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It pisses me off when Don Imus makes racially insensitive remarks about Nappy-headed niggers.

Ok - So is it just me, or was anyone else completely offended by Don Imus' completely inappropriate remarks about niggers?I totally support free speech, but Imus' comments about the Rutger's basketball team crossed the line. Imus has really dipped to a new low. I'm sure when he made reference to those coons being featured in National Geograhic magazine, he knew himself he had crossed the line. I am starting a letter writing campaign to MSNBC and CBS expressing my disguist with his racially-charged nigger-tirade attack. Two week suspension is a mere slap on the wrist for this jew rat.
Imus, stop being such a nappy-haired hoe! Everyone knows that when you are a celebrity and when you make racially unsensitive remarks; all you need to do is say you're an alcoholic. DUH dipshit. Everyone would believe it with your past substance problems.


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