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Sanofi-Aventis pulls Heath Ledger Ambien Ads

French mega-pharmaceutical Sanofi-Aventis' president Jean-Francois Dehecq announced it would pull it's new Heath Ledger advertisements, it was reported late Tuesday.
"Given the uncertain circumstances surrounding Ledger's death, we feel it inappropriate to continue our, '...Really, really, really need to sleep' campaign", Dehecq stated.
"We extend our deepest French sympathies to Ledger, his family, his child, and gay cowboys everywhere."
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Anonymous on :

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Elizabeth on :

Not funny.

Tony on :

Haha yeah, it is.

I do agree that its a bit rash in retrospect since hes just passed and all....

Elizabeth on :

Yeah, very rash. I don't think we saw jokes like this about Marilyn Monroe until at least a couple of decades after her death.

AnonymousDude on :

i am about 100% positive someone was joking about it after her death. you just dont see it because the brilliance of the internet lies in the anonymity of it all and if you give someone the sense of being anonymous, then you will see that person say things they wouldnt if people had a face and a voice to associate it with.

heath ledger's death is all part of a viral campaign for the new batman movie. promotions for the dark knight have included coordinates to places in america to meet up for special gatherings for the film and defaced websites and the usual ARP related games. this is no different. when the film is released, the joker's biggest prank of all will be revealed and he will indeed laugh at the fools who believed this.

hebele on :

fuck you're a bitchhhhh

Ricardo on :

Oh how terribly amusing-not. This is so not funny and I don't mean out of respect to the dead either. It is not funny because it is not funny. It is annoying because someone thinks it is funny. There are so many not funny people who say not funny things who think that they are funny. I find it depressing that someone has gone to so much trouble to be not funny. After I got over my confusion, I felt bored and depressed which isn't funny at all. In fact it is very not funny.

TK (Admin) on :

Ricardo, I am sorry that you don't think I am funny. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't go through "so much trouble". If you look at the rest of the website you can probably tell that I spend less time on my graphics than Perez Hilton and the articles seem to be written by a handicapped mail clerk. I'm a simple guy who loves to hear from people like you who take themselves and this whole crazy culture we live in so seriously. Can you feel me Ricardo? Can you feel me inside you Ricardo? Why can't I quit you Ricardo?

Ricardo on :

Oh well, that's sorted that out. But what do you mean by "this whole crazy culture"? What is that?

matt on :

LMAO!!! This is Anna Nicole all over again.

Anonymous on :

Fuckin bastard

noname on :

you are pathetic.

jamie on :

you re a friggin sicko

michael on :

hahaha,, its funny as fuck!!!

Sikerim on :

Am?na soktu?umun bebesi. Yapaca??n i?i sikiyim senin. adam daha yeni olmu? yapt???n i?e bak sik kafas?.
bu amerikal?lar?n hepsi ayn? bok.
seninde am?na goyam sikimin o?lu michael

Oz on :

Im strangely amused.

rip on :

valla ne desem laf deil.. .


THis shit is NOT funny! how can you make a joke about something that serious you asshole !
You guys are heartless! Fuck your self
Siktigimin orospusu

biraz sayg? be!..

delidildo on :



berrak caniptil on :

bu o ibne kovboy diil mi ya

manny on :'s a joke people. Lighten up. The Onion was cracking jokes about 9/11 3 days after it happened and as sad as it is, Heath Ledger dying isn't quite that big of a tragedy as 9/11 or events like that.
Some people (like me) enjoy humor as a coping device. If it offends you...oh well.

Shamus on :

I bet the drug company that makes Ambien is having a meltdown. Dust to Dust.

SS on :

firstly, the comments on this page that you probably won't understand are in Turkish, and they are all lame. like this 'joke'. secondly, any death is a tragedy. there's no saying "Heath Ledger's death is less of a tragedy than 9/11" and thinking you actually made a good point, because it's such a stupid thing to say. thirdly, making fun of people's way of death on the Internet won't get you easier access to pussies, gentlemen. if you could just see that...

Tammie on :

"easier access to pussies, gentlemen" Firstly... Secondly....Thirdly should read"I am a supreme dipstick"

im legend yeah on :

biz buna sektörde zavall? reklamc?l?k diyoruz.çok manyak bir fikir oldu?unu sanarak bir kaç gün sonra yanl?? oldu?unu dü?ünecek karars?z heycanl? kal?p iptal edecekler.

Anonymous on :

Iyi de bu Sanofi'nin hazirladigi bir reklam kampanyasi degil ki sektorden bahsediyorsun.
Okudugunuzu anlayin once.

And finally, Michael you are one sick bastard for making fun of a dead man this way the second he died.

R.I.P. H.L.

Serah on :

I put this up as my desktop background! Funny shit.

kryss on :

that isnt funny at all!
whoever made that is a dumbass.

that picture is sick.
get a life.


san?r?m bunu yapan babas? ibne kovboyun
adam?m?z babas?n? götürdü sanm?? galiba!!!
klasik fikrim: anan? avrad?n? çoluunu çocuunu...
bu it amerikal?lar?n sa?l?k sektörleride kendileri gibi köpek orospu zaten
aaam?na gooduum cocuklar?

Devin on :

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