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Larry Flynt vs. Sen. David Vitter

Sexy defined
Larry Flynt gave it to Sen. David Vitter like a random black guy gives it to a drug-addicted 18 year old whore in one of his Barely Legal movies.
When asked about inappropriate activities, Vitter stated, "I have committed a very serious sin"
Larry Flynt has been quoted as saying, "blugh norph flubnor geeber goober snort hershelmofferockysiminalpotaki! blunfordunroperfernoir? flugblar flanbernort sheeshyshashy mankeymork."
Flynt has linked "five prostitutes in New Orleans" to Sen. Vitter. That doesn't make for a "very serious sin", it makes for a complete lack of judgement. Everyone knows that prostitutes from almost any other state are WAY better than New Orleans hookers.
Flynt also added, "Bynebropaphlewie marnermama fharkanstaran bleeblorkenstockenstein."
When I think of sex, I think of a guy with spinal damage in a wheelchair, but when I think of New Orleans prostitution, I have never thought of Republicans.


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