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Opinion : CNN's Candy Crowley not good looking.

Would you rather see this?
...Or this?
I'm not terribly attractive, but I don't have a job that requires my image to be beamed around the world to millions of TV sets.
She is so hard on the eyes in fact, that I would much rather see a fat ass with ears and hair on it's shoulder covering the New Hampshire caucuses.
This trainwreck of a reporter looks like Carnie Wilson accidentally sat on a bicycle that was missing the seat... Maybe she should have gone into radio...


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Anonymous on :

this bitch looks like jaba the fucking hut or the after birth

Voice of Reason on :

Beauty is only skin deep, ugly is to the bone on Candy - Will someone get her off the air, would only require a cheesecake and one of those roadrunner-like traps.

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