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USPS releases new "Myanmar" themed postage stamps.

The United State Postal Service released it's new Myanmar themed stamps, it was reported today.
"What a terrible tragedy this country has suffered", stated United States Postmaster General John Potter. "What a reassuring and supportive thing we are doing for this devastated nation."
Asked about the choice of photos selected for the stamps, "What best sums up this country? Vast oil fields? Riches of gold and iron? It's lucrative child sex business? No", stated Potter, "It's the dead bloated black corpses flowing down the muddy embankments of the Salween river."
"We have a very selective system of choosing what images to use on stamps. First; we do market research to see what stamps will sell. Secondly, we create test run plates that further gauge the market. And lastly, we put dead bloated black people floating in bodies of water on them. This isn't something we just issue without the proper research."
The reception to these stamps has thus far received luke-warm praise, with retail sales only half that of the moderately popular "The Girls of Columbine" commemorative stamp set issued last year featuring the scantly-clad and often wheel chair bound female victims of the infamous school shooting.


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