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Terry Steindel; "Why I am are the best agent"

"...I am are the best agent"
National Public radio did a story about someone I featured on on Wednesday's "Day to Day Show" (Click here) and I have received dozens of personal emails questioning why I would pick on someone like Terry Steindel.
Our legal counsel has instructed us to state that "Terry Steindel is probably not retarded".
However; I would like to submit Exhibit 'A'... TerrySteindel.pdf This is a flyer of his he handed out a few months ago that has a few of the most painfully obvious problems that even Terry Schiavo would find laughable.
I have a high school education and am in no way an expert in the art of grammer and punctuation, and I am sure the trained eye could find dozens, if not hundreds, of additional mistakes. This link is just an example of the inexcusably horrible, and awful English skills used in a promotional flyer of a man who is about to handle hundreds of thousands of your dollars.
In regards to the NPR story, we feel Terry was completely ripped off by someone 'hired' to improve his web-image.
Great editorial judgment was displayed in the beginning part of the interview when Terry said, "They called me the most retarded real-estate agent......... In the World."
I have listened to this repeatedly on my Ipod and have almost wet my pants every time.
Terry, please hand me the burger and fries at the local burger shop, but please, for the love of God, don't try to sell me a house.


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