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Tammy Faye wipes out colon cancer with an "Argh, Matey"

Tammy Faye brought attention to the very serious nature of colon cancer after she plopped over dead from it this week.
Tammy Faye will best be remembered for wearing more makeup than a two dollar whore while bilking and embezzling millions upon millions of dollars from her and her husband's lonely and gullible Christian followers.
Larry King gave the final interview to Faye this week stating, "Finally I can interview someone who looks more dead than me!"
"Wow, I would give anything to be able to stomach a hamburger right now", stated Faye.
"Too bad I am so riddled with cancer I puke up chicken broth."
The 65 lb Faye will be joined in hell with former friends Jerry Falwell, Anna Nicole Smith, Boris Yeltsin, Joel Siegel, and comedian Richard Jeni.

Larry Flynt vs. Sen. David Vitter

Sexy defined
Larry Flynt gave it to Sen. David Vitter like a random black guy gives it to a drug-addicted 18 year old whore in one of his Barely Legal movies.
When asked about inappropriate activities, Vitter stated, "I have committed a very serious sin"
Larry Flynt has been quoted as saying, "blugh norph flubnor geeber goober snort hershelmofferockysiminalpotaki! blunfordunroperfernoir? flugblar flanbernort sheeshyshashy mankeymork."
Flynt has linked "five prostitutes in New Orleans" to Sen. Vitter. That doesn't make for a "very serious sin", it makes for a complete lack of judgement. Everyone knows that prostitutes from almost any other state are WAY better than New Orleans hookers.
Flynt also added, "Bynebropaphlewie marnermama fharkanstaran bleeblorkenstockenstein."
When I think of sex, I think of a guy with spinal damage in a wheelchair, but when I think of New Orleans prostitution, I have never thought of Republicans.

K-Mart sucks

The K-Mart shirt says $7, not $10 assholes

Do you know what K-Mart? Kiss my ass.
Here is a copy of my letter to K-Mart...
a few days ago I had a situation at one of your stores that forces me to write.
I was on a trip and had under packed so on Saturday (7/7/07) I stopped at a K-Mart to grab a couple dress shirts. I was at the K-Mart in Marshalltown, IA
I picked up one for $21.99 and another one for $7 that was on a rack labeled "SALE $7-$8".
When the shirts were rang up the first one correctly rang up for $21.99 but I noticed the $7 shirt rang up as $10.
I told the clerk that I thought there was a mistake with the price of the shirt, pointing out that the price tag said $7 and I had taken the shirt off of a rack that said "SALE $7-$8"
The clerk went and called back to Men's clothing dept. and after a minute she came back and said, "They said whatever it rang up as is what it costs."
I said, "Now wait a minute - The shirt says $7, the rack said $7-$8, THERE ARE MORE, I WILL SHOW YOU!" I was willing to walk her back to the rack I got the shirt from to show her the 10-15 other IDENTICAL shirts on it with the same price.
She looked annoyed and walked over to phone to call the men's clothing dept. again. They obviously couldn't help her so she called to get the manager.
Once again I pleaded my case and advised her of the location of the shirt on the rack and the price tag on the shirt. She didn't want to look either. She took the price tag and ran her finger back and forth over it I'm assuming to check to see if I had CHANGED the price tag!!!!! What in the World??? I paid full price for a $21 shirt and they are giving me the riot act about a shirt that was not entered in your system correctly?
She finally relented and said that it didn't LOOK like I had changed the tag and told the checker to "go ahead and give it to him" referring to the $3 markup on the shirt that should have never been there.
I don't know what the policy there is about discrepancy in price, but I have a hard time imaging that they followed it. I feel like I wasted time and frustration to purchase an item for what it was priced. I feel like I was treated suspiciously and unfairly and I hope that when I send my mother there to get something they wouldn't treat her like they treated me.
I scanned a copy of the tag in question and I would love for the Marshalltown K-Mart employees to at least look at all the other shirts left on this rack and fix it in their barcode system. Maybe the next guy won't complain.

Our president is a huge piece of shit

What a huge piece of shit our president is. The decision was handed down today to "commute" Scooter Libby's sentence. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this guy? He let off a guy that COMPROMISED NATIONAL SECURITY and then LIED about it for POLITICAL INTERESTS!!!
Republican, Democrat, and Independent, I do not understand how a person could possibly think this shit is OK. It's not.
Maybe we can look past the wiretapping, maybe we could look past Katrina, maybe we could even look past the Tillman cover-up, Mission accomplished ,torture, Jack Abramoff, DeLay, Gitmo, Halliburton, the outsourcing of our jobs, Rove, Gas prices, fixed war intel, The Patriot Act, and the falling dollar.
But are you SERIOUS man?!? This president has arrived at the point in his life where he no longer cares how history will remember him; and it will remember him.
As Americans we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing this madman to use us all as pawns in his psychopathic game of violence and petulance.