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A scientific study - Poop by gender - nationality - and profession...

Ok boys and girls... New mission. I want to collect all of the shitty toilet shots from your stool.
We need to collect your people droppings in digital format.
I want to know A) The country you are from B) Your profession, and C) Any special diet you are on and / or if you have a specific diet / intake preference.
Please send all photos to" title="Email Tk Admin"> and share your shit! Every poop counts. Please "pass on" your photos and we will give you credit.
With nearly 50,000 visitors per month, I think this mostly scientific study will be a "gas" to the medical community!
TK (Admin)

Congratulation to our first poo-poster! Amanda from NSW, Australia. She mostly eats grains and nuts and spends a lot of her time base jumping!!! Rock on, Amanda, thank you!

12-31-09 2:11 AM CST - Jim, from New Jersey, is a strong, proud, 30 year old pipe layer from New Jersey that enjoys vendor hot dogs and Wendy's... Thanks Jim for the quick response!


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keanna on :

this is sooooooooo discusting but yet also cool just wat kinda people would do that you would have to be retarded

Eric Pineda on :

I eat snakes for breakfast, lunch I enjoy eating raw meat and bacon, dinner burgers from Mcdonalds. My shit looks black I am from Albama and my dad is from Guatemala and my mom is from Somalia.

Derek Feldman on :

I, Derek Feldman, love to see pictures of poop. Please send me pics of poop in my email.

caleb on :

you people are stupid. why would you like pictures of shit?

Giselle on :

Dear caleb, because unlike you we have a sense of humor! :p

Aaliyah on :

i, Aaliyah Alexander, Also loves pictures of poop and playing in my own poop. I Use it for lubricant sometimes as I self pleasure myself to pictures of elephant turds.
this turns me on.

Eric on :

I fucking love poop i eat it

Jimbob on :

poop is fun i am not a virgin cuz of poo i stuck it in my anus and i have a poop baby his name is jimmy

frank on :

how else google searched poop

poolover3000 on :

i love poop this article is a reason to tell my mom im allowed out poop i love you poop whoever wrote this article is a genious

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