounds like...WHAAAAAAAT???? or IDONTKNOW!!!!

Windy Nights on :

Was really hungry and missed lunch. Grabbed a box of the Fiber Ones went back to my office. Had lots of work to do so ate a "few of them" mindlessly while answering emails.

Forgot that I had yoga class late that afternoon. The gas hit me on my way to yoga. I seriously considered aborting but thought I could just run into the rest room if I needed to.

Spent nearly the whole class (1 hour) in the bathroom. The first explosive release was so loud that it rattled the window in the bathroom. I knew for sure they had heard it out on the floor where the other people were deep in some relaxing yoga pose.

The rest of the time I mastered the method of bending over and pulling my butt cheeks apart so that the sound would just be a rush of "air" coming out. One occurrence was so forceful that the magazine pages rustled in the ensuing wind storm. I did not think the gas would ever stop coming. No more Fiber One bars unless I am by myself away from civilization!

not the only one on :

This website has been a total relief (literally). I fell in love with the Fiber 1 Chocolate and Oats bars (only 2 points on weight watchers) and thought I found a great snack to keep with me. The first day I had no problem, the next day I noticed I was a little gassy. Then yesterday I ate two and was in so much pain. Finally figured out that the bars were causing the problem, but I LOVE them. My husband is laughing hysterically that I'm spending this much time researching farts and gas, but I just knew that this was normal. Thanks to all of you Farters out there, I finally feel relief....

mamallama on :

Our 9 year old son loves these Satan-spawned bars. Coming back from a recent visit to relatives, our younger daughter was feeling sick. All of a sudden a stench that can only be compared to a hog confinement lot on a hot day assailed my nose. I heard the words "go bathroom", and I screamed at my husband to pull off the interstate. I was sure my younger daughter had had a diarrheal blowout. As we swerved to the nearest exit I told her to unbuckle so she could run to the bathroom. She said, "Why?" I explained and she responded that she had said someone needed to go to the bathroom, but not her.

Needless to say when we got to the rest stop the 9 year old son used the facilities.

No more fiber one bars on car trips. Ever. My husband believed it must of been the cows until I showed him this site.

Stan on :

Not only are Fiber Onr Bars gassy , now there are Fiber Plus Bars made by Kellogs. My wife and I can't stop laughing. I found these great new one get one free and ate a couple. I feel my stomach is being inflated with a pump. We went to the movies and it was so difficult to hold the farts in.
We came home and googled Fiber ones bars make me fart and this sight came up. /My wife assured me that I was not alone. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. I just can't stop farting.... I'm taking these bars back and can't wait until they ask me why! Too bad that they taste so good!

Mama farts Alot on :

I farted for like a minute straight last night shortly after eating a Fiber One Bar. Luckily, my 8 year old was in the room to blame it on.

cheapsk8mom on :

Thank you for this. GM had sent me a box of Fiber One bars and a stack of coupons for $1.35 off to hand out to friends, etc...

Having never tried them, I didn't realize until day 3 that it was the bars!! My husband was grossed out/jealous of the gas... It was quite pungent, to put it nicely.

The flavor was amazing, but the aftermath is just more than this family can bear...

They'll be used as gifts for sure, in the future.

t. on :

I'm 18, and I heard really good things about these bars. I had my mother buy them thinking, "Fiber is good for you!"

Well sure it is. But I have been eating them like crazy and I FART so much. These past 2 days have been unbelievable! I'm still in high school and it is complete torture having to squeeze my little butt checks together with every "FIBER" in my being so I don't embarrass myself in front of my classmates!

MY GAS..smells awful too. Oh dear Jesus.

Sir Gas A lot on :

General Mills sent me a free box of Fiber One bars in the mail as others have mentioned, as part of their Word-of-Mouth program.

The funny part about it is that the name of their WOM program is "Psst..."

More like "PFFFFT!"

I gave some to my office co-workers, and now i can't help but wonder if they experienced the same thing and blame me for it secretly! My thought is that this is just a giant April Fool's day prank by General Mills.

greenworks on :

I LOVE Fiber One bars and I see that I'm not alone, but they make me go to the bathroom about an hour or two later. I mean I couldn't eat these things on the go. LOL I started to wonder why I've been going to the bathroom SO MUCH lately. The only thing that I changed is eating those bars everyday. Sure enough, I found this page. LMAO I've been sitting here laughing continuously and my kids think that I'm insane.

They certainly are powerful things!!!!! :-)

M on :

I ate two of these bars on Saturday and another on Sunday. I couldn't figure why I was passing so much gas all day long and into the night. On Saturday my husband and I were shopping at JC Penney's at the mall and I let one He gave me the dirtiest look and told me to knock it off. I told him I couldn't help it, that I was feeling bloated, crampy and had to let it out. Sunday night, I mentioned to my 18 year son I was having a bit of a problem with gas (he had heard them ripping throughout the day). He then asked me if I had been eating the Fiber One bars and I told him yes. He said he finally figured it out when he himself had eaten a few, had been getting some cramps and was passing gas like crazy. He said he's not eating anymore. Well I have quite a few left and not wanting them to go to waste, I'll see if eating one every other day makes a difference. Probably not though. I shouldn't have told my husband and encouraged him to try

JuicyGirl on :

I ate one this morning and went to the chiropractor in the afternoon. Big mistake! When she pushed on me, there were cracks coming from more than just my back!

That Wasn't Me, I Swear! on :

I started working as a cashier at a local food retailer [which will remain unnamed] and began to gain a lot of weight because of the Snickers bars and Kit Kats that i would consume because of the easy access.
When I heard about Fiber One bars I became instantly infatuated. I loved the thought of eating healthy and saving some money. I bought 2 boxes of the oats and chocolate bars [because they were on sale] on a Friday and immediately began devouring the whole box over the period of that weekend. It had gotten so bad that by Monday when I would request change from my managers they would send some poor unknowing fool over to me because they couldn't stand the toxic fumes that seemed to levitate around me.
Now when I see an unsuspecting victim I make it a point to warn them of the health hazards created by these stink bombs.

Death bubbles on :

OMG I am laughing more than I have laughed in ages. Wheezing laughing! I am planning on buying these and leaving them out in my classroom- I have students that are always taking things that do not belong to them...this will be the perfect lesson for them to careful what you eat- expecially if it doesn't belong to you. I sit here. I, too, googled Fiber one and google's auto completes' first entry was "fiber one gas" I knew at this point it wasn't just me!
PLUS I guess you only find this web site funny if you have personally experienced the fiber one's death bubbles. My husband doesn't think this is funny at all. I am sneaking one into his diet, then he'll get the joke. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Fartaholic on :

Ive been eating these things the past few days and its fartville in our house! and most of you are sayingt you wont be able to sleep but honestly ive been sleeping so good atually 9-11 hours... so i dunno

Blame it on the kids on :

I like many others I bought fiber one bars in an effort to eat healthy....well I'm not sure if inhaling toxic gas several hours is healthy. My farts are so disgusting and never ending I am forced to blame them on the students in my 1st grade class. I know its bad. I'm glad I'm not alone in my fiber one fart journey.

Rudy Tooty on :

In my last trip to the grocery store, I bought a new brand of hummus and Fiber One bars for the first time. Curious as to why I've been dropping uncontrollable stink bombs for the past two days (and suspecting the hummus), I sat here innocuously munching on a Fiber One bar and Googling "foods that cause gas." Just as a I finished licking my fingers of the chocolaty drizzle, I came across this page. I've eaten six in the past two days. Two Maximum Strength Gas-X have still not helped me. I'm overtired too because the volume and reverberation of my farts wakes me up whenever one slips out in my sleep. They feel like nice big wholesome farts too, yet bring no relief. I have a doctor's appointment at 2:30. I hope she doesn't make me sit on the exam table and wait for too long. There's nowhere for me to sneak off to, and my dirty deed will be painfully obvious. They were really tasty, though.

fiber fart on :

these made me fart so much at school today everyone stared at me and i promised them it wasnt me. i am having the worst farts ever!lol

Butt Blow-out on :

I seriously thought it was just me... I see a lot of people eating these things and figure, "they look good, I'll try one..."

And so I did. My boss keeps a big box of them on the shelf behind his desk. (Now I know why he has his door closed all the time!)

I tried one and thought, "Oh, hey, yum! That was mighty good! I'll have a second!"


It turned my colon into a turbine. A turbine into which whole grains got thrown into. I not only farted uncontrollably, I had probably the worst case of fart-arrhea I have ever encountered in all of my 33 years.

Yet I keep eating them.

Damn you, Fiber One. DAMN YOU.

Tony on :

I found this web page by doing a google search on fiber farts. It is true for my body that these fiber one foods make a lot of gas. I was so bloated that my heart was hurting. This was so embarasing that I had to go home from work early. My exhaust pipe hurts now and I don't every want to see one of those fart bars again. Thanks for the funny web page.

Tony on :

If I could figure out how to run my car on this gas I could drive across the entire country on one box of these farty bars. Thanks General Mills.

WarmBreezeBetweenTheKnees on :

I made the mistake of consuming two of these before boarding a plane. I was so embarassed I pretended to be asleep for the entire two hour flight. Two guys sitting behind me said they were flying "Smelta."

Ange on :

Okay this is too much! i am dying here! Can barely catch my breathe! I have never had a fiber one bar and I never will but I am sure thinkign up pranks for the use!

I was thinking as I am a substitute teacher it would be funny to provide these as a snack to the entire school population lets say 45 minutes to an hour beforea school wide assembly on a cold winter day with doors and windows all shut!

Could you just imagine the sounds coming off the tile floors and ooden benches and the smell dang! Oh my hmmmmmmmmmmmmm would try it but they'd never accept me back to sub or think of hiring me! So guess it will remain a thought instead on an action!

literally lmao on :

Wow, google led me to the right information!! I thought my body was betraying me in the worst way! Too bad they taste so damn good!! I will be giving these out to coworkers that piss me off!! Thanks for the laughs!

Rachael on :

It's great to see that other people experience the same crazy gas problems from Fiber One bars that I do! And it's not just these bars, but any large amount of fruit(ie, melon) too. Now I know better than to eat these in public. It's such a relief to get home and finally let it all out! I love fiber, but the gas is really a problem! Ever since I upped my intake of fibrous(sp?) foods in recent years, the number of times i fart daily has skyrocketed!!

Chanda on :

Dang, and I loved this Fiber One bar... soo yummy. But it makes me fart insanily. I use them now for boyfriend torture ;-)

fart fan on :

Fiber One rocks. They taste great and they produce mind blowing flatulence. Seriously, these things give me the wind like no other. The Fiber One farts feel great like proper farts should, but they don't stink. It's a win/win really. Although, the farts I do the following morning smell B..A..D...BAD.

I get these attacks of farts chained together that last upwards of like 20 seconds sometimes. I'm going to start recording them my friends who think I'm exaggerating about these things will see.

A couple of choice varieties of FOF's (fiber one farts) are what I call the Door Knock, which is a basically a string of fart "syllables" that sort of sounds like someone knocking at the door. Then, there's the Harley. That one is pretty self explanatory.

Thank You General Mills. Happy Farting!

Death on :

These things are horrendous. My roommate and I bought them b/c we thought they would be tasty. She is not effected, yet I feel like the atomic bomb went off inside me. I eat quite a bit of fiber so it must be the chicory root extract. I was searching to find a remedy to make the pain go away, and I found this. Fiber One bars could be the next weapon of mass destruction. These things are terrible!!!

I'm fine, but my girlfriend... GOD! on :

My body is like a tank... the bars really only made me fart a few times more than usual, and poo twice a day instead of once.

My girlfriend on the other hand... holy bajesus! She holds her farts in all day at work, and I usually swing by and pick her up afterwards. After I get her it is a 7 block ride home and she nearly farted the entire ride. I think it was like a 2 minute gas seepage out of her ass. Absolutely unreal!

farting in california on :

I could relate to all of these stories. Yes once I started eating these delicious bars the fats started

Amber on :

I love fiber one bars and kellogs new fiber plus bars because they taste so good, but the unfortunate exploding gas issue made me not be able to eat them. I tried to outsmart the bar by using gas-x and beano, it did not work and I ended up farting through a 6 hour lecture, it could not be stopped and i am pretty sure the people around me won't sit next to me next lecture or ever again. Fiber one bars are a super tasty fart fuel, BEWARE!!

Bruce on :

These things are SO powerful... I ate a whole box in 20 minutes and farted for three whole days. It was terrible because I couldn't leave my house for three days straight. It was not good.

Bobbi on :

Oh man. I'm just rolling here. I eat them with a piece of fruit for breakfast soem mornings. The fruit/gas bar combo is just tremendous.
I found some at the local discount store for $1.69 per box. Score! I grabbed quite a few boxes. My 8 year old daughter asked if she could have one. I said sure! Well, it was so good, she wanted a second one. I warned her, I really did.
About 2 hours later she was out riding her bike and came running in the house clenching her butt cheeks together. She said, "Wow, Mom. You warned me but I had NO idea." As she blew by me on the way to the bathroom. I asked if she'd pooped her pants, but no. Just some serious, frightening gas. She loves them, but will now never eat more than one in a day. Smart girl.

karen on :

Watch out for that chicory root in other products! Smartfood Popcorn clusters have it- yikes! Of course I found out after eating it---luckily only one 100 calorie bag. At least one fart for each calorie.... This stuff makes for mammoth amounts of methane and never ending farts.

mary on :

After hearing how "yummy" the Oatmeal chocolate chip Fiber One Bars were I couldn't wait to try them. Wow they were awesome sweet and crunchy just like a candy bar so instead of having one I ate 2 well later on that afternoon I was going to the local warehouse to do some grocery shopping and felt this sudden urgent need to use the bathroom, (of course I was in the back of the store and couldn't have been further away from the restrooms,) so I grabbed my purse and literally ran through the store I am sure the people running the security cameras thought I was trying to escape with something but before I could make it to the bathroom I had shit in my pants while still running to the bathroom I was so mortified this has never happened to me before I literally had to wash out my pants in the bathroom and thank God I had a jacket on so I could tie it around my waist. I went home immediatley and spent the next several hours with explosive diarriah. WTF is in these things that would make you lose total control like that. Unfortunately, I threw the rest of the box away and needless to say won't be buying them again. They should put a dam warning on their packaging to put on Depends if you plan on leaving your house after eating these. :-)

Fartypants on :

I too let out about 500 farts from laughing so hard while reading this page. I just walked into my boyfriends house and ran to the bathroom to explode! I thought I was going to shit my pants. I had a Kashi frozen meal for lunch and have had gas pains all day! What is with fiber and farts? I decided to do a little research and up pops this page. The first time was the last time Id ever eat a Fiber One bar! Those things are screaming I am going to mess with you all day and make you fart like you have never farted before. The worst thing about the day that I ate the bars was being at work where you can't fart. The air bubbles build up inside your stomach and roar up through your insides like you are going to burp out the deadliest fart! I threw the rest of the box away! Damn FIBER ONE! They should not be called Fiber One, but FIBER 500 FART BARS!

myopiniononly on :

O.M.G.!!! All of you are telling the honest truth, these things are from hell!! I ate 2, two mind you and i have had the most terrible stomach ache and runs and gas etc. I will never eat those horrid things again. Benefiber is for me or activia yogart!!

got my ass kicked by a granola bar on :

WOW. I am so relieved to find this website! Listen, I am a naturally gassy person anyway, so before yesterday, I thought I had mastered the art of the silent killer farts and fart deflection (blaming it on someone else). Good GOD. What tortured souls invented this SHIT IN A BAR! Seriously, that's what it is. I feel like I've been run over by a truck and instead of being paralyzed, I just have the runs every 15 minutes and in between bathroom trips I put on fireworks shows out my ASS. I am so glad it's not just me. I asked one of my friends this morning, "Do you think it's possible for a granola bar to kick your ass?" She said no. She was wrong.

mike the rookie on :

take the fiber one challenge! my coworker has never tried fiber one. i have and so i know that the amount of gas generated is incredible. so i just gave him FIVE of them to try. he ate the first one and agreed that it tastes very good. and he just had the second one as well. we shall see how many he eats in this one sitting. and let's see what happens later on. i hope he returns to work tomorrow. oh yea, he outweighs me by at least two hundred pounds!! will post results of this experiment soon. -M

Fiber One Eater on :

I ate like 4 fiber one bars today..
I was thinking "oh, theyre good for me".
Wow.. I was wrrrong.
I mean Ive had those before but never ate that many.
All day ive been having REAL bad gas, its terrible!! and my stomach hurts too.
I was wondering what was wrong with me so I looked up "4 fiber one bars" and somehow I came across "fiber one side effects-gas and stomach cramps...
Screw you Fiber One.. SCREW YOU!!!!!

knnu21 on :

Found this by accident, for me it was Kashi Go-Lean crunchy wheat puff stuff cereal that would start an all day long fart fest after a 7 mile bike commute to work. It was so bad that one day , that even in the loud machine shop, with the Bridgeport mill running and Leadwell CNC running, I was was overheard trying to fart discretely. The older co-worker, he hated my constant farting. I let what I thought was a little 'poot" at the mill, and Joe goes "HEY! Will you STOP farting??? I put up with it all day yesterday, and I am sure as hell am not gonna put it with it all day today!!!! STOP FARTING!!! Do you see anyone else going around farting all day long, the way a cow does??? It's repulsive , revolting and WRONG!!! " I had to stop the Kashi cereal. However since I was laid off of work, I might try one of them Fiber One bars just for kicks.

MsMrs on :

I sleep alone in my fiber one cloud, my husband has abandoned me for the living room. We always start out in the same room. Then I wake up in a closed room that stinks from all the gas, husband GONE. He ate a whole box of Fiber One and Curves Fiber bars in a couple days with milk and has not touched them since. I suspect he had bad bad bad bad consequences while I was away on work business. I warned him to leave it to 1 a day but he did not listen. Now he just runs from me and says NOT A WORD. I once took a sick day from eating 2 in 1 day. My job would of really wanted it that way, Does it end? I have eaten 1 a day for 2 weeks and no help! The farts just keep coming. I am gonna give up soon. Hey Fiber One, maybe you should have a sensitive system kit and work us up from a smaller dose of fiber to the current fiber bar. I would buy that kit. I WOULD BUY THAT KIT.

Fanny Mae on :

As I sit here in my office, I am thankful that I am not in a cubicle. For I have been letting them rip all morning!!!! I just bought two boxes of these things, and now wonder if I should give them to the first homeless guy who walks by my office doors. (sighs). This is hell....

Kerri on :

I'm sure HAZMAT will be rining my doorbell soon. The WMD that have been bursting out of my ass are turning the air green in my neighborhood.


I don't believe this rubbish. In fact, I just purchased a box of the peanut butter flavored Fiber One bars. Now, I am off to a very important 2 hour conference with the CEO of our company. I am not scared at all!

wes on :

OMG! THANK you! I thought I was dying. My wife started putting these in my lunch this week on Monday and it has been a LOONNG week trying to figure out why I have been blowing up like the Hindenburg!! Holy cow poop Batman!

Jason on :

I am a security guard for a major computer company and have to spend long periods sitting around watching people. Well, I bought a box of 30 fiber one bars at costco and started taking 2 with me to work each day to snack on during my shift. I started to notice my constant farting, but unlike alot of the posts here mine dont smell at all. They are loud and long but they dont smell, and well, now I have the reputation of the farting security guard because there is nothing more impossible in this universe than hiding a fiber one fart. Thank you fiber one, for making me the "hilarious" security guard, nobody takes security guards seriously, and the employees now take me even less seriously.

thanks fiber one.

nick on :

OMG!!! My roommate bought a box of the chocolate ones one day and said it made him fart and poo like none other. I didn't believe him and last night I bought a box of the Carmel ones and ate the entire box, they are GOOD!!. This morning at 7am my stomach was cramping and I was letting out more gas then a broken gas line. I ran to the the bathroom because my stomach was in constant pain and I sputtered farts and poop for about 20min on the john today. I had class at 9am as well and it was killing me to hold it in. Now im at work and about every 5 min I have a gas bomb explode into my seat. Glad I have my own office!!. Thanks FiberOne. Now I can torture my roommates :-)

Tom on :

I've been noticing the same you did. I had been letting the longest farts I have in my entire life. I was trying to pin point what it was that was causing it, so I googled "I've been letting long farts" and this came up..and interestingly enough I recently have been eating Kellog's FIBER PLUS bars. They are so good, but I think the mystery is now solved. I wonder which bars are more deadly..FIBER ONE or FIBER PLUS.

Tom on :

God help me. The Kellog's Fiber Plus bars are on sale and they each have a coupon that comes with them, so I'm getting them REALLY cheap. I will have like a month supply of these things. I ate one around 11 o' clock today..and it's 4:30 and it hasn't stopped.

Kate F on :

I am a ww leader and long time fiber one user and have to agree that fiber one is good stuff but only 1 bar per day or else your body will be unforgiving!

*I can't stop!!!* on :

Someone please!!! *Ffffffaaaaarrrrp*, I can't stop!...*Ffffferrrrrp*. Every 2 mins I'm *Fffffffirrrrrrrrp*... farting. I am now an *Fffffeeeeeep*....outcast! FiberOne is so tasty, so fibery, so...*FFFFFAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRiiiiiP*....EVIL!!

Tammy Gill on :

I wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I feel as if my intestines have blown up. I feel like a walking time bomb after eating 1. I ate 2 and spent every 15 minutes in the bathroom. I am a walking machine gun ! Thank god I am single. I warned my son about these and he does not have these gas problems. These fiber one bars are so tasty they are hard to stop eating. Try eating them with a huge mug of coffee. Its not like after one day the gas stops. It will last for days. Someone could die from their stomach exploding !

Uncle Tootie Pants on :

I don't even know where to start, maybe first by wiping the tears from my eyes as I read these stories. I have been buying fiber fart bars in bulk from Costo for months now. Just recently I have made the connection to the uncontrollable explosive gas I have been experiencing during those months. My family has been complaining for months, my wife even said I have been farting in my sleep. I was seriously thinking something was wrong with me. The worst part was my office purchase me a new 'mesh' chair and now I can't muffle the the explosive sounds in the cushion. I eat one every morning for breakfast and the 40 minute drive to work is unbearable. My kids claim that every time they get in my car it smells like a stale fart. I think the stench is permeated into the leather. Driving with the top down doesn't even seem to help, the stink must be heavier than air, because no matter how fast I drive it sits there with me. I am just thankful that I have finally found the 'root' cause.

farty poo poo bars on :

I am laughing my ass off so bad here!! its all true to you non believers...I thought these were the best tasting fiber bars invented..until I blew my husband off the other end of the couch and the dog out the back slider!!!!! and OMG the power of these farts was just unreal...I would go into hysterics every time I let one rip because the look of amazement on my husband's face was priceless...I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the ER. The pains were unbelievable. They need a warning label with a hazard symbol "highly explosive". This went on all night...I had no idea where this was coming from...and then the stank began..oh it doesn't smell initially...but just wait....I'm gonnna bring the rest to work for a good laugh!!!! Oh and my niece and nephew now call these farty poo poo bars and refuse to let my sister put them in their lunch bags LOL

Horrible on :

Bought a box of CVS-brand Fiber One knockoffs. Extra chicory root. I had to work on a project, and didn't want to stop for a lunch. I stopped at CVS, and bought a box of Oatmeal and Chocolate Fiber Bars. Figured that were just like granola bars or something.

Figured I'd just munch on the entire box, so I wouldn't interrupt my studying. I was interrupted about an hour later by the worst smelling stench ever. Smelled like a porto potty in July. I have my own office, but the shared printer is just outside the door. I couldn't stop farting for 4 hours. I couldn't leave because the project was due in the next day.

I farted every 3 minutes for four hours. It was non-stop. Each one was worse smelling than the last one. Finally, I sat on one cheek, propped by butt door open, and let olley olley oxen free. It was alot like Dumb and Dumber. After the 50th straight fart, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't poop my pants like Jeff Daniels. My stomach felt a little better, but I was about to pass out from the swamp death reek.

At hour 3, I heard the printer start. I literally ran to the printer, and brought the printout to my coworker across the hall. "I was just walking by the printer..." Then she printed out 4 more things, kindof randomly every 2 or 20 minutes. I ran every time. She was pretty freaked out, figured I was stalking her or something, but not as freaked out as she would have been if she walked anywhere near my potty office. Smelled like the rhinocerus cage at the zoo.

I finished the project, drove home, and then sat on my couch at home farting constantly until 2AM.

Don't eat six of these at a sitting. You might just die, or kill a co-worker. No, the smell doesn't go away... Ever. Sticks like napalm.

Frank Miller on :

OK, so I read this a couple of days ago and got a good laugh. I never thought anything of it we usually have them around the house. So I munched two of them this afternoon before we headed out to the 4th of July party at the Phoenix Zoo tonight.

I now have proof these things are pure evil in a box. We started hiking up the hill to the new Giraffe feeding tower. The whole way up the hill I'm talking out of my ass more than Barry Obama. Of course every time I let one rip, my 4 year old daughter thinks it's hillarious giggles and announces to the world, "Daddy farted!"

We get to the top of the hill where the Giraffe feeding tower is. It's a new, really cool setup. The railing is about shoulder level to the Giraffe and they lean their necks over the railing and take the food directly from your hand. So I'm standing there with a food pellet in my hand and let go of an SBD. The Giraffe notices the food in my hand, swings his neck towards me, then swings his neck back the other way and heads for the far corner of the tower.

Fiber One, farts so bad, even Giraffes won't come near ya'!

FINALLY!!!! on :

Today I just discovered what has been haunting me for the past 9 months or so -- horrible gas, bloating and cramps....from FIBER ONE BARS!!! I thought maybe I was allergic to gluten, milk, nuts...something, anything! I ate a Fiber One bar today for the first time in a few weeks and the horrible gas and bloating came back so I did a quick google search and found this. GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! These bars should come with a warning label....I'm so mad I ate one, now I'll be farting until tomorrow!

JJ on :

This is some very funny stuff. I'm in tears! In my search for a healthy, filling breakfast bar, I started eating these a few months ago. It is amazing how tasty they are in their chewy goodness! I usually eat only one per day. The gas that I experience by lunchtime is unreal. Seriously, the longest and most explosive farts imaginable. I also thought I was going crazy. I thought I had devoloped lactose intolerance, but finally started catching on over the last few days and sure enough, it seems to be a well known phenomenon. God dammit! I really like those bars!

Bubbly on :

I have one with my lunch at work everyday. When I get home, I let it all loose. The farts are unique, unreal, and unmatched. They come about every 4 minutes, for the duration of 4 or 5 hours or until bedtime. They even come out while I'm sleeping. I love it though, I think it's hilarious and my boyfriend does too. xP

four farting girls on :

at first i ate the fiber one bar and it was great . but after 15 minutes i had qlready faarted like 20 times. it starting to scare my dog half to death at the end of the day i had farted 52 times (seriously i counted). My dog was afraid to be in the same room with me.
Thank you and keep on farting America

Farty Farterson on :

I googled "fiber bars give me gas", landed here, and have a stomach ache - I've been laughing so hard. I was blaming my windy bottom on a host of other foods and then had an epiphany that it might be the Target wannabe Fiber One bars I bought recently. I, too, work in a very quiet office so I've been racing to the bathroom for some relief - secretly scared that I might let one go during a meeting. One plus? My 6 and 2 year olds think Mommy is a farting champ.

Farting Orchestra on :

I had 4 Chocolate & Oats flavored bars today, so damn addictive! -_- Can't stop farting and it feels like there's an orchestra going on in my bowels. I better shit soon or else I'm gonna blow! These farts are ghastly! These bars are really the spawns of Satan!

Brittney on :

This is great! I thought it was just me!!
For those that have never tried these Satan Snack Fart Bars here is a link to the Fiber One website with a free sample and $5 in coupons!

R. Fox on :

Tastes great, colon filling. Since eating these bars a localized ozone hole has been following me around where ever I go. The Obama administration has instructed me to purchase cap and trade credits because of the amount of emissions coming out of my ass. Forget Ethanol, feed everyone these bars and we could run our cars with power to spare.

Colon Kapow on :

If you like farting and I mean really like farting, these are the bars for you! After 3 days of incredible amounts of gas around lunch time, I finally suspected the bars. I skipped eating them for one day and was fine. The next day I ate one late in the day, instead of in the morning, and that evening?s bath was very memorable. It was like depth charges were going off in the tub. I'm lucky there were no open flames nearby. Seriously, these things are like some kind of biological weapon. Have someone at work you don't like. Give them one of these bars 3 hours before a meeting and let the hilarity ensue.

Sarah on :

I wanted to get some more fiber in my diet but never in my life have I had this much gas! I'm at work and I'm finding that I need to fart about every 2 minutes. I work right by someone and every time they leave their desk I let one go. It's so horrible!!!

Phie on :

piece of advice stay AWAY from Smartfoods popcorn clusters. LOL I havent been able to leave my house in a week and I ate them Unfortunately all 5 tiny tiny bags last saturday its been a week OMG! make it stop make it stop. ROFLMAO

Pete on :

I told my roommate yesterday as I came out of the bathroom (still farting) that these things are sooo vicious and he claims "not me, my stomach is normal". Yet I noticed he farted a few good ones yesterday too. I had 2, he only had one, which he sniffed at like a mouse as if afraid to eat it.

Don't, I repeat, DO NOT get addicted....they taste so good....but they rip something vicious in your ass. Increasing fiber intake by method of Fiber One also means increasing your toilet paper usage. TRUST ME, if you are on a plan for things....plan for extra toilet paper when you shop for these.

The cereal isn't so bad...but the bars, dear god, the bars. Be careful people, and happy crapping.

i was just standing over there an minute ago on :

Wow. I was really thinking I needed surgery. I was getting paranoid about all the giggles behind my back at work. Now I know they werent giggles. They were gasping. I did not know how so much air was leaving me when not nearly the same amount was entering me. I have a headache from hitting the ceiling so much! At first there was a cloud of flys then just piles of fly bodies. Thank you so much for this forum. It's really good to get it all out;)

ratatat on :

Glad to read this. I've been having controtrolled farting at work. It's bad enoug that I'm now "older" but it's been difficult to hide the "pop" and strench I've been having. I've been eatting Fiber Plus at work. They are delicous! Howver, I never gave it a thought that it may be causing this. I'm going to only eat them at home. Thankfully, I live alone. I wouldn't want to "gas" some one to death.

driving chick on :

I ate one yesterday at lunch.

When I drove home from work, my husband borrowed my car to go to the grocery store.

When he came back from the store, he did not look so happy.

I don't think he will ever borrow my car after I've eaten a fiber one bar.

We both cried with laughter when we found this site.

Biggie on :

Mayday! I am dying reading this site and from the smell that my bum has been emitting since eating Fiber Bum bars.

I seriously cleared an entire department at Target last night.

The smell is like no other I have ever experienced. It's like a mix of month old rotten eggs and perhaps, satan's cologne.

I too was rudely awakened from my sleep from my own gass the other night. It was like I was trying to sleep during the invasion of Baghdad. Good Lord!

I had to Google it today and feel better knowing exactly where the essence stems from.

I do wish to continue eating the bars as it's nice to be so regular (who needs colon cleanse) but man, the side assfects are a bit much to bear.

splatter on :

This is funny shyt......
I have been calling these fart bars as well. The guys at work joined a biggest loser contest at work and have been eating these. You should hear the explosions going off. I personally like to rip em in the breakroom on the hard
bench seats..... talk about clearing out a room. I took this one more step and
ripped one against the bedroom door while my wife was sleeping. She came running out wondering who was hammering on the front door. Then the smell hit her....
kind of reminds of when I used nightcrawlers for bait and let them in the car when hot outside . Nasty!!!!!! One other thing I have noticed I have to use more toilet paper.... maybe they are in cohoots with the toilet paper makers.

Shawn on :

i like these bars,even though they cause quite a bit of gas that could light up a gas station i lost 15 pounds last month cuz of these bars..yes you do go to the bathroom quite a bit if you eat more than you should of these bars but if your looking to lose weight these bars will do it no doubt and clean you out in the process LOL

gas pains mistaken for labor!! on :

My step mom gave me a box 2 days ago of the mocha bars. I ate one yesterday and had severe gas pains last night and farted so much and so loud my 6 year old (who loves a good fart) was asking me to stop. I chalked it up to being pregnant as this is not the first gas episode I've had in the past 7 months. I ate one again this afternoon and tonight, while at a church meeting, my stomach hurt so bad I seriously thought I was in labor. I knew it was gas pains but that bad?! What made matters worse was having to hold them in for 3 hours. I thought. I was going. To die!!! I was trying not to make faces in the pain because people kept asking me if I was ok. I really didn't want to have to tell them that, No I was not in labor, I just needed to fart! Regardless of how it looked. When I got home tonight all I could do was lay on the floor with my ass as far in the air as it could go. I knew it had to be those bars. I know what to eat now when my husband and 6yr old are having a farting contest. I'm gonna win 'em every time now!

Alas it's other Fiber One Products... on :

I have never had the pleasure of trying Fiber One bars. But I have started eating the Fiber One Yoplait yogurt. I'm addicted to these little 4oz cups of yogurty goodness. And for most days I really try and limit myself to one cup. But there's been a couple of days where I've broken down and had 2 cups. I mean 50 calories a cup isn't bad and I probably don't get enough fiber anyways... Well the last few days have been miserable! The farts and the stink and gawd does it ever end?

Worst part, I just ate two cups before I found this site. I'm in trouble for later I guess........

scott on :

my 10 yr old daughter is the pickiest eater in the world. So when I went to the store with her and a girl who is interning with us, we walked down the cereal isle and I asked her, SO what are those bars you guys like so much??? ooooo those fiber one bars with chocolate chips and all sort of goodies in them was my answer. Needless to say I bought 2 boxes of them. A week later no one ate them and I thought hmmm I gots the munchies so I opened up the box and found 5 NOT 1 but fives little snackeroos in it. I ate one while I was playin online poker and thought to myself these suck but at the same time they were good, then I ate another one... hmmm not very satisfying. ok no one is looking I will eat another one, So now into 3 bars and still not satisfied I ate my 4th bar. In less then 20 minutes I consumed 4 not so tasty bars then I ate 2 peanut butter and apple butter sandwiches and then I had a large glass of milk. Mind you I was under no impression of what was about to happen shortly after I went to sleep. Somehow my cat got into my room and shacked it in with me as we both endured the stinkiest most unforgettable night of our lives. I thought I was going to shit my drawers and my farts kept waking me up. So when I finally woke up I had to drop the kids off at the pool. at first I thought to myself
"Normal morning dump" No problem. BUT then all of a sudden the farts started coming back, So now I am back in the bathroom dropping the wayans brothers off at the pool, my roommates were gassed out by my stench. I was so embarrassed to walk into any room because of my green misty's I was producing. I had to run from my own farts.... I later found out what the culprit was as I was standing outside smoking a cig my intern said geese I could hear you farting from across the yard. I then told her that those fiber one bars are ok but they lack flavor and are small so I ate 4 of them, and me not knowing that they were the reason why I was shiiting myself. She broke out into laughter as she explained to me that I consumed 3 bars too many for one day and I should be farting and gassing for about a day or so.
I now have a cool trick to pull on guests when they come over.. I plan on serving cat food as pate and unwrapped FIBER one bars. I should be a big hit.

Kelly on :

Ok right now I am under a severe attack of the fiber one bars. So I had to go online and see if this is not just a personal side affect..I am so glad to see that it is not. I will never eat a fiber one bar again. Listen up for what you are about to read, has this ever happened to anyone yet?
So I am on my way to work and I decide to pop in a quick fiber one bar on the ride over this is roughly 0700. Throughout my work day I started to feel very gasy and bloated, I could actually feel my intenstines move and relocate from their original resting places. I work in a laboratory, so under no circumstances am I able to pass gas..just not sanitary. By 1600 hours, I was seconds away from barreling over to be on the ground one more time before I met my maker. Finally, everyone left for the day, and there were no patients in the waiting room. So there was hope for me after all, it was time to lock and unload. At first very satisfying, but then, what I thought would be one of my final blows, turned out to be a trully horrifying finale. Not only did it catapault my body feet in front of me it also caused me to crap my scrubs!! Now this has never happened to me in all my years of living through different illnesses...I always knew when it was time to hit the pot...but not this time. And to make matters worse I still had another hour of intense work to do. So I ran to the bathroom praying it did not go through to my scrubs..luckily it did not, but the smell was so staunch..I mean it smelled like I had a dead rat hiding up in my undies, I had to carefully slide my undies down my legs and place them in a biohazard bag before throwing them in the biohazard waste receptacle.
So today I am writing this somewhat in hindsight for today is day two and I am still suffering and it is past 1800. I choose to never eat One Fiber One again!!!

Bill on :

I personally have never, ever seen anything like them! Beans, cabbage, you name it. Nothing creates major farts like these bars. Try eating two, for the blast of your life. Wait till you are going on a road trip with your buddies. No one could stand up to you.

Gas in the ass on :

My husband and I have been eating these for only two days and we can't believe how bad our gas is. It has been non stop for me for since yesterday. I think I have it worse than him. I am so glad we are not alone. My husband did notice on the side of the box that it says "Gradually increase fiber over time to help minimize potential gastrointestinal discomfort." Yeah too bad I didn't read that first. "potential discomfort" my ass (no pun intended) it should read "without a doubt flatulence". But if it helps in my weight loss I will accept the gas. However I will not eat one before work ever again, that could be distasterous since I work retail and really have nowhere to hide. Thanks everyone for posting, this really made us feel better about this sudden gas attack. Good night and gas speed. :-)

Jack Spratt on :

You are all horrible, gross people. I am glad I don't live with any of you. Stop eating the damn bars you nasty farters. I, for one, have never farted, nor have I ever pooped. Ewww!

AzzKraken on :

Yeah! I got that Boom Boom Pow!

After a night at the bars I stumbled home and found these fiber bars on the counter. Figured it would be a good pre-hangover snack. Very tasty, hit the spot, went to bed.

Yo, I farted so hard while I was asleep that it not only woke me up, but it was still echoing in my bedroom as I was regaining consciousness! Thought someone was trying to break into my house.

These azz crackers is for REAL!!!

Randall Lind on :

I ate the whole box in 2 hours 5 bars I thank now my stomach hurts and man I been crapping for an hour straight.

I will never eat these again.

Fartnik on :

I wish they had these things when I was a kid. They are better than any gag toy. I ate my first one at a friends house (around 8 pm) came home and bragged to my wife how awesome it was. About 11:00, the show began. The basset hound, a legend in the sport, laying across my lap lifted his head, looked at me, stuck his nose down into my crouch region, immediately lifted his head and jumped off the couch and laid in the floor. The show lasted well past 3 am, kept waking mysefl up. I rushed out and bought my veryt own box, boy I love these things. bought two 20 bar boxes at Sam's today.

I'd like to teach the world to toot, in three fart harmony... spread the word, share a bar!!!!!

Clenched in Class on :

I'm not alone!!!
While one day at the supermarket I noticed a great deal on Fiber One brand products (cereal, granola bars, etc.) They sounded delicious so I bought a few boxes of each. As a college student, I would eat Fiber One cereal in the morning and take a granola bar with me to class. Like clockwork, I would get to class and almost instantly have the worst stomach pains of my life. I thought I was going to birth a child right in the middle of lecture. I started to think I had IBS or some crazy digestion problem. The stomach pains were so severe I couldn't sit still! Gas and the worst diarreaha of my life followed instantly. Imagine that every day for 2 weeks! It wasn't until proccess of elimination that I realized Fiber One was doing that to me! I've now cut them entirely out of my life and gave the bars to my roomates. I wish them the best of luck with it. I will never buy anything with Fiber One on it again!

Unfortunetly, I am now having the same issue with Kashi Cereal. Ugh. Cheerio's it is.

Lovin & hatin it! on :

I bought 2 boxes of the mocha bars. OMG you can smell the coffee flavor when you open the package. I am seriously addicted! But I'm telling you, it's a good thing my husband works out of town and he only comes home on the weekends. I have to stop eating them on Thursday so the farting can die down. I find myself eagerly awaiting Monday morning, so I can go back to eating my Fiber One Fart Bars!!!

Oh, and I've also scared my 2 cats out of the room on several occasions.

Julia Gas on :

I had my first bar unknowing of it's evil side effect. I remember waiting my turn at the hair salon scared to death of this war that was ensuing in my guts. I remember looking around to see if anyone could actually see through my tight tank top the wave-like motions of the gas violently rolling back and force. I know they heard it, I just didn't know if they could see it like I could. After about an hours of this internal Vietnam, I decided to go to the hair saloon's bathroom to release and hopefully get comfort. Unfortunately, after I let off the first fart I realized there was no way out of my hell. The gas was ridiculously too loud and the entire saloon will know. So what did I do next? I held this furry in for another 2 hours till I was out of the salon. The only good thing out of all of this is that I got home ultra fast thanks to the propelled power of the backed up gas. I didn't have to walk home, I pretty much glided without even touching the ground. Thanks Fiber One.

You Are Now Free to *Fart* About the Cabin on :

I decided to grab a quick snack on my journey to the airport, so what else do i reach for in my cupboard but a yummy Fiber One bar? I was feeling great until the exact moment I took my seat on the plane. And of course I was assigned to the middle seat. To my right, my the left, a cute guy my age. I painfully held in my farts until I reached my breaking point an hour into the flight. I let one rip and prayed to God it didn't stink. Thankfully, it did not. But to my demise, once I started I simply could not stop. If the plane ran out of fuel, I would've been able to get us the rest of the way on this natural gas. Fortunalely I was wearing my seat belt or I probably would've been ejected from the seat. At least I was able to blame the violent vibrations on turbulence....

You are now free to FART about the cabin on :

I decided to grab a quick snack on my journey to the airport, so what else do i reach for in my cupboard but a yummy Fiber One bar? I was feeling great until the exact moment I took my seat on the plane. And of course I was assigned to the middle seat. To my right, my the left, a cute guy my age. I painfully held in my farts until I reached my breaking point an hour into the flight. I let one rip and prayed to God it didn't stink. Thankfully, it did not. But to my demise, once I started I simply could not stop. If the plane ran out of fuel, I would've been able to get us the rest of the way on this natural gas. Fortunately I was wearing my seat belt or I probably would've been ejected from the seat. At least I was able to blame the violent vibrations on turbulence....

healthfreak on :

yes they make you fart and have frequent bowel movements because of the fiber

Lydia on :

This thread is hilarious! These fartastic bars are delicious. I just had one actually...the chocolate mocha ones :-) They are so yummy but my lanta I am passing gass >_>

FMAO on :

Now I know why that one guy on the commercial is always laughing to himself when that other guy grabs all those Fiber One bars! I thought I would be smart and get myself a "dietary aid" since one of the medications I am taking highly recommends a fiber supplement.... yeah... I ate two bars this morning a couple of hours apart, I haven't quit farting since noon today and its 11pm, my bum burns with all the methane that has spontaneously busted out... At least it doesn't stink, yet.... I WILL not eat these anytime I am going to be out of the house! Thank you for having this great page up where all us fizzle popping junkies can commiserate!

Ha Ha Ha on :

Mystery solved! I am sitting here almost in hysterics now that I finally understand what has been happening to me. The funniest part is, two days ago I bought TWO MORE BOXES of these fiber bars, not having realized (yet) what was causing my reaction. It was a complete fluke that I put two and two together today. So, so, so funny. Still laughing.

Yet another on :

I can't believe they still sell these things...and unsusceptible people are still buying them!

The first night I had two bars and went to sleep. In the morning I had two more for breakfast. Little did I know that was a very foolish thing to do. I went to the restroom nine times while I was at work. The first couple of times I crapped and farted, but all the other times the only thing that would come out was gas and anal mucus.

Frizzlefart on :

It's been 2 months after I had my first fiber one bar--my ass hasn't been the same since

Is the Dog in Here? on :

Just got back from a meeting with a dietician. After telling her of my "Fiber" intake via Fiber-One Bars, she asked if I was having any problems with.........? I had to interupt and tell her "NO! It's cheap entertainment!" And I may have to end the meeting quick since I ate two prior to coming. She just laughed, and told me there's actually a few web sites out there devoted to the tie between the bars and "BASE Singing"! After reading alot of the entries here, I gotta go change now.!

fartgirl on :

Holy cow, I am laughing so hard right now. I bought some of the Fiber One Pancake mix, and ladies and gentlemen, it has the same effect as the bars, dang it. I made one big pancake this morning and by this afternoon, I thought I gotten food poisoning. I am so glad I was able to google this and find out that I am not alone and that I am not getting sick. Here's to a toot-filled night!

fiber one virgin on :

I have never tried these and am now deathly afraid.. For all of us who are concerned about global warming..this may be the beginning of the end... so put away those bars and run like the wind.. . BTW There is an ant crawling on my monitor. I think it can smell you guys all the way over here.. This is disturbing on SO many levels...

fiber fart machine on :

It took me about 2 days to realize the awsome power of the Fiber One Fart Bar. They were on sale at Sam's and I got the family-size arsenal. Had to quit eating them at work but they're a must have during the football season...just chomp one of these granola grenades an hour or two before the Packer game and I get to scratch and fart the whole game! This past weekend, after the game, I'm riding my John Deere, cutting the grass, droppin' 'em from my ass. My wife actually heard me tootin' over the lawn mower! But fate got me today...I had to carpool on a business trip and as I get in my co-worker's car, I notice an empty Fiber One wrapper on the console and he's also chomping on one. I gasped in horror knowing what was to be on my 2-hour commute. I told him about the power but he didn't believe me...'til the ride home *OUCH*...We needed Lynnard Skinnard blasting away with "EWWW that Smell!" Great site!

Heath on :

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8-) Thanks in advance. Heath.

Fart bastard on :

I came home the other day and my wife was hunched over the dining room table in pain, and she was expelling something so loud and aweful I thought it must have been a demon. We prayed on this. Thanks for informing us it was fiber one bars.

fartalotta on :

I just discovered the magic of Fiber One bars last week. These things are awesome, I simply eat one late in the day so the farts don't come in full force until I get home from work, or in the evening a couple of hours before bed. I have never been so regular as I have when eating these, maybe even a bit irregular. They've been great for my hemoroids too, no more straining on the stool.

Fiber One Hater on :

I DIDN'T FART, I GOT DIARRHEA! i couldn't fart if i did, poop would come out
and my stomach is always doing all these noises and right after i poop i feel like a i need to poop again, but they're soooo good!!

mother of god on :

captain's log......(literally)

im on day 3 of eating these and its the worst idea ever. i cant believe i've made it 3 days and not stopped eating these. i have to apoligize to ppl at work for the noises that come from my cube and i've had to call facilities support to come and swap out my chair.

i'll never be the same

LOL! WHEW! on :

I googled FiberOne to ask a ..uhmmm question..AND THERE in BOLD PRINT
was the anwser! "Fiber One Bars make me Fart"

THE boldness OF THE HONESTY HERE! BUT(T) I am sitting in the living room with husband ..and since I ATE ONE a couple hours ago..I DARE NOT laugh tooo much...
Okay I made him pause his movie but(t) I couldn't quit laughing to TELL on myself looking for this answer!
Apparently he does NOT notice (OR thinks there IS a dead animal in the house) that I am haveing a bit of a PrObLeM...

HAHAHAHA!! "fiberOnehater" "but they're soooo good"!

I agree! I can NOT eat chocolate and have bought the carmel ones... YAY MY very OWN candy bars and they ARE good for me! LOL! I will STILL eat the darn things... MAYBE they have SOME additive that IS addictive in them????

Gone with the wind on :

We have been laughing here all day at work as a gal admintted to eating her first fiber one bar today. Needless to say, the problems ensued and she was glade she only had 1. I cannot count how many people were laughing till they were crying over the comments. Now if we can get Taco Bell could introduce a Fiber One Burrito, no thats funny!

Peace, and hope to revival of the clean indoor air act!

tootie on :

I did the search too... I thought something was seriously wrong with me and found this webpage. I am laughing hysterically!! I now call these delicious FiberOne bars...."FART BARS". I had to leave the office early yesterday because I sit in a cube with lot's of coworkers around me. My poor husband slept on the couch last night. This is from ONE "fart bar" that I ate yesterday morning. My husband died laughing when I sent him this webpage today. Good humor people!

1-800-775-4777 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday. on :

I emailed FiberOne to inquire IF THE side effects (REAR effect) STOP once our bodies GET used to these things....
I eat other fiber each day...and NEVER had this problem...

AnYwAyS..... THEY want ME to call them to REPORT the PROBLEM I am having with these things!!!

COUlD YOU imagine talking on the phone ...They would probably put it on speaker phone and record it for LAUGHS at each office party!

IF anyone WANTS to call them to HELP our cause...the number is:

1-800-775-4777 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday.

Tell US how it goes

Mike on :

I haven't laughed this hard in SO long! Trust me, I'm not laughing at the comments, I am truly laughing with all of you.

My first encounter with the dreaded Fart Bars was about 8 months ago. I started a diet, and along with the diet, I wanted something to be able to snack on during the day. I found these oh so delicious Fiber One bars. Almost immediately, I started farting a LOT. I've always been a bit of a gassy guy, but this more WAY more than normal. I didn't attribute the gas to the bars. I was putting my body through a bit of a shock with my diet, and just thought it was a combination. After a while, I quit eating the bars, and the gas stopped. I still hadn't put 2 and 2 together. Since then, I've kinda fell off the wagon with the diet, and decided to get serious about it again. So, a few days ago, knowing that I was back on my diet, my wife went shopping. What did she return with? Yep, Fiber One bars! I was so happy! I had completely forgotten about how good they were, so, like anyone who has a tasty treat would, I dug in. One the first night, and one the next morning... a couple hours later, I was calling dinosaurs! Holy Hell! Levitating out of my chair, rattling the candle holders on the desk! These were farts from hell! I thought maybe I'd just eaten something that didn't agree with me... little did I know. Well, after a few days, I realized that the only thing I had eaten consistently over the past few days were Fiber One bars, so, I googled "fiber makes you fart" and this page was the first topic. I clicked it to see what everyone had said, and NOW know where these demonic farts are coming from. It does make me a bit sad knowing that my favorite treat does this to me, but I don't care, I just had one while typing this. The bars are so good, I do not see myself giving them up, but I do believe I will practice moderation. Now, only one question remains... should I tell my wife why I've been having such bad gas? She enjoys the bars too. Guess only time will tell.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, I'm glad we've got a "support group" here.

Happy farting to all!

Kateland on :

I don't know why you're all complaining. These fiber bars are the greatest edible invention of man kind. I'm a proud farter. They fuel my humor.

Jim on :

toot!!!! My wife dropped her cotton belt last night and this morning, when I woke up; I thought I squeezed out a tapeworm while I was sleeping on Ambien in the middle of the kitchen floor!
I have been farting a lot! This haunts my days and voids my soulless shell of a body ready for a kill by any animal that sees fit to kill me. Damn you, Fiber 1!!!!!

Al Bondigas on :

It's the perfect food to eat while listening to Bob Dylan. The answer my friend - is blowing in the wind.

jazzy-poh on :

OMG the first day i had 1 bar it was so good i ate another one then 2 hours later i had to go to the bathroom and. the 30min later i was farting so loud and i could not stop my self i thought i was going to die because i never felt that way before so i ask my mom could i die from having so much fiber. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has been through this. one night i ate a bar again just one and i farted so loud my dog was barking so loud and jumping around. lol these bars are so powerful.

Maack on :

I had to google it, all I had was one oats and chocolate bar this morning and have had hella huge farts all day. Im going to eat about 3 in the morning.

Holly on :

My son ate a bowl of Fiber One cereal before school and also took a Fiber One bar for snack. As he walked toward my car afterschool, he had the most preculiar look on his face. He sat down and said aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. I said what is that look all about? He said, oh man mom I have been waiting to fart all day. All day I had to squeeze my butt cheeks trying not to fart. I was so worried it was going to just come out when someone was near me or when the room was quite. That was torture.

The next morning...I get up to make sure everyone is on time and what do I see? My son eating another bowl of Fiber One.

Sean on :

This page was really reassuring for me. At first i thought i had something wrong with me, but i'm glad to see that I am not alone. I feel very fortunate that mine are loud and constant, but unscented.

kim on :

my god it is truely a miracle that others have found out to be true what I thought was my problem.. they do taste really good, but awful coming back out..

cute toots on :

OMG! this is HI-larious. My husband and I started eating Fiber 1 bars a few weeks ago, and I at first thought it was something else I ate.. but noooo... anyway, we bought two huge boxes (qty=35 each) from Costco.. we will be farting for QUITE a long time.. yesterday at work, i had to toot so badly, and i was accidentally letting some go at my desk.. i couldn't take it anymore.. and the little fan i have at my desk was making me cold, so i fast-walked to the restroom only to my HORROR.. as i rounded the corner heading into the hallway towards the bathroom, i released the loudest toooooooot! I didn't laugh.. just played it off as my shoe or something (yeah right)... and was relieved when there was no one in the hallway (even though the explosion occurred right next to someone else's cubicle).

I will show my hubby this site when i get home.. the other night he told me he ate THREE fiber 1 bars that day! man... he was in a *very* bad way! i'm going to make it up to him.. i just finished off my first one of the day.. but should probably wait until i am in the car heading home.. or it might *BACK FIRE* on me!!!! HAHA...

Alas, I wish I had time to read all the comments on this post.. but the few I've digested should for this day be the wind beneath my @$$. Also.. BTW, "Cute Toots" isn't just some nomaker i made up on the spot.. my husband actually calls me that sometimes... i will blame the Fiber 1 bars! ohhh soo yummmmmy!!!

Booty Exposion on :

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm doubled over in pain with tears rolling down from my eyes! Why? Because of the FIBER ONE FARTS that won't stop exploding from my rear!!! This hilariously true page didn't help either! I thought I was farting so much cause I ate more yogurt than usual today, but NO, it is definitely the two fiber one bars I ate earlier. UGH like it hurts, I keep having to go to the potty and my stomach hurts from the gas gas gas gas gas gas that won't stop. Laughing from this page isn't helping... especially since my dog has gas too right about now XD oh goodness it hurts and I've never been more thankful that my family is asleep!

Carol on :

While I eat a different bar I like (I have eaten Fiber One), I have named these bars "Fart Bars". I always warn my hubby when I've eaten one!

Jeff on :

I ate these at lunch break one time at work. It was a Friday. So about so many hours later, I started getting gas. The gas continued until about 8 pm. I thought it would wind down by about then. I ended up going out that night to a bar to meet up with some friends. And then the REAL gas kicked in. It was a big loud crowded bar. I just started farting because no one could hear it and I couldn't smell anything. No one around me said anything. It was one fart right after another about 1 or 2 minutes apart. It was so much that I don't think it even smelled. It was just pure air. Anyhow, it finally go so painful and bad, I just walked out of the bar and headed straight for my car. I sat inside my car, and then let out about a 4 minute fart. Let's just say I was really pissed. I knew it was those damn fibre bars and it completely ruined a good night out with my friends. I had to leave early and no one knew why. I hate general mills and I will never eat any of their crap ever again. I've learned that the bigger and well known the corporation is, then the cheaper crappier food they make. If they don't put that nasty cheap high fructose corn syrup in their junk food, then they put the nasty sugar alcohols or fiber fart crap. It's all bad and I pretty much each organic anymore. I'll eat sugary foods, but usually only foods made with raw unrefined sugar or evaporated cane juice. It's still sugar, but it doesn't make me fart and doesn't give me the runs.

nycrican2 on :

I agree with several posters, it is not the fiber causing the problem. Just do a search for the first ingredient shown on the box graphic above.

CLU on :

i almost made a trip to the emergency room because of the excruciating pain. but, now i know. i gave two bars to coworkers at a meeting this past friday. one of them ate it during the meeting, the other one saved it... no wonder why! might have to call the day off from work tomorrow... it's that bad!

AT on :

Ahhh, fellow farters I have to say I am glad on one hand that I am not the only one suffering, but on the other hand, its alarming how many people are suffering from Fiber 1 attacks.

When I first bought a box, I was working in Vancouver. The firbre bar tasted really good, but really quickly my insides felt like Tornado Alley, my gut was flipping inside out and I bloated like a dead fish in the sun.

I wasn't sure when they farts were coming out and I was supposed to be standing quiety doing crowd control. The crowd at the Olympic bobsleigh event was not yelling for the race, they were yelling because I ripped a 6 min fart and they nearly gassed everone out. Thankfully the foggy weather prevented them from IDing me. GAWD, I qucikly checked my ass to see if my pants were still intact. Roger that, for the time being. Had I known I would have worn cotten boxers to help reinforce the blast zone.

I finally figured out that it was the Fibre 1 disease bars and stopped eating them. I dropped 20 lbs in about a month - it was likely all rotten air. For the love of clean air, PLEASE stop eating this crap!

Mike The Electrician on :

I too experienced excessive gas with fiber bars and cereals in the beginning. I also looked it up on the net to find out why this is caused. I belive what the fiber bars do in my colon is a good thing. Once you clean yourself out a little the gas will decrease.Everything good comes with a price. Don't eate fiber bars before going to church and quit being a big baby.

master blaster on :

I ate three of these Devil Bars yesterday and was feeling pretty good. When i woke up this morning around 7 a.m. my stomach was cramped and ready to explode. I made a frantic sprint to the bathroom. What happened next can only be described as the single greatest / loudest / satisfying bowel movement of my entire life. I can' be sure, but I think I may have found the actual cause of the Gulf Oil Spill, TOO MANY PEOPLE EATING FIBER ONE BARS AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Mark my words....I will never eat another one of these bars as long as I live!!!

joeblow on :

So I decided I needed more fiber in my diet, and bought some fiber one cereal, and some fiber one bars. Had a big bowl of fiber one cereal with a fiber bar yesterday, and a fiber one bar earlier today. Since last night I have been farting almost non stop. Right now im farting every couple of minutes it wont stop!! No more fiber one for me!

Susie on :

Oh my I had to check out what is wrong with me ... all of sudden I have the worst grosses gas ever... and I feel toxic. Now reading what everyone else is going through..... Fiber Ones is the worst thing made .... our bodies cant handle it. I thought I had to go to the doctor myself...
I gotta say.. however they create this product it taste yummy but the after effect is just wrong.... I am dumping this cramp today:) I feel I am ready to blow a hemmy.

omgamazing on :

Yup. Fart for hours after eating one. Can't stop. Hilarious.

Life-long farter on :

I have always been a very gassy person, so after consistently eating at least one of these bars a day for about a month I didn't notice much of a change in my farts at all. I guess that is a sad statement about my regular gas levels. Finally, after a month (if not more) of eating these I did notice a horrible bloating in my bowels. I thought "Could it be from that little bean burrito i ate yesterday?" no no I decided the bloating had been there for a few days. Then it hit me: Those bars. My sister the accountant conferred they make her bloated sometimes and nearly always give her gas as well.
I suggest you discontinue your use before they bloat your belly uncomfortably.
I think the culprit might be the chicory root.

Jesus Christ on :

It's kinda funny how I'm reading these while I'm on the toilet... because of the Fiber One bars.

BoomKing on :

Holy crap. I bought these bars earlier this week as a way to get a quick breakfast on the way to work. Needless to say it's been the most unconformable week of my life. I thought something was seriously wrong with me until I realized it was these goddamn Fiber One bars. One little bar last the entire day!! Farting NON-STOP!!

Why would they make these???

maximusvad on :

I bought the Target generic version...same cube mate next to me actually asked the janitor to install one of those time release air fresheners. Janitor laughed at him even though the request was serious.

Needs to Repaint on :

Thank you grocery store for the 4 boxes (5 bars each) for $10 trick. They were so good, I ate all 20 within a week. Five in one day.

After reading these posts, I need not elaborate on the kind of week I've had. 7 hours straight today without interruption.

Thank you all for the great laughs and obvious side effects that came with my laughter.

Perhaps now I'm a couple hours ahead of schedule in getting my social life back!

jim123GR on :

MY GOD!!!!!!! This website is a godsend. i thought i had something wrong with my ass, but i ate like 5 of these things today. I've already farted 3 times since i started writing this. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Holy shit my farts smell bad...

lilfarter on :

No joke this is so true, thank you all for the confirmation. Second day second bar, wondering why the heck I had such bad gas. Third day no bar, forth day another bar realized immediately the cause and couldn't stop giggling with every fart. Let's just say we slept with the window open that night.

gasmask on :

I bought the store brand of these yesterday and I have never been so grateful to have severe allergy problems that rob me of my sense of smell. I ate one earlier for lunch and all I can say is that it's a good thing my parents are gone for the weekend or else I'd never hear the end of it! I'm not going to touch another one of these things any time soon.

poot freely on :

This is so true. These bars are so delicious but if you are scared to poot freely, these bars are not for you. Because they give you so much gas, it's just crazy. I even bought the off brand and it's no less gas than brand. I ate one at work on yesterday and I could hear the gas rumbling around in my body trying to escape. It's like the more you poot, the more gas builds back up and you have to poot again, again and again. And I mean these poots come out loud. I was standing outside talking to my neighbor, she was talking and laughing and I was talking, laughing and blowing off big poots. LOL!!!!

Notthebaby on :

I'm telling you right now, they could have used these as a torture device at Guantanamo (Gauntanapoo). I'm pregnant and haven't been eating right. So I picked these up thinking they'd be great for quick breakfast. Since I've been eating them, I've been even sicker and assumed this pregnancy was kicking my ass. Today, I grabbed two of these to munch on for breakfast. Later in the day, I felt so sick and again, just figured I had not eaten enough, so I had another one. O.M.G. I'm dying. My husband spent the day making fun of me for my obnoxious sounds and odors. He said I'm farting every 30 seconds. But he wanted something to eat at about 9pm and you guessed it, chocolate and oats was too tempting. I'm laughing so hard right now because the man is dying. I feel so bad for our dogs tonight. It's going to be a long one.

Thank goodness for this website. I finally made the connection and Googled "Fiber One bars causing gas." This site was the first one that came up.

fartakat on :

I love these stories about fiber one bars. They are from a non human form. I have problems with my colen so i was told to eat fiber one bars. Yes they are very goooood, but damn the gas they pack could fill my van for months. My family thinks it is funny and call me dolphen butt. I think it isnot worth the suffering that i have to be put through.GOD BLESS ALL WHO EAT THESE. Maybe it is Gods joke on us.

william on :

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I came to this page from a link that a friend posted on Facebook. I read about 15 comments and my stomach hurt so bad from laughing I couldn't stop. This is the best comment section in life.

miserylovescompany on :

As I sit here in agony with gut wrenching pains in my belly, I am comforted to know that I too, am not alone!! I am in tears from laughing so hard....I worry that I will laugh so hard that I will let one loose as I sit here in my cube with several co-workers around me!! This has been the most educational and hilarious website I have ever visited!! Im afraid Im going to have to 86 the Fiber One bars in my is not worth it....even if they do taste de-lish!!!
Shocking they are even still on the store shelves!!

the nuke comes from my a hole on :

The wife got them fibre bars. I didn’t think much of it. I was thinking just another bar, until we ate them. That night I was letting out nuke fart bombs like ww2. The wife in the other room was bombing back. It was like a war zone! the poor cats what almost shell shocked. Not to mention the deadly muster gas that was lingering in the air, so thick you could cut it with a knife. . Now we know why you’re called the general...General Mills!!!!!

Happy Farters on :

Here is a tip for dealing with these delicious bars at work: Hold your farts as long as you can. Then go to the bathroom. Sit down and make a toilet paper ball. Hold the ball under your asshole while you fart and it works like a silencer. I think it controls the smell too. Good luck!

TS in Vegas on :

Im a poker dealer here in Vegas and made the mistake of eating 3 bars before work. I had eaten two and got gas but didnt think anything of it and ate one more. These bars are so tasty. I actually had to call out of work because I would have been fired or at the very least sent home. The smell is horrible and my shorts had to go right in the trash. Ive had worse smelling farts in the past but never did I have such rapid fire farts. They were in constant 30 second intervals. How can they sell these things?

T-bone Buttstank on :

On those special evenings when you and your honey are watching TV......feed her a Fiber One about an hour bring out the lighter and start lighting her farts...... enjoy the butt fireworks from the girl of your dreams. Knowing she can fart like a Truck Driver will bring the two of you closer.

Stanky Leg on :

It's good to know that I'm not alone! Both my sister and I have been enjoying these deliciously dangerous creations for years. We know what will come of our asses after we eat them, but we can't resist. Our addiction to them is greater than that of a crack addict. In my experience, the gas only lingers in my digestive track for about a day and by the next morning it's all escaped. A small (smelly) price to pay for one delicious treat!

I am NOT 4 Months Pregnant on :

One morning, I skipped breakfast and ran out the door to pick up a new colleague who had flown in for a very important client meeting. I spent an agonizing 8 hours with this fellow and by the time the day was over my stomach had swelled to such a degree that I looked four months pregnant. I dropped him at his hotel and it was ON! Filling up my car with fuel, I was afraid that I was going to ignite.

robert on :

look i chowed down on like 3 of these bars in 2 days not only did they wreck my tummy they gave me the green apple squirts , i mean dear god i was afraid i was going to shit my pants, it was the most nasty thing to put into my system of all time, really bad gas with massive hershy squirts, they combination of the two really jacked up the toilet at work, i would be fine talking and doing my job , and wham,, dude i would have to run holding my ass cheecks as tight as i could to make the bathroom. i was like w.t.f.? i thought it was a bad taco. but now i no.

Lindsay on :

Yep. I tried one at my mom's house and within an hour and a half or so, it was total "lift off." I started calling them "fart bars." And mom was wondering why she had the "walking farts" all the time! She'd stand up, fart, then putt-putt down the hall all the way to the bathroom!

Jane on :

I ALWAYS get the fiber one farts. Normally I try to avoid them, but this morning I was going to work and I grabbed one so I could eat on the go. This was at 9:00 am, and 6 hours later, I still hadn't farted. WHAT A MIRACLE! So... I decided to risk it, and have another for a snack. Within about 20 minutes the farts came. I should've known better.... if only I had quit while I was ahead.

I'm all about the farts... on :

What can I say. I started eating fiber one bars 2 months ago and could'nt believe the frequency of atomic explosions eminating from my butt. My friend Henry named them fart bars. And to top that, the smell is unreal. I farted in the car last saturday and the smell lasted for at least an hour. We stopped in to say hello to my sis at work and when she came out to greet us, she said she smelled terribly rotten garbage thinking a garbage truck must of just passed by. LOL. I love these things and eat 4 a day. I also top it with a protein drink which has intensified the aroma. My poor wife! At first it was funny to her. Now she is contemplating divorce. HMMM. What will be my choice? Fiber one / Wife?


i a 15 yearold girl nd my 21 yearold sister have found many things WRONG!!!!!! with this product at first i thought i was dieing i have NEVER FARTED SO MUCH!!! that i ate one befor iwent to sleep nd dreamed it too...nd u know the rest my sister experincing pain as she goes for work in the morings nd holding it in .....i know many ppl who write on this are adults but im a kid nd holding it in for 4HOURS in summer school....i dont know how u ppl surive at work nd our mom BOUGHT THE 30 pacck!!! D;....funny thing is yes we are evil nd im a kid so me nd my sister are going to had these out to our friends nd co-workers ;-) to marow

oops- I pooed myself!!! on :

We love Fiber One bars... I tell my little ones that they're candy bars... USE THEM SPARINGLY! I can one-up the bars.... oh, the muffins... particularly the banana chocolate chip muffins...... delicious. And the yogurt- oh so good. Please, for the love of all that is sacred in your life, never, EVER combine the 2 in one day.Hell- not in at least 24 hours. Running short on time for breakfast? Grab a muffin to go! Packing your lunch as a healthy alternative to fast food? Don't skip the calcium- grab one of those Fiber One yogurts from the fridge..... nothing worse than trying to hold in a fart when a co-worker is dangerously close to your desk... then trying to squeak out a SBD... and oops- I pooed myself at work.

Vanestella on :

OMG!! I am laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes!! I thought I was the only one enduring this "intense bloating" to say the VERY least.
I gave one to my BF but he did not have any adverse effect, so I assumed it was my body chemistry but as I was bored at work, I stated typing FIBER ONE bars and bloating and OMG pages and pages of results similar to the ones on here. This is too funny. I just laughed so loud reading this in the office, my colleague walked in my office asking me what was happening!!!

Elizabeth on :

OMG this is so funny, I am so glad this is happening to not just me. I went to the movie theatre after eating 4 Oats and Chocolate bars because they were so addicting and I could not stop eating them. Boy, did I regret it. I couldn't stop farting all night and i had bad stomach cramps, I'd never had Fiber One bars before so I thought it had to be those. Well never again the amazing taste is not worth it to be embarassed or in pain.

Mike Olin on :

For an interesting twist, try the cheap store brand bars. The twist of course is in your intestine.

Death by Fiber One on :

As i sit here in pain, and wishing that i had a tub of diaper cream to put on my burning ass hole I just realized fiber one is to blame. About a month ago I went to samsclub and made the worst purchase of my life. I thought fiber one bars looked delicious and would be a healthy snack to take in my lunch every day, little did i know the havoc it would wreak on my GI tract. After eating these bars for about a week, i realized i was farting uncontrollably and with everyday the smell would become more and more repulsive. When I would consume any food other then these bars I could literally feel it move through my insides. I was full of gas and kept thinking it was caused by every other thing i ate but little did i know, It was these tasty, chocolaty, crack sprinkled treats that I was eating on a daily basis. Tonight I came to realize just how truly evil these bar were when I almost shat myself at the grocery store while checking out. I feverishly scurried to locate a restroom where I could unleash the hell building inside of my butt hole, to my dismay, there just had to be another woman walking into the restroom at the same time. I never in my adult life have been brought to tears over stomach pains and I have had a colonoscopy before (if you have ever had one, you know what I'm talking about). I found myself sitting on a public toilet so nauseous because I was holding it in to avoid embarassment that I vomited in my mouth. I flushed the toilet three times in a row to mask the noise of the liquid fiber one that was exiting my body. As I stated before I bought these godforsaken granola bars of doom at sams club so you can only imagine the large box of them that remains. The only way to destroy these chocolatly bars of "fuck!" is to burn them, they way they did my asshole, I still can not sit. Thanks fiber one.

its not me its the dog on :

I too have experience the essence of these evil bars. Actually I have perfected my outake - for every 3 posts I read here, one fart gets unleashed. Please people for the love of God keep on posting...


A guy sits in front of TV all day after eating a box of fiber one bars, farting like there's no tommorrow.
But not just gassy airish farts, I'm talking mega greasy wet ones, the kind that would make your dog puke.
The wife, understandably is angry , and says: "one day Honey, you are gonna fart your guts out."
THe next Sunday, as wife is preparing Turkey for sunday lunch, Hubbie eats another fiber one bar then falls asleep.
THe wife spies an opportunity to get her own back, so she takes the innards of the turkey and places them in the underwear her husband is wearing. She then went back to cooking the turkey. Later on that night, her husband came to the dinner table looking very frightened.

"What happened?" asked his wife.

"Well," the man said, "you were right. I farted my guts out."

"What did you do?" asked his wife.

"Well with the Grace of God and these two fingers I got 'em all back up in there!"

atomic betty on :

What did the maxi-pad say to the fiber one bar fart?
You are the wind beneath my wings.

So it's not just me? on :

Wow, there are two years worth of comments on here! Amazing, and up to 15 minutes ago I thought I was the only one suffering with this. I'm so glad that it's not true. I only eat one of these things a day, rarely two a day. But still the stomach pain and farts have been reee-diculous. I have had farts so strong and long that I can see my stomach go down as I let it out. I'm so lucky that I have a large cubicle at work (as well as several empty folders to use for fanning). But seriously, these things are so tasty. I love the peanut butter and chocolate ones. I blame the man on the TV ads with the immaculate black hair and ESP, he's a good salesman.

I HATE fiber one bars( because I love them on :

OMG!! These bars are amazingly taty and deadly! The farts produced by these horrible shits are epic. They will be PERFECT for prankibg people. I have had close enconters with some people who have been prayed upon by these demons who have brought he'll to earth: I honestly didn't believe in global warming before this happEned, but let me tell you now I will not be surprised whn there are a thousand holes in the ozone layer. My brother consumed 2 of these bars and an hour or two later, helll exploded into our faces. I was at the time attempting to teach him a dance. That didn't go as planned considering the fact that he stormed out if the room approximately every 1 min. And produced THE loudest/longest farts EVER recorded in human history. Of course, only minutes later the smell came wafting into the room. I all but puked..... GROSS

I HATE fiber one bars (or as I have heard them called before "ass fuel") not only because they can evacuate a room In less then seconds but because my brother is hopelessly addicted to them.....

poot freely on :

These treats are so delicious I can't resist the temptation, even though I know the consequences. Even if you think your poot is going to be small, it comes out hard and loud. I ate one the other night before I went to bed as a little snack, and soon as my eyes opened I was passing gas. I pooted all the way to work and all day long at work. And then all the way home from work and all night long. I was walking my dog and poots was flying out on there own. It's definately crazy. But they are so good. It's my way of staying away from junk food.

Thunder from down under on :

wow them bars are da bomb.. im not kidding i had Nuclear Farts- 40% fallout
of Underthunder

Donald Trump et on :

your not kidding thunder from down under i blown holes in a few pairs of underwear.. i like gold but not in my shorts

John on :

Fiber One Bars taste great but I went on a hike yesterday and ate two of these things as a snack, and I ate another one after dinner that evening when I got home. The night after and the following morning I had the worst gas. Now I eat a high fiber diet and I think it makes me fart more than most people but mine never seemed to smell so it was never a big problem. The thing with the fiber one bars is they not only make you fart consistently (at least one huge fart every 4-5 minutes – add it up over the course of a few hours and you’re releasing more green house gas into the atmosphere than Mater) but the smell is unexplainably awful. I let out a few last night in our living room while my wife was in the kitchen and I thought it was safe because we had all of the windows open, but she came into the room maybe 10 minutes after and said “good God I hope that was the dog, it smells like a mixture of rotten eggs and skunk.” I had to confess that awful smell was not from the dog but from me. Not only is the smell horrid but they linger for what seems like forever AND when they come out my ass they burn like heck. Here I am at work in my cubicle but holding them in because if my boss happens to walk in here within the next 10 minutes he will think there is a dead animal or something in here. Off to the bathroom I go to let out a giant, peel-the-paint-off-the-walls fart. God help me.

Liquid death on :

I have had one encounter with Fiber One was most unpleasant. At first I thought it was the homemade tacos I had.......Until I read this site. Not only could I not contain all the gas, later I couldn't even let any gas go without getting a little extra surprise on the side. Have you heard the expression "I could shit through a screen door".....that doesn't even begin to describe the devastating effects that this fiber one bar had on my bowel movement...... I would say it was more like I could shit through a 5 micron filter.....These things are evil and should be banned, especially from young children and the elderly because they may cause death!

Ass the Ripper on :

I'm glad I'm not alone. I really regret eating the whole box last night. It's been a non-stop fart fiesta for 24 hours. Never in my life have I farted for so long, loud, and in such consistent intervals. At 238 posts so far I hope general Mills is paying attention. If you eat these bars don't plan on leaving the house for 2 days.

Sharter on :

OMG I had to leave work cause I sharted my pants. My boss asked me what was wrong, I told her I got food poisoning. Driving all the way home I had both windows down. The box of Fiber One Bars is still sitting in my pantry never to be touched again.

Donald Trumpet on :

ass the ripper .. hahaha!! now thats a killer name.. i guess Fiber One Bars made a killer out of a crack

TKAdmin on :

Ok guys, I will be posting farts I have collected tomorrow. My nutritionist took me off of the Adkins diet and started me back on good old carbs and fiber.... Bought three boxes tonight. Please contribute your farts! Let's get the most comprehensive library of Fiber One Farts recorded! FART ON!!!!

TFitz a.k.a. TFarts on :

Thanks god it's not just me. Had one for the first time yesterday morning, and I farted like crazy all day. After work, I was laying on my stomach, reading in bed, and a fart shot out, which made my cat, who was lying at the bottom of the bed, jump. That got me belly laughing, which caused more farts, which caused my cat to keep jumping. It was a viscious cycle.

These things should be illegal on :

Seriously? Is General Mills going to put some kind of disclaimer on the wrapper? My stomach feels like a tornado and a volcano met up. I thought I was giving birth last night. It's been 29 hours since I tried ONE Fiber One bar and I can barely stand it.

So it's not just me? on :

Yeah folks, If you don't normally eat a lot of fiber, then eat a couple of these things, it WILL clean your sh*t out. But for me at least, the symptoms have started to get a little better. I've been eating one or two, no more than two, of these a day for almost a month now (they're addictive) and the farts have gotten to be a lot better.

Of course now that I write this, the farts will probably return tomorrow with a vengeance. General Mills might want to consider changing their name to 'Horrible Smells'.

9.5 on the Rectal Scale on :

I would love to hand out Fiber One bars at a nudist colony convention

samantha on :

i had slept over at my bf's house last night and i couldnt stop farting for the love of god. thank god he was out cold by the time it started acting up. but it kept me up for hours upon hours. i just came across this because i knew the only thing different i had eaten during the day was two fiber one bars and i typed in my google search bar "do fiber one bars make you gassy" now i will only eat these if i plan on being home alone.

Shannon on :

Ok. So my boyfriend bought these bars. I eat one thinking fiber will do me good. Well I am a Medical Assistant. I have to bring patients into the rooms. Get my drift. I eat the "fart bar" about 8am. By Noon I cannot stop farting. I am talking about the kind of farts you can't hold in even while walking tight cheeked. I was literally running into empty exam rooms to rip one so nobody would hear me. I would try to walk out of the room and have to back in again to rip yet another. It was awful. Worst gas of my life. Constant farts lasting for hours. Thank you for reading my story!!!!

BLOW BACK mountain cowboy on :

OK it all started the other day. I quit smoking and I wanted to watch my weigh so my wife went to buy granola bars and came back with some fibre one bars. Not knowing the power that each bar holds. I tried one for a snack. I figured it tasted good for a granola bar I would eat a couple more so I did. Their chocolate goodness taste. And then reading the box with my surprise the words OMEGA 3! I was like wow! It’s healthy with all the bells and whistles. Later on that night I got a rumble in my belly. It was not just a rumble but also more like rumble in the Bronx. A sudden "KABOOM!! The wife jumped and said" go sleep on the sofa. So I did. I was blowing O-MEGA farts all night long. Good thing the sofa was brown already. I had really bad gas for a few days until my bowels dried up it was a mean trick general mills I would love to see all general mills head executives at their meeting blowing farts at each other and their clients to sell them things.... one word 'NASTY"

fruity tooty booty on :

These things are absolutely horrible i have been eating 1 for breakfast everyday for the past 2 weeks and i have had the worse gas of my life! They taste SO GOOD but give you horrible gas. They are so loud and they hurt i run and play soccer and it seems every step i take i let 1 rip.

lauren Linzie on :

I don't know about that ( 6.) fitness trainer, being raw vegan I eat tons of fiber but have never farted so many times in a day as when I eat my boyfriends fiber one bars. They tast so good sometimes, I eat three in the same day. You can imagine the gas I have!!! However, they don't stink, they are just super load and like five in a row!!! I feel like a fart machine! This is a dirty trick general mills is

horn blower on :

hi! I typed the words "fiber one " and "fart "togather and seen all this.. i am in shock. i have never eatten fiber one bars before the other day. now i cant stop ripping farts. its crazy!! people look at me like im a disgusting person. because no matter where i am i keep blowing my horn . i cant wait until the farts stop so i can get on with my life.

Ann on :

I spent the night at a friends house, just last night, I woke up hungry, and was suggested a Fiber One bar...'yummy', I thought. I ate it, then off to work I went, As I sat in front of this very computer I write this on, I had the worst gas ever. As I left to relieve myself in the restroom, I come back to my desk and see a text message on my phone. That same friend who suggested the Fiber One bar asked, 'hey, have you had gas yet?' .At first I thought, 'wow, how does she know' But that was until I read the entire message... 'LOL cause everytime I eat those fiber one bars I do baaad lmao' ...she might as well have said 'do you feel like youre dropping bombs in your shorts' cuz that is exactly how I feel. So I thought about it and wondered if it was just us who felt that way. I Googled 'Fiber One' and google suggested automatically right away 'Fiber One bars gas'. So there had to be something to it.And here I am, sitting in the waiting room of the office I work for, having to fart so badly but not able to leave my desk as there are patients waiting. I am also having a hard time keeping my mouth shut while I read this column and also the comments left by others. I am laughing so hard, my stomach hurts more and I am practically crying tears of laughter.
I have never wanted a Friday to be over as much as I want today. All I ask is, Fiber One, why did you have to taste so good???

still potent well after expiration date on :

I'm cleaning out my pantry and Lord and Behold what do I find a Sams Club size box of Fiber One Bars opened with only six bars left. I'm thinking these things are well over a year old and has lost all it's potency. Well let me tell you after the third bar I started farting and they were fast and furious this went on for hours. I don't know why General Mills bother putting expiration dates on the box this is very misleading. What a cruel cruel joke General Mills.

Windy McGee on :

I bought a giant box of these at Costco thinking they would be a healthy snack for work. Suddenly I found myself bloating and clenching at my desk, and having to run to the bathroom to thunder out farts that would echo off the walls. And waiting for people to get the hell out! The agony! Of course I had to then stifle my laughter, because I have the maturity of a 9 year old boy. And my poor car, taking all that abuse once I finally left the office! I would say never again, but I just discovered a new flavor of the Kellogg ones...

merry on :

I'm reading this and I kid you, not a Fiber One Bars commercial comes on TV. I'm still crying from laughing so hard.

Neve Ending Story on :

Ok, so my 2 year old doesn't know the difference that her mommy is endlessly tooting after 1 fiber bar - 2 DAYS AGO!!! My 8 year old has a better idea that something is wrong with her mommy. I can't believe the never ending gas! It was kind of funny at first and now I'm thinking when is it going to end! Thank goodness my husband didn't hear the longevity of the farts and the volume! He wouldn't have believed it came from me! He doesn't want to hear anything about it. I can't even get intimate for fear that some god awful smell will come lurking out! Let alone some tremendous noise! I told my mother and she just laughed endlessly, she thought it was funny. I told her it would be a great prank to play on her senior citizen friends! It's been 2 days. I can't believe it's not over yet--I only had 1 fiber bar yesterday after my workout in the morning and a cup of coffee. My husband wlll be taking these tasty treats to work to bestow a gift to his co-workers!

Never Again on :

Oh my gosh, I haven't laughed this hard for months. I was going to go to the doctor thinking I had gluten intolerance! I was going to throw out all gluten-related food in my pantry and spend a bunch of money on gluten-free products tonight! I casually mentioned my new issue with a good friend and that I eat a lot of fiber including Fiber One bars and she mentioned that those alone could cause what I was experiencing. Sure enough, I have felt great all day and don't have that "I'm trying not to pass gas or accidentally poop my pants" look on my face now! I can go on a date to a movie without fear! I will miss my delicious Fiber One Bars but a new life is before me - gas free!

BOB on :

Smells Just like Lutefisk

Alex on :

I haven't laughed so hard...though I'm trying not to laugh TOO hard because...guess what? I JUST ate a Fiber One bar and can feel my stomach getting ready to churn out the bad stuff. I kept wondering why I'd get the worst stomach aches at work...the kind where you feel like you have to constantly take a dump...the kind where you have to fart so bad, but you REALLY don't want to because you know it'll be a wet fart. It's torture--the other day I went to the bathroom 6-7 times at work because of Fiber One. Yet, I keep eating it because I've convinced myself that at some point my body will adjust...adjust...adjust.

late boomer on :

HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THAT fiber One Bar tv commercial where that women is sitting at her office desk and her shoes are talking to her??? well got news,, thats not her shoes talking!!! thats her ass talking !

Rippin it on :

I commute 45 minutes and thought these would be a good, quick car breakfast. I work in retail, with all men. As the only girl there, I try to maintain some amount of decorum. But, once the farts started, I decided to throw caution to the wind (pun intended) and just let them rip. You should have seen the guy's faces! Priceless! I fortunately had the scent-free poots, but the decibel levels, frequency and length of each release were incredible! Award winning! The 7 guys I work with were all humbled. I was thinking I would take the rest of the bars I have, cut them in half, roll into balls, dip in chocolate and bring them to work next week to treat my team!
Btw, FUNNIEST site ever! Great to know it's not just me. Woke my husband up 3 times last night. I will NEVER eat them again, but I will use them to prank others!

mating calls on :

Fibre one bars wrecked my sex night… they clamed fibre one bars are healthy and I like to keep into shape. So I tried them. For lunch. Later on that night just like everyone here the sudden attack of the farts… I was thinking oh my gosh!! Steve is coming over tonight. So Steve shows up and we play around .big mistake!! Anal sex does not go with fibre one bars!! Poor Steve… the farts where to much pressure for Steve to handle “kind of like trying to cap a blow out oil well like BP had in the ocean… so my advice. Do not eat fibre one bars if you’re gay. It can wreck your life

muffins of death on :

hello, my name is muffins of death. i am a recovering fiber one addict. it all started this morning when i ate the fiber one blueberry muffins. i already knew about the fiber one bars potency and thought these may be similar. not one to shy away from a little gas i mixed some up for breakfast. couple of hours go by without a single fart and so i think i made off scot free. i have never been so wrong in my life. turns out, the muffins have a double delay when compared to the bars. about 6 hours after first ingestion i began to blow something fierce. it really was quite amazing actually. never in my life have i ripped farts every 5 minutes for over 6 hours straight. i am not kidding, every 5 minutes or less for 6 straight hours!!!!!!!! and these arent your average run of the mill ass droppings. these are the highly sought after wet rotten sewage egg variety. what was even better was that with proper manipulation of my butt cheeks i was able to let a silent but deadly if i wanted to invisibly frag my whole family, or i could rip a megaphone so loud the cat would run under the bed. sadly though, this doesnt have a fairy tale ending, as my wife denied me sex tonight because of the aroma my entire house possesses now. the irony is she bought the muffins without ever intending to eat them due to the impending fart gas. wait a second, maybe thats one of her ideas for how to get out of sex. ahhh bullshit, now i'm pissed. anyway, i'm not sure what to do, i have about 5 more muffins sitting on the kitchen counter....i think i may try to overdose tomorrow morning because the thought of what i may do with a full blown fiber one muffin ass at work tomorrow really has me excited. i'm also going to swim laps tomorrow and this may provide enough propulsion that i may not even have to paddle...worth experimenting i think.

my final warning: if you thought the fiber bars were bad, stay away from the muffins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just ripped another one, damn it stinks....i will def be eating these before i go watch a movie in the theaters. sadistic, i know.

Lorraine on :

I started weight watchers last week and everybody at the meeting raved about the Fiber One yogurt and bars, so I went out and bought both. By Saturday night I was farting nonstop and in the bathroom every 10 minutes. I thought it was the edemames I was eating, so loving the zero point yogurt and the 2 point bars I went to Costco and got the mega box of the bars. I was still farting and being a school bus driver today was the first day of school. I was trying to squeeze out a SBD when.... can you say skidmarks? Thats when I came straight home took a shower and googled these bars. I have been laughing and farting nonstop. I am taking these back to Costco today!!!! Thanks for the info and the good laugh.

ryan on :

Maybe you're allergic to chicory root? They do cause gas I've noticed, but so do a lot of other fiber rich products. Nothing's quite as bad as some foodstuffs I've gotten from abroad---although I think that has more to do with cleanliness of manufacturing vs. fiber. I love the taste of fiber ones and they do add fiber to your diet. I wouldn't eat them by themselves, try it with a meal or if need be take some bean-o or gas-x or for something more homeopathic Mexicans drink a tea made from anise & chamomile. I've also heard fenugreek seeds help. I'd say the worst gas and stomach upsets I've gotten (aside from food poisoning from a local mexican restaurant 'Taqueria San Jose") were from sugar-free candies or ice cream-ugh! or god forbid Olestra (the fat-free oily greasy slick used on chips that coats your tongue like it were exxon valdez) that I think they've finally taken off grocery store shelves was by far the worst gassifier known to mankind. :0)~

Jake on :

That's why we buy for the whole family :-)

klaus on :

This made me laugh so hard. "Terry Schiavo would have run out of the room with some of the gas that I've had."


fart master of ass puppets on :

Thank you so much fiber one for making my life a living hell!! i am a exotic dancer at a gentlemen's club . after not knowing what them bars do to ones bowels i went to work like an idiot .flowing farts like there is no tomorrow. even the loud music could not hid the fact that every time i would bend over my a hole would pucker and blow a fart.. not sexy.. and the stink is not a gift from an angel as well... there needs to be a warning on the box of the fiber one bars about blowing farts

dreamer on :

so, just for the record, I gave my boyfriend a "dutch bag" yesterday. That is when you fart while sitting indian style on the floor with a pillow on your lap, wait a minute and throw it at someone's face... thanks to the fiber one bars, even though i missed after the first throw, the smell successfully lingered in the pillow for the second throw. it was great. I just emailed him the link to this page too.

fart knocker on :

yeah but what is the ingredient thats causing this - looks like Chicory Root Extract and they list it as the first ingredient by weight, which seems very unlikely....and who is even growing chicory? i thought it was regarded as more of an herb....

walking farts on :

Trying to be healthier I have tried to cut back on sugar unless there is a lot of fiber. Incredibly, I discovered these great tastng bar that had enough fiber to make me feel not so guilty about eating them. I ate several at the beginning of the week, along with starting an exercise program at the gym, and was mortified at what ended up occuring. I told my husband that I thought they made me fart and he wasn't so sure....until last night leaving the first football scrimmage and he had walking farts all the way back to the car! I of course asked if he had eaten some bars and he said he finished off the box. Ridiculous. So this afternoon googled Fiber One bars gas and found this. I have never laughed so hard. Thanks for all the stories and I will never buy these again!

Napalm Norm on :

I think the amount of soy has to be the culprit (at least partially). I used to consume soy by the handful until I discovered it was the cause of my exuberant expulsions. I was banned from my gym when It was discovered that I was the one bombing everyone out. (It was a good way to clear a station I wanted to use). I consumed a few of these things and it was the same experience and same smell as the soy. I had one of these again today and farted down 5 flights of stairs without ceasing. Never again!!!! (Love the idea of making party favors with these. I think I'll try that at the next office luncheon!)

CompleteJohn on :

I am a commercial producer, and the day before a shoot, I went over to Costco to pick up some food for the set. I usually like to buy things that the crew can grab and go, so this box of "healthy" looking bars seemed perfect. The shoot was pretty intense, so the crew didn't have a lot of time even to just grab snacks. Therefore, I ended up taking the unopened box home with me.

I was totally exhausted by the time I got home. Having no energy to cook, and not even enough energy to drive to get something to eat, I figured I'd try a nutritious bar. Wow, deeee-licious! Couple of minutes later, why not - have another bar. Wonderful. Until...

An hour later I thought a nuclear device had been set off in my intestines. I thought that the "Go Lightly" that I had to take before my colonoscopy made me run to the bathroom fast - I must have set a land speed record. Once in the bathroom the real explosions began. Oh my gawd. It was like being in the middle of a thunderstorm.

I had to call my girlfriend up to share my fortune. She couldn't understand why I was laughing so much. I had to explain to her to just stay away for a while.

Later that week, the air had finally cleared in the house, and she came by. I told her about the bars and she tried one. I ended up leaving the house, laughing and crying at the same time.

We hatched a heck of a plan. We figured we'd tell one of our friends that these bars were the ultimate ENERGY bar, and that they should eat one about an hour before WORKING OUT AT THE GYM!!!! We are SO cruel. Ultimately we resisted putting this evil plan into effect, but our friends should continue to be very, very nice to us in the future or ELSE!!!!

Fart man jack on :

hello . i have came forward. i am an everyday unknown people .. that got a box of Fiber One bars from the store thinking they are a good healthy item to pick.. then finding out by blowing my ass hole out around the clock for the last few days . of non stop farts . with my suprise knowing it was the bars that done this to my rectum. well i dont think any food product is worth eating if you end up nothing but a fart bag. this product is evil.

Carl on :

Thanks be to god!! I seriously thought something was wrong with me. For three days now I have had gas the likes of which could be in an x-files episode. The farts never stop,they just come and come and come. It's violating the laws of physics. If I sit on the bowl ,it sounds like a Harley Davidson motorcycle, not a human being. It's like I now have a super power. Huge volumes of air I tell you. Truth be told it's great fun (when you are alone). My wife is living in fear till this works it's way through me. I think this could be habit forming. It does present a problem when at work or in public. But it has livened up my commute. I am lucky in that mine do not have a stench. Damn you fiber one, damn you.

Lorraine on :

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, I love all the updates. By the way I have not farted since I gave up Fiber one. Thank you God

Never Again on :

Lorraine, I haven't either! It's so nice to feel normal again! I had been eating Fiber One bars for over two years!

Miss Diagnosed on :

I have been bringing a bar to work every day this week for a mid morning snack.

After I ate today (Friday), I got another one of those bendover cramps and started farting again. I went on the internet and typed in "gas pain after eating" and by the time I was done reading, I had diagnosed myself with an ulcer, Krohn's disease and stomach cancer.

Then I thought really hard about what I had been eating differently lately, dug through my trash can and found the wrapper. I typed in "Fiber One and gas" and found a name for my pain.

I am going to bring the remaining bars in to work and leave in the lunch room.

Miss Diagnosed above me is right on :

OMG!! after reading this i feel better. this page has helped me so much its like a gift from God. i had abdominal bloating and gas after eating certain foods.i was unsure of what the food was that made this happen Lately it has gotten worse. I get abdominal bloating, cramping, and gas right after i eat but not all food . It gets especially bad after eating fiber one bars and did not connect the two.Then like the person above me i typed in gas and fiber one bars. and BINGO! i stoped eatting them for a week .now this problem has gone away no more farts. or cramps I had diagnosed myself with gall bladder disease now my stress has lifted and i feel much better.

Never Again on :

LOL, Miss Diagnosed! I thought I was gluten intolerant and was going to head to the grocery store to buy a bunch of gluten-free food and make an appointment with my doctor. I had gas 24/7 and I am dating a wonderful guy! This website was a gift from God to me as well. I am back to normal now.

Ass Fire McGee on :

GOOD GOD my asshole burns!!! I thought it would be healthy of me to eat several of these a day, but 1000 farts a 10 shits later, I realized that I was farting and pooping at 5-10 times more than normal...

Don't eat more than 4 in one day or your a-hole will be so tired and sore from farting and your girlfriend will say "ok, I was attracted to you before today".

They so tasty though and I just had to eat another one after finding this site...

Mrs. Farts ALOT! on :

My butt hole burns and hurts from farting so much. I have farted at least 10 times eversince I have been on this site.. glad I didn't *fart*ahhhh that was loud.. sorry back to my story... eat one this morning before my class. There should be a warning lable on there. This is just cruel. I have to feed my b/f a couple of these when we are not together. He couldn't cheat even if he wanted to ;-)

ouch on :

Had my second granola bar. Suspected the worst stomach ache, gas, and diarrhea I had two weeks ago was due to granola bar. Had it again today and having to sit still at a conference after eating that gave me the biggest stomach ache of my life. I was in constant fear my colleagues could hear my hyperactive stomach. Never again, fiber one, never again.

WeeScot on :

Praise be, I am NOT alone !! After my first episode (eat a bar, start farting about an hour later) I considered the possibility that the bar was responsible, but decided it might be a coincidence. So I experimented by eating one every few days; and every time, I was Fartzilla within the hour.

I swear you could float a zeppelin by linking it to my ass after eating just one of these things. I've looked at the ingredients, and don't know what might be causing it, but I am relieved to know that I am not singing solo in the buttock choir.

The good thing is, the farts stop within a few hours. And now I have a way to get out of dinners I don't really want to attend, but feel that I ought to. Eat one of these an hour beforehand, then let a couple of good 'uns rip soon after I arrive. Claim a stomach-ache, and off I go :-)

Lindsey on :

I think I am a sick woman...I am laughing and crying hysterically at all these stories. My sister showed this site to me-I'm dying here!

My Fiber One Bar Story:
So, my mom and I were flying out very early the next day on vacation and so I stopped by the drug store to grab some early morning/plane snacks (oh boy!). I grabbed a case of Starbucks canned Frapps and a box of Fiber One Bars (I thought it would be a good breakfast bar). Well, we each had one that morning and then during our first leg of our plane flight. Mom and I were FARTING all day!! Through both flights, I told mom that I was gassy and diarhea. A plane is not the place you want to feel bloated and have the constant urge to use the bathroom. Oh, and it smells-BAD!!!! (BTW, I'm cracking myself up telling this story and reliving it in my mind.) When we arrived at our destination, it was only lunchtime. We visited with my great Aunt who we had not seen in 10+ years. We were gassing off every 10 minutes/using the bathroom. And, it smelled!!!

Everything cleared out by the next day, but we sure did learn our lesson-No more Fiber One Bars!! It's not worth it!!

Gretchen on :

I am the sister to Lindsey above:

Here is my story....I started out eating these bars on Sunday morning on my way to church as a quickie breakfast. The FARTS didnt hit me until about the middle of the service...I had to leave and use the bathroom...then add La Carretta (our every Sun lunch) after all that! WHEWWW!!!!
Then came VBS at our church, and stupid me, hadnt clued in yet to Fiber1 being the culprit...and I would eat 2 of those things and then go to church to work on VBS stuff!! OH the CRAMPS and GAS and FARTS....just walking down the hall and they will float out, even while you are suckin your cheeks together trying to prevent it...and OH the STINK!!! Please Lord, dont let there be anyone else in the hallway around me!!!!! I have found that if I want to eat one, I eat them on days where I am going nowhere, and I will eat it as an evening snack....and then I can repay my husband for all the farts he expells on me!! ;-) Just last night, he woke up and told me to quit shaking the bed laughing from my farts!! And woudl I please put a cork in it, cause I smelled like the poop factory down near Eastman! LOLOL

Sidenote* I am good with my fiber..I eat steel cut oats with freshly ground flax seed nearly every day....these bars are a joke! i am sure the manufacturers thought it would be hilarious to make them..kinda like the Chinese toy people who put 3000 wire or plastic ties onto the toys and it takes 3 yrs to open one? They just wish they could be flies on the walls of our homes! LOLOL

Deadly Dan on :

I ate a Fiber One bar about 4 hours ago. It's now 4 am and my wife refuses to come in the bedroom. She has slept on the couch all night due to my..... well you guys have read the stories.

It's a Gas! on :

I have been eating these almost every day along with the cereal. Some days my gas is so bad that they come out like a heavily loaded machine gun, in rapid fire. My husband gets appalled but I think he's secretly jealous that I have surpassed him in the ability to produce such a muscial stream of them with such amplification for a long string of time! The warm ones are the dangerous ones.

The one thing that really makes us laugh is that our German shepherd,who is a fantastic watch and guard dog, would sometimes hear me fart in themiddle of the night and would thunder out of the bedroom towards the door thinking someone ws knocking on it and brak her head off for about five minutes before she calms down!

A friend of mine has a can of airfreshner in each room of her house due to her diet and the cereal and fiber bars.

General Mills, you ought to market it for a birth control device because no man or woman is going to be in the mood with all that combustable gas getting in the way of romance!

Monique on :

Im so glad i found this website LOL. I have been eating fiber one bars at work and i couldn't figure out what was going on with my stomach. Turns out i was right thinking it was the bars i was eating. I have to keep running away from customers and co workers everyday cause the gas is horrible. Why do they have to be so good? LOL

monique`s answers on :

Why do they have to be so good? according to you . you ASS hole is doing all the talking monigue.. didn`t it tell you? or did it just say"FARRRRTTT!!!"

Skiddy McFartpants on :

I just finished a phone call with my mom confirming that I was not the only person with Fiber One related gas. I ate two of the bars from my 10-pack within two days. I thought the gas on the first day was a fluke, but by day two the farts were so intense that I knew something had to be going on. My husband kept saying, "Stop pushing them out like that!" -- Little did he know, they were that long and loud all on their own. That night, I was awakened more than once by the farts coming from beneath the covers! By morning, I found that I had my first ever SKID MARK in my underwear! I am thrilled to know that I am not alone in this! Good luck to all others who now need to bleach their underwear!

jushitsu on :

I got off work the other day, ate a few fiber one bars for energy, and then went to the gym. I was working out my legs that day, but it didn't go to well because of those damn fiber bars. I was doing squats and every time i went down an explosion came out my ass. It was really embarrassing.. Sometimes I would go down a little further while doing squats to open up my butt cheeks more in order to make them quiet. I decided to switch to my shoulder workout and see if I could manage not farting every 2 seconds! On my second set of shrugs, I farted and felt something warm roll down my left leg. My pride shattered when the nutty terd hit the floor for everyone to see. Luckily I didn't know anyone there that saw, so i just left without making eye contact. The moral of the story is DONT eat these fiber one bars unless you want a world of embarrassment! I learned the hard way!

blowhole on :

Hello! wow alot of people with the same issues!! i am not alone... i have taken Tylenol NO# 3 last night and ate a few fiber one bars for the first time.. let me tell you .. this combo was the worst nuke fart i have ever had.. this sound that came out my ass hole was so loud it .it left a shock wave im sure.. i live in the country and my neighbor lives 6 achers away coud hear my booming fart from inside my house.. it was massive!! good thing i did not blow out windows .. i can not understand why some one would sell such a thing to the population i can see it used for warfare

Yippeeeeee on :

First, I have to say how much I love these fiber bars. I have always eschewed any type of candy or "granola bar" simply because they had no real nutritional value. That is not to say that I didn't WANT to eat candy. Now they went and put fiber into a granola bar and for once I have an excuse to eat it. Alot of it, at any time of the day or night - because it's "healthy" right? Yes, but then the farts start. Uh huh.

Just so you get the idea here, I am deaf. So realistically, a fart shouldn't wake me up at night, correct? Well. Let me tell you. I sleep in bed with my iPhone under the pillow in case it rings. I was farting so loud and so boldly that I actually woke myself up thinking that the iPhone (on vibrate) was ringing and that there was some sort of emergency at hand. Well, there was, but of the farting type.

Heck, I don't know about you all, but I guess I love to fart because there's not a darn thing in this whole world that can or will ever get me to stop eating them. I've been eating at LEAST one a day since April. You know how hard it is to get 9 grams of fiber somewhere else that tastes like THAT? No way! I am a skinny little chick and this is my chance to eat "candy" without feeling guilt or remorse so I eat and eat them!

Now if they'll just start putting 9 grams of fiber into Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Apple Fritters we will know we have died and are in heaven.


Riding my bike while farting and other tales of wonder on :

I have a setup in my garage where I put a board on a ladder, my netbook on the board, and the ladder in front of my bike, which is on a Blackburn trainer so I can surf the net while I ride my bike. It's even more fun when I've eaten a Fiber Fart bar because I get to lift my ass up off the seat every few minutes to release some jet propulsion. Even better when I am reading this article about Fiber Fart bars while on my bike after I ate one laughing and farting and exercising all at the same time. It keeps some of the odor in the garage, too.

Often I will eat three or four (total) for breakfast. I love these little weapons. I make a recipe mixture on a plate with a variety of fart bars to compliment my taste buds.

.5 Fiber One Oats & Chocolate
.5 Fiber One Oats & Caramel
.5 Fiber One Strawberries & Chocolate
.5 Fiber One Chocolate Mocha (my a.m. fave)
.5 South Beach Diet Smores Fiber Bar
.5 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Peanut Butter
.5 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Chocolate Chip
.5 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Dark Chocolate with Almonds

The mix equals about 4 total fart bars and makes a wickedly sharp and handsome smelling gas. One afternoon I'd been busy scenting up the downstairs area and my husband, unaware of my morning fart bar habit and smelling the rich smells, asked me "hey, what are you cooking in here, it smells kinda good."

I was silent.

By lunchtime I was farting a cornacopia of scent and sound.

Denise on :

OMG! I thought I was going absolutely insane! Not every day, but on occasion would I have so much gas I would have to walk with my butt cheeks sucked so tightly together so I didn't embarrass myself. This has been going on now for about a month, give or take. For the life of me I could not figure it out, and as I write this I am blasting away!!! My dogs are looking at me with eyes saying ... WTF? Well, guess what I had for dessert today at about 12:30 pm??? And guess what began at about 2:30??? You got it! It's now 5:30 and it is still out of control. I am throwing those suckers away!!!! Thanks, you guys. Needed the info AND the laughs!!

Banned in our home on :

I am crying hysterically, reading this. I long ago banned them in my home after my husband, two sons, and I all ate two each on a car trip. Once we realized what was happening, my husband locked the windows. It was HELL. Unfortunately, he has bought them in bulk at Sams club. It comforts me to know I am not close to being the only one with this "problem". I will NEVER eat them again. There really has to be some chemical, or something VERY wrong with the combination of ingredients, as I eat tons of fiber, and have never had the same reaction.

Karate Kid on :

I brought one of these to school as snack and two hours later, I had to call my dad to come pick me up because my stomach was so cramped up and gassy. You can't even IMAGINE how agonizingly painful it is to have to hold back Fiber One Farts. I thought my stomach and intestines were going to explode. As soon as I got to the safety of my home bathroom, it was the longest and loudest farts EVER, but at least the pain was relieved. Unfortunately, I had no idea what was causing it at the the time and was popping Gas-X like candy until I polished off the whole box.

feeling them good god vibrations! on :

The beach boys are not singing about what came out of my arse hole this week end, after i had a few fiber one was the same gas "H2S" that comes out of a sewage tank. fiber one needs to place a bio hazard symbol on ther package to warn people of the danger.



mr fart`n mccrackass on :

In the gay cummunity .it is told that farts are mating calls and are sexualy arousing.
smelling another mans fart is sexual and tells alot about his past lovers and what he has eatten supper. it also tell how loose his ass hole by the pitch of his fart.
fiber one plays important roll in the gay cummunity.. so hats off to fiber one and pooman "above me "for standing up for his freedom of gay rights.

Cammie on :

The US Military should give a box of bars to each one of their soldiers, direct them to eat the whole box in one sitting, wait 30 minutes and send them down in the caves in Afghanistan, We'd "flush out" all the bad guys in a matter of minutes!!

firemans wife on :

The amount of farts that I produced today, caused greated concern that I called my husband at his Firehouse and asked what am I dong to produce such loud NON smelly farts. I went into full descriptive detail of how long they lasted, the sound them made and the utter disbelief that they did NOT smell. I have been taking new vitamins. I googled every ingredient thinking it may be that. Put in google search bars, what causes alot of farts.. FIBER ONE BARS came up.

1812 Overture on :

My wife got these really tasty breakfast bars the other day. I had one Monday afternoon with milk. Man was it ever good. It was so good that at midnight I had another one when I woke up hungry. Then in the morning I thought to myself "you know what, that would taste great with coffee." I didnt realize it but I had 3 fiber bars inside of 24 hours. THERE ARE NO WORDS to describe the mayhem that ensued. Can you overdose on fiber? I definitely need fiber rehab.
I sound like rush hour traffic in NYC. The philarmonic wants me for thier 1812 overture. I simply cannot stop farting. My stomach looks like I swolled a pumpkin. Little kids keep sitting on my lap and asking me for presents and its only September. Im starting to wonder when Im due. Is there a cure. This has to be against the Geneva convention. This could be our answer for capitol punishement. Just make repeat offenders eat three of these bars and presto they will be rehabilitated. There is no way I want to do this again. Wait ....... there it goes again.. As matter of fact I have done it 18 times while I have written this post. Whats in this stuff? Its like I swollowed a bag full of sea monkeys, marshmellows and foam insulation.

Anonymous on :

Thank you Fiber One!

Detroit Gas Works on :

I too have googled fiber one farts and have stumbled upon this page. I never did laugh so hard in my life. My wife buys these things and I have made the mistake of eating three in one sitting. Now I usually down a couple intentionally before I go to my brother's house.

Rjnstn on :

Well I tried one today at lunch. When I got back to work (massage therapist) within a few minutes my stomach started rumbling so badly I actually mistook the sound for thunder rolling in, then I realized it was me!!! I had to hang on for another hour and a half before I could head to the privacy of my truck. Then the rest of the day, every 5 minutes I had a "gas attack". I know exactly what caused it and I'm gonna put these snacks from Hell out in a dish with a sign 'FREE SNACK BARS' at my husbands hardware store. And, btw, they really don't taste that good, really.

Jessie Gardenhaus on :

Ha! Love this site. I found this story about fiber one fart bars on a silly site and had to share it here. It's funny as heck! Love Fiber farts!!

"Gas Explosion Caused By Fiber One Bars Not Faulty Gas Lines, ATF Says"


Mother of 3 boys on :

Oh my, I had 2 bars, and I could not walk. I had so much pain, that people areound me wanted to call an ambulance. I got home and let it rip. My boys were never so happy to hear that sound.

Methane with a smile on :

first of all, I work at a quick service restaurant as a server. before work i ate some fiber one bars . a few hours into my shift my arse hole was shooting off farts every minute. as i walked up to the customers i could not help the smell that fallowed me to thair tables. that place had a linger of pure punjant fart after a few hours.. customers would say.. "wow that food in this place does not smell very tasty" i pretended like nothing was wrong. oh well

Wife of Fiber Bar Eater on :

Told him not to do it. Warned him of the dangers. Watched in horror as he ate not 1 but 2 bars within 15 minutes. Later, I watched & then laughed as he had to pull off the highway, drop his jeans, grab onto the vehicle and blow explosive crap out of his hind quarters. Thanks Fiber One!

Introduced them to my coworkers on :

I was in Costco one day and decided I needed to start eating breakfast. I am not a morning person, so I needed something quick that I could eat on the go. The other cereal bars had way more sugar and calories so I opted for the jumbo box of Fiber One bars. The next morning I had the delicious bar as soon as I got to work. I had the most awful stomach cramps I've ever experienced! When I got home I tried to go to the bathroom but it just wouldn't happen and the cramps didn't go away either. I immediately thought it was the fiber one bars but I just thought my system would get used to it. After the third day of cramps and gas I called it quits but I had this huge box of 32 bars taking up space. So I decided to bring the whole box to work and share with my coworkers. By the next morning all of the bars were gone and everyone had a bar related poo story to tell!

Holly Go Fartly on :

OK guys, I first saw this blog two years ago. I was wide awake in bed, gassing myself into a fog of foul flatulence. I really thought I had lost my mind or was dying. It occured to me it HAD to be these Fiber One bars. I then did a search and found this blog. I see that all of you are keeping up the good work! As for me, I gave them up once I made the connection! I too called General Mills, and they are aware of the blogs. The woman said we are all exaggerating. I asked her if she had ever eaten them and she hung up on me. I pass the shelf where these explosive devices are disguised in pretty little boxes at Wal-Mart and RUN!

Kelly Ripper on :

talk about the ass ripp`n on this topic Regis Philbin!!! does fiber One realy know what that product does to ower bowels? my god! man!! this is realy crazy! this makes humans on this planted the most dirty and stinky living thing on the planet.. even my dog looks at me with Disgust .i can see it in his eyes everytime let out a big fart.

beadprincess on :

Well, my boyfriend and I decided to try these things and man, I thought it was just me. But when I found out that he too had been straining to not fart all day (mind you, we both were at work and trying to not fart around the people we are working with!) we both came to the conclusion that it had to have been those bars. We decided to do a test and we both ate totally different things the next day, except for these fiber bars, and wham! We both were farting up a storm. I don't think I've ever farted so much in my life, even when eating a high fiber diet. These things are clearly fart bars. Taste good, but the after effects are not very pleasing...if you can put up with the gas you're gonna have after, go for it!

DrWatt on :

I need help. Does anyone know how to get rid of the lingering odor from Fibre One farts? I have a vacation home that I go to for the winter. I go there for several months. When I came back to my regular home, I could still smell a faint odor that resembled a mixture of skunk and decaying flesh. How do you get rid of the odor from the farts these bars cause. I think I will probably have to paint all of the walls and ceiling to get rid of this awful stench.

summergirl on :

Wow, I'm so happy I found this website. Glad to see I'm not the only one having a ridiculous gas problem. My dad bought these bars last week, so I decided to try one. I didn't have any problems until I had a second one a few hours later. Two hours after that, HOLY FARTS. Nonstop gas explosion for HOURS!!!!

I'm not even kidding. The farts were SO loud that my dog was scared. First she was hiding between my pillows, but then one fart was so loud, she flew off my bed and ran out the door to try and run upstairs. I tried to get her back in my room, but she wouldn't budge! She was scared to death! It was the funniest thing in the world. I was laughing so much that I couldn't hold in my farts, which was probably scaring her even more.

I will never eat those bars again!

fart`n trucker on :

i am a truck driver. My wife bought these bars for my lunch, so i tryed a few.everytime i would let out the clutch i would let out a fart. windows down at a stop light i can see the look on the other drivers faces knowing that smell of pure fart was comeing from the inside of my truck. after 12 hours of farts i parked the truck knowing that the seat was satchurated with the oder of pure fart. as a walked to my car after work i was laughing and farting becuase of the suprize for the shop guys. but after this i will not eat another fiberone bar again.. thats to long inside a small area . fiber one might have lots of fiber but im sure of breathing pure methane is not good for the loungs or health in other ways

bugz on :

Taste good but never again. I hate to waste food but I may just dump the rest of the box. It is unreal what these things do to a body.

Lisa on :

No poo...just gas. Kill me now!

yuckkk on :

this is gross . fiber one bars. Are General Mills so dumb that they dont understand how they make people fart from the product they make? please!! shame on you General Mills !!shame shame its fart money you feed your famly with ...fart money!!

Joe Knows Farts on :

Bought these after running out without eating breakfast. After about 2 hours, I was so bloated that it had become painful. I happened to be teaching at the time and had to leave the room to get some relief. A kid came out of another room and passed me just as I let one rip and he looked like he was about to projectile vomit. The kids figured out what I was doing so I just told them to stay away from Fiber One bars.
However, the more I think about it, today has produced some of the raunchiest smells of my adult life and don't you feel a small sense of pride when you produce something that awful smelling? I may invest in these again one day to produce that shit again.

Pam on :

I can tell you that the Fiber One yogurt is nearly as bad - you don't want to be around me in the afternoon. I laugh everytime I see the Fiber One commercial where the guy dresses up to keep coming back for more samples - FOOL!!!

Tootles on :

All summer my husband and I kept getting gas off and on. Then I had my colonoscopy before Labor Day and found out I had a diverticulum. Eat a high fiber diet, they said. So I decided to make Fiber One my mid-morning snack. I have been miserable ever since. The gas makes me feel like a balloon is inflating in my belly. I'm constantly worried about farting in class. (I'm a high school teacher) Fortunately, nearly all of mine have been odorless, but every once in awhile...Whewwwww! And no relief after the release. One doctor just told me to take Gas-X four times a day. Guess what? It doesn't work. Now that I know the culprit, I'll look for another solution. Too bad GM isn't interested in our misery.

el fartismo on :

I bought the fiber one bars yesterday, and was farting all evening! today, I had horrible diarrhea! whats up with that!

Lisa on :

I recommend these to people I don't like or want to play a little joksie on. I also give them to the neighborhood kids when they ask for snacks. I know its not nice but, I bought a family value size box and fiber is good, right?
Fretfully fibered out,

soreassfromfarts on :

I am lmao reading this stuff. I too decided to try these bars for a healthier breakfast. I dont think I have farted in my whole life as much as I have in the last 3 days. Its terrible. My anus muscles are hurting from being overworked. Those damn bars are good at first, but holy crapppp. I feel like my rectum was violated. I am glad I found this info. I had no clue what was the cause. Now I can throw those tasty bars away. If healthy is this painful, for get it.

holliday treats on :

after reading all this stuff.guess what im giving out for halloween treats this time?
BINGO!! them nast fart bars. lol!!! to them Neighborhood Kids.. there ya go you little farting pricks!! enjoy!

BloatingBouts on :

One thing I don't understand is that I used to eat them so much in high school--I would sometimes eat more than my recommended value because they were so good. I never once had a problem with them. Now I'm in college and it takes so much effort not to fart in the middle of class. I've occasionally had to run to the bathroom in the middle of lecture to let a big one rip. My boyfriend has woken me up numerous times to report that I had farted on him in the middle of the night. Also, I don't think it is doing me any good as I have not experienced typical results that fiber usually brings (if you get my drift). I think I will be giving up these fiber one bars and opting for something with actual wheat fiber in it.

FartQueen on :

I stupidly one day ate 1 1/2 bars while I was at work. Now normally I fart more than the average person but this day, I was keeled over in with such gas pains I was fartingin my seat. Silent ones of course but my stomach was in such pain I couldn't stand it. I ended going home because I had so much gas pain & was letting the fart bombs go that I couldn't even walk upright. Never eat them at work and only eat 1/2 a bar!

Justsaynotochickoryroot on :

I wouldn't even give these Fiber One bars to a starving homeless person. It wouldn't be kind.

office worker smells like bung hole on :

my office cubicle smells like pure arse hole! thank you sooo much General Mills you nasty bastards!!!

Junior on :

My GOD!!! I knew it was the bars screwing me up. Try eating two for a night of fun : )

ass explosion on :

I ate one of these bars 3 hours ago and googled the results. nuff said.

MsFartsalot on :

HILARIOUS! I thought it was just me! Last week i ate about 4 over the course of the day...i was farting for 2 days straight!!!No lie! I thought something was seriously wrong with me. I didn't realise it was the fiber one until yesterday when i ate 2, i was studying in the library and i had to leave cos hold my farts in was painful. As soon as i steped outside i let rip.. I had to cycle home and farted with each push of the pedals. ugh!

jeffro on :

The first rule of Fart Club is you dont talk about Fart Club.

Donna on :

I was taking alot of laxatives before I had my colonoscopy and he told me to stop because the lining of my intestons was black. (scared) So I had to have somthing to make me go, I take alot of meds and it is detramental that I use something, so well he says eat fiber.
Well, I bought the dark chocolate ones, omg, they wereso chewey and tasted so good I couldn't believe it. Well Well, it is good that my husband is hard of hearing, ha ha I have never in all my life had so much gas. I think I could eat 2 firber bars and put on my skates and go across the state line and back with all that air pushing me. I hate to give them up but I can't stay away from people because I will fart on them and be imbarrassed. Maybe my belly will go down also, I feel so bloded, oh no I just had to fart, Haaaa now I feel bert

Farts McGee on :

I'm too cheap to throw away the rest of the box. But I look like one of those starving African kids.

Ha ha on :

Ha ha, Jeffro's comment!!

"The first rule of Fart Club is you dont talk about Fart Club."


ShellzNCheez on :

Article = laughing = more farts

Farting my insides out on :

I delivered my last baby 6 years ago. And for the first time since then, my hemmorhoids are back - with a vengeance. Thanks Fiber One but we are over.

madcow on :

Holy crap. Seriously its 330 and I'm in the work bathroom and i just had a meeting. Fiber one bars should be given to inmates at gitmo. Fuck waterboarding. These nasty things are working through my system like a japanese bullet train derailing down a steep gravel path. If u ate one before going to the airport they'd have to arrest you since u now have an improvised explosive device in your digestive tract. Sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt. Why did I eat that?

homer simpson on :

For one week my wife and I kept farting and could not figure out why. At work and at home, it was very uncomfortable. We gave our kids some of the bars and they started farting and getting shits. We then realized it was the bars we started eating a week ago. I will never eat this shit again.

Rika on :

I was laughin AND fartin reading this.. U are hilarious Man.. I found this when I went to Google, put a knife to it's neck & said "Fiber One GAS"... Luckily it brought me here to cheer me up.. I did eat 4 of the delicious Apple Streusel bars in less than 48 hours so that may be where my problem lies LOL.. Mann those things were like CRACK!

Gassy Gwen on :

I saw these on sail at the store I normally go to. They looked pretty good to I decided to buy some. I tried one and though they tasted really good, so I ate 3 more. I was completely normal for a while, but about an hour of so after eating this, dear god. I was farting non stop every 3 seconds. It felt like a bomb exploded in my intestine and the explosion squeezed out my butt cheeks. the next 2 days I had random fart surges every now and then. I later earned the name "Gassy Gwen" by my friends.

porcelain goddess on :

I wanted something healthy and chocolatey so I ate a few fiber one bars, or should I say, evil laxative trick bars.

However, the high decibel farts weren't the only side effect. Within 2 hours I was having horrrible cramping and severe liquid diarrhea, and spent the next 6 hours on the toilet. I could have traced the path my intestines take through my abdomen, by the obnoxious gurgles and pain. I became so dehydrated and was in such agony, my husband wanted to take me to the hospital. Things must have sounded pretty scary from the other side of the bathroom door.

I did lose some weight, but I would not recommend this as a weight loss method.

Homeland Security should figure out how to sneak these things in the diet of terrorist suspects.

porcelain goddess on :

I wanted something healthy and chocolatey so I ate a few fiber one bars, or should I say, evil laxative trick bars.

However, the high decibel farts weren't the only side effect. Within 2 hours I was having horrrible cramping and severe liquid diarrhea, and spent the next 6 hours on the toilet. I could have traced the path my intestines take through my abdomen, by the obnoxious gurgles and pain. I became so dehydrated and was in such agony, my husband wanted to take me to the hospital. Things must have sounded pretty scary from the other side of the bathroom door.

I did lose some weight, but I would not recommend this as a weight loss method.

Maybe fiber one bars are the result of some bioterrorism research.

Mamacass on :

The other morning I was in such extreme pain I was worried that my appendix might be ready to burst so my husband had to drive me to the ER. I don't know if you were joking in your post about childbirth pains but I labored and gave birth 3 weeks ago and at the hospital I described the pain as being worse than contractions. Seriously. I had to do my breathing in order to deal.
While there they could find nothing wrong with me, and the pain went away just as they were about to administer morphine, so I declined the pain meds and eventually went home, never knowing the cause of the pain. (I had eaten a Fiber One bar the night before).
Yesterday evening I ate a Fiber One bar and a few hours later I was in excruciating pain on the toilet, hanging onto the towel rack and trying not to pass out and throw up at the same time. I could not believe the quality and quantity of crap that came out of me. This morning the gas pains continued and exhausted from the pain I decided to go ahead and take that one percoset I had been saving after I had my baby via C-section and this relieved the pain, although right now there is still a rumbling in the Bronx.
I began to remember a conversation around the lunch table at work between a few co-workers about how they had tried Fiber One bars and it had given them horrid stomach after Googling I found your website. There is something NOT RIGHT about those damn bars. I had been wondering why they, being so delicious, are ALWAYS on sale at the grocery store. Mmmhmm!

JD on :

I have had these fiber bars from Kelloggs. It was in my belief that I never came closer to god on a toilet seat then I did eating these bars. I prayed to god to vanquish the demons that feasted on my stomach and my small and large intestines and sphincter. I prayed "Noble and all knowing yet mysterious in all ways all mighty creater of all God. Please release the possessed fiber in which I have consumed (as I reach for more TP) on this day for I do not deserve such pain and misery. Release the chocolaty goodness that Satan has forged in to bars of evil out of my body. Please allow my digestion system return to its natural state from Satan's imps with large sharp claws and teeth. Please God. Amen.

LaughingFarter on :

Ok I too found this page and had tears running down my face... I have been a victim of these tasty devilish treats for few weeks now and the bad part is I have two huge boxes of them from Sams.... Looks like I will have to suffer for another month or so because I am too cheap to throw them out... Oh well I didn't really like my officemate anyway.... (Sorry Carlos)....

Fart girl on :

I can't believe there are that many people with fiber one farts, I had to leave work early today because I couldn't stop farting, it hurts! Im farting as we speak!

not so secret tooter on :

I just enjoyed a fiber one bar about three hours back. It was so tasty I had a second. now im blasting my ass off to the point I had to google "fiber one farts" and lo and behold I ended up here, ~laughs~ Farts~ wow.

josiah on :

i ate two of these things for the first time because my boss bought them and offered some to me. there so tasty. later that day when i get out of work i go to shoot pool with my friend. every time i bent over to hit the cue the biggest fart would come out. not just any ole big fart but like a world ending fart EVERY 30 SECONDS it was ridicules. i could have filled the Hindenburg with all that gas

farts_for_hire on :

Dear Fiber One,

I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant's fart, one hundred percent.

Dr. Seuss

ruffle my foreskin on :

After me and my wife ate a box of fiber one bars we tryed spooning... VERY BAD IDEA!!we blown each others faces off.. kinda like a ukranian stand off//so thank you again fiber one you evil cock suckers!!

JB on :

Hey ruffle, why don't you take your vile crap somewhere else. It isn't welcome here.

make me on :

why dont you go to hell aazzhole. no humor you sorry sack of its not your site is it shiit face? ill post what ever the fuk i want .im sure your a dumb unkrainian bohunk thats farts alot

Mamacass says: on :

I agree with ruffle. JB if you don’t like the humour then you need to stay away from here. This entire page is funny and all the commons are price less.There is enough of your kind of ignroant people as it is.. we dont need one wrecking a fun web site .maybe don’t come here this place is NOT FOR YOU! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME

rotfcopterspinningoutofcontrol on :

^ hahahahahahaha

sir peacemaker of fart town on :

hey guys, calm down! are you gonna ruin christmas? this is the best time to stock stalkings with fiber one bars so the whole family can be surprised and enjoy together !

We'll soon find out on :

I had heard a few rumblings on the street about these things. However my wife bought a box for me because I need more fiber. Being cautions I only took one bite of one bar and put the rest of that bar in a ziplock bag. We'll see what happens from one bite. It has been 3 hours and so far just a few burps.....

make it stop- I HATE fiber one this is cruel torture on :

Thanks to fiber one (not the bars-the poptarts) this was the worst Christmas of my life. I could care less about farting, (and I'm burping too) but my stomach is so swollen that I look pregnant- my jeans don't fit me, and they weren't tight to begin with, my stomach and bowels hurt so bad that I feel like I'm dying from the inside out. I ate one pack of poptarts by fiber one last night and I've been in so much pain today that it has stopped me from having a normal day. Or even a somewhat normal day. I can't eat- I keep throwing up well I'm not throwing up FIBER ONE unfortounately, and I'm in excrutiating pain. I'm in gas hell. I tried gas-x cause farting doesn't relieve it, neither does burping, and my mom finally decided that I must be constipated so I just finished eating my second pack of them trying to make myself crap. Then I came to the computer just to see if they've honestly helped anyone else go #2 and I come across this page. Now I'm in tears but not from laughter- from horror because I just ate another pack and I'm terrified of what the next couple of days will bring me. It hurts so bad. My mouth has a perma-taste of burp, my butthole hurts from farting, my stomach is KILLING me. I can't take another day or two of this. Its terrible. Its the worst thing I've even done and I am thinking about going in the bathroom and MAKING myself throw up just to get this fiber one shit out of me.

How can they sell this shit to us legally? Its got to be unhealthy, I mean, it REALLY hurts. What can I do to relieve myself? Please help me. Please. I have a baby and I'm in so much pain that I'm having a hard time taking care of him, I don't know what to do, I'm going ot have to stay at my mom's again and beg her not to go to work tomorrow to help me with my son. I'd give almost anything to make this gassy pain stop. Please help me, if you have any suggestions. I'll try anything that sounds like it might help me.

We'll soon find out on :

So one bite seems to be the "safe" amount. At this rate I would eat a one bar in 5 or 6 days. Putting it back in a ziplock bag after each bite. Also I took this one bite in the morning and ate a bowl of cereal afterwards. I think an empty stomach would be too much room for this beast to play in all by itself. Seriously ONE BITE per day. I still got gas, it wasn't horrible, no pain, but I did burp and fart more and the farts have a specific smell I have not experienced before. Maybe some sort of chemical experiment going on down in the depths. I'm creating a new compoiund or something.

I have no idea the horror some of you folks who claim to have downed a whole box must have gone through. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, this is key ;-)

Sue on :

I have been eating Fiber One bar for several months now...lost 40 pounds...but today I chewed in one that had something green, and it was no mildew...I feel nauseating and light headed....God knows what was in the Fiber One Bar, but it is pretty discusting...I told my co-workers that if I died to let them know that I ate one of these bars...

Mike on :

I love Fiber One bars. I spent the Christmas weekend with my wife and family at my grandparent's house. They eat Fiber One bars too. I must have eaten 5 or 6 within 3 hours....and today, I'm dealing with the consequences. : ) It was worth it though. Those bars are DELICIOUS!

Highly Disturbed on :

I started laughing my butt off whilst reading this. Not only was I eating a Fiber One Chocolate and Oats bar, but I was on my second one and I just ripped one whilst laughing.

Happy to know you on :

I have never laughed so hard in my life! I started eating these when they first came out a few yrs ago, and we called them Fartbars. I thought it was me. My friend and I were going to start a diet this week, and I thought I would research before eating and came across this wonderful, insightful site! WOW... wouldnt you think the company would change that if they knew people would only buy one box?
I guess I will have to find a different diet plan! dating and farting just do not go together no matter how much weight you loose!

Tia on :

I had two today and class was horrible....i had to hold in massive amounts of gas for each 90 min class. Now im bloated and look pregnant. Not a good look for a junior in highschool. :/ Im just glad i am not the only one!

Anonymous on :

this is so unfair.

oh god class in 5 min.. on :

I have class in 5 min and I just ate one in combination with a pepsi max..

oh god I feel it already.. please help

I ate one before reading this site!!!




deals4twowheels on :

I have taken farting to a whole new level with these Fiber Bars! Never ever never have I farted like this!!! You have got to try the Strawberry and Oats Fiber One Bars! They are 10 times more potent than the Chocolate or the Caramel, try me on this! My secret mix is two Sausage & Egg McMuffins and two Hash Browns with two Strawberry bars and then Chicken Noodle soup for lunch, by 2pm you will pollute a corn field! You will cut 30 second farts all night!! I Love You My Dear Fiber One Bars!!!!

nikki on :

Holy Crap! I was starting to wonder why I was having such horrible gas. My gas has smelled like death and rotten eggs combined for the past couple weeks, It has been so bad that the other day I farted and my bf dog was right behind me and he actually threw up!! I outta start bottling this stank up and selling it as a deadly weapon!! We should gather all fiber one consumers into one room and see who the last man standing would be hahhaha.

J-Gassy Fresh on :

I too ate the devil bar. At first I didn't make the connection, but the following day was worse. I felt like a Human airhorn. I had one Blast that must've lasted at least 60 seconds and the decibel level was on par with a vacuum. Brutal. So on a whim I decided to google fiber one and fart. What a shock! Not ;-) Anyways, I'm giving the rest of my box to a buddy whose going on a roadtrip tomorrow....

Burning butthole on :

I didnt think it was possible to release gas a good 500 times a day and counting.
Im suing this bastard General Mills.

unabletofart on :

I haven't farted in 3 weeks and I eat like 4 fiber one bars a day. I have no idea what you are talking about.

arse_on_fire on :

I purchased these Fiber One bars from the Rite Aid near me (they were on clearance because they were past their expired date!)

Ate about 3 of these bars Sunday night, and Monday was the an epic fart day. I actually had a tape recorder with me, so I have proof of how wicked these farts of them lasted like 30 seconds. I literally said out loud (even though no one was in the men's room at work), "sorry, I had to cut that a little short". I rarely have gas so bad that it makes me laugh, but hell yeah.....I'll never eat these damn things again!

I will send my audio files to the author of this page....I'm so glad I stumbled upon this "support group"!!! LOL

tweetynole on :

I can't even tell you how funny this is to me. They need to add farts to those commercials. They spend SOOOOO much time talking about how good they taste (obviously they are a selling point and are being truthful according to all of you), that they neglect to mention the unwanted side effects. What you are not stating (I didn't read every single comment) is: Do they make you poop?

Lord knows I do not need to eat these as I have IBS and the LAST thing I need is fiber, but I thought about eating something similar as I can't eat much in the morning. Thankfully, I chose a smoothie!

Bad mommy on :

My farts woke up my baby and made her cry.
They smell like angry hot doo doo.
Damn you Fiber One.

Blow the Man down on :

My Son asks for these for birthdays, holidays, etc. He loads up on a few bars and then heads down to friends house with his lighter. Good times! You get great blowers with these bars.

Tootsie on :

These bars made me go home from work sick.Ugh, I bought the ECONOMY size box for goodness sake; I don't have enough enemies to give them all away to! I did find that Ginger tea seems to helps settle things down a bit and relieved the stomach distress anyway.

kelly makes em ripper on :

Well tweetynole asked if they make you poo? Well not for me... it all starts when your belly rumbles// imagine the worst case of gas build up in your bowels. It feels like pure air with some wet fart spatter. But in my experience with fibre one bars it does NOT make make me poop it seems to stop you from pooping and makes your guts build up the gas and the raw sewage in the bowels and lets it out with with air pressure factor about 40 p.s.i or more. In some cases it will give a person the runs."So they calm" but it depends on ones system,

alice pooper on :

Welcome to my nightmare. I think you're nose is going to like it.


I just bought a Costco box of Fiber Plus (Kellogg's) from Costco (36 bars) and they were tasty. The first 2 days I had them, I had 1 for breakfast and noticed I was gassy as hell and didnt think twice that it was the bars. This is the 3rd day and I did a quick google search and came to this page. I refuse to eat any more despite how good they are.

Anyone want 34 bars?! haha


All I can say is this thread is a relief. I was in a hurry to get to work and i Ididnt didn'thave much food. I went to the store and grabbed 2 boxes of these. Before i I I knew it I ate both boxes, 5 bars in each, 10 total.

I thought I was going to die from the severe abdominal pains and extreme gas. Biggest mistake of my life.

T.H. on :

Oh my. This is too funny. All of the above happened to me. I also learned that our soft pillowy sofa cushions are like a sponge. If you tru to slip one out w/o anyone knowing while sitting on these, the cushions absorb the odor. When you get up and then come back and plop back on the cushions, all the gas is forcefully thrusted out and into the air. So embarassing.

Me on :

Yea... I just ate about a whole costco sized box of the bars because they tasted soo good. What comes next is going to reallllyyy SUCK!

OMG on :

OMG LMFAO as I fart. I bought a box yesterday of the caramel and oats and tryed one right away - sooo good. But after a couple hours the gas and farts began. I thought it may have been the new stir fry recipe i made for dinner, so today I decide to try just half a bar. Well within an hour it was confirmed - the fiber one bars were actually FART ONE bars. Thats when i googled and found this site. Thanks for all the good laughs and Thank god I only ate 1/2 a bar...Hopefully the farts will stop soon. Really wish they didnt taste so good, i hate to throw them away. ;-)

We'll soon find out on :

Well I was pronounced dead for 5 minutes.....just kidding!
Still cookin with gas. I took a few days off. But yes it seems key is one bite per day, max. The thnder down under continues but I think my body is getting more accustomed as I my colon may be at half the psi I was in the early days.
Viva la toot!

Yikes on :

I had one this afternoon and this evening I started getting so bloated and having smelly gas that made me have to light match after match!
I think I will give the rest of the box to my co-workers. Damn I'm evil!

C on :

My father in law gave my husband & I 2 whole boxes of these, one choclate and the other peanut butter. I love him dearly, but why do companys have to make something as darn good as this blow up my body with gas!

Fartlover999 on :

Sadly the video is private so some of us farters can't see the farty goodness :-(

Remo on :

"Let's start posting actual recordings of your actual farts here on this thread! Please record your greatest Fiber One farts via any means necessary!"
I stayed home this weekend and had some of the aforementioned bars... here's the outcome of it!

Party fun (or not) on :

After finding out from a friend that these things turn anyone into a gassy fiend i decided i would bring these to a party i was going to as a practical joke. Oh my god his basement was never the same after that night. You would walk upstairs to go to the bathroom and come back down and damn near die from fart inhalation it was so bad. When i got home the next day my mom told me i smelled like diarrhea.

Never Again...but they are so good on :

I ate 2 of these today...and I seriously thought something was wrong with me.
Thanks 4 this site...

Caley on :

This is hilarious!!one time I ate a fiber one bar for breakfast and throughout the day I had debilitating bloating and farting. It sucked when i was taking a math test and could heat the gas!! I didn't know it was the fiber one bar and ate one again the next day and it happened again.

Melissa on :

I was in tears reading this lol.It's just so funny when ppl talk about Farts lol.I was eating these bars like everyday.Then it got to the point where I couldn't stand my self farts weren't loud the were SBD(Silent But Deadly) .

I stopped eating them because I couldn't stand myself.I thought it would be a easy way to get fiber I didnt know it gas Killer Gas.

My brother saw the bars & was like can I have one.I was like sure but you will get gassed out lol.He found out a few hours later when he was driving on his paper route lol.He was like I couldn't stand myself lmfao.

I just bought some new Fiber Cereal from Kellog's FiberPlus Antioxidants Berry Yogurt Crunch.* Be warned it's Gasser to but not as bad as the Fiber bars*.

Omg farts... on :

I bought these yesterday because they looked like a nice, healthy snack. They tasted great. I ate 2 of them.

I farted like a monster all night long, (literally 50-60 times) and some of the farts were so monstrous that I thought they were going to rip my butt apart.

Ednomo on :

The fiber is helping you release clogged up SH!T from people's @SS. No shit (no pun intended)

Fiber one on :

I just wanted to say that I have not only blew out my nether regions after having one of these (embarrassingly enough I took it it work thinking "I need more fiber!") but I rushed to the bathroom a couple times and let me tell you, Hiroshima looked like Disney land when I was through. I decided too to do an unofficial study, and sure enough next day I didnt touch them, back to normal. The sadistic person I am I then had one the next day (at home) and back to the toilet I went!

Stay away and find natural sources for fiber...

dapheet on :

Bars that taste great and make you fart like crazy! I am so pleased. A little uncomfortable, but pleased. oops. there went another. My colon wanted me to say thanks to General Mills. Its clean as a .............. i don't know, its clean! Anyway, can't wait to give these to friends and family two at a time.

Fart One Bars on :

Thanks for the posts! I googled Fiber One makes me fart and here I am. OMG I went to a friends house, she gave me a bar, 2 hours later OMG...It was like a rocket was about to launch. My stomach was so bloated and uncomfortable! That is UN-NATURAL!!! Yep, no more of these for me! At least I know I am not alone LOL

Farting Mom & Baby on :

Wow, I'm so relieved that I am not alone in this! haha! I have a 2 month old baby and I breastfeed her strictly and was wondering why we were farting like crazy...I mean I would fart...bap bap bap...then she would fart bab bap bap....We sounded like an poor husband was going crazy and our other children thought the baby must of pooped because it reeked in the house. The hardest thing though is to stop eating those darn bars! They are just too good to resist. Think I will stay away from them because those farts gee....a little baby should not be farting like a grown man! LOL

Anonymous on :

Fiber One Chewy Bars, Cardboard No, Delicious Yes, Toilet Yes, Farting Yes.

Ms. SBD on :

If only we could hook our butts to our cars, with gas at $3.50 a gallon, we'd save millions... Thanks fiber one bars. Fiber plus is not quite as bad but doesn't taste as good. Plus I never have gas in front of my boyfriend (for over 20 years now) and these bars make that really hard.

Trouble on :

OK everyone thought that our family was nuts but after reading all the remarks on here I know we are normal. I have laughed so hard I have had to quit reading these.......

beanbag chairs on :

There's a bar similar to Fibre One that I couldn't get enough of, but it was having this same effect on me and I didn't like it one bit. It was embarrassing for me when I was out, it actually affected my social life. Not surprised, because it's obviously fibre, but still.

IDon'tThinkSo on :

Thank you for all the comments. I could hardly breathe, I was laughing so hard while reading them! I have never had one of these deadly bars, and I think I'll keep it that way.

It's gross that General Mills is getting away with putting this slop on the market.

Renee on :

Omg yea I was wondering why I was having so much gas it's ridiculous but I love them so much they are so good, they satisfy the sweet tooth with out much calories and I use them for quick breakfast in the morning. I notice the fiber plus bars give me more gas then the regular ones, but they really gave helped with my weight lose goal so I'm not sure I wanna give them up :-(

GasPasser on :

So it's not just me. Look, if it's gonna make you fart for 8 hours then don't classify it as a food. And shellac? WTF? Corporate Garbage.

Angry Eater on :

His name is Kendall J. Powell, CEO of General Mills. This is the man that made you fart:

Lynn on :

OMG....I am so glad I found this website...I was just looking for what bars were better the Fiber One bars or the Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars(which I purchased today) and came across this site. I wanted something that taste good and was healthy to take with me for breakfast every morning at work.... Well Thank Heavens I read most of these comments....I will not be trying out my new Chocolately Peanut Butter Fiber Plus bars in the am.... Guess I will save them and try one when I am off next. :-(

Gasmasklady on :

OMG I ate a peanut butter with oats fiber one bar yesterday and it was sooooo good! That was a snack before dinner....for dinner i had green beans..I assumed the gas I had was from the was the longest and worst gas I have had in my whole life!! I am not one to laugh at farts..but i found myself laughing so hard..because they sounded more like a song LOL!
I woke up bloating..gas I was glad to be rid of it...and figured beans would not be a staple of mine anymore.
I had another peanut butter with oats fiber bar for my snack today...and low and behold ...the gas was back but worse..good thing I was off from work today LOL!
I typed in bad gas from fiber and starting reading this web page..and realized I am not alone in my gassiness Lol...i have laughed so hard I have between farting that is...I am so sad in a way because they taste so good..and they are low calorie..i was just a braggin to a friend about that and how they were on sale. NO MORE's not worth it ...thanks everyone for the giggles!

Did you hear THAT? on :

My wife played a nasty joke on me. "Here hon, try these for breakfast."
The result ....15 hours of richter scale moving cheek flappers.
While cooking dinner, I discretely walked two rooms away from the kitchen to pass one, only to find my son asking his mother "Did you hear that?"; and my wife in hysterics.
After sharing this site--- with her she was in tears.
I think she knew this all along!

True Story on :

Only the names have changed to protect the innocent. My name is John I surprised my wife Jane took her on a cruise it was a wedding anniversary gift. Don't know why but every time we've taken a trip we both get constipated you folks know what I'm talkin. Ya, we're the one's at the buffet line that grabs cereal bowls and fills it up with stewed prunes. Anyhow, my wife had a great idea she packed fiber bars in our luggage, you guessed it Fiber One Bars. We've seen these things advertised on Tv so that's what she bought. Just to be sure we ate two a piece our first night, Sweet Jesus, we never farted so hard and loud, no doubt the passengers thought it was a fog horn screaming in the night. Never again, we'll stick to prunes next trip.

Anonymous on :

Who knows what is in this stuff we eat? This artificial, overly processed crap is not really food! Our bodies don't know what to do with it.

Jaynicia99 on :

I'm so glad to see that it's not just me. I was inhaling these bars like they were sprinkled with crack or something. After a few days, I couldn't figure out why I was farting loud enough to wake the dead. I'm lactose intolerant but I hadn't had that much dairy. After blasting a fart that nearly pulled my insides out, I figured out it was the bars. Gatdamn General Mills...LOL!

icareaboutyourfiber on :

I bought the giant box of Fiber One from Costco and can't finish it. I now pass them out to co-workers for my personal amusement.

makeitstop on :

I think I've farted about 20 times since reading all of these comments from laughing so hard. I've been eating these bars for over a month now just because I love the taste of them. I usually eat them as a quick breakfast snack, or sometimes as an after dinner treat... chocolate mocha you are sooo tasty. It never occured to me that my WEEKS of stomach upset and horrendous farts were from these bars until yesterday when a friend mentioned the same problem. I thought it was just from my new medication. I decided to test it by eating another one, and low and behold, 2 hours later here I am considering going to buy some bean-o just to relieve the pain. Thank GOD my husband has no sense of smell, or he would divorce me in a heart beat. Though my sense of smell is so good I've been thinking of divorcing my own ***. Thank you for sharing your hilarious stories, they've helped my passing of gas today much easier.

Coupon Queen on :

Mine started with a coupon. A damn $1 off 2 boxes of Fibre One. If I could go back in time, I would have never clipped it. I'm sick of my same old granola bars, figured the extra fibre wouldn't hurt? Right? Although not needed, I'm a pretty 'regular' type of girl. Devoured 2 of them. Freakin' delicous, thank God I didn't eat more. Extreme gas and bloat set in. Kids kept asking what smells? I said it was the garbage. They were SBDs, all of them. Too many to count. Had 2 more the next morning, I knew they were the cause the night before, but figured my body would get used to the extra fiber and they taste so good!!!!! Almost crapped myself working out that night. Wasn't worth the pain and smell. Threw both boxes at the coffee pot in work. They were gone in minutes.

Stool Daze on :

I'm a substitute teacher and I made the mistake of eating couple of these for breakfast before an assignment. OMG! School started at 8:00 and by 8:25, it felt like someone had put an IED up my anus! I didn't have a free period until 9:45! The kids started asking me if I was ok because the veins in my neck were poking out from my straining to keep all Hell from breaking loose. Every time I tried to sneak to a corner of the room to relieve myself of the evil possessing my insides, some kid was behind me asking a question. These bars are terrorists in a box!

mas on :

i love mary

Jizzy_J on :

These fiber bars (chocolate chip to be exact) are the best thing in my life! I think about them when I wake up, throughout the day, and before I go to sleep!! I think that they are laced with crack/cocaine because I am sooooo addicted!! Of course I get the gas from them, but that doesn't matter because I eat beans and other thing that provide fiber! I think that General Mills needs to provide some counseling or sumin cuz they tryna take all my money.

May Need to be Hospitalized on :

Holy Jesus...I had 1 fiber one bar last night, and 1 this morning. I then attended a 9 hour class session at UIC. I just got home, but I'm not sure if I'm alive. I just held those tremendously painful farts in for 9 hours...9 Hours! I think my intestine may have ruptured or something. I could barely get up at the end of the lecture session. When I got in my car, every fart did not cause relief, but intense and excruciating pain. By holding them in, I could actually hear them from inside...I don't think that's a sign of good health. Now I'm home, and I immediately searched this connection online and found this blog. How are these bars legal?

Spider Barking on :

My husband and I are sitting on the front porch with tears in our eyes from laughter. We just realized that both of us have been bloated and farting for two days but did not let each other know. My husband sat in a meeting today and was literally dripping in sweat from his upper lip trying not to 'fart'. He said that he was beginning to worry because he was afraid that something was seriously wrong with him. He said that he thought he had a Hiatal Hernia or something. My niece was sitting next to me in church last night and I passed gas, she literally got up and moved further down the church pew to get away from me. After church, the preacher and his wife were sitting down at a table and I was standing over them talking. They were just talking and talking to me and I could not get away from them. I was about to die because I was trying to hold 'one' in. After calling my husband to pick up some Gas-X, he admitted that he had been also bloated and in major pain all day. We sat on the porch trying to figure out what we had eaten to make us feel like this for 2 days and finally realized that the Fiber Bars were the only new thing added to our diet. I almost died after finding this page. Ha! Ha! I am in hysterics as I read this stuff.

Hoof Arted on :

I ate two of these the other day in lieu of lunch, I had enough gas to roast a chicken.

CorporalMethane. on :

Good Gawd these things are fucking evil.I am in the Army and stationed at Fort Riley. Since I have to be up so early, I am prone to skipping breakfast on an almost daily basis which does not go over well since I am starving by the time lunch time rolls around.

I picked up a box of these at the PX thinking they would be quick for me to devour in the mornings on my way out the door. Yesterday I ate my first bar at around 0545 and it was so tasty I could not help but cram another one down before heading out.

We had PT formation yesterday morning and by the time we got to done with stretching and doing pushups and situps I felt like my body was under attack by some kind of biological weapon. My stomach was making these terrible sounds, the likes of which I have never heard before. The guy holding my legs during situps thought my stomach was growling from hunger (if only he knew).

After we began the 2 mile run my body was in agony but I figured I could at least fart my brains off to expel some of the discomfort. I sped off to the head of the pack where I could have some privacy and let a rip. The sound that erupted from my ass was like an semi truck blowing its horn. It was also one of those farts that was warm and moist.Funny thing is that it did not offer much relief and not 30 seconds later my anal artillery was ready to fire off another salvo.

It was a challenge to my perseverance to even finish the run and I was dead last finishing up. My posture I am sure looked strange as I was busy trying to clinch up my butt cheeks to keep from shitting my pants which seemed eminent.

After I got back to my room, I sat in the bathroom for a good hour unleashing hell from my asshole on the toilet. The smell was bad enough to have to call out a hazmat team.

Do not eat these bars. They are the spawn of satan.

DZ on :

I am so glad I found this page, I have been laughing just as loud as I fart!!! I have never experienced such gas before in all of my life!! Yet I continue to eat them. I eat them for other problems and use these to keep me binded up but wow... luckily I sit home alone all day. Once I return to work, I will not be able to eat these anymore! My goodness!

About a year ago, while I was at work, I was having a super busy day. I was fully aware of the gas these things gave me but I was so busy I had no time to eat and reached for another fiber bar. Oh man, did I regret that. I had to leave the building for awhile and just walk around the parking lot farting the whole time. I thought I was gonna take off!

JJ on :

This is because you aren't supposed to eat the whole Fiber One bar the first time. There is a warning on the side of the box that says, "Gradually increase fiber over time to help minimize potenital gastrointestinal dicomfort." You must have missed that one.

T on :

This was hilarious...I was crying laughing reading this!! Totally - My boyfriend and I agree 100%. Thanks for the laugh!

TheRipper on :

OMG....this has to be the funniest page I have ever come across...I too love these bars...I was having trouble pooping and a co-worker said here try a fiber one bar they are so good so I ate the bar and loved it. After work I got a box and ate 2 in a row...I had really bad farts and kept going to the bathroom..I tried and tried to hold them in at my desk and the gas was building up I had so much pain not only in my stomach but my back too...of course I didn't think it was the I went home ate another bar and continued for days...after 3 days of unbearable gas pain and the wicked smell I ask my co-worker do you happen to get gas after eating a bar...she starts laughing and said why do you think I am always going to the still eat 2-3 bars a week or else I can't poop. I have tried pepto, beano, malox and no luck they don't help at all...I now use gasx it help reduce the gas pain but it will not help reduce the eggy farts...My kids are grossed out and they are so bad I gag...this evening I was laying in bed and had a silent but deadly toot and my kitten was laying beside me got up 2 seconds later and ran off my bed...even my kitten can't take the toxic fumes....I must have farted 50 times just in the minutes of writing this message..I am surprised my laptop has not melted.

Muchas Gassy Ass on :

It's most likely the combination of chicory root and soy lecithin. Both have a mild laxative effect. My mom gave me chickory tea when I was constipated. Trust me, a cup of it is a moving experience. The small amount of extract in the bars causes flatulence enough to rival the California smog.

Closet Farter on :

My co-workers and I have been talking about these bars forever. I am soooo glad to read this and know we aren't the only ones! I went against my better judgement and ate one before I went to the gym this morning. It's now 1:30 and I am in pain and smelling up my office. The Febreze can will be empty soon!

Can you buy chicory root to sprinkle on people's food???!!! heehee.

Holyfarts on :

I have been having gas for weeks eating these damn bars but today was the worst. I had one bar and I've had gas all day. I went to a friends house for drinks and had to leave cuz I was so bloated my stomach couldn't hold anymore liquid. I'll never eat one of these delicious bars again but will buy them and suggest them to other people I hate to make their lives miserable :-)

ass-exploder-unit11 on :

I got those fiber one bars 2 days ago...they were cheap and sounded somewhat healthy and i love chocolate. Little did i know that after my girlfriend ate one the first night i would never get a wink of sleep again. The next day i brought one 2 work with me...chomped that mutha sucka down and continued on working. I would run to the bathroom every 20 minutes because i thought my butt cheeks were going to rip apart from the extreme pressure in my body. There i sit on the toilet...only pushing out air that could possibly push a military track vehicle over. We get home and im squeezing my ass together every 4 minutes trying not to fart but i just cant take it.... i go 2 let the dog outside and rip a wet loud screech from the depths of hell out into the atmosphere burning some of my nose hairs. Thank god i didnt let that loose in the room. Then i go 2 the bathroom to TRY and cut a turd but let out a 8 second long fart that pushed water in the toilet up and onto my ass. Now im planning on taking these bad boys 2 work and giving them to everyone that works at my hotel :-) awesomeeeeee.

Diarreah!!! on :

Fiber one gave me diarreah i cant go any where!!! Beware lol... Good for people with stool issues... Bad for me...the last 5 hrs have been painful!!! :-(

Jenn I on :

I stumbled upon this after searching for excessive farting, and you can add me to your count of people who ate a Fiber One bar and then farted a ridiculous amount. All I know is that I'm glad I didn't go out to the bar tonight, having to hold these in would give me the most horrible cramps ever.

No kidding!!!! on :

I googled this topic...because I had a feeling there was something VERY WRONG with these bars. I usually buy Nature Valley and made the mistake of trying Fiber One. Lets just say I'll be giving the huge Costco sized box away very soon.

t on :

I learned about this long ago. I happen to be a very heavy sleeper. I decided to start eating these things about 9pm instead of during the day. Thankfully I have no clue what's going on after I'm off to dream land . It's the ONLY way to consume these things.

seriously on :

this is very funny except the fact I didnt realize there were so many gross woman out there who are having their husband count their farts and actually talking about it.

chic on :

Chicory Root Extract is the 1st listed in the Ingredient List.(Ingredients are always listed in percentage of product: high to low) Did some checking around and I don't know if Chicory Root Extract should be eaten on a daily basis. These suckers Do-Do work but the flatulence is too-too much. I'm now eating Macaroons as a snack instead, 4 Macaroons (depending on the brand) will equal the same dietary fiber in the Fiber One bars without the Chicory-Chirps.

l beck on :

I love fiber one bars. But they don't love me. After consuming several boxes and experiencing never ending painful gas for a minimum of 24 hours following ingestion of these wonderful bars I am going to have to give up my fiber one bars...or lose my boyfriend. I, too, have woken myself up with such loud farts that I scared both myself and my 5 lb pup. As for my boyfriend, I'm asking him to wear ear plugs tonight in the hope I don't embarrass myself (again) after eating a yummy bar today. In summary, I love the bars. But the gas is unforgiving...

kelley on :

I love the taste! But OMG! yes they mae me fart! I do not eat them because of it. I'm gald they wrote you back, but I would like to know if they plan on fixing it.

I'm glad i'm not alone, when I googled fiber one bars make me fart! I never would have thought how many post there were. :-)

Andrew on :

I ate two bars and my stomach feels like it is going to blow out my butt. The leather seats in my car echo the sound and left my wife with her head hanging out the window. They should start including matches with each box.

JenJen on :

OMG! My mystery fart attack has been solved! Darn those Fiber One bars are delicious but I sure don't like the excess gases!!!!!!!!!

elaine zeltner on :

lainey agrees with jen jen i just got off of info about colon cleansers Beano discussion I mean I thought i had some serius problem.- then I came across the funniest stories i have ever read in my life- i mean like i am reading back to 08. At any rate i was getting worried as yesterday i ate my wonderful tasting bar of my antisapated glorious morning snack and topped it off with newly made split pea soup from mothers day ham and i could not leave the house and i still have remaining occurrances today since of course i am addicted to my wonderul fiber bars and will have problems staying away from them thankgoodness i stumbled on all this i swear i was on my way to the drugs to get a colon cleanser.-now my scare is over i will now pick up some Beano i just read workes ahead of time (before the farts start and be back to consuming my wonder bars full time again man i never laughed so long and hard in my life at these stories i realy thought i had a twisted gut of some kind.

Fart-Date on :

I was on a date two days ago. Man, you don't want to know how hard it was to run out of the movie theater, "I have to go to the bathroom again!" like 6 times. Ah! What a nightmare! :-(

Anal Hershiser on :

The guy who came up with the concoction used in those damn bars is a genius in my book! right up there with Ben Franklin!...I have never in my life experienced a product that produces such excessive quantities of flatulence, and it is nearly impossible to hold in Fiber One farts no matter how hard you clinch your cheeks..It's like Fiber One farts have a personality of their own! like living, thinking beings intent on humiliating you in public!...What a perfect product to give to an annoying neighbor, illiterate mailman who keeps putting your mail in the wrong box, e.t.c. the bars taste so damn good nearly everyone will greedily gobble them down..I personally have never eaten more than 2 bars a day, and that amount is enough to make you feel like your colon is turning into the Goodyear blimp!.....Shame on the people who posted here saying they're gonna complain to the Fiber One company about the ingredients!..let us have our fun!...If you don't like the effects, don't eat the bars, simple as that..The Fiber One cereal doesn't generate as much gas and is better at keeping you "regular" from what I heard, so try that if you're one of those hippie fiber freaks!

Rhubarb on :

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in gas, I too succumbed to the temptations of Fiber One Chocolate Oat bars. It took me several weeks to figure out that opening a box of these bars is akin to opening Pandora's Box. My last Fiber One bar was a few weeks ago and it was my second of the this point in my love affair towards these foodstuffs I had figured out that I did not in fact have colorectal cancer and the bars were responsible for my misfortunes. After my last bar, I cooked a steak and made some rice. Then I put down roughly 40 oz. of high grade microbrew around 8pm. By 10 o'clock I had to ask my company to leave after having vomitted, I writhed in pain upon my bed for 4 hours and finally my wife came home and suggested she take me to the Emergency Room. Instead I vomitted again then proceeded to bust ass for roughly two hours straight. The next day was Easter but I did not feel born dour demeanor was commented on by each and every person in my family. I did not goto work the next two days. As I type this, I still lust for one last taste.

Mmm on :

Just bought the chocolate peanut butter ones...ate the whole box in one day. They were soo good but p a y i n g now hahah. This website made me find the humor in my situation so thanks for that! Glad to know I'm not alone.

Angie on :

I had a fiber one bar last night, two actually because I smoked something funny. I have NEVER in my LIFE farted like this. LONG LOUD ordorless bombs. Unbelievable. I even texted my best friend at 2:30 am "I am STILL blasting them out!"

Bob on :

Oh God! I'm not alone. What an experience. I discovered these great bars but for some reason I have had the worst gas in my 65 year history.

Fartyr on :

Thanks Jesus for these fartbars...never laughed this hard in years. I picture the people at General Mills or whoever the heck makes these sitting there reading these and gassing it up themselves.

Well done.

Drum Roll on :

I can't believe this website. When I did the google on "do fiber bars make you fart" little did I know!!!!!! I ate 2 of them yesterday morning and by afternoon I had to keep going outside to "smoke". By the time I got home it was constant and they don't just blow out the back, they curl up around the front and then sneak up the back and out the top of your pants. OMG - I cannot believe this website - has made my day. I think I will get a few of my friends together and feed them these as snaks and wait to see what happens. They surely are good though.

Melissa on :

I googled this as well today as I ate two Fiber 1 bars yesterday. OMG I laughed so hard I cried and had an asthma attack. The laughter good the asthma and the gas very bad. Still to funny!!

Colin on :

This is a must for your enemies hahahah
I will give it to all my friends who are long distance Pilots who fly the atlantic hahaha or on long haul anywhere especially China

Didn't fart once on :

This is hilarious! I came upon this site a few days ago and decided to see if it'd work for me too, because I've never really been able to do more than a little toot.

So today while babysitting I decided to eat a Fiber One bar for an after dinner snack. Didn't fart a single time, and it tasted so good that I had another one 3+ hours later. Again, no farts, and I surprisingly felt fine. I got home and 5 hours after I ate the second bar I began having agonizing digestive cramps that were making me nauseous. I just spent the last hour on and off the toilet with the worst smelling, most explosive diarrhea *EVER*. I still haven't farted, but with the pain I was in from those Fiber One bars i'll never have them again. I'll find some other way to be able to fart!

camilla on :

var för fiser man så mycket hela tiden
men det gör jätte ont när man fiser hårt

hela tiden

vet du var för?

Poor husband on :

I have 2 stories for you all. We're glad we found this site bc I let my wife know that she is not alone.

1) My wife ate one with breakfast before work the other day. She works at a retail store. She called me a few hours into her shift to tell me she's been farting so badly that her coworkers thought the sewer was backing up. She went along with it and they called a plumber.

2) Our dog who farts constantly anyway grabbed one and ran with it. We did not think too much about it at the time. Later during the night, we felt something scrambling under the covers, followed by the dog completely falling out of the bed. She had Dutch oven'd herself so badly she tried to run away from the smell for the rest of the night.
Another time without eaten any fiber one, the same dog was in the pool with us. Suddenly, some bubbles made their way to the surface followed by and eldrich stench. She was so scared of her own fart again that night.

Trifecta of wrong on :

In a single week, I wound up taking two summer classes(each lasts for 4 hours), sleeping over with my new boyfriend for the first couple times, and buying my first box of fiber one bars. The physical pain these delicious chocolaty morsels have put me through is nothing compared to the psychological pain of being transformed into a human danger zone. At least my ordeal has led me to this gem of a web-page XD

Trifecta of wrong on :

In a single week, I wound up taking two summer classes(each lasts for 4 hours), sleeping over with my boyfriend for the first time, and buying my first box of fiber one bars. The physical pain these delicious chocolaty morsels have put me through is nothing compared to the psychological pain of being transformed into a human danger zone. At least my ordeal has led me to this gem of a web-page XD

Farting Baraca on :

I ate 2 F1B's one afternoon. Went to bed, woke up around 2am from a bad dream. I dreamt that satan was raping my ass, then when i woke up and my ass still hurt and the room smelled like sulphur from the great pits of hell, it dawned on me: it was the F1B's!!!!

A week later I came home from work, ate 2 F1B's, then was struck with great fear and doom; I had a massage scheduled for later that afternoon and it was too late to cancel... I had to come clean to my massage therapist, told her if she saw my clinching my cheeks that I was holding back the Winds of Thor due to an indescretion with my F1B's. She told me to just go ahead and fart but those farts are humiliating and I told her I just couldn't subject her to that torture. It all turned out OK in the end, but it was touch and go a few times.

Ass-assin on :

I got into fiber recently and picked up a couple of boxes. Tried one, thought it was delicious, tried another...Then I went outside to jumprope. In front of my high-rose building. With hundreds of people coming and going. I was in agony. It was a fierce battle between getting my workout in and keeping my sweatpants intact. I made it about 30 minutes before my back started to hurt from being doubled over so long. I hit my bathroom and ruined my asshole and my eardrums. No number 2, just a river of sludge matched by FX quality reverb. Since then I'm going all out, eating about 200% of my daily fiber to build a tolerance. Thank God it's working; I got tired of airing out my sheets.

Rolling thunder on :

I too began operation rolling thunder about two hours after consuming the fiber one bomb. I though I was doing something healthy for my body, since the bar with cocoanut tastes like those Samoan girl scout cookies. My children are begging me to stop farting! This would not be a good food choice someone on the dating scene, more of a frat house party favor!
Wow is that true As-sassin, you can build up a tolerance? I just don't think me or my family can take it.

Frito Bandito's Revenge on :

I couldn't figure out what was causing the the horrible gas I was experiencing. I swear I thought I had a stomach virus. Violent doesn't begin to describe the farts I unleashed on my poor coworkers. It came to a head Wednesday after eating one each day for the first three days of the week.I had gotten a hand full of those little gems free from the lunch truck guy at work. I thought it was a nice gesture. After a Mexican lunch on Wednesday it hit me. I couldn't get back to work fast enough. I pinched my butt cheeks together the entire way. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the crapper. After a while I was afraid someone would recognize my shoes in the stall. It was brutal. At one point I let a fart on my office chair that an hour later still stunk. I ended up spraying hand sanitizer on the chair to cover it up. My office ended up smelling like a changing room at a daycare. I outta kick that lunch truck driver's ass

jwoolman on :

Yes, it is definitely the chicory root (inulin) that is the culprit, and not just unfamiliarity with fiber.... I get plenty of fiber, my body knows all about it. But my first recorded experience with chicory root was with some wonderful non-dairy ice cream. It had 5 grams of fiber per half cup. Guess where they got the fiber? Yup, our friend chicory root. After pigging out on the otherwise healthy and non-allergenic stuff - I had 3 days of the most painful gas I've ever experienced. Gas bubbles were just stuck in various places and wouldn't move, felt as hard as tumors (really, I would have been happy to let it pass out naturally...). Never had that kind of reaction to anything else, even dairy ice cream (despite my allergy to dairy). Now they're putting chicory root in so many things, including my favorite whole grain breads, to let them put even higher fiber content on the label. Not good at all. The whole grains have quite enough fiber, thank you very much. I'm going to have to start baking my own bread again, it's so hard to find something good without the ^%%$# chicory root.

Fartella on :

Wow-- I was wondering where the long lovely gassy farts were coming from! I have been eating fiber one brownies from Costco because they are only 2 weight watchers points. Should I feel guilty for giving the 3 year old kid next door 2 fiber one brownies for a snack as he was watching Sponge Bob on my bed? Hahahahahahahaha! They are SOOOO good. Well, at least I have won the farting contests in my house-- FINALLY!

Dan on :

This is incredible! I googled "farts so bad even the dog hates me" because, well, that's what I was experiencing. This site was the second link that came up. Sure enough, I just ate two Fiber One bars three hours ago. It was the first time I ever had a Fiber One bar and I didn't make the connection. Too bad, because they are delicious.

Farty Mcpants on :

Thank goodness I found this page. I tried the Fiber Plus bars last week and I have been farting nonstop. I thought I was getting the flu or something. I have had constant gas since I started eating them over a week ago. I had not connected it to the bars, I will no longer be buying Fiber Plus or Fiber One bars. I still have two boxes, I guess my household will have to deal with the gas zones a few more weeks.

Tom Z on :

The guy next to me at work eats these and he doesn't stop. I can't imagine what it does to his underwares. Its like an Irish Mariachi band in here.

McFluffy Stinky Pants on :

Oh my God!!! Thank you for this site! My wife and I bought a box of these at Sams Club over the weekend and have been on a wild ride ever since. The gas has literally made it possible to hover an inch over my chair. It's almost like I've eaten a 50 sack of beans. Why is there no warning label on these things? I had to give a presentation at a board meeting this week. I was stuck in a room with the VP's of my company for 1.5 hours. I thought that I was going to explode!

FunkButt on :

I had one for breakfast and a few hours later I was running from a training session at work to FART and BELCH in the bathroom. It was all I could do to get to the bathroom, walking normally, holding it in for fear of crapping my pants. I got so bloated and felt like I was going to explode. It's not just friendly loud gas coming out. You must be on the toilet when you crank out these bombs, there is blow-by!

My 6 and 8 year old sit around coming up with new names for the FiberOne bars and here they are: FiberWHOMP bar, FiberTWO bar, FiberTOOT bar, FiberPOO bar.

Sean M on :

Hahah I just finally put 2 and 2 together to figure out what was making me fart like a world champ... These things have now been banned from our household! I had one yesterday after lunch, and from 5pm until around 9pm it was CONSTANT, unbelievable farting.

Tonya on :

The first time I bought the bars of evil I ate 5 in a 10 hour span. The first night involved lots of gas but the next morning my stomach bubbled and I couldn't stop pooping for two and a half days. Something so delicious shouldn't be trusted.They lure you with their chocolaty goodness and then attach your insides with a vengeance. I should've known something was up with Fiber One bars when I tried to get my four year old to eat them and he refused. Children always know...


I knew of these bars- my mother enjoys them on a regular basis. So when I won a box at a chaity raffle I offered them instead to my friends at my house party last weekend. Just to prove that fiber one bars really are the devils snack my friends broke the toilet. I'm spending this weekend replacing the tile in the washroom. Should you wish to abuse the almighty power of the fiber one and prank your friends, this little bar delivers a mean karmic kick.

They ruined my life on :

I discovered these fiber one bars because I was told that fiber has many beneficial values so i went out expecting something great. I quickly discovered something much much different. I consumed four fiber one bars three days ago all at once because I wanted my fiber asap. The first thing that happened was the colossal farts, these farts were by no means normal as their volume and smell was off the charts. I have never experienced such gas and discomfort. For some strange reason I have not been able to make a good bowel movement since I consumed them three days ago, all that has happened is these very small turds that have no significance. These bars have caused so many problems in my life as my girlfriend has had to smell and hear the largest farts i have ever produced. I really hope that noone ever eats these again because of all the pain i have endured. I really hope to make a bowel movement soon as i am a bit worried, i think my system is in overload and doesnt know what to do.

Ripvanstinkle on :

The first time I ate one of these lovely little landmines was several years ago. I was expecting my hubby home soon, and had managed to stink the house up something horrible. I threw open the windows to air out the place, and decided that when the bombs hit I should just step out onto the porch. Well, wouldn't you know, I had to delay going out on the porch because of a phone call, and by the time I was able to step out there was probably 50 pounds of air pressure on the loading dock. I flew out the door on to the porch, and released the loudest fart I think I've ever heard, something you might hear from a nice off-shore boat. As luck would have it, the next-door-neighbor was in his side yard working on his broken down lawn mower. He whipped around so fast he nearly lost his balance. All I could think to say was, "I think I hear a storm coming- better get in the house." I never could look him in the eye when we passed on the sidewalk after that.

Katie on :

I just ate 2 Fiber One bars...not realizing they were made in the depths of farty HELL!!! Family is staying with us and twice I had to blame it on the dogs, when really they were scared out of their minds wondering where the sonic boom's are coming from...I finally looked up Fiber One..WTF? Then I realized I am not alone. Thanks for all the great laughs! :-)

anonymous on :


Confused on :

Just ran across this site - I just bought a big box of these at Costco because they looked good.

So, will these Fiber One bars make things worse if your girlfriend is already so, so gassy as it is? Or will these probably not affect her because she is a gassy person already?

Not sure if I should take these back to Costco or not instead of just eating them and having my girlfriend try them.

Anyone please help - let me know.

kelly ripper on :

i ripped out my arse hole after eating a few boxs of fiber one fart bars.. where isthe hot topic on this subject......Regis Philbin!! its blown in the bob dylan sang!!

Ms. Betty Poop Booty on :

Well, it started one day on road trip to Ikea -which was an hour away-, I decided to eat 2 of these tasty treats in route. As I was walking around the store I couldn't help put leave a cloud of toxic gaseous fumes. I hurriedly moved around hoping no one would faint from my embarrassment of humanely cloud excrement. I walked around wondering what was causing my booty to clap and that warm sensation of air to float up my back and I couldn't figure it out as nothing in this world can cause me to fart with every step I took.

As I drove home that evening with my -was hoping to remain- significant other - as I figured I might get dumped on the drive home-, I held my ass cheeks tightly and the farting subsided and I was in the clear. We both went to bed in peace that evening spooning under the comforter and then all of a sudden MACHINE GUN explosive sounds startled us from our sleep. I realized it was my ass and my cuddle buddy wasn't so happy from the stench nor my ass sounding like a war gun alarm clock. I all of a sudden had this rumbling sound in my tummy and ran to the bathroom. My booty had lightening squirts for hours every time I thought I was done I had much I couldn't return to bed or go to work the next day as I was dehydrated and afraid to shart at work. FIBER ONE, you owe me a day of work's pay and a new cuddle buddy!

caro on :

lmao i am sooooooo glad i searched this subject and found this page because i thought i was the only one my husband is so disgusted at me but i told him i cant help it after eating fiber1bars lol "i thought something was going wrong and that i should seek help" lmao the farts are so many and so loud and yes 1 could seriously make a mix tape out of em ! Never in a million years i would think that a lady could fart like i do after eating fiber1 i seriously thought that only big fat men could fart like that ! THANX FOR THE POST .........I FEEL SO RELIEVED ........AND NOT TALKING ABOUT THE MEGA FARTS LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise on :

OMG! It's the chicory root fiber! I've had IBS my entire life and now a slight version of diverticulitus. But one day I bought a box of FIBER ONE bars on sale and holy moly! I had farts as long as the Mississippi River. I couldn't believe it! I had gas up to my chin. I kept running back and forth to the ladies room for my M16 fart sessions. I normally throw unwanted food "over the fence" at home for the wild critters but not with this stuff. I threw them in the trash. I did not want to blow up some poor unsuspecting animal. And then, the other day, I bought a box of the Kashi chewy granola bars. No where, no where did they indicate they were fiber bars. Well, after a second day of misery, I checked the label. Shazam! It contained chicory root fiber! I called the Kashi people and complained. They acted so ignorant. I told them they need to indicate on the label that they are "fiber" bars. I have no problems going to the bathroom and would rather avoid farting at all costs. Who are these people that need this crap to take a crap???? It aint me!

DancesWithCandy on :

WELL....on a plight to eat healthier I decided these would be a great quick breakfast. And god knows they are soooo delish!!! Took me a couple days to figure out these things are dangerous!
I've literally been farting for hours on end and they are so intense!
And not just one type of fart.. no you get to experience them all..
The "Silent but Deadly" farts, the trumpet farts, the laughing farts, the "dear god I hope this brings some relief" farts, laughing farts, etc.
Eat em' at your own risk!!!

scoobysnackn on :

In my quest for a lowcal, healthier breakfast, I saw these at Sam's Club and bought a big box of the chocolate peanut butter. Ate one yesterday and one this morning and have been in misery ever since. I'm blown up like a balloon in the Macy's parade and can't get off the toilet! Insane!! No more Satan's Snacks for me! Geez! Chicory root extract is of the devil!!!!!

Colleen on :

These comments are hilarious. I bought these for my son because he tasted these on a camp out and said how good they were. I put these in his lunches but he had not mentioned about the gas so I will have to ask him. Anyhow, we brought him a couple on a family night visit to boy scout camp last night but he didn't want them so my husband and I both ate one on the drive back. It didn't hit me until we got home (about 2 hours later). I didn't think too much of it beause I have IBS and lots of stuff can give me trouble but this time did seem more intense than usual. I finally fell asleep and the next morning was awful (non stop gas; I coud literally push on my stomach and force the gas out). I had a suspicion it was those bars and then I googled it and found this. My husband was completely unaffected but he can eat about anything and not be bothered by it. NEVER AGAIN but they were very tasty.

J on :

Just ran across this site - I just bought a big box of these at Costco because they looked good.

So, will these Fiber One bars make things worse if your girlfriend is already so, so gassy as it is? Or will these probably not affect her because she is a real gassy person already?

Not sure if I should take not even open these and take them back to Costco or just have my girlfriend try them - maybe they won't affect her gas anymore than she already has.

Anyone please help - let me know.

Brenda on :

First off I am laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face. Last night I ate my frst ever Fiber One bar.. it was good. This morning I ate some Fiber One cereal.. it was good. Today at lunch I had another Fiber One Right this very moment, my stomach is so bloated and hard.. I look like I am pregnant.. oh shit. I am a nurse care manager at a hospital.. I have had the worst gas all day long. While in patient's rooms today.. I have had to pinch my butt cheeks together to try not to fart. I was in misery in the elevator laughing inside just waiting for the door to open. So I decided to look this up on the internet.. because I am laying in bed thinking "Oh my God something is wrong.." lol.. and I found everyone else in the same boat.. I agree they are

Crappy McFinklestien on :

We have a guy at our office who has a bowl of these evil fart bars on his desk. "How great" I thought,increase my fiber intake and taste something yummy! One this morning and one this afternoon, having never attributing the numerous gas expulsions throughout the day to the Fiber barfs.

My day ended up in the neighborhood pool swimming with my young son, but constantly inching away from him when a gas bubble floated upward. As I was wearing a pair of goggles to keep the chlorine out of my eyes, I found that I could go underwater, form a slight somersault position hugging my knees, lean slightly backward, and for the 1st time in my life, actually see fart bubbles. How old am I again?

I think I'll need a new computer chair after writing this. Damn you Fiber One!

captain america on :

I did not believe it at first, so I performed a amateur study. First day I had 3 bars, it was hell the rest of the day. Second day I had two bars, again, it was hell. Right now I had one 10 minutes ago, and I have gas problems. These things are great if you have a fart fetish. They are like fat free pringo's, looks great on paper, but when you eat it, you have officially commited social suicide.

optimus prime on :

2 weeks ago my friends little sister who is 7 asked if i wanted a snack and handed me a fiber one bar....i always wanted to taste one since i saw them on tv...after i ate it she told me it makes you fart a lot....guess what 2 hours later i'm trying to contain my gas while at my friend's birthday dinner at a nice steakhouse....later that night i could not get off the made me so nauceous and very sick to my stomach that i could not go to today she handed me this brownie thing and told me to taste it i took one bite....then she told me it was fiber one and i threw it across the room....later that night my stomach was churning and was in the bathroom all night....and i only took one bite....damn you fiber one

Use at Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck Event on :

Eat a Fiber One bar and drink muscle protein shake before attending a Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck event. The attendees will smell the odor and think its white trash hog heaven day :-)

ART fart on :

i think my asshole fell into my back pocket after i ate a fiber one bar . tell you them bars are realy hard on a persons asshole.. i think the people making them should all be locked in one small room.. and nothing to eat but fiber one bars ..

Rachel A. on :

Omg ! I have not laughed this much in a really long time. I have had gas so bad for the last two days. I could figure out why and the only thing I could think of was the fiber one bars so I googled it and found this site. Thanks for a great laugh ! I will probably ease of the fiber one bars too...LOL :-)

GaswithClass on :

These bars are ridiculous. My boyfriend gave me the ol' "its ok to fart in front of me" a few months ago. So I got comfortable and had my occasional fart. Then the fibers came along and he desperately regrets his decision. After I eat one of those bars for lunch by the time we lay down for some nightime tv by butt blasts are unstoppable! glad im not the only one ladies

DevilBrownies on :

WARNING....while the 90 calorie Fiber One brownies are indeed tasty, it is wise not to eat more than one of them because I am pretty sure they have something similar to EX LAX in them....and you may require some Beano and Imodium the following day after you ingest them if you do not heed this warning!!

Patricia on :

Ok, first of all, I have to admit I've had some great laughs from the posts I've read here. But on a serious note, I can't really feel too much sympathy because we all (clearly) have internet access so do some research.

Several websites say that you should introduce a high fiber product (or diet) gradually. Ok, so one bar doesn't seem like much. However, the second part is the water intake. You have GOT to drink TONS of water. Honestly, I wouldn't make this up.

I am 43 years old and a week ago weighed 151 and decided to really get fit again. Back to a size 6. The first time I picked up a box of these bars I was in love. They really taste delicious but a few hours later my house was afire. I couldn't even sit still for all the gas. Later that day I hopped on my treadmill and walk-ran for an hour while drinking water. Gas resolved. I mean literally gone.

It's the same as when I had my hysterectomy when I was 37. They made me walk around every day because movement releases gas. The same way you pat a baby on the back to burp them.

Now, I have a Fiber One bar every single morning and I drink no less than 4 quarts of water every single day. That sounds like a lot, but my skin is glowing, I've lost 6 pounds in a week and I feel fabulous.

Get yourself a pitcher to sit on your desk and drink all day slowly. You won't be peeing every minute, your skin will look good, the pounds drop off and the gas lasts nowhere as long as when you don't take in that water. And go for a walk on your lunch hour or after work if you can. I can sincerely say I can now eat one or two bars a day with no issues. And as a backup, yeah, some Beano is good.

6 pounds lost in a week and pretty skin? You go ahead and skip your fiber bars if you want, I'm eatin' mine!!!

to fartassPatricia on :

you lost 6 pounds of fat that blown out your honest,,you can have pretty skin and nice ass.. but is it realy worth going on your treadmill and blowing farts drinking water? i bet all your house plants and everything behind your tread mill has fart spatter on it,,or even dead.., but anyway congratze on the 6 lbs and nice skin.. when you drop another 6 lbs i will send you a box of but plugs

Patricia on :

Ignore is clearly bliss. I was just giving actionable advice. If you happen to have one of those special bodies that doesn't rely on things like fiber, protein, good things, then don't work out, don't drink water, don't eat fiber and enjoy your life. Good luck with that!

Read the side of the box. You only have gas because you're not following instructions. Add additional fiber to your diet gradually. Or just complain. You do your thing, I'll do mine.

Patricia on :

I meant *ignorance*. But who's spell-checking here, right? But the bottom line is you can either cut out the fiber *or* get off your butts, exercise, drink water and see results. Or just talk about it. These posts were funny but again, I gave ya actionable advice. Use it or don't. Fart on!

PatriciaIsADumb on :

Thanks Patricia for ruining a fun blog with your overreaching preachy self-congratulatory buttkiss. Drop dead.

Patricia on :

One comment out of 509 ruined it for you? Talk about seeing the forest for the trees.

PatriciaIsADumb on :

Yeah, you fat douche because you came here with your nose up in the air like your crap don't stink with a pack of lies about your face, skin and weight. Tricks like you have to ruin something to make yourself feel better about your lonely life and no friends. You didn't really lose six pounds - you probably just lost a cheese burger in your fat folds. Once again, drop dead and let this blog get back to being about fun.

Crappy McFinklestien on :

Ignore this guy Patricia. Not the first time we've seen these kinds of attacks. smh

heyfartbag on :

look who is kissing ass ! hahah looks like crappy mcfinklestien has his nose up patricias ass so far ,that she dont need butt plugs..Patricia .. YOU CAN READ THE BOX OF FIBER ONE FART BARS ALL YOU WANT.. ITS NOT GOING TO STOP YOU FROM BLOWING FARTS!! IF YOU ARE TELLING EVERYONE YOU DONT FART YOUR FULL OF SHIT!

Sir Toots Alot on :

After surgery, my doctor recommended a high fiber diet. I ate these things daily and farted my ass off. Thankfully I work alone, but I would stank myself out of the three rooms in my office. Every 90 seconds ripping one, like some sort of bizarre metronome. After reading this bulletin board I decided to rid our house of the infernal things. We had a bag of items waiting to go to a local food pantry and we put the 15 pack in it (homeless deserve ass-blow too!).

Upon coming home that evening I discovered that my 75 lb Labrador, “Tessie” had found out how delicious these things were too. Only 5 remained of the 15 pack… I was panicked, not by the chocolate, but by the fact that if one of these things could make me blow up like the Hindenburg, what would 10 do to a 75 pound dog???

Quickly I searched the web, which said you could get a dog to throw up by pouring hydrogen peroxide down it’s throat [note: please consult your vet for advice]. So there I am 10:30 at night force feeding my dog cap fulls of peroxide….instantly she began to get the ‘barf convulse’ any dog owner is familiar with. However, I never did see her barf. I took her for a 30 minute walk…still nothing. We knew we were in for a long night.

If you have a Labrador you realize that they will not be anywhere but within 10 feet of you while you’re home- too damn loyal. Locking her in a laundry room wasn’t going to work, she’d bark all night. That also meant, when her ass erupted, it was surely going to be in my bedroom, as it was after 11pm. That night at 3am my wife and I were awoken by what we thought was thunder….it was the dogs stomach growling……

The next morning I did go outside to see two HUGE piles of barf (that I could not see in the darkness the night before) which contained most of the wrappers she ate. The next day, I worked in the yard, so if she was ripping farts, at least they would be outside. So my advice to you….if you’re going to get rid of these, hide them from your dog!

Brittany on :

see, i'm reading these, and all i'm thinking is that theres GOTTA be something wrong with me. I eat just one of these, and i have terrible diarrhea for at least 24 hours. I don't get gassy, and it's not fun, it's terrible.

Scott Mandel on :

Couldn't figure out why I was farting so much today. I googled "things that make you fart" This was url is one of the top links, just so happens I had 2 fiber one bars today for the first time in ages...

It does not stop, setting records over here.

stevo on :

I had the misfortune of buying several boxes of these bowel blasters for myself and our staff at a trade show where we were manning a booth all day. We skipped breakfast in the morning knowing that we had these butt boombs waiting for us, and the three of us each ate several as we set up our booth. As customers started arriving around 11am, so did the terminal flatulence produced by the magic of modern chemisrty packed inside each Fiber One bar...I have NEVER farted with such gusto and frequency in my entire life, and our booth smelled like a cross between a septic tank and the settling pond at a paper mill...,And I could actually see my stomach rise before each prodigous poot..If you remember the original "Alien" movie you can imagine what I boothmates were also stricken with similar symptoms...the FDA should require a warning on the box and wrapper, or outlaw them altogether..I can't believe anyone would buy these colon cannonballs more than once...

Tasha on :

My mom bought these fiber one bars for me for school 3 weeks ago. Ever since then I've had uncontrollable gas. It shoots out of my anis ! I swear these bars are like ... Omg. My friend was over and then I farted super loud and she woke up and ya. Juicy pie


megan on :

HAHAHA...I got on a fitness kick last week, bought Fiber One bars because the Special K bars don't seem to fill me up. They're awesome, I got the peanut butter kind. Had my first one for breakfast and the second as an afternoon snack, and now I'm sitting here typing this in front of my computer, afraid to go to the gym because I don't want to embarass myself. This is insane, I never fart. Ever. I know lots of people say that and lie, but I really don't. Now I just want to camp out on the toilet.

dude on :

Farting is pretty normal if you have any kind of digestive problems. I eat the bars so I can poo.

patsy lowe on :

i'm patsy lowe and i eat fiber one and they have given me more gas than i ever had in my life and the farts smell like doo-doo. will the smell of the fart ever stop. i went to church trying to hold my butt in to stop fartting.

Pooter on :

I ate 3 of these things for lunch without realizing what would happen... I've been blowing these 22 second long, 3 octave salvos all day. Even the dog is getting up to leave the room.

John Phillips Sousa on :

I'd avoid these unless you like big brass band classics like "Stars & Stripes Forever" complete with fireworks.

Dennisusavy on :

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thestarsarebeautifultonight on :

My mom lives off of these things and my brother and I die from them. Her farts become toxic when she eats Fiber One bars. The loudest, longest, smelliest and most prolific farts in history eek out of her. They could be used as weapons of terror. We knew those damned chocolate-flavored snacks were the culprit and this post has confirmed it. I think I will use this as support in our Fiber One intervention.

Sneezy D on :

Maybe they should be called *Fire One*, as you fire one from your @$$....

Cannedair on :

Omg I laughed so much I cried after reading this! I ate of one these devil fart bars without realizing the damage it would do. I work as a photographer and normally make fart noises to make the children laugh. Now I can really fart on them for should see the parent's reaction! They are in tears. I have told all of my customers about these bars and some of them are going to try it just to see if it will have the same effect on them. It feels like there is a balloon in my stomach all day! My coworkers call me the fart queen now. I literally farted 5 times while writing this! This site is freaking hilarious! *fart*

liightmyfire on :

I eat the Fiber Plus from Kelloggs. I believe they cause the same effect. I actually asked my husband not to light a cigarette near me, as I was afraid he would catch us on fire.

Breakwindconstantly!!! on :

I have tried both the Fiber One bars and the Fiber Plus bars. I have found them to be equally effective in the production of gas. However, I have gotten so hooked on them that I can't quit eating them! I find myself planning them around activities where I can puff in peace. Note to self and all others: Don't eat them before jury duty!

Tammy on :

I told my hubby I would not buy him anymore of these bars he smell's like something has crawled up him and died a few times...these are dangers bars lol ...he keeps gas and I refuse to buy anymore and tired of the smell I dont even want to sleep with him ....the smell worries me bc it smell's as if something died and make's our bed room smell so awful ! Our grand so ask him what did you eat dude so yea it's pretty BAD !

bednar on :

it's the sugar alcohol (ethanol) in them that makes ya fart. j/s.

Kate on :

I read the first like.. 20 comments, and tears were streaming down my freakin' face! This shit is hilarious! I looked this up because unknowingly I ate like 3 of these bars during an 8 hour road trip, and yes it held off my hunger for a long time, but when we arrived home my fiance and I were laying on our bed when I started telling him how cramped up my stomach feels. Just then I moved my leg a certain way and a the loudest fart just jumped outta my butt like I had no control over it. We both instantly started laughing but then with each laugh I let out- out came a tiny little fart- and it went on for like 12 farts, and I couldn't stop laughing! I was like hahaha I can't stop! Needless to say I was in tears from laughing so hard and my fiance just thought I was a disgusting person lol. Please keep posting your stories this site is awesome for cheering anyone up.

FartyMcFarterson on :

Do not eat these devil bars on your wedding day when you're too nervous to keep "real" food down. Makes for a helluva show at the altar.

Zach on :

This is an awesome site. I've been eating the generic Fiber One Walmart bars (Great Value) lateley. I'll drink some super dark coffee at night and then bam. I'm letting them rip for hours and they smell like diarrhea. Here's what you do!!! Get a coffee cup, pull your pants/underwear down and blow some ass in the cup. Immediately walk or run up behind someone in your house (roommate/brother/sister/partner/friend) and put the cup in front of their nose. Wait until you get the reaction. I made this up back in 2000 in college. I wonder why I can't find a woman. hah aha ha ha ah aha ha

fart machine on :

I decided a few weeks ago to eat a healthy diet. I have been eating fiber one bars, sometimes 2 or 3 a day. My granddaughter says NANA because the flatulence comes out of my ass is so loud and long it has to break records. I read these blogs and laughed so hard that I had tears running down my face!! I am so happy to know that I am not alone. I have learned not eat them at work because it causes me great embarrassment when I leave farts when I'm walking past other people. My poops are more regular than they have ever been in my life. I hate to give them up.

Truly Embarrassing on :

OK so, i'm going to start off by saying, DO NOT EAT MORE THAN TWO OF THESE EVER. So, yesterday I am bored and hungry, and what do I find? Oh of course! A box of Fiber One bars! I had seen tons of people eating them at school, so I decided to try one. It was good, and I continued to munch on them for the next 2-3 hours. I ate 7. Yes, you read that right. SEVEN. So, about 4-5 hours after the first one, my stomach starts rumbling, like really loud. Then about half an hour after that, the gas started coming out. Oh my gosh, if i weren't alone in my house, it would have been truly embarrassing. Like, non stop, HUGE ones every 20 secconds, for real. When I went to sleep, they were still going. I woke up to go to school at six. My stomach felt a little better, but when i moved it made noises. At school, it started up again. The only difference was that this time, i had to hold it. As the day progressed, the pain from holding in the gas got more and more intense, and the rumbles of the gas rolling through my bowels gained volume exponentially. I found myself trying to pass the gas discreetly in between classes to avoid the eminent pain and embarrassment. But still, I ended up with enormous uncontrolable releases of the air whenever it wanted to leave me, and when I could supress it, It only brought more pain. Oh, and btw, running just made it a whole lot worse. Never again.

Patricia on :

It's me again. My original post is #505 above. I still love these hilarious posts but for those of you trying to stick it out, I'm hear to give you an update 2 months later. I now work in another office and I start my morning with one of these bars and then have another around lunchtime. I'd read previously that if, like many, we don't already eat enough fiber, introducing a high percentage of fiber into our diets will make us miserable. Yeah, I was terribly gassy at first. But now, honestly, eating 2 bars a day doesn't bother me at all. I mean no gas pains, no embarrassing moments at work at all. But what's worked for me is that I naturally drink a lot of liquid all day long. I eat my first bar with a 20 oz. cup of whatever Yogi tea floats my boat and I'm refilling that 20 oz cup all day.

I've never felt better. I'm never bloated and these bars don't cause me any discomfort. Keep the stories coming but if you really want to feed your body better, don't give up on whatever ways you're feeding yourself fiber. Just make better choices all around and your body will thank you for it. I'm not a tree-hugger, vegetarian or a serious health freak but I hoard these bars like crazy. Never felt or looked better. Stay strong my gassy friends!!

Hugh G. Rektion on :

I'm thinking of conducting an experiment where a half dozen people are locked into a small room with nothing but chairs and 1 bathroom and maybe a TV to pass time and polite conversation. Each will have a special warehouse club sized box of Fiber One bars (a dozen bars) and a 6 pack of their favorite beer. After every two bars, you must drink a beer. Repeat this process until everything is consumed, lets say with a 2 hour time limit. Then, the reality show begins...

Pissing my Pants while I am reading these posts on :

I have never laughed so hard in my life

Tyler on :

Am I the only one who these things have actually helped? I am fairly certain I have IBS and quite often I get terrible cramps, gas, and general stomach aches. The fiber in these bars binds everything together and makes me have to go, but makes it easier to wait, and makes the stomach ache go away. Sure the gas sucks, but lucky me I have perfected the art of the silent fart - and as for the smell...there is none for me. Other than farting every few minutes these things make me feel so much better!

Also - everything on here killed me - I was laughing so hard I was crying; thank you for that.

Master Blaster on :

I love these bars... 2 or 3 of these and I'm sounding like the mothership at the end of "Close Encounters"... you know... the "BUM PUM BUM PUM BUMMMMMMMMMMMMM" that shatters the glass? I made the mistake of eating them with a big glass of sugary grape juice for breakfast which acted like primer cord attached to explosives. The sugars in the juice accelerated the gas buildup of the Fiber One bar fiber breakdown. Thank goodness I have a nice thick cushioned office chair to muffle the barrage or people would have been looking to the sky for thunder clouds. It's kind of funny at first when it starts up but then it moves to annoying and then downright ridiculous, you can just about fart on command. Since the bars have 35% of your daily fiber, I will sometimes have 3 for breakfast to get the 100% right off the bat... that's nice and all but it doesn't save you any time because whatever time you do save you spend in the bathroom.

Roy on :

Ate a Fiber One bar purchased at a gas station early one morning on the way to work. By 8:30 a.m. an eye-watering funk was seeping out of my rump so badly I had to get up and walk around the office to try and dissipate it. On the way back to my cube I heard one of my co-workers declare " God it smells like something died in here" and another one who was pregnant at the time headed off to the john with a hand clamped over her mouth and nose. I threw my underwear away when I got home that evening. I'd sooner eat a hunk of particle board before consuming another one of those things.

Miko Man on :

I love to fart. These are awesome.

Fartymcfartpants on :

Omg, I ate several of these at once because I'd never had them before.. I had the worst stomach ache and farted about 150+ times and some 10 second long farts!! They were so unbelievably massive that my butt cheeks burned and I had to put baby powder on.

Susan on :

We call them farter one bars! In a family with one guy (Dad!) and five girls. (mom and 4!) ..we notice WHAT makes you fart! It's the Farter One Bars! Yum! We love the peanut butter ones. I think they are the most musical! But...Keep them to the weekends! hehehe

Sir Rips A lot on :

I thought I had a problem. My girlfriend said I had a problem. Everyone told me I had a problem. Thank God I'm not a lone. I remember the first time I had Fiber One Bars. I was on my way to work and stopped by the gas station for some energy drinks for the day. I passed by the snack item aisle and saw Fiber One on sale. Had no clue what it was, and what it was capable of doing to a man. I figured -- hey, it looks like Quaker bars. Little did I know what was in store for me. I got to work and I was starving. I ate all six bars in about half an hour. By the time my co-workers got to the office, I was firing every caliber machine gun, artillery round, and explosive ordinance from my ass. And as if the sounds were not bad enough. The smell. The smell was atrocious. The quiet ones were the worst -- they squeezed by the "fiber" build up and when exiting the cornhole brought with it an odor I cannot describe with words. I all I heard around me was "OH! MY! GOD" and people fled in multiple directions. Even *I* was disgusted, and when you are disgusted with your own farts, you know something is wrong. I learned very fast what Fiber One can do to a man. I try to limit myself to one or two bars a day, but holy crap. These things are vicious.

Rachel on :

If you think the FiberOne bars make you flatulent, just *wait* until you try the FiberPlus.

Heather on :

I got a box a couple of weeks ago. I wish I would have known about this site this morning. I spent the week farting like the rest of you.. I started a new job the week I got them- I can only imagine what they think of me. the silver lining to this is I sit down all day. I did find myself running for the door at the end of my shift.. skipped two social events to avoid embarassement, this morning I took the most amazing sh*t of my life. I wanted to take a picture of it.. but who would I share that with. I have been sitting here laughing like a mad woman.. thank you roomie for the site. :0)

SecretGirl on :

Okay so My mom got some of these things for me and my brother about a month or two ago in the big boxes.

Not noticing it so much at first....taking about two months to realize it, but EVERYTIME i eat one of these delicious things i have to fart NONSTOP.

I didnt want to tell anybody in my family i just tried not to eat them so much, one day not being able to ride the bus home from school because of my fear O.o....
Then today i come over too my brothers house and he Funnily says "WOO!! Thoes fiber one bars had me farting all night!! My room smelt sooo bad, i almost had to leave!!!!!" (LMFAO)

These things are evil, they're delicious and you always want more.
But THEY DO CAUSE GAS and an extremely upset tummy!! DONT DO IT THEYRE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!

FartAnynomous on :

This is so funny! I had to participate with my story. Oops, there goes another one! I've been trying to lose a few pounds, and in my workout class, the instructor recommended everyone to buy this cereal by Fiber One. She said the bars were really good too. Well, I thought things were really looking up for me because I found the cereal at Costco! What a deal...I ended up buying 4 boxes to last me a while because this cereal is so expensive at Safeway. They also had the bars, so I bought them too. Someone above mentioned they think the cause is the Root Extract. I don't see this in the cereal, so I have to do more scientific studies...Anyway, just like most of you, I have been able to produce the most amazing farts of my life lately. During the day they are more of a thin, quick blast, but at night in bed, they are the really thick, deep, slow kind...really quite amazing, and so long lasting. I never thought I could fart to match those of my father. This reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents took me camping. My dad sat next to me in the bathroom, out in the woods, and his farts were so loud, and I said, "Dad, why can't I make big farts like you?" And he said "Son, that's because I'm the big shit and your just a little shit."

I was getting really worried and that's why I did a search on this. I almost made a doctor's appointment to find out what was wrong with me. I was also really worried because my fiancé is extremely critical, and she would make me sleep in another room for the rest of my life if I had this problem. I was trying to come up with a solution and I thought of making a Fart Hose. I was trying to find a way to connect this hose to my butt and have it go out the window. I think it's a great idea, but I have to perfect it a bit. It's not so comfortable with the hose coming out your ass, so maybe a plunger design would be better. If anyone wants to order my Fart Hose, let me know!

Anyway, I'm glad I found out what the problem was...there goes another one! It's either the bars or the cereal too. I'll stop the bars first and see what happens.

Flatus Ridiculus on :

After a box of these babies, you become a human pipe organ playing an ungodly "Phantom of the Opera".

The best part is the next day when you head into the john and chop off a big monkey tail. Booyah!

Farting and Scared on :

In a meeting today, I offered one of these bars to my boss. A person in the meeting quickly pointed out the farting effects Fiber One has on the human body. I thought she was pulling my leg and then I laughed and farted. As a medical person myself, I am surprised I did not realized my increase gas and farting started after eating two and three of these bars a day. I have spent some much money in gas medication including Beno and many other crap. I wish I can take all that shit back and get my money right away, but I had sooo much gas I am almost out of all anti-gas pills I bought. I am bringing those deadly bars to work and let the farting begin. In the mean time I will call all my doctors. Will cancel my colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, and defenitely my Shrink appointment. My husband doesn't need to move out and my little kid can enjoy sleeping with me again. The mystery is solved. No longer need to figure out were the farting in coming from, but I know where that crap is going to go. At least I know now I don't have medical stomach problem and will not require any type of surgery. I am glad I found out the most up to date information about this farting producing bar. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

Sarennedy on :

we love to poop.
please teach us your gassy ways.
gimme some of dos fiber bars you fooolz.
i want this devil fart bar now!!!!!!

i had one a year ago and ever since then havent been able to get my hands on one. i love the way it makes my stomach rise and gurggle back and forth. its so relaxing. expecially the jway my poop slithers out. most relaxing feeling ive ever experienced. imgaine, sitting on the toliet taking a nice long juicy shit. free of any pushing.


poop makes me happy.

sarennedy on :

we love to poop.
its the best.
we live for fiber bars.
fiber one bars changed our lives.
from the moment we first digested it, weve been forever changed. imagine, a nice slimy poop. coming out with no effort involved. and not only that but having it consistant for hours straight. PURE JOY.

David Jaworski on :

These are ridiculous. I always eat so healthy and today was my high carb day (Sunday 12/11/2011) and I ate 10 of those bars in the last 8 hours along with alot of pasta....SO if you people are on this site, you know what is happening to me.

patti on :

Not all funny. They gave me gas so I gave them to my son (who is a pretty gas guy already). He eat a box plus 1 in two days - ended up in the ER. Test results - too much fiber too fast. Be careful if you are trying to increase your fiber - could be costly and embarassing.

Karina on :

Its so true!!! I eat one bar and that is it, I fart all day!! Hahahaha

Rip van Stinkle on :

I ate two of these thing morning for a quick breakfast. I promise you all I have farted every 30 seconds for the last 6 hours. Even some rodeo farts - those are ones that last for at least 8 seconds.

Sir Farts A lot on :

Fiberplus ruined my life. My wife divorced me because she found out about my flatulence. My kids do not want to be around me as they say I am unstable and "off my feet". I was kicked out of the jazz band for outperforming. I am banned from all stores who sell Fiberplus for clearing the shelves and then the customers with my poor hygiene and manners. They talk to me, these farts. I talk back,as they are all I have left.

Can't Sleep on :

Wow! 558 comments! I ate just one! Just one generic fiber one bar. That was all it took. I had had one a year ago and thought it was a fluke. Now, I am convinced. It is 1:30am and I am sipping chamomile tea hoping for relief. This is one of the funniest pages I have ever read though. Someone should really send it to Good Morning America!!!!

anna on :

yea, these farts are so bad and you can't even descise them,,you know look at someone else,make it look like it was them,but it wasn't and everyone knows it it has a tendancy to stick around awhile even with air freshner,that actually makes it worse.but it wasn't me,no, but if he knew i wrote this he'd be mad,hehehe.if you see some one eating a fiber bar,steer clear,you can't hide it follows you. i did say to him {if your gonna eat these fiber bars,,,eat em at work.hehehe. don't get me wrong,i ate one and it was good after awhile my stomach hurt,out it came,scared me and my dogs,i tried to run,but i couldn't hide.

flatalotofpus on :

good to see I'm not alone, i can't even stand my one farts from the fiber one fart bars.And it's not the fiber, i eat 4 times that amount of fibre regularly, they have somehow engineered a conversion of a solid directly to a fart, a miracle of science.

Anthony Orlando on :

I just sharted myself in a meeting. So embarrassing.

Julie on :

All i have to say is this page brought me to tears i could not stop laughing! and i was wondering why these damn bars don't have a warning label on them. i have been farting something fierce all night and i could not figure out why...then i realized i ate two of them in one day! OMG lets just say its terrible they are the worst farts i have had in years. and as we speak im sitting in my own smell...its disturbing.

New Sofa on :

After receiving a sample at my local bulk goods store, I decided to purchase a bulk box. They tasted good and I figured with the added chocolate someone in the family would eat them. Little did I realize that my 12 year old son would suffer from humiliation at school and I would need to purchase a new sofa in the family room. It took me a day or two to realize that my source of extreme gas was related to the bars. However, the bars continued to disappear from the pantry. A few days later I got a call from the school saying that I needed to pick up my son. He had eaten 4 bars the evening before. He indicated that he had been crop dusting the halls between classes, but it had gotten to the point he could no longer hold them back. He made the mistake by bending over to reach for his math book under his desk when it blasted out. He quickly raised up to see who he could blame (or if anyone was injured). But he was caught, humiliated, and sent to the school nurse. He still continued to eat them, but in moderation until I realized that the sofa (aka The Muffler) in the family room smelled equally as bad. The remainder of the box of Fiber One's went to school to give to his friends.

Gawain on :

OMG, the F1 brownies do this too!!! My wife and I ripped a few every four minutes or so, it was awful. And they just smelled worse as we went on. And it wasn't like a yucky rotten egg smell, it was pretty much... physical-feeling. It made the air around you feel muggy. It was GROSS. Also, she had diarrhea the next day, and wouldn't come out of the bathroom for almost 40 minutes. Ewwughh!

Fart Linkletter on :

For 10 years I have never farted in front of my husband. A trip to Costco and a box of Fiber One Bars later and I have lost all control. Last night he was sound asleep and I found this page by googling "Do fiber one bars make you fart" and I was laughing so hard the tears were rolling down my face. I woke him up with my laughter and we were both reading them, giggling and crying. Thanks so much for the entertainment!!

Mook on :

This bar ruined the first week of 2012 for me. The first fart fiber one gives you is the most deceiving fart you will ever experience; it's long,silent,and relieving. It's like you took dump without actually taking a dump. That's the type of relief that first fart provides. I really felt like got over on mother nature. What a fool I am! The gas kept coming and I went through an entire can of febreeze at work; dutch officing myself. Stick to making mediocre cereals general mills!

atootie on :

Took me two weeks to figure out what was wrong..... You know those people that can make their stomach roll as if doing a wave? I was at work and was looking down at the top of my stomach that was poked out abnormal large and could see the ripple effect. My co- worker even commented on it.

gasgirl on :

My husband sent me this article after I was kicked out of a meeting for my loud farts. I thought I was in need of medical attention!

Thank Goodness Home Alone on :

I thought I had discovered the perfect snack and was set to stock up Fiber One Brownies. But then...the gas!! It was abnormal. Thank goodness I was at home for the long MLK weekend. The only thing that was different in my diet were these bars. Sure enough after googling "fiber one farts", I discovered this site and the long line of flatulence victims.

WTF Fiber One? on :

I got a box of these on sale and thought I'd have easy, healthy breakfasts on my way out the door to go to work (I'm a music teacher). Good Lord, what a mistake! So glad I finally figured out what was going on, because all week I've been a huge, gassy mess! Today I was holding back through my entire lecture to my seventh graders, and finally let one loose when they left the room... but no, it wasn't just a fart. I actually sharted at work. And it was only 9:30 in the morning! I had to stay late today to teach a trombone lesson, so I couldn't get home and change pants until about 5:00. I was supposed to go to yoga tonight, but I can't imagine what would have happened if I had!

fartology on :

OMG these things are gonna send me to divorce court. I can't quit farting my ass inside out and they have my hapless hubby searching the cabinet for the Bean-o now. That is like shutting the gate after the horses have all run out....too damn late. These things are from the BOWELS OF HELL (pun intended)....and like many bad things, they taste too damn good. It's either the bars or my hubby........hmmmmmm it's good to get revenge on my fart factory of a man. HA ha!!!!

Pamela on :

I am just falling out of my seat from laughter, at all these posts! You guys are so funny! I can remember one morning, while brushing my teeth getting ready for the day, I let a LOUD one, that sent vibrations up my lower-most part of my back! It was that loud that I scared myself, and said, "Good heavens! I think I blew my ass out!" This was not related to these Fiber One bars, either, but after reading these posts, I ventured out and got three boxes, and had a carmel and oats bar; so good! I'm usually gassy, anyway on account of my high fiber diet, but these bars made me hungry! So, I imagine in an hour or so, I'll be happily in Fartville, ripping one after the other. Good thing I work alone at my job! Lol!

Pamela Fan on :

omg lol how did that work out for you?

My Poor Toilet on :

As I sit here on the toilet, freeing myself of what can be compared to the atomic bomb that was dropped on Heroshima in 1945, I have some how stumbled upon this gem of a website. Never having eaten a Fiber One bar, I was not prepared for the amount of pain and suffering that I went through today. At one point, about 4 hours after consumption, I literally thought that my stomach was going to implode.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has experienced the wrath of a Fiber One bar. Friends, heed my warning... These bars should be handled with extreme care. If at any point during the day (or night, depending on when you consume one of these bars) you are not ready for an eruption so powerful that it will create shockwaves comparable to the 9.5 Chilean earthquake, stay away. Far away.

oh no lol on :

omg, these posts are crazy but true. i too know the awful truth about fiber one bars. i had some a couple weeks ago and felt really gassy a while after eating them. i bought them because i don't make a whole lot of money and thought they'd be good for breakfast, because my undertsandin was that fiber makes you feel fuller longer, but i guess how it really works is it makes you feel so bloated and ugh that you won't want to eat anything the rest of the day. and it's not just limited to fiber one bars for me, it's also the crystal light + fiber packets that do the same thing. i didn't really put two and two together until this morning though. i was freaking out because i was thinking something else could be going on, but, as many others here, i goggled "does fiber one make you gassy" and lo and behold, hundreds of others experiencing the same discomfort. and it does not help to be working in a call center where everyone sits in rows of cubes.

Sir Toots-a-Lot on :

Ate one and the rest of the box is going in the trash. They're delicious and I know they're nutritious, but after having one for breakfast and then being in the car with someone for the last 4 hours, being forced to stifle my need to expel, I know I never want to experience anything like that ever again in my life.

I thought something was wrong with me...but now I know I'm not alone...thanks for the laugh (now that I CAN laugh).

Megan on :

Damn you, General Mills! I have IBS, and these stupid bars just exacerbate the gas and diarrhea I already have.

crop duster on :

Well I am not alone !! Thank you. I too have been blasting farts all over the place. These fiber one bars are soo good but the gas pain is tremendous !!! I have been eating one of these bars each morning for a couple of months. I always was a gassy dude so for a while I thought nothing of it. But I finally googled "gas pain from fiber" and found this sight. I have been laughing and farting for an hour, reading these posts.. Friggen hilarious... I will wean myself off of these evil treats... Oh well , a least my dog won't get blamed so often any more...

kye222 on :

i am laughing so hard . for the past month ive been eating ALOT of those bars, the oats and chocolate. and sure enough, i have not stopped farting ever since. like i wake myself up. i thought i was just alone and then sure enough i fucking google it and find this shit. i am laughing so hard right now.

omfg one guy says how his kid had eaten 4 and was crop dusting the hallways at school. lmao. toooo much

Farting Routine on :

I Googled farting routine just thinking it was my body on a schedule but now that I have read this I know it is the bars. I eat one everyday for my chocolate fix and weight watchers friendly snack after lunch and I start to fart or start to hold them in around 430 or 5:00 that is a 4 hour turn around. The problem is holding them in causes some serious pain. Maybe it is time to get these things out of my diet. I am sitting here in pain as I write this now as I am at work! ughhh!

Jane on :

The only thing that makes me fart worse are the crumblies you get at Long John Silver's...after digesting them with your platter or basket combo, be prepared for a long stay in the toilet...

Scott on :

Totally agree with the four hour turn around, after eating one at lunch (1235) I'm tooting like a madman! Gotta got these things out of my diet.

kimberly on :

and here i thought I was dying and the only I can relate to each and every post.... I have never laughed so hard.... thanks !!! theOnlyonewhocanClearaRoom

Nicole on :

Yes, thanks - I really needed a laugh today and I got one! My husband and I have both been complaining about bad gas and I finally put two and two together and figured out it was those blasted (pun intended) Fiber One bars. This site is what led to my decision to throw the rest of them in the trash. I thought something was seriously wrong with both of us - I was actually thinking about going to see a doctor. Holy Hell - mystery solved!

bars are us on :

After my personal experience, What comes to mind is changing the name from "Fiber One" to "Fire ONE!!" or maybe even two or three!"

Craig on :

One experience after another I read about and I now know the source. It seems I have stopped for a week (damn that double size box from Sams Club). I have been eating the at work for lunch. The combination of Metamucil & Fiber One - look out below (or behind). At my son's game tonight I sat in the corner all by myself explaining I had Mexican for dinner. I didn't see anyone say how long it took to subside when they stopped eating them. Nothing like driving in Chicago in February with the window down, thank gods the weather is not freezing.

Little Ms Notashamedtopassgas on :

I indulged on about 3 fiber one caramel oat bars this morning as I was quite hungry and they were very tasty. Then low and behold about an hour later I had a little gas (no biggie). But when the gas kept coming, it became funkier, louder and there were loud gurgling and bubbling noises coming from my intestines. I then knew something wasn't right. I recalled that the fiber one bars contained chicory root extract as the first ingredient so I Googled it. Much to my surprise a whole heaping list of fiber one/gas websites came up. So this is how I arrived here and also the reason I am leaving my comment. By the way it is now about 7:00 pm and I am still somewhat gassy. Needless to say it is times like this that I am glad I sleep alone. LOL!

Anonymous on :

My husband and I are on medication that constipates us, so our Doc told us to get mineral oil mira-lax and lots of fiber! a couple bowls of raisin bran 3 fiber one bars and two shots of mineral oil later we were farting non-stop all day and all night long! I probably woke myself up 100 times with these long loud motorboat style toots! the next day IT WAS THE LOUDEST LONGEST DUCK-SOUNDING WET FARTS, AND JUST ABOUT EVERY TWO STEPS AN SBD WOULD SLIP OUT! we continued our same regimen and I went to work (i'm a hair stylist) and they kept slipping out as I was working on clients, so I kept pretending I was looking around at the other stylists, and saying I think I SMELL SOMEONE DOING A PERM! BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEY SMELL LIKE@ DOG DIARRHEA, SEWAGE AND DIRTY DIAPERS ALL ROLLED INTO THE LOUDEST LONGEST EXPLOSION EVER! THEY TRULY ARE THE DEVIL!

Containment on :

WOW, i only had a dollar, and was hungry, Looking in the vending machine, no snickers bars. How about some snackwell crackers, oh wait, whats that, fiber one bars, sounds healthy. I just watched the doc "forks over knifes" and was thinking I should start eating healthier, fiber one just sounds so, "vegatablesaladish". So I vend the bar for a buck, eat it, and walk to my car to grab something. While sitting there I google how much these bars cost in a pack, since this thing is so good, and what is the first no selling site on the google search, "Fiber One Bars make me Fart - Please God No'. Uh Oh, i'm thinking this can't be good. I read through these humorous posts, but where I am, flatulence can be a safety issue with our gas and vibration sensors. I need to contact the vending dept and let them know fiber one bars are not suitable. They can replace it with celery or "stinky pee" asparagus.

NetBet25 on :

OMG OMG!!! I changed my diet and decided i was going to buy fiber one bars as a snack in between meals (dark chocolate and almonds) and it tastes sooo good untill i notice that i tried to run away from my own ass!!! if you have evil spirits in your body get a box!!!! the devil will surley crawl out your ass!!

Methane bomb on :

I could not be more thankful to have found this. I bought some fiber one this weekend and ate several during my work shifts. Out of nowhere I started having uncontrollable bursts of gas. Sputtering, long, short, loud, quiet, REALLY LOUD, sometimes I would fart while walking and it would be with each step. After a few hours I couldn't help but crack up, and then some more at how unbelievable the past two days have become. I looked up if fiber made you gassy and found this site. I died laughing because I could relate to everything on here. I lost it, absolutely lost it. I had to pull over because I was in tears laughing so hard and my neck and shoulders cramped up. I couldn't figure out what caused this hilarious circumstance, but im glad I found this.

It would be funny to see a national fiber one meet (outside of course). I'd imagine people would be so exhausted from laughing so hard

Again, thanks, this was an amazing find! I was having a miserable workload today and this was the complete 180 I needed

gidget on :

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PAGE. ok, so i think farts are hilarious and always have. my husband and i both have. we started eating the fart bars about three days ago, and ever since we have been marveling at the long, winding loud, violent farts that are coming out of both of our asses. it was fun the first day, but by the third, i couldn't leave the house, AND we had to make rules that we could not use feigned affection in order to fart in one another's faces. i generally LOVE busting ass, but this is just uncool. earlier, i was laying under a blanket watching TV and when i got up and the blanket fell, my husband gagged. he made a comment about releasing the kraken. the stench is like a burnt turd with bad egg salad topping it. and why are the farts so hot???? like lava.

my mom has been bitching about farting for awhile now, and she was the one who gave me the box. i tried to call to tell her, but she said she was busy. well, her car is going to continue to be a fear factor until she calls me back, i suppose. i am so glad i looked this up. and again, WHY ARE THE FARTS SO HOT????

OnToiletAllDay on :

I'm a poor college student, so my mom picked me up a big box of these, among other snacks, over the weekend when she was at costco so I'd have something to eat. I downed two this morning and god, I've never spent so much time on public toilets. I've felt like my guts were going to burst out of my stomach all day and my stomach is still growling every minute or so. I think I'd rater starve than have to go through another full school day with these things inside me.

Rotten Cabbage Gas on :

Oh I've been eating these farts bars for years and I especially like the new 90 calorie pretzels bars, they make me fart more than ever. I have an 8 month old baby and you should see the look on her face when Mommy belts out a man-sized fart...several times in a row, for hours, her eyes are the size of saucers! These farts are loud, long, smelly and you know what, I enjoy it. Haha, farts are fun for EVERYONE, admit it, you all like it too. My husband's world has been rocked, he cannot get over how something so vile could come out of someone so petite. I am at work about an hour after eating my fart bar and I can feel the bubblin brown sugar coming, I can actually see my belly moving around. This site is so great b/c I now know I am not the only one sitting in a cubicle all with a brown cloud over them. I tell ya, I cannot wait til quittin time so I can get in my car and fart all the way home. Then when I get home, I can just blame the baby for the terrible stank..tee hee. I wish we could all meet up and have a Fiber One bar party, I bet we would have the time of our lives! Happy Farting to all!

Amy on :

Oh. no. I bought a big box of these from Costco and ate four in one sitting. And then I remembered why I stopped eating them years ago. Over the next twelve hours I felt a lot of uncomfortable pressure in my abdomen, like someone was stirring a cauldron in my intestines and the bubbles were churning into every crevice trying to burst out. I had to let one rip every four minutes for at least a couple of hours and it continued even as I went to sleep, when most normal farts simply cease. Not these suckers. These keep coming where others fear to tread.

The size of my abdomen was huge the next morning. I had little corners of the house covered in a thin veil of stink. I actually thought I had gained back a few pounds because my stomach was bloated for at least 48 hours - enough to take me a size up on the jeans. Literally, it looked like a 2-4 inch waist difference in the mirror. And then the liquid. Chicory root is a popular ingredient in laxatives, so one can only guess the effect in bulk. Thank goodness this happened during the weekend when I could hole up in the bunker and take 20-minute breaks on the lou. I am not going to eat these things in public. NO dates, meetings, errands within 48 hours of eating them. I have been wondering if I am lactose intolerant but none of those symptoms rival what I got from the fart bars. Thank goodness I haven't seen a treadmill in years because I can only imagine the explosive impact of these things with high impact exercise. Pray the gym is empty that hour.

combustable bubble guts on :

The sad part of my story is I am a fiber one addict. Although these fart bars leave me with gastric explosions on the lou from time to time and have me lifting off like a rocket in my seat I just simply can't stop eating them...weep.

I-Make-My-own-bubbles-13 on :

I just started a new job at a (very high end) Spa, and grabbed a few of these on my way out the door at 4am. I ate the first on the bus going to work, and experienced a terrible case of the walking farts as a result. I thought maybe I was getting sick to my stomach, and needed something to counteract the acids, so I sat and slowly ate another one with a glass of ginger ale. OMG! Walking around a high end spa, where quiet and clean and nice smells are the supreme pull...I wound up leaving work early, needles to say.
Never.Again.Demon bars! Its almost 10pm and I CANNOT stop. My sons think I am both gross and hysterical.
Oh God, why?!? Curse you General Mills!

Crystal on :

I am also laughing so hard while reading this. I have the same problem... but with the cereal, the Berry Yogurt Crunch. It tastes awesome.. but man do my insides SCREAM. I thought I was alone... but I am glad to hear I am not!

Melinda on :

OMG! I wish I had read this before buying Fiber One bars! I work in the water and created my own mini whirlpool, just for me. I had 3 and I'm done!! I will eat dirt before I eat this again. I was in so much pain and looked 6 months preggo with twins. I had to endure an Easter trip to Walmart before I was able to go home and relieve myself. I've never sweat in a grocery store line so much in my whole life! But, I'm thankful that they have brought me to this website where I've never felt so good about talking about my ass!! :-)

Kristin on :

OMG yea I had ONE bar last night and OMG today I think i have pooped about 10 pounds and I believe i could fly across the country with the amount of flatulence coming out of my body. this site is hilarious!

Sandy on :

Wow! I bought Fiber One bars last week and had eaten one. Sat down to watch a movie with my family about 2 hours later. Good lord, I have never farted so loud or so much in my entire lifecombined! I couldn't hold them back and didn't even know they were coming. My family got a good laugh out of it but somehow I figured it was the bars so I avoided them but left them for others thinking it was just my system. Nope, went to bed last night after my husband. Lifted the covers and the most foul smell came flooding out. I said wtf? My husband said, "I think you were right about those bars." LOL Gee, Ya think? Walked into my daughters room today and it smelled like a pack of something had died. Yep, she ate a bar this morning. My husband and I were talking about it so I went to Google and typed in Fiber One and google finished it with "and Farts"! lol We are sitting her rolling! Thank you. :-)

Victim on :

Ate one for lunch at work then 45 minutes later I had ER worthy abdominal pain....THEN suddenly....SHART. The rest of the box was used for backup Halloween candy. I'll see the makers of fiber bars in hell for that one Im sure. Upside: Nobody trick or treats at my house next year.

AnitaDiaper on :

I crapped myself after one brownie......DONE!

nuclearwarheadofgas on :

i ate one, next day ate another, today ate 2, finally it dawned on me, its not the guacamole its those fucking fiber one bars. i had training for a new job today, i was in a hurry so i ate the 2nd one. sitting in a conference room my insides had what felt like an army, legions of gas platoons marching up and down my intestines taking up every single bit of space- it was hell. it smelled like brocolli, yucky yucky old overcooked brocolli.....and a little somethin else ??? anyway we had nicely padded seats so at least theres that. its hard to talk to your new boss while trying to sneak out painful stinky gas i mustve had the most fucked up expression on my face in that meeting. this was at 4 today now its after midnight and im still going strong. also this site is hilarious

LaughingsohardIcantbreathe on :

OMG!!! I can't breathe I am laughing so hard! I have been in my office all day because I am afraid to move! I sit in a black leather executive chair and it has caught pure H E Double Hockey Sticks all day! Of course, I have to lift up when I blast because if it makes contact with the leather it's going to sound all around town! My son and my husband also eat these bars and when we are all together it sounds like we are in coal mine and blasting is going on! Our favorites are the chocolate and peanut butter and oh they just melt in your mouth they are so delicious, but boy do they take a toll on the old digestive system. I may have to call it quits because I don't think that I can stand feeling like someone stuck a balloon up my rump and filled it with helium gas!

godzilla_wi2 on :

I am in tears, laughing at this thread. I love those bars, too! Trying to eat a bit healthier, so I tried one of my girlfriend's. I could not believe how great they taste and the havoc they create!

Gassy_Gus on :

I'm glad to see that 600 other people had the same experience and it was not just me. I had 4 of these bars last night and I had the worst bloating and stomach pain ever. I had too many farts to count--probably in the realm of 200-300--just today.

steve on :

i looked at all the bars offered in the market and remembered the fart sensation afforded by the fiber one units.. i just had to see if it was true. well it was true, about 2 hrs 3 bars later every time i moved a cheek i ripped one. funny at first, but when they didn't stop squeezing out when meeting clients regrets ensued. kinda nice to get some of the old farts back for their lack of acknowledgement when they let go, and the gym has been hilarious - blamed on amino farts!

sir fart a lot on :

If you want the best combo fart, meaning high decibels as well as good texture (fire cracker sound), eat the Fiber One bars with plain yogurt or greek yogurt. It will turn your noob farts into pro in no time.

fartakat on :

Ok so I gave up the fiber one bars and ththe farts quit! Hallaluya! So now I'm on flax seed. You buy the seeds ground them up. Guess what? It's grandkid said bad grandma. So I do believe they are one of the same.

Fartstradamus on :

What a relief to know it isn't appendicitis or an ulcer. I have been trying to figure out what was going on with me for the last three days. Those evil little edible instruments of torture ruined Mother's Day. My husband and I had to leave my mother-in-law's house early because I was so afraid of embarassing myself. On the way home I started thinking...could it be the Fiber One Bars? After all, I did have two last night, and there has to be a reason that I have farted at least (literally,as you all know) 50 times today. Thank God for Google. Now I just need to do another search and find out how long it takes for them to work themselves out of your system. I am not leaving the house until this digestive carnival ceases.

I feel your pain on :

I too have uncontrollable gas after eating fiber one bars and cereal! It's amazing! HAHA

Greg on :

These evil bars almost got me thrown out of a mall one night. Who does this?? Create such a wonderful product and never warn us how awesome the farts will be!!! This video is proof of their effects on the human body...

Mindy on :

I didn't think much about fiber one bars until today. I always have been able to eat one as a snack and have no problem. Today I ate three for lunch and went on my way. Biggest mistake ever. The pressure in my abdomen made it hard to sit, hard to walk, hard to hide my discomfort from my students. I have never been so grateful to have students late for class as now. I need that extra time to get the extra air out.

JG on :

My husband and I eat fiber bars all of the time. The gas they cause is hilarious! I'm not sure what else is in your diets that makes your farts stink so bad, but it's not the fiber bars. When we fart from these bars, there is little to no odor. We generally have a pretty healthy diet, with the occasional stinky fart bomb, but nothing like what I am reading in these posts. If most of you would reevaluate what else you are eating throughout the day, the gas produced by the fiber bars will not be nearly smelly, but equally as loud, long and hilarious!

JP on :

Oh wow I was about to schedule a doctors appointment. I was bloating up like no ones business and had to keep taking numerous bathroom breaks just to have some sort of release even though more just came. I'm sure it sounded like there was military training going on in the bathroom. I was even scaring my cats. Pretty sure I lifted off the couch at one point-either that or the cushion compressed so quickly from the blast it blew away from me. Either way, one of us moved and there was a moment of floating. top it off it off I started personal training. I was trying my best to "swallow' my gas though all it did was travel through me and crush my heart. I was sweating bullets trying to make it through my workout.



fart simpson on :

Oh my goodbess I thought I was the only one. I thought it was IBS it a new case of lactose intolerance haha. I'm so glad I finally know what has been causing the backfires from trying to hold in my farts during class. I will not be eating these again.

Buzz on :

Thank you for the great laugh and making me realize what I'm experiencing is normal. I started crying I was laughing so hard.

Nick on :

It's weird I had two bars and I only had a little gas, nothing horrible. Guess I'm special.

RottenCabbageGas on :

hello, RCG back again, I stopped eating the fiber bars for a week or so b/c I hadn't been to the store so I finally got back to my 90 calorie brownies. I ate one for breakfast at work, 1 hour later I am already letting them slip out, I blame the smell on people heating food up in the kitchen. Can you people even believe that something so small and not even that filling is capable of delivering such unpleasant odors. It is as though I just ate 4 cans of pork and beans. This is gonna go on all day I just know it! My cubicle walls are already brown!

1upEGG on :

RottenCabbageGas, it was you! I thought the office smelled because of 1ups eggs!

RottenCabbageGas on :

Hello 1up-Egg, it wasn't my fault! These fart bars are little demons packed with fiber, ask any one of these poster's. Oh, and that sound you heard, I'm gonna use the old "it was my shoe" excuse. Soon, I will need a new chair at work. I must blast a thousand hot stinky farts into the fibers of this chair everyday of my life. I feel bad for whoever has to sit in this thing. Oh wait 1up-Egg, you sat in this chair when I was out on maternity leave! Tee hee! Well, time for my afternoon snack of 90 calorie brownie bar! Keep on a-fartin!- RCG

Jessica on :

My husband and I went on a trip with our three young daughters.We took 4 boxes of the fiber one bars for energy because it was a hiking trip and we were told these bars would give us energy.We ate many of these bars but it was not until after we had purchased our dinner that we all began to have terrible gas.We farted so loudly including our children people got away from us because of the sound and smell .We swore we might have been poisoned from our dinner but now we see it was the fiber bars!! Does anyone know how long this gas will last? LOL

Similar Experience...too funny on :

I had a similar experience with consuming these bars (favorite is the caramel almond). In an attempt to increase my fiber intake, I purchased two boxes and had been eating one bar each morning with yogart without a problem. However one morning, I was particularly hungry so I ate TWO bars...OMG! That was the biggest mistake!

I never got diarrhea but the cramps! And the amount of gas! I never thought I would stop farting. Had to leave my desk every 5-10 minutes just to go to the bathroom and fart. After a while, I was in such distress that I no longer cared if anyone was in the stall next to me. I really thought I was going to have to go to the ER. It lasted for hours! Insanity. I put the remainder of the bars in the break room at work... :-)

Is it IBS, or Fiber One Ass? on :

These Fiber One and Fiber Plus products are unbelievable. If you've never had a fear of sharting right in your pantaloons, eat one or two of these things and let me tell you, brother, you're going to think you've developed IBS or Crohn's or some shit.

There's no escaping this effect, no matter which of their products you're eating....the cereal will give you the same loud, bloopy, cartoonish farts as the bars do.

I've found that the link between ALL of these products is Chicory Root, which is a natural laxative in its' own right. I could eat a 55-gallon drum of raisin bran, 65 apples, and 30 heads of cauliflower, and NONE of that would give me the colonic rebellion that I've experienced after eating just one of these fart-tastically delicious mofo's.

Eater, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, dear, me too! on :

Evil bars! I had no idea what was causing the unending smelly farts until I typed in "Does fiber cause gas?" and came across this site. OMG. I am not alone! I started to eat these because I just got braces and they were "nutritious" and easy to eat. Oh, my poor coworkers! I have never laughed so hard at myself and others than I have reading all your comments. I just bought two bars and I will donate them to the men who work in the plant....hehehehe.

ExtraGassyDude on :

Sometimes these bars (almost) make me fart as much as a few glasses of milk does (and my dairy farts are pretty crazy lol).

If anybody's down for a good farting contest, visit my site ( and we should totally compete (hard to find good competition haha).

Flamingbutthole on :

I can't believe there bars are so evil that when I blew it up, my dogs fur was singed... : O

ICantStopLaughingatthisBLOG on :

Reading this blog and comments to it has me laughing so hard I have tears of humor! After I consumed a fiber one bar, all my co-workers started warning me of what it will do. I was like, "Great, now you tell me". I had a banana, a bar and some water...4 hours ago. I'm proud to say, I haven't had any of the experiences I have read. I don't know if its because my body is already used to the fiber and other ingredients or what..... but i'm okay and my co-workers are safe - thus far.

Never Again! on :

Thinking these bars were high in protein instead of fiber, I ate 2 one morning for breakfast at work! After about an hour I was doubled over in pain and had to go home from work. My co-workers and family laughed and laughed at me. I felt like I was dying. They truly are a spawn of SATAN!

Blame the Dog on :

Holy Bat$hit Ratman! Huge mistake - at 2 for breakfast and 1 for snacks every two hours yesterday. The intestines started singing, loud enough for anyone within 10 feet of me to hear the bass burbles and pops. The girl that sits next to me at work kept asking if I was OK. I kept telling her to just ignore the sounds. However, by early afternoon, she was in tears from the sheer amount of chair bombs that kept exploding. After the first 50 she stopped asking "OMG another one??". She would just burst into hysterical laughter. I've never subscribed to methane global warming theory, but these may be an attempt to biologically engineer a warmer climate. Either that, or spontaneously combust office buildings worldwide.

gassygasstation on :

So i ate one, it was so tasty, and all was good, until a few hours later when i stopped to get gas at the gas station. i go to the attendant and after she gives me the change, i run to my car... fast...i rech for the car handle, i can not handle it any longer, so i grab into the roof of the car for dear life, and let out a fart that can barely be described in words. if i could describe it, i would do so as the following;

my cheecks blooked open like a spring dlower and i let forth a mighty trumpet, the likes of which would make God shake in fear, im hanging onto my mirror for dear life, as my swolen intesines forcefully deflate, causing my bum hams to thunderously clap together, the sound of which would rival the Regal Subwoofer in theaters. As the rest of the noxious air blasted out of me i was filled with a sudden rush of ecstacy to finally get that out of my body, as i look behind me and a family of four stare at me, mouths open, as if sideshow bob had finally killed bart simpson.

Jeff on :

On one of our expeditions to Toledo from Louisville we had packed snacks for our happy family of 4. Included in those snacks just happened to be 2 boxes of Fiber One bars. About 45 minutes into our 6 hour construction delayed trip my 12 year old daughter starts to eat some bars. Because we told her they were good she decided to eat the whole box! Before we reached Cincinnati the most god awful smell started coming out of the very back seat!!! She started complaining her stomach was cramping and bubbling really bad. We asked how much she had been eating and gasped at the quantity she told us, at that point my wife tells me she had just had her third bar! Now the fun really begins! Both my wife and daughter take turns gassing us so bad my 14 year old puked, she just could not take anymore and was crying! I have never been happier to arrive in Toledo. Oh I almost forgot we had rented a minivan because our car was in the shop getting a warranty problem fixed. I told the agent at the desk there was a weird smell that was coming from the A/C and it would not leave the car, they said they would check it out. A week later the a get called and said they wanted to apologize for the smell and offer us a discount on our next rental from them, they explained that they had to detail the van 3 times to get the smell out. He joked and asked if we smuggled used baby diapers across the country? My family had learned the lesson or so I thought! My wife went to work last Thursday and ate 5 Fiber One bars mainly the Brownies. I could not sleep that night and I had to go and buy a new pillow because every time I lay me head down baby diarrhea scent pushes out from inside the pillow!!! I have now banned them from house, I told her she will have to find her a Fiber One dealer and treat it as a drug deal.

K on :

I cannot stop laughing! My mom bought like 5 boxes of these and there was nothing else in my house to eat. So I ate almost an entire box. My friend came over and we could not stop laughing at my farts. I blamed it on my monthly gift when I offered my friend one! She told me it makes you poop, and so here I am- the great farting mystery solved!!!

Jessa on :

My husband bought some of these bars and he is an awesome guy..doesn't talk about gas or pass it in front of me. Anyway...after having one of these bars he had the worst night of his life and said he never felt his stomach so expanded with gas before. He told me not to eat any. I went online and found this site and it is hilarious. I've spent slow hours at work just laughing my a$$ off reading these comments.

Small Female on :

I just ate 2 Fiber One bars 5 minutes ago before reading this article. Pure terror and anxiety is going on right now. I might explode.

tooty fruity on :

I actually thought after I ate these that I was dying of prostate cancer and made an appointment with a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. i had such bad stomach cramps that I had to sit on the toi toi for hours in the morning, and don't even think about one of these with coffee, instant enema (IE). LOL my friends call it the Accidental Enema. I also had just bought some protein bars and I noticed that I didn't get as gassy the day I ate that one. So then i did the experiment and I only toot after the fiber one bars. OMG. I was sitting in a meeting on a Friday nite and it smelled so bad in my area first I thought it was the guy next to me, who moved after the break never came back wonder why? So it still smelled and then I thought my feet smelled in my shoes so when I got home I decided I must have stepped in some dog doo and I threw away my shoes the odor was impossible to forget! LOL. Little did I know that it was my smelly toots. I figured it out the next day when I had on different shoes and had showered. Too bad I really loved those sandals!

A random person on :

I had 7 or 8 fiber one bars today, seriously. I've read the effects of eating two or three bars, but do not know what to expect with 7 or 8. These are so damn good, I'm going to buy another box tomorrow.

awkwardgrl on :

i ate one before a night out with the guy i was seeing and let out the biggest fart of my life DURING SEX. thank god he was drunk enough not to remember that. or good at pretending it didnt happen.

Tara on :

I bought 8 boxes of Fiber One bars at the Dollar Tree for 50 cents each using coupons. I was so happy to be getting these at a bargain price. I did not know these things caused terrible gas as I had never purchased them before. The manufacturer should be required to put a GAS warning label on these packages. It took me about 3 days to figure out the Fiber One bars were causing the gas. I am going to try and take the remaining boxes to Walmart in exchange for a gift card. Next buyer BEWARE!!!!!

PleazGodJustMakeItStop on :

In my almost 36 years of existence, I have never experienced anything in my body with the unrivaled power these things are capable of unleashing. I’ll just go ahead and admit I snarfed down five of these fiber bars yesterday evening. Let’s face it: they are delicious! And with the day I had, they were the closest thing to comfort food I could find in the pantry. I had never done research on them but knew that they were capable of producing a little gas. Words cannot express the amount of gas *five* of these things produce. Last night I was a little gassy, but thought “This ain’t so bad.” This morning I woke up and felt a little bloated, but nothing too major. Well of course not. My bowels were saving all the fun and games for work at the office. I’d like to add here that public restrooms aren’t designed to muffle the sounds of a mouse farting, let alone what I had in store for it. I tried that desperate thing where you wad up a bunch of toilet paper and hold it against your hole in a vain attempt to stifle the sound. FAIL. The sounds of my massive sonic booms were painfully amplified by the toilet, followed by an earth-shaking reverberation off the metal stalls and tile floors. And it isn’t like the gas all comes at once. No sooner would I think it was done, get up and get my belt fastened than the pains of a thousand gremlins clawing at my bowels necessitated another round of gassy explosions. This is the closest I’ve ever come to literally blowing up a toilet. I swear at one point I thought if someone were looking into the sky through their telescope, they’d have seen me suddenly fly into view hanging on to a toilet seat just a blastin’ myself through the stratosphere.

If you’ve asked yourself recently “How can I feel utterly hopeless while simultaneously smelling like a day-old bucket of dead clams?” then your solution is inside these boxes. Bon Appétit!

Kbeezy on :

Two years later after this initial blog, I find myself googling "Fiber One Bars Fart". Why, cuz these awesome chocolate and oat bars that are only 140 calories and could only be good for me, are giving me the type of gas that can only rival the evil gas and diarrhea that I had when I got food poisoning. Oh the whorror of it all. My office is funky, my car is funky and my bedroom is funky... smells like hot garbage. Holding it in is not an option. So as I violate the air around me, I remind my kids of what my Dad always say... better to poot than to hurt your little doot. Doot being an old skool word for ass. My kids dont think its funny at all while I find it freaking hilarious... Ive always have been a sucker for a good fart story or joke. I am 44 years old and the stories in this blog had me laughing so hard and farting at the same time. I have to admit, I was having a rough time with trying to diet as well as the stresses of life in general. But the Fiber One Bar managed to lead me into an evening of laughter and made me fell a lot better. Thanks Fiber One and Thanks to all of you who shared your stories... omg and the recordings were priceless.

mad luv

Pat on :

Thank you so much for the info and for the laughs. Hilarious but only too true. I bought a box last night, ate several, and am paying the price today. I checked the nutrition info thinking they might contain sugar alcohol, which has the same effect for me, and found the chicory root extract. When I Googled it, this was the first page I clicked on. You have truely provided a service to those of us afflicted with these side effects. Now what to do with the rest of the box?

pauly on :

after eating these bars i have come to the conclusion that farts have 3 different colors ......... the brown fart , it smells like straight poop ...the green fart , it smells like garbage ....the red fart , its HOT!!!!!! SO KNOW YOUR COLORS !!

essay on :

These tests are very interesting and effective. I'll try them too. I'm curious about results

Jason on :

Not just the fiber one bars do this but also the fiber bars clover valley makes that the sell at dollar general. 5 hours later and after stumbling on this site it all becomes quite clear through the stinky hazy fog of gas.

Too Late For Me on :

Was given a can off Cafe Du Monde from New Orleans as a gift. I really enjoyed a few mugs of that last Saturday. I've been eating Fiber One bars for a few weeks and this last Saturday had 2 during the day before going to see Bourne Identity. Brought some of my sugar free dark chocolate from Trader Joe's with me. Let's just say I had sharp shooting pain. Here's the deal with the Cafe Du Monde, label says it's Coffee with Chicory. I'm not sure I can put into words how bad I felt that night or the next day. Bye Bye Fiber One, Sugar Free anything and Cafe Du Monde. Hello clean air.

I'm Gonna Explode on :

Oh man I thought I was the only one! I recently got over a bout of gastritis, so I originally didn't think Fiber One would be the root cause of my gas. Its not even just farts! For the first couple hours after eating one, I'm belching nonstop, then a few more hours into it I'm farting and belching constantly! My poor boyfriend asked if I was going to explode, simply because I couldn't even finish a sentence I was burping and farting so much! What's worse is trying to sleep at night because the gas doesn't move! It just sits there are causes sharp jabbing pains all over my abdomen! I just ate another bar before I read this article.... wish me luck. P.S. I doubt its the fiber, I eat tons of oatmeal and whole wheat etc all day, I'm actually curious if its the chocolate or chicory root extract.

Rocket Launch on :

I have been eating Fiber One bars for breakfast for about a week now. I didn't relate the horrid gas and diarrhea that I was experiencing with the Fiber One bars until this morning, thinking that I may have had a stomach bug or have eaten something spoiled. The massive explosion of gas and shit that I experience within 2 hours of eating one of these morsels of satan is of epic proportions. I truly know what the Space Shuttle must feel like when lifting off, and am beginning to with that there was a seatbealt on my toilet. I have 2 more of the bars left and want to throw them in the trash, but am scared a hobo might dig through the dumpter searching for dinner and get ahold of one of these colon bombs.

Mr. Wow I just ate a fiber one bar on :

Hi, I am 11 yrs old, and I hav digestive problems. I can have times wen I'm farting wen I haven't eaten anything to hav an allergic reaction to, wen I ate that bar on the news I saw that there was a huge earthquake in chile and that global warming had advanced significantly, so, don't do it!!! LOL

Total Anal-hilation on :

I thought it was all fun and games. I read this and laughed until tears were pouring down my face. My boyfriend bought a box of the peanut butter chip bars, and we thought we'd have a good laugh. We each ate a bar and waited for the hilarity to ensue. NOTHING happened to him. To me, however, I nearly died. I got horrible pains in my body that I've never felt. Much to my disappointment, I got NO funny gas. What I did get was 7 hours of the fastest moving and most painful diarrhea I've ever had in my life. I had blood coming out of my body by the time it was done. I had to send my boyfriend to the drugstore at 1am to get immodium, because I was sure I'd die in the night if I went to bed. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER eat these EVER again. When I read through these stories and read that some people ate a FEW bars, or God forbid, and entire BOX at once, I shudder. PEOPLE ARE INSANE. If you have never eaten them, please Lord, don't do it. TRUST ME. This was four days ago and my body is still not right. I think my a-hole fell off.

Mystery solved on :

Normally I eat cereal in the mornings, but I always eat these bars when I have early meetings at the office and am in a hurry. I then wonder why whenever I'm in a room full of people that I have to fart like it's nobody's business. When I finally leave for the day, I get in the car and rip hot garbage farts all the way home. This week I had jury duty and was eating these as a quick breakfast, and again, sitting in a quiet courtroom is not where you suddenly want to have explosive gas. I finally put poo and poo together and figured out that this is the problem. They are delicious, more for me!

Gregory Burke on :

What is really funny is that when I typed "Fiber one bars" into Google, it suggests "makes me fart" to finish the phrase. This is not a joke, see for yourself. I am farting so hard that I felt the need to not only Google it, but share my story with others as well. Today at work, I had to take a fart break. I literally got up to leave the building so I could go outside and fart for like 10 minutes.

They taste good though, the bars.

Nancie on :

I brought Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Fudge Brownies for the first time, yesterday. They were small bars and taste good. I ate quite a few of them - about an hour of eating them for the first time, I got really bad gas along with loud farts - which I have never had before. Day two of eating quite a few of the fiber bars again, I notice the same thing has happing again (the loud farts with gas). I googled the Fiber One Bars to see if that could be the possible cause, and found out that they were causing my gas/fart problem. I have another box left - I won't be eating any more of the Fiber One Bars. NO THANKS!

Chris on :

Very funny posts. Yes, I too got incredible gas from consuming just ONE. it got so bad that I had to just stop eating them. I would have one on my lunch hour. One positive is it didn't hit me until I got home from work. One day, one of my co-workers asked me what I had for lunch. When I told him his eyes got wide and said he knows who to stay away from. Unbelievable! sometimes, i thought I was going to put a hole in my pants.

Marie on :

Oh. My. God. It's some small comfort to know that I'm not the only one who had a wretched experienced with Fiber One bars. I ate one this morning with a carton of plain yogurt and plenty of water -- around 16 ounces. This did absolutely no good. The last time I had gas pains this bad, I was coming down with food poisoning. I had to have spent an hour in the bathroom at work today due to the explosive gas and diarrhea. Not to mention the incessant burping and vague sense of nausea. I literally felt so ill, I couldn't eat anything for lunch. Ugh. This isn't food, people, this is a *laxative,* and a powerful one at that. Never again. These are going straight into the trash!

Johnny Rottenapples on :

I love Fiber One Bars....for the dogs. You see I have three large bulldogs, that my mother-in-law does not like very much. When she visits, the dogs take turns dry humping her, which pisses her off. Anyway, during one visit, the dogs got into the trash and ate some old fiber one bars my wife threw away. The dogs got a serious case of the doggy farts from them, my mother-in-law abruptly cut her visit short.

So now I keep a few in the house. When I know she's coming by, I always feed them a few to liven things up. Works like a charm.

OfficeTooter on :

Our office recently got rid of our unheathly vending machine and brought in bins of "healthy" snacks. One of the wooden bins contained the general mills Fiber One bars, and they had chocolate! I decided to try one and found it delicious. I began eating three or four of them a day. In fact out of all the healthy snack options, the Fiber One bars were always the first to run out.

Well after 2 weeks of death star assplosions and having my family running away from me screaming I decided to google "fiber one bars horrible gas" and found this site. I feel so much better knowing that I don't have colon cancer or an ass tumor, I was about to schedule a full body scan to find out why I have been trying to enter the 4th dimension through my butt. I love reading the hilarious stories other people are posting! I also wonder how many other people at my office are having this same issue.

Hannah on :

Me and my friends love to eat these bars. Anyway one day my friend had nothing to eat so I gave her my fiber one bar because she l oves them. So we were on the bus two hours later and she farts( she was sitting next to me). It was quiet at first and did not stink but it got worse and worse. I was laughing my head off and my friends was sitting there so emberesed. It was awesome!!!!!!!!
P.S. I went to the seat two rows behind and to the right, so I could get away from the awful stench.
P.P.S. Never eat these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie on :

I came home late one night to my husband in agony. I thought he had gall stones or something. You would have thought he was about to give birth. I took him to the E.R. at 2:00am. They took xrays, blood tests, and actually gave him Morphine to give him some relief! Everything was normal. They never asked him about his diet. Finally, he mentioned that he had eaten 2 Fiber One bars at about 5:00pm. When we came home, I went online and typed in "Fiber One Bars Gas" and found some hysterical blogs, like this one, about people's experiences with this. I told him "no more Fiber One Bars!" Three nights later, back to the E. R. He had eaten another one because he couldn't believe that that is what caused it. $1,000 in emergency room fees later and I think he's finally convinced to stay away from them.

R.I.P on :

I bought a box of these about a year ago for the fiber. I they were better than I expected from a fiber bar, so I ate two or three of them. Later that day I started farting and they were SOOO BAD! That night I had to open a window on myself to sleep. The farts continued well into the next day and I was getting concerned that it had somehow gummed up my innards with something, until it finally stopped. The sad part is, I sat in the same chair for most of the first day, and I'm embarrassed to say, I threw my chair out because the smell actually lingered in it. I didn't think that was possible. RIP chair

Dan on :

I knew it, I knew it, I just knew it.

I've been counting calories and logging diet. For the life of me I could not understand why I was letting loose all day and felt like a sweaty, bloated hog when I had only eatin 1200 calories plus 2 Fiber One Bars. Man the pain of witholding while sitting in the flightdeck at 380000 feet is intense. You cant just let go because you have your coworker right there, Sitting next to you in an ENCLOSED space...... Love the bars though. But just curious they gotta have a disclaimer.

Anonymous on :

They looked so good! I couldn't just have one! I was hungry at work and I finished the box. ???? I feel like I swallowed a stick of TNT!

Anonymous on :

Yeah i put this together myself after multiple occurances. I was eating the Fiber One cereal, though, not the bars. Same Chicory root ingredient though. It is going in the trash. Bad bad BAD on you General Mills!

Ryan on :

For those of you suggesting taking Beano or some other anti-gas medicine or digestive aid to help curb the gas produced by these fart bars, you're sadly mistaken......they don't work! These bars are truly evil incarnate, maybe an exorcism would help... Seriously, if NASA were to use these as compact fuel sources, we'd finally have a way of getting to Mars in months instead of years! General Mills clearly has some chef witches par excellence brewing up these sinfully tasty concoctions because I can't figure out how something with a mediocre amount of fiber could cause such agony and yet taste so good!

Bloated on :

I knew of this, but I missed breakfast yesterday. I grabbed a Fiber One Oats n Chocolate bar hopefully for the last time. There is a knot on my head after launching of the toilet seat and hitting the ceiling. Please, do not trust the fart these the things produce as shrapnel will come out as well. I don't buy the lack of fiber in the diet argument. These bars have a similar dietary fiber content as one cup of Post Raisan Bran and I eat at least one and a half to two cups at a time. No problems there.

Stiletto on :

OMFG I literally just had an asthma attack because I'm sitting here choking with laughter, tears rolling down my face.

So I decided to try these Fiber One Bars the other day, downing two within a few hours of each other because lets face it, they are f*cking delicious. Sometime in the middle of the night it hit me and by the morning I was emitting sonic booms you could hear from the next room. Even my cat, who parks his fat ass on the back of my thighs when I sleep got up with a sour look and left the room. And the bloating god help me, I feel like Buddha.How bad is it that you would have to take a day off of work because of this work of pure evil?

LMAO on :

Ha ha ha ha ha...omg. I am IN TEARS dying laughing right now!!!!!!!!! All I needed to know (thank you very much if there was any connection with FIBER ONE bars and FARTS. LOL LOL LOL...WOW!!! there EVER!!!!! LMAO. I'm a shy, quiet, respectable lady. I never or rarely ever "fart". Hahahahaha....thought I'd try to fulfill my New Year's resolution and start eating a little healthier. Bought a box of these fiber one bars for the first time and after just 2 bars in one day, wowee....I have never, EVER in my life ..EVER...blew farts as STINKY, LONG and LOUD as the ones I blew after eating these bars. My poor kitty cat....after I get into bed and have my fluffy comforter on me, she loves to lay in a little ball between my legs. Poor, poor cat...The fumes came right through the thick layers of the blanket. I sware I tried to hold them in but as others have disclosed in this article....NO SQUEEZING of the butt cheeks could hold these powerful suckers in there. I tried to hold them in at work and my stomach rumbled from the inside sooooo loud!!!!!!!!! I think the fart exploded inside me! WOW. The human body is an amazing thing. Wish I had these when I was a teenager on the bus...good times. lol. Sadly, will probably resort to multigrain bread and fruit now. Anyway...whoever created this blog...thanks for a GOOD LAUGH!

Robert Wilson on :

Two things/"happenings" that bother me about Fiber Bars, The FIRST is; I had eaten one before I went to shop at my local super store. I did feel the urge but was holding back as long as possible to avoid embarrassment.I was standing next to a metal door where employees bring merchandise from their stock room. Each time they came through the metal door, the dolly would "CLANG" against the door. So I decided to time my fart with the CLANG. Didn't work, the next person (employee) pushed through without a sound. My fart left an echo that drifted into the stock room, and a couple with their baby in a grocery cart turned in unison with their baby to look in my direction. Myself, I turned and looked at the stock clerk with disdain. That's not all,I fed a bar to my dog and he ruined our Thanksgiving Dinner with his GAS, then became so bloated that he died.

Fiber one daggers of pain on :

If I was able to actually release the gas after eating a fiber one bar, it would be a GodSend. I have stabbing pains like daggers shooting through me that litterally put me on the ground after eating these bars. I don't know what ingredient they put in these that does this, but I have had home-made high fiber bars, with twice the fiber amounts in them, and sufferened absolutely no pains from the home-made ones.

Afraid to drive home on :

Had a Fiber One bar at work with lunch once. Only once. I was away from my desk more that afternoon than any day I can remember. I was getting sore. I didn't think I could nake the drive home, but it finally relented in time. Whooee.

The Fartman Cometh on :

Had only one of these at 7pm on a Wednesday night, while I was away on business Farted all through the night, so much that it kept me awake! 24 hours later, I crapped mud so bad my ass was sore from all the wiping!
I wound up leaving the rest of the box to the housekeeping staff, in addition to my regular monetary gratuity! I'm a big guy too, and if one bar can take me down, it can take everyone else down too!
from now in, I'm avoiding anything with chicory root extract!

The Non-Fartman on :

am I the only one that does not experience this? weird..........

Tooty Fruity on :

Being reluctant to share my own personal stories, I have kept them to myself, famliy and dog. After reading about others' dramas, I have worked up the courage to share them. So here I go.
Chapter one: When I first discovered these fiber farts (or whatever they're called) I realized that my dog was avoding me. After a few hours, I found him cowering under the couch.
Chapter two: Realizing the new powers I had harnessed, I held my family hostage with my favorite type of fiber fart (chocolate). Thank the lord they figered out that wet rags make decent gas masks (they actually considered buying real ones).
Chapter three: After learning to control my super-powers I had some fun. Playing a trick on my younger cousin, I told him to pull my finger and then I let one out producing a green gust of wind, knocking him over. My cousin hasn't come near me since.
Now you know my stories of drama and adventure. Tooty Fruity signing out.

Mike Tarallo on :

I have never laughed so much - this was a great article and story and speaks the truth.

Mel on :

Sorry about the multiple posts everyone, I didn't realise that it was already posted!

Miko Man on :

Why do most people say they are throwing these gifts of the gods in the trash? I eat these intentionally for the side effects!

lilydabomb on :

I am crying right now!!!!!! this the funnest website in the world!! so me and my cousin were reading these a little bit ago. so we went to the store bought fiber one bars and like 1 hour later we were farting like crazy!!!!! it may have been because we split the box and each had like three it was awesome!!!!!!!!

Ron on :

Thank you. I added these bars to my diet plan...and they're not just the Fiber One, they're all of them.
For the longest time I thought that all of this was just another secret in the aging process that our seniors never told us.
The small aches and pains are getting greater as I get older. But this need to rid the body of gas has reached the point of the absurd.
I pass gas so frequently that I now note that I pass gas in my dreams. I have even awakened myself. Then there's the ever present doubt that it might not be gas but something else.
Al Roker in the White House was something I did not want in my memory bank, butt these bars have made my life crazy. I have decided to stop eating them and finding something else that doesn't have side effects or sound effects with a fear of visual effects.

Rob on :

I ate a few of these bars before going to the movies on a date. Let me tell you right now, I thought I was going to die. I held my farts for a good hour before I couldn't handle the pain and was literally crying. I ran out of the theater to the restroom and the pain was so intense I thought I was going to expel my bowels so I sat on the toilet. What followed was a fart so powerful and long it actually pushed the air down the toilet. I'm not even joking, it created a vortex of death so acutely intense that not only were my eyes burning, but my lungs hurt for a good 2 days afterwards. It was hard to breath a deep breath without sharp pains. If I had held it in any longer I believe my intestines would have ruptured from the pressure. My date asked me what was wrong because she noticed me limping back up the stairs to our row, I told her I pulled a muscle. She still doesn't know....

Popper on :

Had two of these for 6 I had a sharp pain in my stomach and by 7 I was blasting the hugest farts I've ever had!!

BONER on :

you can get constipated from this shit, dont eat it it doesnt even taste good
fuck the corporate world

all night long on :

you will fart all night long. don't eat the fiber one bar, it's not worth it. you will fart all night long, all day long, at home, at work, every area of your life will become one huge fog-horn fart. you will lose your boyfriend, your lover, your husband, your dog, even your children and grandchildren. General Mills needs to be sued - hey, let's get a lawyer and make it class action 'fart' suit against General Mills. We would win, Fiber One has something in its ingredients that causes stomach problems and pains and gas. They need to be sued, deserve to be sued, should be sued.

Two Day Disconfort on :

I have had problems with malitol & artificial sugars ending with tol. So I made sure before I bought these there wasn't any of these ingredients. Like all the other blogs, I had severe cramping and not so pleasant gas pains. I remember the same gas pains after child birth. I spent hours researching Fiber One bars ingredients and never thought Chicory Root would be the source. I wouldn't give these bars to my worst enemy. They are going into the trash. Shame, shame and more shame to General Mills. Yes we all need our fiber but this will never be my way again.

dkaj on :

Two Day Discomfort reply. If you have a problem with sugar alcohols, and chicory root, you should look up fructose malapsorption. Sugar alcohols and chicory root fiber (inulin) are listed as components of fructose malabsorption dietary intolerance. There is a diet for people with this type of malabsorption issues and it's called the F.O.D.M.O.P diet. My daughter, son, and myself have problems with certain fodmop foods, which includes for us, sugar alcohols, chicory root (inulin) fiber and wheat.

FartKeg on :

Thanks to these lovely bars, I have lost a set of boxers. Had the joy of walking around with mudbutt, and polluting my entire workspace with butt-o-stench! Embarassment is not even the beginning of this journey, this will depress yourself. You run and hide, but the cloud follows. smh

ER4PAIN on :

So, I feel this is more embarrassing then all of your farts put together but I feel that you will laugh just as much. I picked up the Fiber ONE bars and happened to eat 3 in 6 days. Well long story short. I guess my body reacted differently to it and I started having pains(like possible gallbladder problems). I went to my doctor to get a blood test and was schedule to do an ultrasound on my upper right adominal area.

As it turned out the pain progressed and was getting worse and I was concerned. So I went to the ER--Only to be told that nothing is wrong with me. But I still had really bad pains. Not even the narcotics they gave me helped my pain. Then I started looking back at what it was that I ate differently. The only thing that changed in my diet was the FIBER ONE bars.

So now I have to wait my pain out...I would be very surprised if this wasn't what is giving me so much pain. FML

dkaj on :

Just so people on this blog know, if you are trying to avoid chicory root fiber due to your horrific experiences with it, be warned that it can sometimes be called inulin fiber. Manufacturers are very tricky as to what various names they use on labels for the same ingredients. Just a word to the wise for those of you who have been traumatized by this God Awful ingredient. PS. I believe Kashi is using this in some of their cereals also, but maybe not at the same high dosage as Fiber One.

Gasmaster on :

I was at Costco and tried a tiny sample and thought, "Chicory Root, sounds nutritious, tastes good, I think I'll buy 36 BARS!" One month later, I rumble like a Harley and fart all day. My coworker had to open all the doors in the middle of the winter to air out the office. I can't let the bars go to waste, so I'll just have to keep buying new jeans to replace the burn holes in the back!

981 on :

I had a Strawberry P B & J Fiber One bar.After 2 hours I farted so much,chain farts even.The smell ughh.Horrendous,but they're so good! My grandmother had bought them for me and I forgot that a few years ago I read this "letter" and told myself I would never eat Fiber One bars.

Shitmyspandex on :

oh god...

Fartastic on :

I would recommended keeping a Fiber One bar with you if you're walking in a bad area of town at night. If you begin to sense danger pop a bar into your mouth in order to arm yourself. That way if someone tries to grab you from behind you can blast them with a fart so strong it'll knock them straight to the ground giving you time to run. Plus, after a couple of farts you'll be covered in so much stench no one will want to get within 100 feet of you. It's the perfect defense mechanism.

Sir Farts-A-Lot on :

My wife brought home a box of these healthy breakfast bars and I brought a few to work. That wouldn't be a bad thing....if I worked for the railroad. But I work in an office building in small cubicles within nose shot of 10-12 people. Within 20 minutes or so of eating ONE of these bars, my gut started the rolling brown-out. I am not exaggerating when I say within 45 minutes I had floated no less than 75 Fiber One air biscuits. I couldn't even concentrate on my work it was so disruptive. Needless to say, my co-workers were less than thrilled and suggested I go home for the day. I come from a long family line of farters but this was not even close. This was history making 1st degree flatulation not seen since the fart scene in Blazing Saddles. If I could've blown it into a hot air balloon then I am sure I could've found life on another planet. If I ate Taco Casa and cabbage for a week it wouldn't make this much noise. I don't know what you are doing over there Fiber One but you need to put a free clothespin in each box and maybe a Glade suppository. A friggin' warning label wouldn't kill you either......

Shannon on :

I googled fiber one bars and gas because I thought there was something wrong with me after I ate a fiber one bar. I found this sight and could not stop laughing. Guess it is a normal reaction. Thanks for the laugh.

Britta on :

Haha! This is so funny. But honestly, fiber one bars do absolutely nothing. I eat them purposely, 1-4 daily, in order to get myself to poop naturally (I've had IBS since i was a baby). Not only do they never give me gas, they also rarely make me poop. I was really disappointed in them, but now I'm thinkin I just have an extremely f****d up body! :-P lol.

Farty Mc. Farterson on :

Oh my god I thought I was alone until found this page! I kept buying these bars for months and couldn't understand what was wrong me haha. I would eat these things like the sweet delicious candy they taste like, sometimes 2 or 6 in a day. It took me forever to understand why I nearly blew the roof off my house with the worst, longest and loudest retched farts of my life. I would literally wake up and let out 3 minute long farts that my cat LOVED, such a weird cat who apparently digs dutch ovens of the deadly variety!

I have since vowed to never touch these devil bars again, no amount of chocolatey peanut goodness will bring me back for second rounds of sound defying level farts!

I wonder if I ever woke my neighbors up?

LakeShittyCaCa on :

You should all be thankful for such a wonderful product that gives you ripping, potent, gas bombage. Why the complaints? Ripping loud popping farts is a thing to be cherished, and not regretted.

nick on :

Um of course you fart. There's more calories in this bar than an entire dinner. I mean 10g of sugars, 500 calories, and 90% of calories come from fats. The listing alone says you'll gain 2 pounds and that creates a lot of methane.

I'm sure they're good, but fats and sugars = farts. Although, I work next to 2 guys so I may eat one just to annoy everyone. And bring extras for everyone.

Ohh mannn on :

Oh man! Mistake to read all of these while at work in my shared 1-room office space! I'm laughing so hard and it's making it even harder to prevent one from accidentally squeezing out! I've been crop dusting the halls of the office all day. Ridiculous!

Courteous Farter on :

Well I ate a whole box of these. I was doing errands all day and had them on the front seat of my car, I kept reaching for them, and they were really yummy.
So later in the evening I had to go to the store for toilet paper and a few other necessities. By now I was dropping bombs every 30 seconds. I was DREADING waiting in the cramped grocery checkout. I tried to wait in line SEVERAL times, but at checkout I kept saying, "I forgot something!" and then I would run to find the clearest aisle so as to minimize casualties.
Well I did this about FIVE TIMES, then finally on my last attempt in line, I told everyone, "I forgot my wallet!", I set my stuff down and ran out the door making one continuous fart all the way to my car.
Society should thank me.

Toots Magoots on :

Hahahahahahaaaaa...I made the mistake of trying to be healthy and bought a fiber one bar from the vending machine at work. Within minutes I was experiencing the worst hot farts of my life. Not only were they loud AND hot (I thought I sharted at one point) they smelled like decomposing roadkill. When I realized the farts were not going away anytime soon, I decided to be a decent person and go home for the day to fart in private.

Diaper Time on :

I have never laughed so hard in my life!! I think I burned a weeks worth of calories snorting and bursting into tears with laughter. What makes it so funny is that we all have experienced the wrath of the nasty fart bars. They are tasty and great for a snack when dieting or working out but OMG the repurcussions are just not worth it anymore. I tried, I really tried to continue eating these bars but enough is enough. I feel like I need a diaper. I have never ever had nasty smelling farts like these. They are loud, the smell lingers for a long time AND the whole experience of the fart bar takes hours upon hours to clear your body!!! Seriously there should be a warning on the label, if not for the people eating them, then for the surrounding counties!!!!

NeverTrustAFart on :

at my extreme age (60) do not eat fiber one bars and prune me on that...

Leah on :

I had diariha that looks like *dust* after just 1 Fiber One bar... and a lotta farts. My stomach is gurgling as I type. :-O

Elaine Nelson on :

My daughter and I found this great sale at Menards wow $1.00 for a box of Fiber bars what a deal so we purchased 60 boxes after going to 3 different stores. That night I went to bed after eating 2 bars. I was almost asleep and I let loose. My husband jump out of bed and was looking out the window, I asked what he was looking for and he said "I thought I heard a Machine Gun going off". Than he came back to bed and said Oh my God it was you! I will have to admit it was a smelling one as he went to the guest room to sleep and left me with the results of my Feber bars. They are still in my freezer, I think I will give them to people I don't like.

Lori - Ann drew on :

I cannot believe the number of responses to the " Fiber Fart" article. It surely is an epidemic!!! I too have been infected with incredible outbursts of gas. So much so that my BFF has had to hold onto the very large picture hanging over our bed to keep it from crushing us as we watch TV. Fortunately for him, the dog and me, mine don't smell!!!! What they lack in odor they make-up for in frequency and decibal. This makes for a very interesting day, I work as a Barber during the day and a waitress at night. Try standing next to a customer and leaning close to them to trim their bangs and HOLY SHIT hear it comes!!!! No one to blame either! It's just me and the customer!!! Then, there's nothing like a waitress taking your order and she quickly walks away, rather tight legged, while your in mid sentence,,,,were'd she go....TO FART in the noisiest place she can find in hopes of drowning out the sound,,,,the kitchen!!! Bone apetit!!!!

Noah on :

I had to look into this and now I know that a whole galaxy of gas has been created in my gut and is invading earths atmosphere through my ass!!!!

Samantha on :

All I can say is at least now I know the source of the constant aroma I've been producing the last 4 days. Bought a box of Fiber One Caramel on Tues to help tide me over at work between lunch and dinner. Tonight is Friday. My husband has not slept in our bed since Tues night when he watched a late night movie while I slept, and walked into a room so foul he honestly thought an animal had died outside our window. Not having any idea what was causing it, I ate a bar a day and it has only gotten worse.

All joking aside, the bloating is unbearable. I'm in training, working out 2 hours a day and I gained 4 lbs between Tues and Thurs! It's also widely uncomfortable as I am NOT experiencing the benefits of "regularity" so to speak. I will never eat these again and I just hope by this time tomorrow it will all be over.

Like many have said, I have never, EVER experienced gas like this in my life. My husband will be on the couch again tonight, I just wish I could escape this with him...

Sam on :

Im so happy i'm not alone. These Fiber one bars should be categorized as weapons grade. WTF is in these things? Its crazy...

Paul on :

I would *win* at this. I ate 3 bars in a row, and within a few hours I was releasing the longest, loudest, most forceful, farts one after another for more than 12 hours straight. If there is a Guinness Book of World Records on the most farts in one day, I would have it by a landslide in the eight hours alone. - There are enough comments on this page to initiate a class action lawsuit against the makers of the fiber one bars as there is real damage caused to the families of those who eat them. :-)

AutumnStar Star on :

Dear GOD! I can't breathe from laughing so hard at the main story and all these comments XD

Fartlover999 on :

We really should all post more recordings of our farts after these wonderful fiber one products made us fart.

Manny Jr on :

Visiting family far from home and I didn't poop for 5 days. We went to Costco and got a big box. My father cousin and I went to Yosemite park and I had a lot of regular farts and my dad told me it was disrespectful that I farted so much. Today was the second day of owning those bars and I've never farted so much... HUGE FARTS all of them. My anus hurts from all these massive farts.

Anonymous on :

I have never pooped so much in my whole life. Seriously, I called out of work today. I thought I had food poisoning or was dying... then I remembered the 4 Fiber One bars I ate yesterday, cause they tasted so damn good. I read the side of the box (which is in the trash can because I ate them all.) and it said, "Gradually increase fiber over time to help minimize potential gastrointestinal discomfort". Oh shit. Literally.

Emily on :

Lol that is what is happening to me right now.I ate 4 fiber 1 bars yesterday and oh god I am so happy it is a saturday.Too bad I had to cancel my plans though.

James on :

I just picked up my brother from the airport - he flew from Los Angeles to Chicago (4 hours). This particular major airline is now offering Fiber One bars as a "healthier" option to pretzels, chips, etc. He said that an hour into the flight the whole airplane smelled like a SEWER FROM HELL. Can you imagine this? It is bad enough to smell your own farts, but can you place yourself on a Boeing 737 with 140 passengers in a confined space at 30,000 feet with everyone passing horrible gas constantly??? There is no way anyone can open a window. He said it was the worst flight he has ever been on and is switching loyalty programs to another airline. WTF were they thinking??

Skye on :

My mom LOVES fiber one bars, she eats at least 2 or 3 a day. And yes she has the worst gas ever. I tried to get her to stop eating them, but she said no. She likes the too much to give them up. The rest of us will just have to suffer.

My Anus Was Clogged Up, So I bought Fiber One Bars To Crap on :

I take some medication that seems to clog and cork my butthole right up. Sometimes I will go a week are more without taking a crap. I found that eating Nuitra Grain Bars and things help this process out. So I was at Sams Club and they were giving out Fiber One Bars, So I ate the whole thing ( thinking about how I havent taken a crap all week, because I have been outta bars) Man it was good. So I bought a jumbo box of 20 so I could de-clog my butthole. In the next hour after purchasing I ate 4 more ( 5 total ) A few hours later I started farting non stop, thinking I was getting ready to take a monster dump. But it never came that night. So when I woke up I ate 3 for breakfast. ( 8 bars in ) I farted the entire day. And I was so bloated my stomach was aching with all the gas. I finally ended up blowing a humongous turd out of my a$$ along with an orchestra of farts on the toilet. Its been about 4 days later, 5 poops later, and Im still ripping ass. My ass h0le and my but cheeks are a little soar from all the wind currents coming out of my anus.

Ill wind on :

Seriously, these have nothing on similar bars that have maltitol in them.

Several years ago, I bought some pancake syrup that was essentially pure maltitol. I had the pleasure of having my stomach sound like armageddon for several hours after my first breakfast experience with it. I was in a training class at my company, with people sitting pretty close to me, and they were looking at me like WTF. I got to the bathroom and my rear was a combination of a putrid hurricane and water cannon. I am certain it could be heard in the very crowded hallway. Seriously, it was LOUD.

A few weeks later, I was in the checkout line at my local supermarket, and some guy was buying some sort of low-sugar snack. I told him to check for maltitol. He asked why; I told him "because it will turn your ass into a volcano". He immediately asked the checkout woman to put them aside. So I did my good deed for that month.

Gaseous Clay on :

DO NOT mix Fibre 1 with Vess soft drinks!

World annihilation by gas will follow 0_0

The extinct dinosaurs had it easy in comparison if they were only hit by a comet or destroyed by climate change.

Death by Vess and Fibre 1 gas is inhumane and prolonged.

Dirk on :

I can't stop. They keep coming. I'm in my office and I keep feeling my stomach dropping into my ass. This is not good.

Flatula on :

I love these bars so fricking much. I just can't sop eating them - particularly the lemon cake ones. I didn't used to be a pootsie person but now I fart so much that my boyfriend said if I were a superhero, I'd be Flatula (flat-CHOO-la, much funnier). My super power, which I already possess, is to 'expel' Gotham's villians with a noxious cloud of gas. Ever wondered where that steamy manhole smoke came from? Flatula's underground lair.

Trail of browns on :

I just shot watery shit down my pants as I'm running to the bathroom here at work.:'( I only ate 3 now I know the connection.

Beth on :

I ate 3 fiber one bars I was laying under the covers with my dog who is a miniature D4achshund he usually sleeps under the covers I went to turn over and I pass gas so bad he ran from under the covers and went out to the living room he wouldn't come and sleep with me the rest of the night when I woke up the next day I called his name and he refused to come near me

Shawshank Redemption on :

I low carbed for the last two months and decided to switch back to a low calorie diet...
I purchased a box of these on Friday and promptly consumed two before heading to sleep. I woke up sick to my stomach and puked. Afterwards I sat on the toilet for hours suffering severe pain. The smells coming from me were indescribable. I imagined the final scenes from Shawshank and him crawling through the 500 yards of sewage. This had to be on par with that experience.

Needless to say, the pain subsided and I decided to eat a bar today. The same horrible feeling returned and I realized that food poisoning was not the culprit.

On the bright side, I have lot two pounds...

Mrs Farts A-Lot on :

This is hands down the most hilarious comment section of any site I've ever read. I have been eating the caramel nut Fiber One bars for a few weeks now. I thought the gas was from an increase in fruits and veggies. I was at work today and had a bar this morning. I spent the rest if the day clenching my checks together and roaming about the building visiting bathrooms on different floors just to fart. The deceiving part of it is the farts weren't so bad in the beginning, they would show up, not smell, and be gone shortly after. Now there's no mistaking it, they last all damned day, smell like dead skunks on a river bank, and follow up with chunky blasts if what looks like baby shut but smells like prison potties. I swear the smell magnifies onto your clothing for maximum embarrassment.

evil coworker on :

Don't like your coworkers? Just leave of full bowl of these out for them >;^]

Brogan on :

Wow this site is hilarious. My story begins with a fantastic sale at CVS that I could not pass up: 2 boxes for $5!! Naturally, I bought four boxes and went with the succulent caramel oat flavor. I ate one every couple days and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but a few days later I found myself in my hotel room with a bad case of the munchies at 2 am. I didn't know about their gasseous powers and so I happily consumed four of them. Oops. I woke up at 7 am farting and I am still farting as I type this (it is about 2:30 now). What's worse is that I'm on a bus from Phoenix to Salt Lake City! I am trying to hold them in but it hurts and I am letting one out about every 10-15 mins. Sorry everybody...

B on :

These things give me farts that wake me up in the middle of the night and wake my wife up...

These things have made me blow ass so's not even funny


Victor on :

I bought a box of these bad boys at Wal-Mart after years of forking out big bucks for the 'nutrition bars' located in the pharmacy department. Never one to exercise much self control, I ate a box of these in two days. Without a doubt, these bars are the result of some twisted CIA Black-Opts experiment that made it to market. On Day Two, the real action began with explosive diarrhea - not unlike the water cannon at Six Flags. Farts have been non-stop - and so have the bowel movements. Day and night. I had to pick up an oil filter for my car at AutoZone. I walked into the store while talking to a coworker on my cellphone, and absentmindedly let one rip. The guy at the counter was talking to a couple of customers (man and woman) and when they heard my report, the man spun around and looked startled - like I was about to rob the place. The guy behind the counter said: "Damn man! Don't shit on us!" as he threw a role of paper towels towards me. True story.

Poor thing on :

Terrible terrible terrible....had one of these bars today and boy what a mistake. When my mom came home from work she asked of the dog crapped in the house while we were out..when I replied no she insisted he crapped somewhere behind the couch.....I have a 100lb dog not to mention. Disgusting, my ass is on fire.

Fartastic! 626 on :

omg. i farted so bad. ive been farting since 7am and almost 3 am. I will never eat this brownies from hell again, i have craps and gas and smelly ass gas and some diareeah my but burns. LMAO

i was in the car with my boyfriend, a small truck and i dropped one right, then he thought it was the smell from the city of the gutter, he's like uuuuugggh do you smell that. and I looked at him with eyes of guilt! he's all that was you! WAS THAT YOU!!! and i was so embarrassed and bursted into laughter. Im like i'm so sorry!! its the fiber bars! he rolled down the window, and then what did I do? I FARTED AGAIN!! fCK! lol... im still FARTING!

chick on :

Nobody's talking about this harmful additive. It's got the same affect as the artificial sweeteners that aren't digestable. Causes BAD gas. Guys, it's not ONLY the fiber its the harmful additives companies are hiding in foods.

Fancy Flatulence on :

Omg, I have tears streaming down my face reading the comments section of this blog. Its hilarious because its true. My mom bought a supersized box of these at Sams Club. They are yummy, so myself and my husband gobbled them up.

Mistake, mistake, error.

I had so much gas that I couldn't really run my errands or do much of anything because the gas was so violent, I thought it would lead to sharting (which, I see it in fact, did for many of you). Fast forward to today: Late night munchies, I gobbled up 2 very quickly. You guessed it, gas bad enough to blow out your lower back. I mean the rumbles of these farts are enough to crack a pelvis.

I farted so loud, I woke the baby! An actual fart. woke. the. baby. So I then specifically googled "Fiber One Bars Gas" and saw many, many articles, and blogs but this one is by far the funniest. You know its bad when The Google search auto-filled in to "Fiber One Bars Gas" after only typing "Fiber+One". I mean, these posts go back years!! C'mon General Mills, this can't just be chicory root. I could write more but.. the baby IS awake now.

Anonymous on :

My mother-in-law gave me a box of fiber one bars. I put two bars in my lunch box and took them to work the next day. They gave me the most explosive and uncontrollable farts ever. I was having to hide and fart ALL day. They were too powerful to hold in. I will never eat those bars again!

The Fart "lady" on :

Okay. I had no idea that this was of epidemic proportions. I got hooked on fiber one bars (lemon), about a month ago. Took them to work for breakfast every morning. I teach nutrition to families with infants and toddlers, and my office is small. I couldn't even clean my toys w/o farting 6 times. I had to spray concentrated room spray every time I turned around for fear that a coworker would come chat, and trust me...I couldn't have lied and said the smell was from a dirty diaper...more like a dead body in my closet. I also farted so much that I had to scoot things around to make squeeky noises so they would think they didn't hear a fart. And the worst part is that I hurt so bad, that I thought I has a tumor or bleeding ulcer or something. Was about to call a GI doctor. 3 days w/o them, and I'm fine! Whewww!

Dirty Fart Queen on :

I ate two of the fiber bars for dinner lastnight. Holy cow I woke up in my sleep farting. They are long and so smelly! I had a final at school this am and had to stick toilet paper in my ass crack to make sure I didn't shart! I will NEVER eat these again!

My daughter told me on :

My daughter told me they act like a laxative. I didn't believe her. I found this blog tonight after eating one a Fiber One bar and having bad gas as a result.

major on :

Kind bars are no walk in the rose garden either my flatulent friends. I am just now coming down from a 6 hour "gas trip" that has my insides feeling like I swallowed a basketball that had a concrete lining ON BOTH THE interior and exterior.
Holy is a wild concept can somebody please make a bar that does not feel like you ass is about to freaking EXPLODE !!

Never Again on :

Fiber One bars truly are a weapon of ass destruction!

Blown Completely Ass Backwards on :

My first encounter with Satan’s snack bar was about a year ago. I bought a box at BJs with my mother. They looked absolutely delicious. I took one of the boxes to work with me… Not well versed in the aftermath with Fiber One I had not one but two since it was so delicious. Nothing could prepare me for the ass ripping and roaring time I was about to have. AND NOTHING would prepare me for all of the prayers I was about to eat while bent over in pain. Hades himself seemed to have pranked me. Not only did I feel the death of my asshole drawing near I was practically semi-dragging myself on the damn floor. Worse part? I was at work. I had to smile at my supervisor talking to me about work while demons of a fiber bar ripped out my insides and came out my ass. Try keeping a normal face while semi doubled over with a fake smile plastered on to avoid any questions. The bathroom is shared at work so guess what? Now I had to have sitting wars with other ladies that came to take a shit and didn’t want to because I was there and vice versa. I don’t know what was harder, the sitting shitting wars (fighting other women to take a shit in peace and let the farts rip freely) or training my ass to go special agent: silent and deadly. I clenched my ass checks so hard and slowly trained the farts to come out silently which was about as hard as two monkeys not flinging shit at each other. My ass cheeks were so taut and tired when I got home it seemed like I did butt did squats for days on end and I grew a bigger ass but my ass hole hated me. This brings me to today. As I sit here typing this I’m fighting the Fiber One Farts of HELL. I ended up buying the cereal to add more fiber (I’ve been taking Iron to raise my blood count and with Iron comes constipation) I THOUGHT I was playing it smart and that I learned my lesson. I ONLY had the serving size recommended and since it was the cereal I figured I wouldn’t encounter it as much. That was this morning… it’s an hour before I go home and I’m fighting severe cramping and silent farts that whisper in my panties (because now I’m highly trained) and CAN’T believe I’m dealing with symptoms again! I could take a box of laxatives and not have Hiroshima recreating itself out of my ass! What is in these damn FIBER ONES?! So good it hurts! The worse of it is the shits – they are spaced out with air pockets. I shit a little pellet out like a rabbit and the next I know I’m blowing wind like the tropics, and then rocket propel another pellet into the bowl of water. Seriously, WTF???? I googled the side effects because honestly if this doesn’t feel like death through the rectum I don’t know what does and I’m sorta glad I’m not alone! I have to say I’m laughing at everyone else’s stories so I figured why not share mine. The laughter of typing this is like therapy but every once in a while I have to stop and concentrate on farting… SUPER SUPER ANNOYING lololol Hope you get a kick out of this anyway. If anything I’ve learned it’s this: my rectum is a highly trained weapon and is stronger than ever thanks to Fiber One training HOWEVER death is most certainly imminent… I’m afraid in one of these farts I’ll shit my insides out… and then what? Never again… I’m giving up that shit inducing brand.

Your fellow sister in the shits.

Hank on :

These comments really stink. All of you are being really crappy about this.

First, it is my doodie to let you know you are full of hot air. And #2, at least with summer we definitely expect a warm breeze.

I really gotta go...making dinner and need to work on cutting the cheese. On my way there, I need to be careful to not step on a duck.

(The)John from The Windy City

Collateral Damage on :

Ate two of these for breakfast last week. Later that day, while walking to grab some lunch, I surprised myself with a sneeze. The fart that shot out of me set off a car alarm.

And that was just the beginning.

I got back to the office, dazed and limping, and suddenly felt the next phase descending from my stomach. I ran to the bathroom--LOCKED. I ran to the public bathroom--FULL OF PEOPLE. Finally, in desperation, I just burst into the stairwell, grabbed my ankles, said a prayer, and ripped a symphonic fart that sounded like a train derailment.

Laughing My Butt Off on :

I just want to thank everyone who still continues to chronicle their misadventures with FOBs. I had my own personal experience as well and feel everyone should experience the curse of the FOB -- so they can tell their grandchildren, and then that generation can tell their grandchildren... so on and so on. Because despite 5+ years of innocent victims being seduced by the sweet appearance of a box of FOBs, and despite the grave warnings of family and friends, it is clear we all love some good ol' fashioned self-punishment now and again. Totally worth the laughs. Take care and don't eat the FOBs!!

Thumper on :

The dreaded Fiber One Soft Cookies in stores now

Lucy on :

So I have been reading these messages and I too have realized it was the bars from hell. My mom bought them for and after school snack at the library and let me say these bars will make you the talk of the town especially when ur in a quite place like the library. I was no so humiliated in my intire life. Let me just say I will never be eating another one in my life.

Bogdan on :

The first time I ate a bar it hit me out of nowhere. It was devastating. I fart all day anyways but the farts from this bar are like no other. It's my third week on the job and there may be people questioning why I've gone to the bathroom for extended periods of time 7-10 times a day.

It's not fun. It actually hurts the stomach if you have to keep them in.

On the toilet it can sound like anything. Machine gun fire, creaky stairs, a whoopie cushion, grandma's farts, etc

IT DOESNT STOP. Eventually you start to kind of deal with it but it's not pleasant.

As good as those damn bars are i think I'm done.

Marcelo on :

I'm sorry but my english is not very well, i am brazilian, and believe, fiber one make victims overseas! I bought some of this bars in a importation store in São Paulo. I never ate nothing equal this, is delicious and beautifull bar, but the consequences ARE AWNFUL! I let one fart on the restaurnt where i work, for my luck, was full of people and i made a serious face, blaming with the eyes a fat lady. I not recommend to eat one single bar! Believe! I huge from Brazil, Beijos.

James on :

GoLean is bad, but so is sugar free Gummi Bears. Those bad boys will light you up.

Fartlover121 on :

If you have Facebook, you could always join fart groups, eat fiber one bars, and fart all the time to your hearts content. Those delicious bars are to be praised, not frowned upon.

Anne on :

Being the new girl in school I probably should have avoided buying these because they aren't exactly helping me make friends..never again will these delicious bars enter my home.

FartingMan on :

I dare you all to try the Fiber one brownies and try to stop. Those are so delicious, I ate 2 boxes, I think in one day. After eating so many brownies, I emptied out so quickly, it's not even funny. PS I have Autism, so I tend to fart more frequently than the average person, so watch out, when I have Fiber one bars or brownies. ;-)

MrsBloat on :

I call these things "Fart Bars" for reasons I am sure everyone knows. I can eat a fart bar with my lunch and a few hours later I am so bloated and gassy that I am afraid to go anywhere. I had no idea how much wind could be trapped in your intestines... and the smell is horrid. My poor husband has to deal with the stench constantly. If I am not in the mood for intimacy, I do know for certain that a fart bar can cure his desires instantly!

Petrus on :

I fart every 13 minutes. I cant be in any enclosed room with anybody for more than one hour, else cramps will bend me over. Once I held them for 3 hours and ended up in the hospital believing I had appendicitis.

My internet "girlfriend" is coming over to live with me for a couple of months. This means 5 x 24 x 60 = 7200 farts are awaiting her, enough to blow up a Zeppelin, so I am dreading. By the time I have started this posting I have farted twice already.

I have had some ideas. I have downloaded a long series of farts from the internet and installed loudspeakers at the WC, so that they play loudly when I get in. This way, she will never be able to tell if it was me or just the tape playing. I have bought lots of candles and incense to burn out methane but what am I going to do when watching tv or working at the computer? She is arriving tomorrow and I am already regretting the decision. Yes, of course it is nice to have female company but... in my circumstances it is not so cool.

Before this, I have a neighbor girl who is extremely attractive and gorgeous and youngm typical cheerleader girl with lots of other girl friends. I didnt hear coming down the corridor but it was just exactly at the point where I loudly farted that she did pass by my door. She definitively heard it and I cursed in silence and quavering shame to myself, so I will not leave my apartment lest I should encounter her face to face. I wouldn't bear it. Luckily I can do everything online, also the full shopping.

A month ago a female kitten installed herself in my garden.I dont like cats but I felt sorry for this one and I gave her milk. I didnt know at the time that you cannot give milk to cats. We were both in the garden when she ejected a powerful diarrhea fart that lasted about 10 seconds. The neighbors were chatting lively on the other side of the fence and went dead silent at once as if shot at the purring salutation. Impossible to tell them that it was not me but the cat. They would never believe the story, so I am considering moving out and selling the apartment.I think I should buy a house in the country side, I ll be fine surrounded by pigs and such animals, it will not bother them.

Munchie man on :

I got really high one time in my freshman year and a costco size box of fiber one bars was the only thing around, needless to say i scarfed down a good 6 or so of those bad boys (not joking i just kept going back for more) and within two hours i can honestly say i was blowing the biggest and loudest ass ive ever been proud of.

Sabre on :

It took me about two boxes to figure out what was wrong with the bars..and that the problem was not me. My poor family. I moved on to other bars on the market and realized it's chicory root fiber. I decided to spare people I knew and move on to yogurt as a quick breakfast. We've all discovered it's in some brands of yogurt also.

Mrs&Mr Farts on :

My husband showed me this website and was pissing his pants laughing, once I started reading I then followed and felt like we fit right in.. My mother told us about these bars so we went out to buy them my god they taste so good we ate a couple each...... Let me tell you we are sitting here having farting wars laughing so hard. Between the smell and us laughing I can't breathe. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Who would of known a tiny little bar could do so much bad.. Our house has contstant gas fumes that will not go away and every room you go into you know fibre one has been there.. I really hope it lets up soon because he is a smoker and we are scared to light a match in case the house catches fire! Damn you fibre one damn you!!!

Worried on :

After all I've read, why would they recommend taking 30 grams of fiber per day to lose weight if it is that toxic. I haven't heard if if gives someone the diarerra just bad farts, I thought it is a pill not a cereal bar

Holding it in on :

OMG it is outrageous, I bought some to keep at my desk for the first time three days ago. I've had none stop farting for the past three days. I'm sitting at work trying to hold it in but that does not work. I have to get up constantly to go outside to fart. I get up in the am I'm farting, on my way to work I'm farting, at work farting, get home farting. What an experience. lol

Ohmy on :

I found this site AFTER the consequences and repercussions of eating the real devils food cake. I had one of these yesterday and now it is 415 am and I think the worst is over. I had my first dream tonight about having to crap so bad, woke up with awful gas and then it hit,Diarrhea from hell. Never ever will I eat one of these things again.

Rylenna on :

I actually don't think it is that bad. Prior to eating Fibre One, my bowel movement is prefect as can be. I go regularly whether or not I consumed my fruits and veggies. But the thing is, i rarely ever fart. With the introduction of FO though, i start farting like nobody's businesses. Hahaha. But, they don't stink as much as other people claim it to be. Or maybe, i am just blessed like that.


abe on :

Kind Bars are horrible. I bought a box at costco (18), and for the last week, have been eating one for breakfast. Uhhggg. My stomach has protested the whole time. Glad I found out that its the chicory root fiber.

David Bear on :

Is this thread still alive? The joy of fiber one farts needs to continue and spread

Nottoobad on :

I had about 4 fiber one bars today. Without knowing it had this type of affect. I haven't been in pain and I've just been farting constantly. Like, probably once a minute. Although half are silent and the other half are just normal, not too long or not extremely loud. But it was happening enough to where I needed to google wtf was happening

Cracker on :

I bought a box of fiber be bars at Costco. I thought they would be "healthy" snacks that I could eat while on business travel - similar to a breakfast bar or energy bar.

WRONG - I made the mistake in eating one on Thursday and two throughout the day on Friday. I has Intestinal pain so severe I thought I would have to visit the doctor. I tried to go to the restroom and I pushed so hard..I was afraid that I would blow a butt gasket. It took over 20 mins to go and it was so dense, my "cutter" wouldn't work to break it off. It took some manual intervention before I could leave the restroom.

Why in the hell would anyone do this to themselves - *NEVER* *AGAIN*

Anonymous on :

I eat 3-4 of these and I can take a foot long dump and my guts feel like they have been run through a car wash. SO GOOD!

Cumbo on :

Last night I decided to visit my minister for a discussion about Christ. After working closely with him at the church bake sale, he mentioned how much he enjoyed chocolate. When I came across these bars in the grocery store, I thought I'd pick him up a box and bring it over as a gift. Boy, was that a mistake.

On Sunday morning, during his sermon, he kept making weird faces and pausing randomly. I could tell he wasn't feeling well and that something was wrong, but I didn't want to interrupt him.

It was at that moment that the devil came into our pretense through the thunderous roar of our minister's blow hole. The force of his fart literally knocked off the plaster Jesus that was hanging from the cross behind the pulpit. The congregation was in shock and gasped. The surprise of the collapsing display only led our minister to ass blast at least 3 more times before stepping down.

Needless to say, my faith has been shaken, as well as my ability to smell. Our church smelled as if the Devil himself popped a squat over the pews. I think this ordeal has even caused some of the congregation leave the faith and covert to Buddhism. Lord Jesus save us from Fiber One.


I can't handle this anymore. I ate a bar at work yesterday at 3pm and it's now 8pm THE NEXT DAY and gas is still flowing out of me at historic levels. I just had a 12 second fart. WHEN WILL IT CEASE?!

Judi on :

Am I the only one who actually enjoys the explosive effects of Fiber One bars?

Dr.Schittz on :

I cannot believe that these things exist. After reading the label before purchase, I noticed that they didn't have abnormally high levels of Fiber... A perect mid morning snack, right? Wrong. I've been thinking something is wrong with me for the last 2 weeks. Rippling stomach and guts, bloating, sour stomach, raging farts THAT DO NOT END, diarrhea. I'm typing this from the shitter right now! After reading this page - I understand. I understand that no matter how cheap I am - I cannot finish the Costco sized box. It isn't worth my job, friendships, or my relationship. At least I now know that tomorrow will be a better day. New beginnings if you will. Phew.

Anon on :

I don’t have a fart recording for you but I do have an experience to share.

I just tried these delicious chocolate fudge bars for the first time this week. These were given to me by a senior citizen friend who I drive around to the grocery store once a week. I have been working out and being very conscious of what I’m eating lately and don’t often use protein or fiber bars to supplement my daily eating. While at Walgreens with my senior friend (she’s mid 70’s I’m 40) I grabbed a box of protein bars that I occasionally eat (because they were on sale), they were right next to the Fiber One chocolate fudge bars. My friend grabbed a few boxes of Fiber one bars and said “these are delicious, you should try them, I’ll get one for you.” After dropping My friend back home I returned to my house and put the box in the cabinet for a week until one day I was a bit hungry and searching through the cabinet for a moderately healthy snack, I saw the box. I had recently tried a chocolate fudge protein cookie from a different brand that was seriously lacking in flavor so I did not have high expectations for these bars. I took a small bite and it was scrumptious!!!!!!! I began reading the label to check the nutrient content, threw one in my purse (which I ate later in the day) and then put the box away. Later that evening I was incredibly gassy. I kept thinking “What the hell did I eat??” I was going through my food log in my mind of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack????? I’m a pretty picky eater so when I find something I like I have a habit of eating it over and over again, my food was consistent with what I normally eat (hummus, salmon, green beans, almond milk) except for the bars. I thought to myself “Surely those little tiny bars didn’t cause this.” Later in the evening I think it actually got worse!!! Thank God my boyfriend had a dinner meeting because I was a walking fart machine (he’s a surgeon but there’s no way in hell I was going to ask him about this gas). Like many of the other people here mentioned my dog was afraid to be near me because of the sounds (and smell) coming out of me!! I thought “How long is this going to last!!!??” “He’s going to be home soon and I don’t know if I can hold this in, I may explode if I try to!!” My BF arrives home and snuggles into bed, things start to get a bit heated (if you know what I mean) and the lovemaking is in full swing. This is a fairly new relationship (2 years) so things aren’t boring, my mind never wonders during lovemaking, I don’t count sheep or ceiling tiles. All I could think was “Please don’t fart on him, please don’t fart on him......” I made it through with no farts and hopefully nothing slipped out while I was sleeping. I waited a day or two and I just had a bar this morning for a snack. Once again the farting has begun. I work from home so there is no one here now except for my poor dog who has retreated upstairs but I have a dinner gala to attend this evening (in 4 hours). I think I’m going to have to go get some gas ex or something!!!! I can’t live like this!!!! You can’t tell me that that little 9g of protein is doing this. I fairly regularly use Benefiber fiber supplement which has 5g and don’t have this problem.
Fiber One, they are dangerously delicious but I can’t live a life of horrible flatulence. If farting is going to affect my sex life I can’t eat these.

Tampa, FL

Marthalawson on :

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Lord Fiberius Shartington on :

My saga begins 5 hours ago. I purchased a box of your standard fiber one bars, as you do, in an attempt to get more fiber in my diet. Alas after a Star Wars marathon and an unwillingness to cook dinner, I had finished the entire box. I thought nothing of it, until I laid down in my bed. The sounds of the kraken breaking its chains at the bottom of point Nemo echoed through my halls and scared my mother. The smell was something you’d imagine came from one of HR Geiger’s bio-organic nightmares.

I rushed to the toilet and from there it only got worse. My porcelain sanctum acted as an amplifier for my rectal death metal and before I knew it my siblings were laughing their asses off behind the door. I was mortified.

Eventually I started laughing too, but the extra pressure from me chortling like a goblin that just stole a baby forced another blast. This one was different. Gondor now calls for aid, and the glorious bellow of the horn smells like the inside of my grandfathers coffin. The stench was nightmarish. I heard my brother gag and ask “Jesus Christ is that the fart?” Yes. Yes it is.

After my chocolate bar fueled colonic I walked the red carpet back to my room where I turned on “The Empire Strikes Back” and all was well.

But now it has returned. Even now I write this atop the shitter. My anus begs for mercy, but fiber one has none. College ramen binges have nothing on this. This is pure hatred distilled into a rectangle of flavor. May the gods have mercy on my soul.

DirtyFartBoy on :

So a bit of a backstory here:

As my nickname suggests, I absolutely LOVE the smell of my own ass gas. Like I take "everyone likes the smell of their own brand" to new heights. One of my favourite things to do is purposefully eat foods I know will give me bad gas, and then lie in bed with a fan next to the bed, with the sheet drapped over the fan and the pressure from the breeze holding the sheets up on their own creating a little fort. I call it my "Dirty Dutch Oven Fart Fort". I then proceed to literally and vigourously huff my own gas for hours.

THAT is how much I love to fart.

So after learning about Fibre 1 bars, I said to myself "I have to try this".

So NYE 2020I bought an entire box and ate all 5 bars one after the other at 4pm. I was gonna send 2020 off with a bang. I made sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. At about 8PM and nothing I started to feel like I had been ripped off. Then at 10PM it happened. I let out one of the biggest farts I've ever let out in my life. It's now 3am and I'm still letting rip farts that suprise even me. Sadly, they don't smell. Like even at ALL. I even tried "cupping the cake" on them, which is when you cupped your hand right on your bare asshole, fart on it, then immediately bring it up to your nose and huff it (interestingly, i've noticed farts smell way different this way too, must be something about them dispersing and mixing with the air). Even with the cupping the cake, nothing. Not a trace of smell. So in that sense I'm disappointed.

HOWEVER, I'm going to repeat this experiment tomorrow and combine it with foods that are tried and true methods of producing truly deliciously fragrant ass gas.

I'll update you on the results :-)

Fart God on :

This weekend I became the god of all farting thanks to eating an entire box of those little yummy lemon one point I let loose a fart that I thought might bring down a wall. My neighbors children started laughing hearing it echo out my open windows. Those bars are pretty good, and great for folks like myself who are sugar free living....but wow...oh wow such long loud blasts....

Kamala Harris on :

I ate four box of Fiber onE Brownies and drank a six pack of Stevia Sodas. My bowels habes sounded like the thunder and volcanice eruptions on mount vasubius.

The Rancid and pungent odor has caused my boss to go senile.

I habe blown several holes in my stockings and pants suits.

I cant stop eating the bars though. The pleasure of the first fart is so worth the pain.

FuckFiberOneBars on :

I'm genuinely shocked by the amount of comments that people have regarding these bars. They are the work of the *devil* - NO LESS! Taste absolutely delicious, like no other bar I've had in the past, but as others mention, basically rip you a new asshole. Never eating these things again, beware - they're not worth the risk, unless you enjoy extreme bloating, serious gastrointestinal discomfort for hours, and potential for some very embarrassing moments. Had two in a row yesterday *HUGE MISTAKE*, and now I'm paying the price. I'm even feeling pretty nauseous from these things. God damn it!

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