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Gary Spivey - A Huge Fraud

Gary Spivey - A Huge Fraud
Gary Spivey - A Huge Fraud
Ok... So maybe the tickets were free.
I don't normally spend my time talking or thinking about psychics or their proclaimed abilities, but last night I saw a guy that really takes home the "Gay Psychic Pissflap Award".
This fucking retarded pickle-kissing ass ramming shithead actually stood there with a straight face and told mothers that had lost their sons and people that were addicted to drugs, that they had evil "drug" or "suicide" spirits in them. "Do you feel your face getting warm, DO YOU FEEL YOUR FACE GETTING WARM? That's the spirits leaving your bodies. Now *snap* they're gone. Do you feel that? The warmness in your feet? Huh? Now you're better"... "Seriously ass monkey?", I thought to myself. "Seriously?"
Oh but it got better. This Mushroom-haired waterhead gave people advice... Like REAL advice, on things that he should NEVER be giving advice on. Topics like "I have a feeling my x will kill me". Guess what you precocious prick. We have a thing called "Law Enforcement", and we pay for them with our taxes. You actually agreed with her after she said "I feel like my X is going to kill me" with the statement, "Oh yeah he will".
People came to the microphone crying having just lost a loved one to suicide. He "helped" them by talking about chariots and "angels that swore" taking their loved ones to heaven because "he" had helped.
I guess this crook has some kind of 'in' with the big guy upstairs. After all; if there is a God, I am sure he picked a huge white afro wig-wearing, delusional, money-gubbing, potty-mouthed perverted asshole to do his bidding.
It would be one thing if he told people he was an entertainer, and nothing more... If he was even a half-ass good entertainer.
Unbearable. I met a lady in the hallway that stated, "Can you believe how horrible this is?"