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"Where the Wild Things are" Sucked... Bad

Where the Wild Things are Sucked.
I just had the unpleasant experience of watching my childhood memories and dreams crushed in an agonizing 90 minute movie root canal of Biblical proportions. The movie theater atmosphere alone was a scene that resembled (what I would imagine) hell would be like. Screaming, crying kids running through the aisles crying and wailing at the pointlessly violent, pointlessly cliche, steaming pile of a movie.
To take a great childhood book that consists of 10 sentences and turn it into this 92 minute monstrosity of a film, with the backdrop of a single mom, a violent "monster" of a kid, and the stomach churning, sexually ambiguous, cgi-animated creatures.
Half the people left the theater before the movie was over. I am not kidding.
This movie sucked. It sucked...bad.


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Goon on :


christie on :

I agree completely. I took my 5 year old and she cried 5 times and then for 45 minutes after. I should of taken her out but i kept thinking it would get better. it was the worst movie and the worst experience at the theatre i've had.

xesi on :

agreed. it's like, i get it, the book was really short, so they were gonna HAVE to make some shit up. what they came up with was annoying. a book about nothing is the perfect chance for someone to write in something with meaning. this movie was seriously about some kid who goes on an island with bipolar monsters who are more drama filled than high school, then leaves. that's it.

tim on :

i agree it was terrible. tho i disagree with xesi that it was about nothing. clearly there were subliminal messages that she didnt pick up on but in general i felt it was unnecessarily violent and not suited for kids. which is fine but its a classic kids book and should have been a classic kids movie. worth a watch but not til DVD

Spike Jonze Should Eat This on :

DO NOT TAKE YOUNG CHILDREN TO SEE THIS MOVIE! It was absolutely horrid. I took my 8 yr old daughter; both of us being very eager to see this film that is being hailed as a 'modern masterpiece' and an 'instant classic'. We sat there stunned as this wonderful book was totally gutted and left hanging to dry. Nothing like the book at all. All the monsters were constantly arguing and mad at each other, everybody seemed like they were manic-depressive, running around feeling guilty, depressed, angry, sad, etc. The entire spectrum of negative emotions was thoroughly explored in this movie. I felt manipulated while watching this steaming turd. It felt like some strange government psy-op, designed to bring out the worst in people.

There were hardly ANY happy moments throughout the entire movie; all the characters (both human and non-human) moped about sadly throughout the film; crying, wallowing in self-pity, anguish, depression, and self-inflicted psychological punishment. Several small children were crying in the theater because it was so sad and negative, I'm not kidding.

I am so angry at being deceived. The ads for this film portray it as a positive, magical journey, when it was just the opposite. All it is is a flaming excercise in negativity and self-indulgent wallowing. The movie is jam-packed with subliminal messages and suggestions, all designed to make you feel bad about yourself and others. This one will make you feel awful inside for several hours after you leave the theater. NO REDEEMING QUALITIES WHATSOEVER. Nothing but a big shameful sadfest. I wish I could get my money back. No, I wish I could go back in time and choose never to see it.

So screw you Spike Jonze, you are a royal d*ckwad and a c*ckbag, sir, for ruining this book and poisoning the minds of our young children. I'll never see any of your movies ever again. Ass.

Charlie on :

Just saw this movie, and didn't know what to think. The story was so vague and had nothing to do with the book. The only thing those 'wild things' were doing is destroying property and destroying eachother.

Some people might say that this movie is brilliant and has a very deep meaning and all that stuff, but no.

The movie in short:

Some kid doesn't get 24/7 hour attention of his mom, and gets angry about that. Then he goes downstairs, sees his mom with some guy (his dad probably died and his mom is dating again) The kid makes a scene, mom gets angry, and the kid totally goes banana's.
Kid runs away, finds some boat, somehow makes it to some island and meets some weird things.
These 'things' all have some psychic disorder and the kid wants to make them happy, but fails and rips the intire social system of the group down. Then things get worse and worse and finally the kid is leaving. Everybody is left destroyed.

The kid comes home and mom makes him something to eat, and falls asleep. Thats the movie.

I don't get it. I'm pretty smart, but i really, really think this movie just SUCKED.

An angry person on :

I COMPLETELY agree with Spike Jonze Should Eat This. Truer words have never been spoken. And any person who says this movie represents childhood in any way has been exposed to drug abuse way too early in their lives. Spike Jonze is such a jackass.

Pissed on :

What a total piece of sh!t. I have not read the book, but from the very first few minutes I was annoyned by the rotten little bastard of a child and it just swirled painfully down like the turd this film was into the toilet.

I actually was angry during the movie, not because it made me angry through it’s obviously well thought out plot or lack thereof, but that I had even considered spending my time on this mess.

I much rather would have preferred having hot skewers shoved in my eyes while I enjoyed a double root canal by the blind dentist with Parkinson’s.

If you have not seen this yet, you've been adequately warned and deserve the misery if you watch this POS anyway.

John on :

Wow, it's actually a really lovely film. Don't let them get you down Spickles! X

Grr! on :

you are ugly people! >.

Hatedit! on :

So much could have been done with this movie... I was expecting some sort of epic battle with the kid leading the charge and saving the day... what I got was the equivalent of a drug abuse intervention where the family hates each other and in the end nothing gets solved.

wtf... the sets were awesome, the actors were great and BOOM... the movie was awful.

Rastabomba on :

I get out of the cinema crying. The film goes crazy sometimes, there are many violent and maniac-depressive moments, but it has "something" special, it hurt me deep inside, I suppose that it might be related to my childhood memories... The moment when the secret place in the cave is destroyed killed me, really..

I think that anyone has said this is a children - film, so don't complaint if you go with your 7 year old little monster and he/she gets annoyed in 15 minutes!

Anonymous on :

I agree

Anonymous on :

What are you fuckwits smoking? Where the wild things are wasn't a very happy book in the first place. Max had to leave the island because he made a mistake by running away and realized it was dangerous to remain in his fantasy world. Good work on the movies creators for showing kids that life isn't always simple and fair. You inbreds can coddle your children all you want, but don't blame the movies when they come home pissing their pants at age 18 when they get a taste of real life. 8/10 where the wild things are.

Anonymous on :

Thank you!
I was looking at these comments thinking I was going crazy. There's a lot of beauty in this film and i loved how it made all of the characters flawed in their own way. It's like all these reviews are just saying; HOW DARE YOU MAKE FEEL ANY EMOTION OTHER THEN HAPPINESS.

Abigail on :

You guys are idiotic fuck wads this movie holds a big place in my childhood I loved it and I still do I thought it was beautiful and I actually connected to the wild things sooooo you all stink this movie was great and still is

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