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Tammy Faye wipes out colon cancer with an "Argh, Matey"

Tammy Faye brought attention to the very serious nature of colon cancer after she plopped over dead from it this week.
Tammy Faye will best be remembered for wearing more makeup than a two dollar whore while bilking and embezzling millions upon millions of dollars from her and her husband's lonely and gullible Christian followers.
Larry King gave the final interview to Faye this week stating, "Finally I can interview someone who looks more dead than me!"
"Wow, I would give anything to be able to stomach a hamburger right now", stated Faye.
"Too bad I am so riddled with cancer I puke up chicken broth."
The 65 lb Faye will be joined in hell with former friends Jerry Falwell, Anna Nicole Smith, Boris Yeltsin, Joel Siegel, and comedian Richard Jeni.


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rk on :

"Falwell had it right. He prayed about killing fags like you."

If he was praying why did he need the kleenex and lotion?

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